CodyCross Learning to Play an Instrument Pack answers

Learning to Play an Instrument PackLearning to Play an Instrument

Here are the answers to CodyCross Learning to Play an Instrument Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Prague sports stadium and concert venue.

Adela, heroine of 1924's A Passage to India.

Sleep __, actions to improve one's slumber.

To grumble, to mutter complaints.

American actress of romantic comedies, Claudette.

South African liqueur with tree extracts.

Pianists may need help doing this to music pages.

Brightly painted vehicle in the Philippines.

__ plumes, fluffy feathers from a tall bird.

Canadian territory whose capital city is Iqaluit.

Technical term for a double chin.

Stages in caterpillar development.

Upper case letter used for a type of city?.

High-pitched, small instrument played sideways.

Russian region with unxplained Tunguska explosion.

Puzzle 2

Family that includes oboes.

The first section of the small intestine.

A Matter of Loaf __, 2008 Wallace and Gromit movie.

Uzbek city on the Silk Route.

Deer-like mammals with ringed horns.

Sanskrit epic of a prince's quest in ancient India.

Manchester civil disorder named after Waterloo.

Brother of the Brontë sisters.

Strong tasting French cheese with orange rind.

Vaslav __, supreme male dancer of the 20th century.

Pan-fried or grilled Japanese food.

Big Band music made this wind instrument popular.

Puzzle 3

Strong moral principles.

Richard who made particle interaction diagrams.

Progression of two or more chords to end a song.

Texan YouTube yoga sensation, __ Mishler.

Major oil and gas company based in Beijing.

Cricketing nation who play Australia for the Ashes.

Jon Snow's first love interest in Game of Thrones.

African river, South African northern province.

Person learning to play tom-toms, snare and bass.

Root crop grown by ancient Maya; manioc or Yuca.

Dismissed Prime Minister of Australia: Gough __.

Aztec drink from which chocolate gets its name.

Puzzle 4

Low singing range for men; low horn instrument.

__ grise, exerts power without official position.

Magic hall where Odin keeps the dead he chooses.

The vegetative part of a fungus.

System that allows computers to interact online.

__ Peach, Mushroom Kingdom royalty.

Playing a short note in a detached manner.

The eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac.

Iron ore found in New York mountain range.

UK playwright behind 1969's What The Butler Saw.

Creating designs in the froth on a cup of coffee.

Surname of Robert, Back to the Future director.

Emperor who built Rome's Via Domiziana road, AD95.

Florentine needlework, uses math to make patterns.

Nationality of author Tobias Smollett.

Puzzle 5

Sugar, coconut snack from Indonesia.

Steven __, real name of magician Dynamo.

Eight notes or C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C.

Dismount from a horse, vehicle, motorcycle.

Greek name for Ancient Egyptian King Khufu.

Beatle who learned to play banjo before guitar.

Romanian peaks with mystical Sphinx formation.

Home state of US animation studio Laika.

Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the __ caves.

A kindred group in a dual-descent society.

Twisting force that causes rotation.

Fine layer of hair covering a baby in the womb.

Dismantle and remove the set from a stage.

Indian board game played with small wooden disks.

Baltimore's NFL team.

Seat on an elephant's back.

Puzzle 6

Scott Joplin made this piano style famous.

Buster Keaton film where he saves a train, The __.

Name of Queen Elizabeth ii's black horse.

Decorative garnish for added taste.

German artist of disturbing works like The Trench.

The Ain-Diab Grand Prix circuit is in this country.

Whatsapp was founded by Brian Acton and __.

Deficiency of carbon dioxide in tissues and blood.

Performance by musicians, often soloists.

Tokyo's tallest, cloud-touching landmark.

Englishman who found a land route to Australia.

Trinidad and Tobago fried bread street snack.

Puzzle 7

Mouth organ nicknamed a tin sandwich.

Yellow flowering weed used in tea to aid digestion.

Defiantly aggressive or bad-tempered.

Agneau de pré-salé, type of lamb.

Smelly whale waste prized by perfumers.

Asian mountains crossed by Kabul's trade roads.

Alternative name for a semibreve.

Land-based rowing machine.

Five-__, Chinese economic strategy cycles.

Name for dark greens made from copper.

Radiation discovered by Paul Villard in 1900.

Puzzle 8

Shakespearean king whose uncle is John of Gaunt.

Of or relating to a flying squirrel.

Underground lab beneath Italian Apennine peak.

Italian pork sausage.

Nimble-fingered skill that string players learn.

A tooth with 3 points or heart valve with 3 cusps.

Light azure linked to Teddy Roosevelt's daughter.


Movement from one scale to another in a song.

Muse of tragedy in Greek legend.

Puzzle 9

Foot-operated devices on electric guitars.

Nicephore __, French pioneering photographer.

Heraldic, dragon-like beast.

Ability of individuals to act on their own will.

In Jane Eyre, Opera dancer Varens.

Chinese philosopher said to have founded Taoism.

A typical feature of gout.

Wind instruments that Mozart thought were Magic?.

Blending system used for sherry and other wines.

Endangered wild feline native to Borneo.

Iron Age double-edged sword of Ancient Greeks.

French designer who began her career in hatmaking.

Alter Ego painter, English surrealist __ Adnams.

Quid __, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Japanese organized crime syndicate, like the Mafia.

Principal seaport of Croatia.

Puzzle 10

Jonathan __, American magician.

Famous bridge with lion statues, over Cairo river.

German pianist, composer who was deaf.

Host city of the 1928 Olympic Games.

French essay writer of the 1580s.

Blue underlined text clicked by users on a webpage.

Once believed to be an antidote to poison.

Time __ tells musician how many beats per measure.

Italian painter of Venice's canals and the Thames.

Developer of successful polio vaccine.

Puzzle 11

Family containing two-thirds of the world's snakes.

Small irritable creature lives with the Moomins.

Boastful type.

Unique brainwave observed during non-REM sleep.

__ plays, medieval dramas with ethical messages.

An unwavering member of one political party.

All of the text, or book, of a musical or opera.

Motorsport including road legal cars.

It holds a ship's compass.

William the Conqueror defeated King Harold there.

Plant from sunflower family, used as a herb.

Person who learns to play guitar, trombone, violin.

Dubai port town popular with tourists.

Renouncing your own religion.

Puzzle 12

Winner of the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize.

Leg movement in swimming to stay afloat.

Roy, writer of The God of Small Things.

Viennese palace complex with upper and lower parts.

Rhyming slang for alone.

Jazz instrument played by Lakecia Benjamin.

Feather-like arrangement of leaflets on a leaf.

Undecorated background at the back of a set.

Fine medium for artwork, also edible in baking.

Read both treble and bass clef while playing piano.

Puzzle 13

The nucleotide paired with thymine in DNA.

Middle-range instruments or voices above baritone.

The man who flew too close to the sun.

Architect Norman, designer of Reichstag dome.

Seeded fruits with hard stone pits.

Wise proverbs or memorable sayings.

Maya writing system developed from symbols.

United all Frankish tribes under one ruler.

__ Coppi; Italian champion of champions cyclist.

Hydro-powered machines for lifting water.

Second-largest city in Slovakia, after Bratislava.

Close quarters, military knife.

Famous piece by French composer Maurice Ravel.

Silky lemur with distinctive alarm call.

Puzzle 14

Joseph, real name of Run-DMC's DJ Run.

Dame Anne __, animal geneticist and IVF researcher.

Shaved hairstyle of medieval monks.

The way a musician stands or holds their body.

Italian name for the city of Florence.

Pepper from mountains of Puebla, Hidalgo.

Long, firm, narrow pillow used for support.

Type of large wild goat, Pakistan national animal.

Writer of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Instrumental wobble or singing technique.

Stare __, Latin legal reminder to follow precedent.

Musical based on a novel by E. L. Doctorow.

Groups of neuron cell bodies.

Painter after whom a reddish-gold shade was named.

Feeling of intense dizziness and nausea.

Puzzle 15

__Gentileschi, Baroque painter to rival Caravaggio.

Country at the northern end of Roman amber trade.

Sliding across many notes; portamento.

Warden's district; area of interest or competence.

Training stretches and drills for musicians.

The pea-sized endocrine gland in the brain.

Sycophantic David Copperfield character.

Relating to a whale or dolphin.

Cashew-based macaroons from India.

Players do this with unfamiliar sheet music.

Queen Victoria wore this black gem in mourning.

Puzzle 16

__ Freud, founder of psychoanalysis.


Lute popular in Hawaii.

Shape-shifting Russian household sprite.

Globe artichoke relative with an edible leaf stalk.

A very small or slight amount of something.

Polish war hero entered Auschwitz voluntarily.

Pong-like video game console sold 1 million units.

High singing range or high-pitched saxophone.

Rene __, inventor of the stethoscope.

1993 Tom Stoppard play set in multiple times.

Two-time Olympic gold and World Cup winner Abby.

Chinese name for the Yellow River.

Omission of a passage in a book, speech or film.

Section of horse's leg between hoof and fetlock.

A decorative twisted braid.

Girls' name that means "honeybee" in Greek.

Puzzle 17

Traditional gift on a 45th anniversary.

The __, Millet artwork of stooped women in a field.

Longest-reigning Japanese emperor.

Norwegian Islands famous for tourism and stockfish.

Type of guitar that doesn't use an amplifier.

British author John LeCarre's real name: David __.

Authoritarian Roman emperor, made censor for life.

On average, it will have 336 dimples.

The desolate desert planet from Star Wars.

A retired professor retaining a professional title.

Medical term for an isolated patch of white hair.

Verdi opera about Shakespeare's corpulent knight.

Extensive composition played by full orchestra.

Periclase, used to make bricks.

Wake of cloud left by a fast plane in flight.

Triangular fried dough treat from Central Asia.

Puzzle 18

Official typographical term for a division sign ÷.

Architect Buckminster __ developed geodesic dome.

Malevolent evil spirit in Jewish mythology.

Valley that featured stop-motion dinosaurs in 1969.

Greek mathematician, founder of geometry.

Desert plant shown on the flag of Mexico.

Singer __ Crow taught music lessons to kids.

Founded in March 1997 by T.J. Kim.

Straps for attaching leashes to birds of prey.

Political campaign to unite Greece and Cyprus.

Make of car, won first Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

Instrument with six strings.

Flat corn patties popular in Venezuelan cuisine.

A dark sooty shade of brown or charcoal.

Puzzle 19

Captain of the ill-fated RMS Titanic.

Primary owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs 1972-1990.

Annoyance, extreme irritation.

Emily Brontë taught at this school.

Taika, director and star of Jojo Rabbit.

Painter Frans Hals' birthplace now part of Belgium.

Hot and sour Malaysian catfish soup.

__ pitch is a rare ability to recreate a note.

Title of ancient Indian emperor.

Carnivorous African mammal that resembles a skunk.

Chilean artist Matta, painter of Hermala II.

Flammable gas also known as coal gas.

Matt Lucas's Doctor Who character.

Classic piano duet Heart __, played in film Big.

Puzzle 20

Kenny __, Scottish, Liverpool soccer great.

US state where The Waltons was set.

Lighter than air item, balloon.

Jain pilgrimmage site in Gujarat, India.

New York City hall beloved by classical musicians.

Ludwik, the inventor of Esperanto.

Shaped like an arrow.

Ellen Ripley's spacecraft in Alien.

French term for a thin, boneless slice of meat.

Broken chord played rising or descending.

Émilie de __, physicist, Voltaire's mistress.

Sash or belt used to support a sword.

Alabama college where Booker T Washington taught.

More familiar name for a shubunkin.

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