CodyCross Legendary Creatures Pack answers

Legendary Creatures PackLegendary Creatures

Here are the answers to CodyCross Legendary Creatures Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Etheridge or McCarthy.

Flamboyant, e.g. elaborate words.

British word for what Americans call alfalfa.

Second president of Indonesia.

Monstrous flesh-eating creature beaten by Beowulf.

Hand-held container for shaking two sixes.

A small bouquet worn on the hand or on a dress.

Large, woodwind instrument with a double reed.

Narrow strip of land with water on both sides.

Six __; annual international rugby tournament.

The time of year when the sun crosses the equator.

Pure white winged horse in Greek mythology.

Superman's home planet.

Africa's fourth longest river, alphabetically last.

Company that produces retro revival radios.

Puzzle 2

Bark of South American tree that produces quinine.

The __, first Las Vegas residency show for Elton.

Diametrically opposite point on a globe.

Odin's eight-legged horse in Norse mythology.

Ponder, consider, reflect.

Zimmerman __ was intercepted, caused US WWI entry.

Belief held by a religious or political group.

Japanese reptilian dubbed King of the Monsters.

Series of steps to get a job done.

Activating yeast in bread baking.

Puzzle 3

Legal writ ordering someone to perform a duty.

Number of clubs a golfer is allowed to carry.

The empire created by Chancellor Palpatine.

Large Alaskan crustacean.

Relating to the period of Charles I's reign.

He composed a musical piece without musical notes.

This place was formerly called London Bridge Tower.

Jumpy, jerky.

Caribbean dance named for the capital of Cuba.

Global website of library collections.

Human-eating, fanged beasts in South African tales.

Glittering artificial gem, e.g. rhinestone.

A non-soluble liquid suspended in water.

__ Club; Cambridge magic society founded in 1919.

Military bugle call at ceremonies of remembrance.

Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley.

Swamp spirit with frog-like eyes in Slavic legend.

European body of water once named the German Ocean.

Puzzle 4

Rocks between granules and cobbles.

Monster created from different animals' body parts.

Took over a monarchy by force.

Got too big for one's clothing.

According to The Beatles, he owned a silver hammer.

Vocabulary or dictionary.

Economist whose law is "bad money drives out good".

Flat-bottomed sailing boats of East Asia.

Shape-shifting fox in Japanese mythology.

Young innocent female protagonist.

Puzzle 5

Numerical word for couple.

First day of winter in the Celtic calendar.

Yeti-like beast that prowls North American forests.

Second-largest crater on the Moon.

Henry; Happy Days actor with a leather jacket.

Canada's most populated province.

It's added to a gin fizz to make a "golden fizz".

Diamond company founded by Cecil Rhodes.

Skilled weaver turned into a spider by Athena.

Baseball team that plays in the Bronx, New York.

Blowing in spurts.

Last name of the 17th and 36th US presidents.

Name given to a grubby, tired auditorium.

Plastic pieces used for plucking strings.

Puzzle 6

Popular trekking route to Everest summit.

Bull-headed creature killed by Greek hero Theseus.

Type of flight that doesn't leave the country.

Device for examining the ear.

There are 30 days in this one.

He played Hawkeye on M*A*S*H.

Power; small number to the right of a base number.

Freshwater turtle; Grateful Dead album __ Station.

Enormous snake-like monster of the Amazon River.

Pulitzer-winning author of Gilead, Marilynne.

Puzzle 7

Tricked with a clever and cunning plan.

Last name of Claire in House of Cards.

Whirlpool sea monster in Ancient Greek legend.

Office worker who probably sings the Alphabet Song.

Heavy form of frozen precipitation.

Swedish pop group that sang All That She Wants.

Joe Orton's co-collaborator, and murderer.

Hypothetical quantums of gravity.

A plant that lives longer than two years.

Unruly warrior of Odin in ancient Norse mythology.

Puzzle 8

Basic SI unit of luminous intensity.

On horseback.

Count Dooku is also Darth this in Episode 2.

Poisonous, cow-parsley-like plant aka carrot fern.

Mythological equine with wings and a single horn.

Fortified place; an anagram of obtains.

North German city with ancient university.

Kids' toy first developed as a wallpaper cleaner.

Diplomatic word for state of reduced tension.

Big Little Lies actor Zoë, singer Lenny's daughter.

Shadowy winged creature in Richard Gere film.

Puzzle 9

Reproductive part of a flower that produces pollen.

Crumbled rocks; Barney of The Flintstones.

Spiral loops in fingerprints.

Agile, fit, energetic.

The Owl and the Pussycat fruit.

Dividing a town into different land use areas.

Japanese mythical mermaid-like yokai spirit.

US abolitionist Harriet who rescued slaves.

__ neck, garment with ties at the back.

Wild excitement, like that generated by Hitchcock.

Famous firm of furniture makers, Irving and.

Vikas, Indian-American chef of Cook for a Smile.

Gadget first released in 2007, found in pockets.

An important person, or a lot of fake hair.

Dwarf-like creatures that guard treasure.

First name of Ludwig van Beethoven's father.

Airport area for hanging out between flights.

Puzzle 10

A type of wool from the Kashmir goat.

Not yet fully formed, elementary.

Russian republic, Saransk is the capital.

Leafy figure associated with springtime.

What Disney did to Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox.

Stiff biscuit traditionally eaten by mariners.

José María; Spanish professional golfer.

"Caziques" is said to be its highest scoring word.

Legendary serpent king with a deadly glance.

He played a Slumdog Millionaire.

Puzzle 11

The second movie in The Matrix franchise.

Brandishing a weapon or tool.

She played Phoebe's mother on Friends.

Injured person who can't remember their life.

E. Nesbitt's wish-granting sand fairy.

Capital of Wyoming; indigenous Great Plains tribe.

Old fashioned, ornate metal spot for sleeping.

Scorching, catching alight temporarily.

Coarse and loud woman, often with a gutting knife.

Spider-Man's girlfriend, known as MJ.

Three-headed monster King, archenemy of Godzilla.

This chemical element has the atomic number 7.

The scientist who came up with the big bang theory.

Puzzle 12

The loudest, most climactic point of a song.

Last name of first winner of Nobel in Literature.

It's the E in CEO.

Green, bloated water monster in Inuit legend.

Groove on the surface of a rock.

Fine white porcelain from body parts.

Like geese or monarch butterflies.

Activist who gets people excited about the cause.

Cretan maze built to imprison the Minotaur.

Waterproof sheet for camping.

Puzzle 13

First name of suffragette founder Pankhurst.

The largest of the eight Canary Islands.

Faun who befriended Lucy in C. S. Lewis tale.

Relating to an empire or an emperor or empress.

Danny and Sandy dance with crossed palms and fists.

__ plans, Soviet policies for economic development.

Someone who supports you in public.

One of two main female reproductive hormones.

Canine omen of death.

Familiarity breeds it, according to the proverb.

Process of changing pig iron into wrought iron.

Herb used to make absinthe.

Willy Loman's profession.

Macklemore song where the world is up for grabs.

A global, quadrennial athletic competition.

Unrestrained, undisciplined.

Blake Lively's actor husband Ryan.

Puzzle 14

This diver is one quiet duck.

The salivary gland located near the ear.

One-eyed giant in Greek mythology.

Crops that are fundamental to a national diet.

Political union of Luxembourg and Belgium.

Aye-aye in the Penguins of Madagascar.

Garland, swag, streamer.

Worker who isn't yet fully qualified.

Broadway play with naughty puppets.

Greek sisters with venomous asps for hair.

Having a disorderly, untidy appearance.

Last name of Dutch painter Rembrandt.

Puzzle 15

Persian sphinx-like creature with venomous quills.

Image or icon of a snake eating its own tail.

A 2019 Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee song (Spa.).

Site of Peter the Great's shipyard.

Female full moon spirit in Malay legend.

Chemical element named after a town in Scotland.

Dog-eat-dog, fiercely competitive.

Charlie Chaplin film, or type of stage lighting.

Hexagonal wax cells made by bees.

Poet who wrote a famous Ode to Autumn.

Puzzle 16

Legendary figure associated with magic sleep dust.

Timon from Lion King was this African mongoose.

Knight of militant religious order in Jerusalem.

Rule over people.

Painting a pot with pigment and then firing it.

Murderous creature in Native American folklore.

Small hill or mound.

Tiny berry found in gin.

Thimbleweed Park photographer with mini-adventure.

What's The Frequency, __? 1994 hit for REM.

Puzzle 17

A narrative meant to comment on real-world issues.

Fifty-headed giant who fought the Titans with Zeus.

Chile skiing resort, and former UK Tory politician.

Slang for an office filled with workers' cubicles.

2012 crime film starring Olivia Wilde.

Stickler, disciplinarian; anagram of emit rant.

Cooled hot drink brew, makes a good skin toner.

Range of Heavenly Mountains across Central Asia.

Showtime TV series starring Claire Danes.

Anatomical term for the bony tip of the elbow.

What graffiti artists did to their underpass art.

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Vessels armed to fight the enemy.

Remove the title of officially chivalrous person.

Norse spirit who delivers slain souls to Valhalla.

FINA is the governing body of this sport.

Prince's album of 1988 that features Alphabet St..

How a baby is born if feet first.

The Mohs scale is used to measure it.

Puzzle 18

Presses finger to lips.

Shallow science lab dish for growing cultures.

Fungal disease that destroys wood in homes.

Gin and lime juice cocktail.

Cucumber-loving water imps in Japanese folklore.

Music man named Cash, not Sue.

Josh Brolin's role in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sunny holiday homes rented abroad.

Whom the 5th cup of wine at Passover is poured for.

The Light Brigade undertook a doomed one.

Of Mice and Men character who's George's opposite.

Has a southern border with Zimbabwe.

Playful supernatural being, similar to a pixie.

Champion racehorse with three Grand National wins.

Small telescope attached to a larger one.

Compilation of all episodes of a TV series.

Puzzle 19

The collection of stars known as the great bear.

Mythical sea beast sire of Merovingian kings.

Hard shells found on turtles or arachnids.

It's been one week…, __ Ladies.

Anglo-Chinese conflicts with roots in poppy seeds.

Environmental sum of the travels of edible items.

Hard preparatory slog to lay foundations.

1886 adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Hiccup's trusty mount in How to Train Your Dragon.

The medical term for bad breath.

Puzzle 20

To perform an action with subtlety.

Science and use of ordnance, especially artillery.

Surname of sibling designers Gianni and Donnatella.

Overly sentimental or maudlin.

Ravenous bird-woman hybrids in Roman/Greek lore.

Pause or take a break in a court case.

Major river between Botswana and South Africa.

Powerful Ancient Egyptian lioness goddess.

Clifftop seabirds with bright beaks.

Small towers on castles.

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