CodyCross Leonardo Da Vinci Pack answers

Leonardo Da Vinci PackLeonardo Da Vinci

Here are the answers to CodyCross Leonardo Da Vinci Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Pretend show.

Not quite antique.

Yearly African harvest celebration.

__ Cole, US crooner who sang Mona Lisa in the 50s.

Smallest sound unit in a language.

1990 marked its independence from South Africa.

__ School promoted steel-framed skyscrapers.

Palazzo __, commissioned a da Vinci altarpiece.

Initial English settlement in N America.

On a quayside it secures a ship's rope.

Author of Lord of the Flies: William __.

They are subdivided into baryons and mesons.

Ancient Greek female scientist and philosopher.

Underwater medieval England east coast seaport.

Large deer with branched antlers from N America.

NCAA March __; spring basketball tournament.

Tangy greens.

The letter D in HDL and LDL cholesterol.

Puzzle 2

Farming tool used at Carnival to drive out demons.

Male lead character in The Avengers tv show.

742 __ Terrace; home address of Homer and co.

Microsoft founder, owns Leonardo's Codex Leicester.

Clumsy, lack of skill, French for not adept.

Nickname for a resident of Massachusetts.

Generally unleavened staple fare.

Town in Arizona, home of the Lowell Observatory.

To thicken, clot or congeal.

Crept lightly.

Early throwing devices prototyped by Leonardo.

Member of an order of mendicant friars.

The Magnificent __, family film by Orson Welles.

Puzzle 3

__ Psycho; black comedy horror with Christian Bale.

Curved blade tool for cutting branches off trees.

Sounded like a log fire.

Original designer of St. Peter's Basilica.

Field has to do with obstetrics, midwifery.

Moving sideways, like a seashore creature.

King of Cambodia who ruled, and abdicated, twice.

Amplified electronic keyboard instrument.

Nationality of short story writer Alice Munro.

Italian PM held hostage and murdered in 1978.

Lightning McQueen's truck sidekick in Cars films.

Italian currency on which Vitruvian Man appears.

Making bon mots.

Quibble over trifling issues; anagram of poet gift.

French steak cut from a cow's chest, or brisket.

US writer of the Da Vinci Code.

Number of players in an Aussie Rules team.

Puzzle 4

Blue cat from France with a double coat of fur.

Tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus.

Digging; preparation.

In Incan mythology the name of the Earth Mother.

Wooden storage furniture for crockery and glasses.

Plate __, world theory postulated by Leonardo.

US baseball player nicknamed The Hammer.

Medical name for a stye.

Madonna of the __, Leonardo da Vinci artwork.

1960s pop/rock genre especially on the Mersey.

__ Empire, Prohibition era in Atlantic City.

Puzzle 5

The layer of Earth between the crust and the core.

Legal occupation of Leonardo da Vinci's father.

Circus act where performer spins objects with feet.

Lyle __, country singer/actor wed Julia Roberts.

"__ Women Don't Get Fat" by Mireille Guilano.

The land of the Thunder Dragon.

__ Forum; Wisconsin home of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Burnt piece of coal or wood that can still be lit.

Large brown bear subspecies from Alaskan islands.

UK king who ruled less than a year: __ VIII.

Ancient settlement on the island of Malta.

__ Madonna, Hermitage artwork by Leonardo da Vinci.

Negligent, careless, thoughtless.

Damage scale for tornadoes.

Puzzle 6

Self-__, Leonardo's is one of a man in red chalk.

Johnny Reb, in the War between the States.

Meaty seafood, perhaps an abbot?.

Layers of insulation around a boiler or pipes.

Coming in fast.

Solitary buzzer that builds clay nests.

Hatred of logic or reasoned argument.

"A Woman of Substance" by Barbara Taylor __.

Splash __; Caribbean-themed Alton Towers hotel.

US film star named after Leonardo da Vinci.

Island with GG Internet suffix.

Idiot, fool; a word with German origins.

Cloth that cleaned Christ's face after Crucifixion.

Save for a __; put aside money for a future need.

Puzzle 7

Shoes/stilts invented by Leonardo for walking __.

Capital of Armenia.

Any of the four Christian gospels.

Jacket worn by sailors in the Navy.

Codex __, Leonardo's works in the British Library.

Current lead singer of Queen: Adam __.

Italian rustic flatbread, comes with oil and salt.

National bird of Argentina.

The skill of analysing the structure of a sentence.

Celtic people of Iron Age Britain.

US expression meaning to explore caves, to pothole.

Paint pigments of yellow and red.

Puzzle 8

Strong tasting bivalves.

Type of religious abode that holds The Last Supper.

Swigged, gulped, guzzled.

Country completely surrounded by South Africa.

Pedestals or platforms under a statue.

Play by Richard Sheridan: The School for __.

Bob __, won a Golden Globe for the film Mona Lisa.

Conspire with.

Damn __, US musical with a baseball theme.

Meteor showers peaking on November 17.

Puzzle 9

Jewish institute focuses on Talmud, Torah.

Natives of Tripoli or Benghazi, for example.

John Wesley __, a 1960s Dylan album.

Archangel who is in Leonardo's Virgin of the Rocks.

Roman goddess of the sea and wife of Neptune.

Shiny metallic discs sewn on Carnival costumes.

Alan __hurst, penned The Line of Beauty.

She drives the action in 4th Mad Max, Imperator __.

Leonardo swapped them for strings to grasp anatomy.

Edward __, climber, first to ascend the Matterhorn.

A version of events.

__ Pippin apple, named after an Essex village.

Tool that joins pieces of metal with a bend.

Puzzle 10

Spiteful, nasty, malicious.

To promise someone in marriage.

Smokey blending in art, as perfected by Leonardo.

Solo piece near the end of a concerto.

To the shores of __.

Tarantino's first name.

Smoked fish typically used to make kedgeree.

Child's juggling toy of sticks, string and bobbin.

The slender stalk supporting a plant's leaves.

Scythed __, Leonardo wartime invention with blades.

James __, author of Go Tell it on the Mountain.

Composer known for writing last minute overtures.

Puzzle 11

Alternative name for a male kangaroo.

Robert __, American outlaw aka Butch Cassidy.

Units of measurement in Ottoman Empire.

Early flying device from Leonardo da Vinci.

Towards the place where we are (here).

National flower of Mexico; movie The Black __.

Name given to Beethoven's Symphony No. 3.

__-mâché, construction medium for giant effigies.

Series of petitions in church.

Board-game figure shaped like human.

Co-founder of Sony: Akio __.

Roberta __, Canada's first female astronaut.

Setting for Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

Manufacturer that produces the Leaf electric car.

Lady __ Lewis, 30th in line to the UK throne, 2018.

__ of the Rocks, da Vinci in the National Gallery.

__ Mistry, SixthSense computer scientist.

Puzzle 12

Brando could have been one in On the Waterfront.

Building and structures designer.

"United in __", the motto of the EU.

This Italian province was earlier called Maloenton.

Failed 1915 attempt to invade Turkey: __ Campaign.

Three under par on a hole in golf.

The E in OPEC.

Leave without paying.

Mechanical digger device for turning over topsoil.

Presence of a disease, injury, sickness.

One of 5,000 lunchbox delivery persons in Mumbai.

Aussie national park, where the First Fleet landed.

Sumerian king of Uruk, star of an epic poem.

Adjective used to describe the Mona Lisa's smile.

Alphabetically last element in the periodic table.

Puzzle 13

Leonardo dissected them to understand anatomy.

Pretended to punch.

City in New Zealand that smells like rotten eggs.

__-out ceremony, finishing touch to a skyscraper.

Paintings done on fresh plaster.

Swedish band with the song It Must Have Been Love.

Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare.

__ Inch (DPI); resolution of a graphics file.

__ loaf, two round loaves on top of each other.

French tourist resort with a Picasso gallery.

Quarry boss of Fred and Barney in the Flintstones.

The Adventures of __, Flynn as Spanish noble.

Site where Jesus was said to have been crucified.

Ukrainian currency.

Dick __, original name of Don Draper in Mad Men.

__ Hill, Caribbean festival in W London in August.

Puzzle 14

Island in Venice's lagoon.

__ in the Wilderness, saintly painting by da Vinci.

Spartan King who died in the Battle of Thermopylae.

The name given to early friction matches.

Simon & Garfunkel hit, lie la lie, lie la la....

Attack substance on the Tokyo underground in 1995.

Indian social activist, helped leprosy sufferers.

National epic poem of Finland.

Mediterranean herb with small white flowers.

Large excavator that uses a bucket and a cable.

Exactly the right word, in French.

Brazil's woolly spider monkeys.

City near Vinci where Leonardo was schooled.

Palm tree seed chewed to get a buzz.

Generosity, bounty, munificence.

Puzzle 15

Like a power strip for computer ports.

Metal wire cage filled with stones and boulders.

__ of birds, Leonardo's interest in how wings work.

Tsar responsible for the building of St Basil's.

Listen, pay attention to.

Expansive grassy plain.

John __, writer of The French Lieutenant's Woman.

Italian town with a popular Joust of the Saracens.

Nun's headgear.

Nothing, nada.

__ contention, means the crux of an argument.

__ Hawk, heist movie about stealing da Vincis.

British dessert of jelly, cake and custard.

Puzzle 16

First woman president of Ireland: Mary __.

Oldest purported continuously inhabited city.

Ammonium __, inorganic, flavouring agent.

Electronegative elements; lights.

Shakespeare's lost play.

Elysium __, Mars plain that 2018 robot landed on.

Famous work of art stolen from the Louvre in 1911.

Clothes that are outgrown and no longer needed.

Of or relating to manatees.

Cushions to kneel on in church.

Balkan capital on the Danube River.

When good news is bad news.

Cape __, headland in N Carolina with a lighthouse.

Martial art of Israel, used by the defence forces.

Everyday cutting blades, as designed by Da Vinci.

Country where the medieval Castle Tavira stands.

Ralph Vaughan __, London Symphony composer.

Mocking, elongated enunciation of a begging word.

Puzzle 17

Figurative Colombian artist, __ Fischer.

Fancy word for a cheese connoisseur.

Fancy, Latin-derived name for a dovecote.

__ Downs, race track venue of the Kentucky Derby.

The way to address a Venetian nobleman.

Largest Central American country by area.

__ Culture, Iron Age culture in Central Europe.

And did __, in ancient times; opening to Jerusalem.

Symptom visible on the blue skin of a baby.

Fourth order of angels.

Human circulation, described in Codex Leicester.

Production of electricity by a chemical reaction.

Mythological serpent in Aztec religion.

Model or archetype of a functioning invention.

Shipping avoidance analogy, "to give someone a __".

Ancient Greek drinks party held after a banquet.

Puzzle 18

Branched candle holder used in Judaism.

Mars probe that landed in 2018.

Without honor.

Dan __, writer of Stumbling on Happiness.

Red Emperor __ is white and red striped.

Nationality of saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax.

Bach's east Germany burial city.

Ancient Greek or Roman warship.

Rufus T __, Groucho Marx role in Duck Soup.

__ of the Crossword, book by Douglas Barnard.

Rare loss of ability to recognize sensory stimuli.

__ of Christ, Leonardo aided this Verrocchio piece.

Wild idea or fancy.

Barrel makers.

__ lenses, devices designed by da Vinci in 1508.

Brittle bread, tied and salted.

Session that's attended by everybody.

Both dogwoods and bunchberries.

Puzzle 19


Capital of New Zealand's Bay of Plenty region.

Small pruning clippers, can be used one-handed.

To swing by arms, such as apes in forests.

Major WWII defeat for the US: Battle of __ Pass.

Fine quality, grand, plush.

Historically, an annual outing for printers.

Long imperial glass used in drinking competitions.

Distasteful and unacceptable.

French building style, the basis of NY's Flatiron.

The __, or the genuine article (Scots allusion!).

Crumpled, creased.

Leonardo da Vinci-__ Airport is a Roman airport.

Non-parasitic plants that grow on other plants.

Elizabeth __, first American female doctor.

Supernatural's Sam Winchester, Jared __.

Leonardo's mechanical knight was an example.

Atheist on trial for murder in Camus' The Stranger.

Iconic headgear of a UN peacekeeper.

German hard rockers named after an air disaster.

Puzzle 20

Spoke with a piercing, high-pitched voice.

Hollywood Roman epic film of 1951.

Hard Swiss cheese with large holes and nutty taste.

__ Mundi, disputed painting said to be by Leonardo.

Cocteau's tale of the daughter of Oedipus.

Backwards basketball jump shot.

Caterpillar with a German accent in A Bug's Life.

Australian city that's a gateway to Antarctica.

Author of the Astérix tales, René __.

Dorothy __, first female to catch bullet in mouth.

Irresponsible, inept.

Manchester protest and massacre of 1819.

Christian holiday falls on January 6.

La __, alternative name for the Mona Lisa.

Scaly anteater.

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