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Here are the answers to CodyCross Let's Party Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Disease also known as the Black Death.

__ tail on the donkey, a popular party game.

Shivers of cold fear, going through your body.

People you are related to are your __.

Small area or place for praying.

Native language of the Poles.

Famous sailor from One Thousand and One Nights.

Hakuna __, "No Worries" Lion King song.

__ Shake, US successor to Gangnam Style.

Capital of Germany.

The passage at the back of your mouth.

The warrior in Pocahontas.

Small Saharan fox with very big ears.

Money paid to release someone from capture.

Puzzle 2

Mark __, Avengers Hulk actor.

Smartphone that's between a tablet and phone size.

Edward Kenway's ship in Assassin's Creed.

Unfaithful person, anagram of hectare.

Party __; loud, explosive decorations.

First Lady Trump.

Sweet yogurt or milkshake (and ice cream) flavor.

Venus, Mars, Mercury, Earth....

__ dare, a party game where you can't tell lies.

Chemical element Si, used for rubber-like stuff.

Small hand-thrown bomb.

Another word for operations.

Puzzle 3

Beating a rhythm with sticks.

Future pickle.

Chinese __, pass a secret message around a circle.

Made to look old.

The payment till in a shop.

The main ingredient of hash browns.

Saber-toothed tiger; an extinct big cat with fangs.

Lyra __, the young heroine of His Dark Materials.

Opposite of "liking", rhymes with "clothing".

Beach rescue TV series and film.

Ball __, tiny metal spheres.

To score three goals is a __.

__ hunt, a trail with a prize at the end.

Puzzle 4

Criminal with vision problems in Treasure Island.

Another word for fancy dress outfits.

Extraordinary divine events.

Synonym of talking.

Enchanted stars Susan __ as the evil Queen.

Athletics event with a bar to clear.

Container for waste.

Eastern European country's capital is Bratislava.

Laid by a hen then cooked in a oily pan.

Social network with blue and white logo.

Seen in the sky when werewolves are howling.

Music that you choose to have played at a party.

To scare somebody, to __ them.

Puzzle 5

When these are switched on, everything is brighter.

Colored materials used by pavement artists.

The ex-fool in Hamlet whose skull is discovered.

__ van Beethoven.

Candy treats and sugary goodies.

Breathed heavily.

Barney's last name in The Simpsons.

__ Canal, it links the Caribbean to the Pacific.

Underground hole where rabbits live.

The __, J. R. R. Tolkien's Bilbo Baggins book.

A, E, I, O and U.

Pass the __, a party game of unwrapping a present.

Synonym of number.

Parts of a car body, anagram of Naples.

Containers for holding hot drinks.

Puzzle 6

Ghostly apparitions of souls.

Snack commonly eaten when watching movies.

You cross these for good luck.

Term for a Spanish princess.

Musical __, stand still when the music stops.

Sport of the Tour de France.

Her makeup line was RiRi Hearts Mac.

Janet and Peter's dog in the Secret Seven books.

Song belted out by Frozen princess Elsa.

Michelangelo's chapel in the Vatican.

Puzzle 7

Useful for cutting tape when wrapping up a present.

Overexposure to the brightest star.

A handheld firework.

__ heel, body part named after Trojan War hero.

Prince who wanted to marry Queen Susan of Narnia.

Term for a brown and white horse.

This cloth is used to dry clean dishes.

Taking a little off the top or the side.

Something that happened, perhaps unexpectedly.

Rice __, snap, crackle and pop breakfast cereal.

Largest of the Canary Islands.

Homemade "luxury" habitat for insects to stay in.

Puzzle 8

A helper, someone who is not in charge.

Famous gladiator.

Glittery mirrored sphere above a dance floor.

An __ Calls, a much-studied play by J B Priestley.

Baby crocodile or turtle.

This singer was born and raised in Connecticut.

Place for sleeping but is it pulled by reindeer?.

Italian pasta made with pancetta and eggs.

The way eyes look when tired or with a hangover.

For example, musical chairs or pass the parcel.

The __, animation about Eggs, a trash collector.

Minibeast with a hard body and lots of legs.

A reference book of place names.

Puzzle 9

For he's a jolly good __, song for a birthday boy.

Empty, unoccupied.

Music that is temporarily stopped.

Tiana's frog prince.

Spanish word meaning port.

Collective noun for hyenas describes their noise.

Ugly, small and mischievous creature.

To make or draw plans for something.

Pickled Korean national dish.

A card asking someone to come to a party.

Bela __, best known actor for portraying Dracula.

Puzzle 10

To go down, the opposite is ascend.

Trendy clothes and hairstyles.

A __ van transports furniture when you're moving.

Small baked treat with frosting on top.

Soaks up liquid.

A Fistful of __, spaghetti western.

The hard stuff in bones, nails and feathers.

The __, alien Matt Damon movie.

__ seek, find where your friends are concealed.

A sweet breakfast bun.

Reach out and touch.

__ is Tommy's best friend in Rugrats.

Candelabra friend of Belle, French for "light".

Puzzle 11

Imaginary possible situation.

Cut straight to this when missing point.

The day of the year when you turn a year older.

Wrote in a way that was difficult to read.

In bowling there are ten of these to knock down.

Stretching to grab something.

Another word for asking someone to a party.

__ Survey, the mapping organization in the UK.

Cooking bread until crispy, hot and brown.

War or fight between two countries.

Place where a horse's harness and saddle are kept.

All of the people.

Puzzle 12

A supporter of Cromwell in the English Civil War.

__, __, Scissors; a guessing game for hands.

Soldier paid to fight for a foreign country.

Ancient African reptile with giant chompers.

The Bible is divided into the Old __ and New __.

South African descended from Dutch or French.

Green beetle with a shell that looks like armor.

Person who takes care of queens and drones.

Process necessary to get a job.

Type of headaches.

A motorhome for traveling and sleeping in.

Possible, feasible, probable.

Racquet game played with shuttlecocks.

Another word that means to hold a party.

Egyptian queen who had an affair with Julius Caesar.

Crisply cooked pork rind on a roast joint.

Layer of paint acts as the base for the top layer.

A quidditch foul.

Puzzle 13

Magnetic, hard, blue/white metal, symbol Co.


More common name for dried plums.

Australian airline.

Very busy, full of people.

Large flying insect that lives near water.

Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the Midlands.

Long, thin tubes used for sucking drinks.

People who are invited to your party are your __.

Harry __, J. K. Rowling's wizard.

Enid Blyton's policeman.

You're not allowed to wear this to school.

Puzzle 14

Kevin __, actor of Dances with Wolves.

__ whispers, pass a secret message around a circle.

__ Umbridge, undersecretary to the Magic Minister.

Line that crosses the middle of a football pitch.

Behavior of fine hair that needs to be tamed.

Sweet grapes that have been dried for eating.

A male sibling.

The T in ATV, All-__ Vehicle.

Nordic pirates.

__ of Assisi, Italian patron saint of animals.

A birthday tradition is __ "Happy Birthday to You".

Puzzle 15

The receiver of a loan.

One that casts spells.

To put up streamers and balloons for a party.

Winnie the Pooh loves this jar and its content.

Hard candy or water-ice mounted on a stick.

__ lions, game where you lie down and keep still.

Parking places for river boats.

European country close to Spain.

Devoid of funds.

__ Explosion, sudden appearance of sea life.

Long tubular weapon that fires darts.

Events that you can remember.

An illustrated reference book of beasts.

Puzzle 16

A party where guests stay the night.

Aggressively attacked.


A puppet diva who starred films and TV shows.

French blue cheese made from sheep's milk.

__ runners were the first police force.

__ Down, Richard Adams' tale about rabbits.

Cone-shaped headwear worn at birthday celebrations.

Pyrotechnics in the sky.

Compass point exactly between south and west.

Puzzle 17

Machine that duplicates pages.

Party food is often served on paper __.

King of the turtles to Seuss.

Large group of people in a country, area.

Nursery __, songs that are enjoyed by children.

In Shrek this comedian voices Donkey, Eddie __.

What's the time, __? A fun party game for kids.

Under your shoulder you'll find your __.

__-scooper, most important tool for dog owners?.

One who rules instead of an incapacitated ruler.

People who watch and protect prisoners.

Powerful personal watercraft.

Puzzle 18

Round badge with ribbons awarded at dog shows.

Slang term for lipsticks.

Feeling sad and ready to cry.

Anything having to do with your heart.

Rich layered pastry with nuts and honey.

__ beetle, huge bug named after a giant.

Rita __, well-known reporter in Harry Potter.

False document.

Looker, observer.

Oscar-awarded epic film about a sinking ship.

__ bottle, a party game popular with teenagers.

To make something, or to direct a play.

Microsoft's email service.

People you enjoy spending time with.

Puzzle 19

George of the __ is a 1997 parody of Tarzan.

A gas that is added to balloons to make them float.

A hot drink made from roasted beans.

Spin the __, a party game for teenagers.

Tolkien's "nameless land" ruled by Sauron.

Tex Avery sloooow-talking cartoon hound.

Church pathways.

Worn on the heads of kings or queens.

Praying __, insect with raised forelegs.

Younger of the tennis-playing Williams sisters.

Trinidad and __ is in the Caribbean.

Puzzle 20

Young woman assisting in a tennis match.

Hospitably invited into someone's home.

N in NBC.

A witch's potion pot.

Colorful hard candy sweet on a stick.

Another word for gifts.

Bumps on the tongue to tell if food is salty/sweet.

Harold __, Viking king who died at Stamford Bridge.

Child's wet weapon.

Hans Christian __, writer of fairy tales.

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