CodyCross Life of a Book Pack answers

Life of a Book PackLife of a Book

Here are the answers to CodyCross Life of a Book Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Herby plant with seeds to make a condiment.

Screw up, turn with a wrench.

Strawberry Fields __ double A-side with Penny Lane.

Making light darker.

Prepared text for printing.

Island that makes a blue liqueur.

Tropical disease of the skin and nerves.

Paco __, Spanish-French fashion designer.

Swindled, cheated, like a sheep losing its coat.

Another name for mailed packages.

Four chefs face off, hosted by Ted Allen.

Peak or crest of sloping, elevated land.

Deliberate killing of animals to cut their numbers.

Lucky pets or sports characters.

Money given to an author in anticipation of a book.

Puzzle 2

Lovers sign letters with XOXO, or hugs and __.

Like a cat on a __ roof; agitated, on edge.

Early impression of a book read for errors.

Tiny plastic pellet found in ocean pollution.

__ and blues, or R&B.

Bionic human such as Robocop.

Design (and motion) of 3D kids' books.

Person who is intentionally slimming.

Spanish rice pilaf dish.

Using a keyboard to write something on a computer.

Religion originating in Japan around 500 BC.

Unexpected results in sports games.

Puzzle 3

Will __, Robin Hood associate with a bright name.

Acted outside the rules.

Chuckled like a sorceress.

Horn played by Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis.

Scratchy, anagram of sparing.

Another name for the shoulder blade.

Language in which "Babbo Natale" means Santa Claus.

Tools of war.

Sensitive paper used in phototypesetting.

Doing someone's __, to follow their instructions.

Appliance for cooking food with water mist.

Floated in place overhead.

Keen investigators or detectives.

Tree nuts, look like brains in shells.

Saul __, in Better Call Saul.

Strong offshore current drags swimmers away.

Name of more than one Pharaoh.

Not balanced fairly.

The C in CMS, or __ Management Systems.

Threw a baseball towards a batter.

Puzzle 4

Transpired, took place.

Publishing task; recording contents in order.

Gently heating onions so the moisture escapes.

It's the same as fourteen days.

Last half of a golf course.

Popular desktop publishing software by Adobe.

Circles for holding door-unlockers.

The D in COD, or cash on __.

Dave __, Block Party and Half Baked comedian.

New York early "domestic" skyscraper, __ Building.

Get the __ of the stick; confused or mistaken.

Raised letters on a book cover, for e.g..

Sound of Silence: Hello __, my old friend.

Country where the mountain Ben Nevis is found.

Celebrity gossip tabloid, The National __.

Fails to upkeep or maintain, ignores.

Less rough to the touch.

Puzzle 5

A small ax used for chopping.

__ cocktail; another name for a gasoline bomb.

Hand __, for heating chilly hands in the cold.

Strong help or aid in troubled times.

__ Lynn, You Ain't Woman Enough country legend.

Necklace of flowers.

Best-__, list of the most popular books on offer.

Roald Dahl's book about a misunderstood schoolgirl.

Process of preserving fruit and veg in tins.

Became too big or old for.

Skin __; describes an animal that is really thin.

Removes ice from a windscreen with a tool.

Metal joiners.

Country led by Ho Chi Minh.

Material at the top margin of a book's page.

Actress Gwyneth's filmmaker father, Bruce __.

Puzzle 6

Categories of earthy material found globally.

Made fun of, made someone feel small.

Recording of a printed narrative read out loud.

Make rows of machine threads on the upper side.

Expired, no longer edible.

The type of traffic sung about by Jimi Hendrix.

Typefaces without the finishing strokes on letters.

Fanaticism, radicalism.

Another name for the cotton states of the US.

A group of these tentacled stingers is a smack.

Puzzle 7

__ Your Mother; maternal mystery TV comedy.

Birth name of Freddie Mercury, __ Bulsara.

Not nice term for someone with non-smooth skin.

A filthy dwelling or device for catching rodents.

Person and business that produces finished books.

Woman whose box held all of the world's troubles.

Oceanside lakes, often blue.

Go to church.

Boys in French.

Good for __, someone who is regarded as worthless.

Elongates, makes longer.

Gardener's chore.

The Ballad of Buster __, Coen brothers film.

Create a book and release to a market.

African country that's the largest in area.

Puzzle 8

The Big __, film starring Jeff Bridges as The Dude.

Appropriate to the purpose, has to do with.

Greeted with warmth.

With no upper limit.

What cats cough up after self-grooming.

Inactive spies who lie low until called upon.

Legal document signed between author and publisher.

Jewish candelabras.

Pain au __; French pastry with cocoa filling.

Speedy, deer-like animal, e.g. gazelle, impala.

Substance that counteracts a poison.

Theatrical horror hit for Michael Jackson in 1983.

Penny __; frugal people.

Books previously issued by a publisher.

Puzzle 9

Canadian French Fries dish; anagram of "I tone up".

Spanish word for Sunday.

Website writer with views, opinions, comment.

Person with auburn hair, sometimes called a ginger.

Feeling a bit under the __.

April 27 public holiday in South Africa: __ Day.

Bow and arrow users.

Gather together the various signatures of a book.

Something that sections an item into two.

Skin sensations, say from minor electric shocks.

Making a sound like an owl.

Explains the meaning of.

First set of book proofs produced in long strips.

Single payment, rather than many at intervals.

Puzzle 10

Bunkers on a golf course.

Breeding location for newborn dogs.

Having a book's manuscript turned down.

Fondness, care.

Constructed vertical tunnel to extract ores/fuels.

The P in COPD, a serious lung condition.

Rigid outside binding of a traditional book.

Art __, studies antique works from the past.

This rockfall brought Stevie Nicks down.

Waxy, round, expensive nuts, poisonous to dogs.

One-__, someone excelling at a single thing.

Hinged or sprung device for handling hot coals.

Puzzle 11

Unsold and unwanted books are __.

English translation of the German word "Freitag".

Short, feline sleep.

Neat folds in a skirt.

French film star known as BB, Brigitte __.

Archaic term for the pages of a book.

Holy place dedicated to a deity, saint or ancestor.

Shut the door on your __; unfriendly goodbye.

Salad component that is sometimes a Beefsteak.

Got out the way of a ball.

Prisoners serving the maximum sentence.

Country where the city of Grenoble is located.

Paul McCartney's pet dog inspired song: __ My Dear.

Puzzle 12

Not clear, lacking in detail; just an outline.

Within the confines of a house.

Small, token; e.g. a __ fee.

Herman and Lily run this spooky family.

Refereed a tennis match.

Public or private place with shelves of books.

Sweet French breakfast roll, fancy hamburger bun.

Italian word for a symphony conductor.

Term for the wife of a sultan.

1920s fashionable woman with bobbed hair.

Adjusting to the sway of a ship; get your __.

Church container to collect coins for charities.

Elmer Fudd hunts these.

Register before a flight.

Male deep-sea diver or aquatic soldier.

Legally, finds not guilty of a crime.

Swimming mammal known as highly intelligent.

Unit of soldiers.

Process to get 32 pages from a single paper sheet.

State of being strong and healthy.

Puzzle 13

Legally attributing blame, pointing the finger.

Filled with twists and turns; painful.

Veto or cancel a decision or ruling.

Small cutlery item, for stirring perhaps?.

Carrying a baby.

Extremely bright, dazzling.

Compound of chlorine plus another element.

Pistol holders.

Describes a poor detective or Alicia Silverstone.

Study or investigation required to ensure accuracy.

Owner or manager of holiday lodgings.

Type of cake with candles on top.

Aircraft that lands on water.

Smallest, like television's Hobo.

Grandma Got Run Over By A __.

Taking permanent care of parentless children.

Short description/initial chapters of a book.

Puzzle 14

When the moon hides part of the sun.

Word __, process by which bestsellers are created.

Structurally unsound like a dry cake.

Gathered like rainwater.

Method of attaching a book's pages to its boards.

Scottish __; feline native to highland forests.

Country that lost the most territory after WWI.

Weaved hair into cornrows.

Elocution, clear speech.

USS __, battleship sunk at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Salad __, device for rotating damp edible leaves.

3D rectangles.

From the Middle Eastern peninsula.

__ Bell, Monty Python theme tune.

Cramped, bruised appendage aka charley horse.

Puzzle 15

Drank enough water lately.

Long foot covering common in school uniforms.

Upright pole that supports a soccer net.

What a letter is sent in.

Delightful, satisfying.

__ blow; damaging news.

Sweet melon with bright yellow skin.

Movement (and noise) of the wings of a bird.

Company that creates books for a publisher.

Soaked up, like water in a sponge.

Assessment of number of book copies to produce.

Blowin' in the Wind writer.

Puzzle 16

Marked, stained.

Inspired idea emanating from the cranium.

Land-based branch of the British military.

Temporarily kicked out of school.

Book trade professional who is self-employed.

Deliverance from the effects of sin.

Signature of a famous person.

Country where the band INXS originated.

The binding of a paperback book.

Sauce for Steak Oscar.

Puzzle 17

Blocks or barricades justice, for example.

Chocolate is made from this.

Ownership awarded to the originator of a book.

Most slippery, likeliest to cause car to slide.

Protects something precious from dirt, particles.

Yellow path Elton John bade farewell to.

Bundle of folded pages, sewn together for a book.

Marvel superhero team: __ Four.

Trembling slightly, quaking.

Wooden puppet whose nose grows when he lies.

Boxer's punch from the side.

Puzzle 18

Assemble a book's pages as part of folding.

Clear citrus soda, shares a name with a pixie-type.

Become visible, come out of a shell.

Large number of people crowded together.

Publishing crew that creates the look of a book.

The way cards are shown at the end of a hand.

Bucktoothed builder of dams.

French cosmetics company that's worth it.

Men's swimming shorts.

Black Lives __, activist movement against racism.

Secures a boat with rope.

Puzzle 19

__ course, competition over barriers, walls, nets.

Describes toast with dairy spread on it.

Next to the hearth.

The teller of the story in an audiobook.

Walking for pleasure in countryside.

Farmyard feline that's a bit on the wild side.

Sheath for a sword.

Indian cotton fabrics.

Not in use; placid.

Event where rights for reading matter are traded.

Thickened and hardened skin on hand or feet.

From Dusk __, George Clooney action horror.

"Not having the __" means not having a clue.

Puzzle 20

Familiar Scottish term for girls.

Cowriters of the song 2002: Anne Marie and Ed __.

Animal that has black mask and bushy ringed tail.

French salad with eggs, olives and anchovies.

Altered something.

The covering that fastens the pages of a book.

Screenplays; what actors read from.

Leaves a port and sets sail.

Decade when Pelé made his World Cup debut.

__ Castle, place with stone kissed for eloquence.

End a relationship.

Opening book pages, with half-title, contents etc.

John __, lanky Comeback Kid standup comic.

__-toothed smiles have broken or crooked teeth.

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