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Here are the answers to CodyCross Literary Terms Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Conflict during which Troilus and Cressida is set.

Religious allusion to an aperture for spying.

Long flag historically used by knights or on ships.

City that's the "Pearl of the Adriatic".

Supporting structures at the ends of bridges.

The number of syllables in a haiku.

__ Bike Polo, modern version of mallet sport.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono wed here.

The area of the inner ear, including the cochlea.

Italian chicory, reddish cabbage.

Bass tuba that originated in German military bands.

A word sharing another word's pronunciation.

Puzzle 2

King __; Beethoven's tribute to Hungary's founder.

Upper Egypt temple dedicated to Horus the Elder.

Substance that stimulates antibody production.

A personification of poetic justice or comeuppance.

French word for a free-standing crockery shelf.

She won her fifth consecutive Wimbledon title 1923.

Hinged mollusc that burrows into rock or wood.

Liv __, Norwegian actress, muse of Ingmar Bergman.

New Zealand city on North Island; and its lake.

Euphemistic downplaying of something serious.

Chef who invented Caesar salad: Caesar __.

Puzzle 3

Japanese __; sushi fish also called hamachi.

Worship building on Prague's Old Town Square.

Evil overlord in Monsters vs Aliens.

Wailing or howling in grief.

2007 benefit concerts for environmental awareness.

A flashback, a scene set earlier than the present.

Protuberences on a giraffe's head.

__ quantity of sleep, proper name for oversleeping.

The shape atoms were originally thought to be.

Steamship that rescued passengers of the Titanic.

Sounds made by closing lips, like p, b, m, w.

A writer's pen name or nom de plume.

Religion founded by Joseph Smith, Jr..

Puzzle 4

1964 Cold War thriller; backup that limits harm.

British Prime-Minister (1874-80).

Backsword with a curved blade.

French department named after a spring.

A work that imitates an earlier work or style.

Successor to Nintendo 64.

Maurizio, artist of a banana duct-taped to a wall.

Variant to curling, former Olympic event.

Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, for example.

An outdated or old-fashioned word or phrase.

Puzzle 5

Cradle or play with a small child on your knee.

Country in which the mysterious Taos Hum was heard.

The first eight lines of a sonnet.

Instrument learnt by child prodigy Sarah Chang.

Yangtze tributary with many hydroelectric dams.

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson were "In" it.

__ Goose, Howard Hughes's giant flying boat.

A word providing extra description to an action.

Vitamin B6, also known as folic acid.

In Judaism a wise man, a great Torah scholar.

The study of bird eggs.

Puzzle 6

Louis XV's mistress had this pink hue made for her.

An imperfect matching of soundalike words.

__ arches, related to breathing; gills in fish.

Tights for actors that are the same shade as skin.

Green forest with a tall tower in southwest Berlin.

Statesman in ancient Athens nicknamed "the Just".

Lead arsenate mineral means "bent" in Greek.

Camera lens for searching out faraway things.

Study of the nature, mission of Christian church.

A poem consisting of a single verse or line.

Puzzle 7

Traditionally, the glass in which sherry is served.

Tufted wader also called the northern lapwing.

A trio of verses or lines of poetry.

These are made of a quark and an antiquark.

World's fourth-highest peak, on China-Nepal border.

Country once crossed by the York Factory Express.

Actress Helene, married to Bertoldt Brecht.

Thick overcoat named after a town in Belgium.

Of a personality that is optimistic and cheerful.

A deuteragonist is the __ most important character.

Iranian stadium, home to Foolad side.

Two-headed dog that guarded Geryon's cattle.

Marshall Mathers.

Type of parachute deployed to slow a moving object.

Weight unit used for measuring Egyptian cotton.

Puzzle 8

Skateboarding video game by Crea-ture Studios.

Decisive battle of the Chinese Civil War in 1940s.

__ Sorter, machine to separate unattractive foods.

Indian grass root used in men's perfumery.

Say what? Study of the ear.

Seeds on the outside of strawberries.

Beach where a strange body appeared in 2008.

Gandhi __, birthday of Indian leader on October 2.

A seemingly contradictory statement or text.

Italian technique of joining blown glass pieces.

Avoids or abstains from.

Steve McQueen is a San Francisco cop in thriller.

He discovered electromagnetic induction.

Rhetorical repetition interspersed by other words.

Vinegared rice.

Customer service software aka conversation agent.

NFL football team from Green Bay.

Puzzle 9

Character abducted by aliens in The Colbys.

Official currency in Prague, Brno and Ostrava.

Designation for mountains over 3000ft in Scotland.

A word used to modify two others in different ways.

Seat on an elephant or camel.

German rye sheet cake.

The name of Yuri Gagarin's spacecraft, __ I.

Melena, mother of Elphaba in Wicked musical.

Of a person's complexion, yellow or pale.

Immortal werewolf of Shetland folklore tales.

A flawed character's excessive self-pride.

Sophie Tucker was "the last of the red hot __".

Puzzle 10

A Dickensian play on an established saying.

Beckett play about a lady stuck in a mound of soil.

Steampunk cello band led by Melora Creager.

Middle East salad of bulghur wheat, parsley, mint.

Ice __, paddling competition at Québec's Carnival.

On maps, it appears as a curved, vertical line.

Omission of conjunctions for rhetorical effect.

Drowsiness; the medical name for yawning.

The true winner of the Oscar for Best Picture 2017.

Stolen, taken without consent.

Puzzle 11

The repeated chorus-like section of a poem or song.

Upside down trees native to Africa, Australia.

Restricted land or water passages.

English band led by Robert Smith.

Three __, Maya crop trio of squash, beans, maize.

Indian religious places of retreat.

A small parcel of energy; a school of physics.

The rising and falling beat of a poem or reading.

Dull and uninspired.

Le Havre. Sunset at __, by Eugène Boudin.

Flying sport using air currents, no motors.

Country where Rubik's Cube was invented.

Add liquid to food residue in a pan to make sauce.

Puzzle 12

Age of dancer in a wax sculpture by Edgar Degas.

The inversion of related words in paired phases.

Vegetable faces Italian painter __ Arcimboldo.

Sour pickled plum used in some sushi recipes.

Department head; first derived from Latin minus.

South American country that was once Dutch Guiana.

An invented world of horror or oppression.

Music festival created by rockers Slipknot in 2012.

An organelle containing degradative enzymes.

Actor husband of Emma Thompson.

Puzzle 13

Cheap ruby shade, used in Medieval texts.

Strait that separates Taiwan from the mainland.

Trio of two unstressed and one stressed syllables.

Archbishop of Canterbury's London home: __ Palace.

A war trumpet; a shrill-sounding fanfare.

Division of a cell in the body to make two.

Sweet, savory Moroccan warqa pastry.

The first few identifying words of a written text.

TV show with James Badge Dale, Jessica Collins.

Both a dog breed and type of military jet aircraft.

Popular political club during French Revolution.

Roy __, played Veruca Salt's dad in 1971 film.

Of a building that lacks columns.

Puzzle 14

Emotional release through language or art.

Crying, plaintive instruction in vocal music.

Free from blame or responsibility.

Meaningful constituent parts of words.

Country where the Patagonian desert is located.

A dark, broken dot on a TV screen.

Artistic work in metal.

The Harry Potter charm used to erase memories.

A speech given by a character talking alone.

Emerald cousin, peach-pink beryl.

Puzzle 15

Hillside vineyards giving red and white wines.

Gulf of __, Central American inlet.

Snappy comic poem with the rhyme structure AABBA.

Showy, frivolous; trifling thing of no consequence.

Name of an early plastic invented around the 1900s.

Stage name of early rap star Melvin Glover.

Elena Cornaro __, first woman to receive a PhD.

Thought represented graphically.

Radio cast of Secombe, Milligan, Sellers, Bentine.

Levels of this stress hormone rise during sleep.

A protagonist lacking traditional heroic qualities.

Puzzle 16

Providence College athletes.

African nation that once had a giant R on its flag.

Tell someone to quieten; or keep trousers secure.

Mother __, main antagonist of the film Tangled.

A page cut from one-quarter of a printer's sheet.

Mardi Gras beads tossed from New Orleans floats.

The smallest bone in the human body.

Paris deserted her for Helen of Troy.

Edward Knoblock play, later a musical.

Melon liqueur, bright green used in cocktails.

A rhetorical expression of doubt.

Indian building style of Hawa Mahal.

Czech religious reformer of the early 15th century.

Purple hue worn by Roman emperors.

A unit of distance equal to 3.26 light years.

Breed of domestic cat, the sacred cat of Burma.

Puzzle 17

Comic, non-serious verse with no strict structure.

Complete meal offered at a set price, in French.

Charmander is a __ Pokemon.

US singer and pianist of Cornflake Girl.

Sometimes called "the king of mangoes" in India.

Rhetorical correction of a previous statement.

Capital of Tuvalu.

Former soccer player Robert Baggio: the Divine __.

Former name of July 1 holiday "Canada Day": __ Day.

Placing stage performers in specific positions.

Puzzle 18

William __; zoologist in Indian subcontinent.

A factual or textual error; anagram of lice moss.

Woodlice that roll up into a ball when disturbed.

Fractional equivalents of 0.08333....

Supernatural being said to cause disrupted sleep.

The worship of animals by a tribe or culture.

Marshlands at end of Spain's Guadalquivir River.

Long, light French dressing-gown for women.

It's posed by an interrogative word or statement.

80s photo format of a flattened circular platter.

Puzzle 19

Omission of the final sound of a word.

Bohemian mathematician and logic scholar Bernard.

New name of Finisterre in BBC's Shipping Forecast.

The action of entering; admittance, access.

Of or relating to sea lions.

A pairing of one long and one short syllable.

The rainbow bridge connecting Asgard to earth.

Adeliza of __, wed England's King Henry I in 1121.

Long-necked, three-stringed Japanese lute.

Hearty soup served in Ecuador during Easter season.

"Lord of the senses" Indian title, surname.

Puzzle 20

Sam Wilson was once this superhero.

Comic imitation of another writer's style.

Longest river of Punjab region in India.

Attack of the __ Tomatoes, 1991 NES game.

Endangered pygmy chimpanzee.

A rotational force.

Antigens are seen as dangerous by this system.

Minor musical mode running D to D in C major.

A song or ode for lovers separating at dawn.

Animators' repeated series of identical frames.

Canvas suntop on a frame for a cruiser boat.

It was linked to the Nile by the Wadi Hammamat.

Transparent liqueur tasting of cumin and caraway.

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