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Here are the answers to CodyCross Look up Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Glass globe that illuminates a room.

Rome monument near the Roman Forum.

Elevations at the base of a mountain range.

Praised, acclaimed, clapped.

Fertilize crops, e.g. job done by bees.

Small, cigarette-sized cigar.

Speedy sea vessel that's a bumpy ride.

Air __; medical emergency helicopter.

Grappling sport enjoyed by Abe Lincoln.

Shock, wonder, doubting something is true.

Edible fungi.

Don't throw __ after bad.

Musician who is an expert on the kettle drums.

Wicker sleeping place for canines.

Puzzle 2

Athletes ride these in the Tour de France.

Defeats, lack of successes.

Device for keeping one's place in a novel.

Release a product again, possibly in new packaging.

Creamy application protects against solar rays.

Small flying insect with irritating bite.

Breaking Bad's sequel Better __.

The female version of the name Patrick.

Cabbage and mayo side dish.

Enormous movie ape atop the Empire State Building.

Wonder Woman’s lasso makes villains tell this.

A __ to cry on; someone who is ready to listen.

Soft leather slipper.

Puzzle 3

ISS, International Space __; spacecraft in orbit.

Bored a hole in a wall.

Consumers of magazines and books.

Telling jokes with a straight face.

__ milk, creamy liquid used in oriental meals.

Clearness, transparency, lucidity.

Still waters __; look beneath a calm exterior.

Post that gives away the ending of a TV show.

Fish-eating eagles.

Toy retailer that closed all US stores in 2018.

Puzzle 4

Green Fairy alcoholic beverage.

Bring a fire alight once more.

Idle, lazy, good-for-nothing person.

On a higher floor of a building, via steps.

Non-warring, a believer in peaceful resolution.

Longest running race at the Olympic Games.

Bathroom suds receptacle.

Feeling of intense elation.

__ locker; high storage compartment on a plane.

Human who turns into a monster during a full moon.

Scott __, son of acting legend Clint.

Puzzle 5

Noise emitted by contented bees.

Picked up ice cream with a special tool.

Cut __ and take the cheapest way out.

Grown without pesticides.

Having clothes on, being clothed.

More succulent, such as with peaches or grapes.

Bank counter worker.

Small metal cup worn on the thumb in sewing.

Long bridge built across a gorge or valley.

A plant __ if it changes in form/genes.

A four-piece musical group.

The upper floor of a bus.

Museo de Arte __, Mexico City art museum.

The __ Eight; 2015 Western with Samuel L Jackson.

What Jill did, down the hill after Jack.

Convert plain text to code to keep information safe.

Puzzle 6

Skin friction injury from tug-of-war.

One who has faith.

Sweet treat that's another name for a pancake.

Dank, stone-lined prisons below ground.

Destroying with a large metal ball.

Was present at.

Small mechanical, wind-up chest that plays tunes.

Highest mountain range on Earth.

Dogs with King Charles and Cocker varieties.

Whoopi __, Shenzi in The Lion King.

Once in a __; a very rare occurrence.

Pioneering supersonic aircraft with crooked nose.

Suggestion, for marriage perhaps.

Naturally, like a native speaker.

Colorless flammable oil, used in heating/cooking.

Puzzle 7

Took the surface off something; e.g. ice off a car.

Dividing by two.

Makes use of a person for work.

Encasement on the top of a room.

Live long and __.

Smoothing or polishing with rough paper.

Towering Californian sequoia tree.

Animals that have two stomachs and gobble.

Sleeping raucously, making nose sounds.

Round candies, in French means good good.

Job of someone armed with a broom.

__ box; artificial home designed for birds.

Puzzle 8

Bright spring flowers, the source of saffron.

Satisfies thirst.

Street light.

Method of cooking using high-temperature rocks.

Buzzed or rattled like a phone.

Illegally copying video, arr!.

Person from the Irish capital city.

Glass opening in ceiling for natural illumination.

Chicken coop.

Keeps safe.

Jim Carrey film about dishonest lawyer.

__ pays off; it's worth putting the effort in.

Cloudy, gray.

Puzzle 9

Obvious, with plenty of proof.

Palm fruit with strong, rough shell.

31-day month missing from early Roman calendars.

The birthing of sheep.

William __, rebel, his story told in Braveheart.

Popular brand of disposable tissues.

Large storage cylinder for petroleum.

__ Palace, Las Vegas hotel, hosts boxing matches.

"The proof of the __ is in the eating".

For holding onto when flying kites.

On a computer screen, you write in here.

Full points at ends of sentences.

US-led invasion of Saddam Hussein's land in 2003.

Puzzle 10

Reflected sounds.

Served with burning alcohol.

Game of Pete Sampras or Serena Williams.

How much is that __ in the window.

Main branches of a tree.

Lethargic marsupial eucalyptus chewers.

Supplies with tools.

Structure with rungs for climbing to higher places.

Decrees; commands.

Cover in packaging once again.

Novel by Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte __.

Puzzle 11

Milk-producing animal.

Nappy for a baby.

It's the New Black, according to the prison drama.

Come to pass.

Decorative band worn close around the throat.

Gas that fills balloons to make them float.

Joined metals with a hot iron.

Economical with spending.

Bruce Wayne's alter ego.

Light aircraft without an engine.

Nike's trademark tick.

Foods in an aluminum tin.

Puzzle 12

Making holes in skin for adornments.

Team sport played with sticks with nets.

Nooks and __, every single part of a place.

Your birth symbol on the zodiac, 2 words.

Tiny pieces of sugar or salt.

Accessory for shielding people in wet weather.

Taking in an aroma.

Groovy room light.

Large, brown birds of prey; not very pretty.

A sort of banana you cook before eating.

First name of celebs Lopez, Aniston and Lawrence.

Standing very close, feet touching.

Chicago state.

Someone who claims to be someone else.

Puzzle 13

Heartburn, aka acid __.

__ Borealis; glowing night lights over North Pole.

Flumes or tube slides at a water park.

Made liquid, such as citrus fruits for breakfast.

Anakin's mom says he doesn't have a __ in Star Wars.

Element with the symbol S, once called brimstone.

__-vous français? Do you speak French?.

Canopy added to a building for extra shade.

Reader's __; general interest magazine.

Disaster, situation requiring urgent help.

Puzzle 14

Common childhood malady that can affect hearing.

Succeeding, like a great economy.

Vinegar-soaked cucumbers, dill or sweet maybe.

Moment when an aircraft leaves land.

Horror writer, __ King.

Doctor __; mad scientist Spider-Man villain.

Talking like a snake.

People who compete with dog sleds and teams.

When the light of the sun is blocked by the moon.

Describes eyes that are further back in the face.

Broken into smithereens.

Puzzle 15

Advertising slogan for Subway sandwiches.

Strip a plant of its blooms.

Dress with high waistline and skirt above the knee.

Helped remember something forgotten.

Points of view, thoughts.

Post for displaying a patriotic cloth.

Fried chickpea delicacies, often stuffed in pittas.

Next-day sickness from overindulging on alcohol.

Collections of solar systems.

Sky __; floating paper spheres filled with hot air.

Making money before taxes, like a movie for e.g..

Puzzle 16

Long-necked birds with heads in the sand.

Product __, embedded advertising in films.

Shop that offers manicures.

Becoming invisible, disappearing.

Colored symbol on flags of Japan and Bangladesh.

High balance wire in a circus.

Apiarist; one who cares for honey makers.

Egyptian queen, lover of Caesar and Antony.

Cut of beef from a cow's lower back.

Displays with flashes and bangs in the night sky.

The number of complete miles in a marathon.

Puzzle 17

Adding a new vocal soundtrack to a film.

Get the ball __.

Celestial bodies, e.g. Venus, Neptune.

Belt __, metal fasteners help hold jeans up.

__ Hazzard; TV series with General Lee car.

Toothpaste of choice of Blair and Bush.

Plump birds seen in flocks in towns and cities.

Absence of any sound or noise.

Russian writer of War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

Presides over a country.

Puzzle 18

Has enough money to pay for something.

Wing __; daredevil stunt on a plane in flight.

Wet __, someone who puts a downer on things.

__ obsolescence: an item not designed to last.

The Beatles sang about a road that was long and __.

Natives of Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata for example.

Characteristic of vegan cakes.

Going foodless for a while out of choice.

Overhead panel in a car, for extra ventilation.

Oompa __, Dahl's chocolate factory workers.

__ out; destitute, penniless.

Puzzle 19

What Meghan Trainor is all about.

Big relief someone is finally gone: "good __".

Disappeared suddenly from view.

Gondola mountain transport.

A kind of printer, not with liquid ink.

Desert slope.

Name for a new or first-year uni student in the US.

Set up with everything that is needed.

Frock or gown for warm weather.

Shared name of Titanic actor and Italian artist.

Relationship of Kublai Khan to Genghis Khan.

Puzzle 20

Device that ignites fuel in a car's engine.

Companies that produce and sell beers.

Flashes of electric energy during a thunderstorm.

Tax __; scheme to minimize tax liability.

Sci-fi name for inhabitant of our planet.

... __ a bee, conclusion of famous boxer's saying.

Apartment on the highest floor of a building.

Calibrating, changing.

No longer on the boat but in the water.

Notice found on electronic toys: __ not included.

Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing website.

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