CodyCross Lottery Dreams Pack answers

Lottery Dreams PackLottery Dreams

Here are the answers to CodyCross Lottery Dreams Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Scammer who pretends they're a poker novice.

Gravy's flakey bread friend.

Tabbed dividers with A-Z labels.

Fragrance generally worn by women.

What Mary Poppins does in her 2018 title.

Not on schedule, running late.

Outcome of a criminal trial.

Clear material famously used by Swarovski.

Che, figure in the Cuban Revolution.

The sugar found in milk products.

Puzzle 2

Crouching down with knees bent.

Big circular storm that comes in off the ocean.

What lottery winnings are often written on.

The A in ADHD.

Fees paid to artists for using their music.

Positive thoughts.

Device for catching rodents.

Mars rover that landed in the Gale crater in 2012.

Image display device for home movies.

Textured scrub for cleaning your skin.

Bouncing a basketball.

Puzzle 3

Dance classes or cardio exercises.

Describes educated person with refined traits.

Silver-white precious metal with atomic number 78.

Johansson who is Black Widow in Marvel film series.

How damp the air is.

Don't __ in Anger, 1996 hit for Oasis.

Apache chief born in 1829.

To transfer content from the internet to a device.

Making a padded bed cover.

Galapagos reptile that can live 150 years.

The Trevi in Rome is an example of one.

Easier than taking the stairs in your mansion.

Cooking food in liquid after frying lightly.

Puzzle 4

US state known as The Last Frontier.

Decorative flower, like the Moon or Lady's Slipper.

Digital machines that might be your servants.

Hanging fabric used as window coverings.

Retro Italian scooters with distinctive waspy purr.

Twin constellation with stars Castor and Pollux.

Baby grands.

Empire once ruled by Genghis Khan.

Gruyere, Edam or pecorino.

Performing group of acrobats or comedians.

Major art museum in Paris, home to the Mona Lisa.

Substance perhaps feared by werewolves.

Professionally brighten up a smile.

Puzzle 5

Mass of frozen water that melts as climate changes.

Pattern of percussion beats.

Criminal gang involved in drug trafficking.

Son of Poseidon and Greek god of the sea.

Daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Shares of companies one might invest in.

Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote about a secret one.

In a foreign country.

Old type of computer disk made of soft plastic.

The bony structure that forms the hips.

Crack __, sunrise, daybreak.

Like the "Tunes" starring Bugs Bunny.

Stalked animals for sport.

A person or business who buys and sells goods.

Age in the title of 2015 Avengers movie.

Rhyming cocktail with rum, curaçao and orgeat.

Mass departure; Old Testament book.

Underground safe house for protection.

Puzzle 6

Take one number away from another mathematically.

Telephone assistant who connects calls.

Place to keep rare fish in one's home.

__ Mail, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks romance.

Citrine is a birthstone associated with this month.

Oil and fat mixture, like mayo; type of paint.

Place of prosperity, e.g. thanks to gold discovery.

What a TV show "jumps" when it becomes unrealistic.

Food delivery branch of ride-sharing app.

Someone who receives your social media updates.

Rhyming nickname for table tennis.

Visually __, or partially sighted.

Piece of equipment that's used to hit the links.

Batman is known as the Caped one.

Puzzle 7

Tropical fruit often used to make upside down cake.

Egyptian queen who married Mark Antony.

Astronomical time unit measuring 9.46 trillion km.

One's fantasy house.

It's the Most __ Time of the Year, Christmas hit.

Extra revenue minus costs, e.g. not gross earnings.

System of dots and dashes used for secret messages.

Donate effort and time to a cause.

He was one of Apple's co-founders.

Giving a sworn statement in a court of law.

Avian name for a golf score three below par.

Puzzle 8

Entirely unaware.

Vehicle for underwater travel.

Cosmetic product used between lashes and brows.

French term for a professional driver.

Safe, fortified spot in one's house for protection.

Giant reptile associated with Florida.

Athlete who wears boots with blades to twirl, jump.

India's film industry.

Legendary rock band fronted by James Hetfield.

Medieval French teenage war heroine.

Computer component for saving files.

Puzzle 9

Sweet dreams are made __, sang the Eurythmics.

Loosening, untying.

Enormous extinct elephant-like animal.

Strength or effectiveness of a medicine.

Keeping one's money in a financial establishment.

Hugh, star of Logan and Les Misérables.

Machine for chopping wood into small bits.

Common name for the body's tympanic membrane.

Strike action from a place of work.

The opposite of a departure at the airport.

Period of the year when crops are ready to pick.

The other name for vitamin B1.

Sports implements used to hit tennis balls.

Money put away for a rainy day.

__ Abbey, TV drama starring Hugh Bonneville.

Elephant-headed god of wisdom in Hinduism.

Puzzle 10

Academic study of past events.

Clingy, insulating body cover for cold-water swims.

The sliding compartments in a desk.

Steal an occupied motor vehicle.

Well-known cryptocurrency.

1978 hit for The Police with a girl's name.

Deep fried ball made from chickpeas.

Yellow animated workers who wear dungarees.

Freud, known as the father of psychoanalysis.

A personal one might help you get in prime shape.

Facility where clothes are washed and ironed.

Shafts or columns of sunlight.

Gerbil-like rodent kept as a pet.

Child caretakers.

__ to business; begin in earnest.

Another name for a diary.

Puzzle 11

American Express Black Card's official name.

It's the F in a radio's FM bandwidth.

Deaf composer who performed his Ninth Symphony.

A person's pulse.

Heir or next in line to the throne.

Cures for poisons.

Someone who acts or sings in front of an audience.

Fancy Japanese cow meat.

Mock or tease, in three words.

Shirt fastening underneath the knot of a tie.

Living things, life forms.

Puzzle 12

When voting for something, __ rules.

Small flat bowl found beside a bathroom sink.

Plantation of grapes for winemaking.

Tatum, actor from Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street.

TV show with beach lifeguards in red suits.

__ court, mock or unofficial legal proceedings.

Sputters like a candle.

Small, intense coffee with expensive machines.

Decision-maker in a business; film maker.

Colorful theme park built from tiny plastic bricks.

Ventilator used in early 20th-century medicine.

Troops dispatched by helicopter or parachute.

Painting or drawing of a person's face.

Giant plates that form the Earth's crust.

Gambling wheel that can land on red or black.

Puzzle 13

Narcotics that work like those derived from opium.

A virtual home on the internet.

Shaving cheese or veggies into small pieces.

Having no productive purpose.

Corporation, business.

Null __, means not legally valid.

Island nation where you could visit Montego Bay.

Millionaire in Danny Boyle's Oscar-winning film.

Remains of ancient living things.

Thou shalt __, commandment protecting life.

Singer with on-stage alter ego Sasha Fierce.

Bird known for eating roadkill.

Kicked out of one's home.

EM Forster wrote of one to India.

Fuel gas with formula of CH4.

Puzzle 14

Jennifer who was married to Ben Affleck, 2005-18.

Gems, precious stones.

Sink __, expression of success or failure.

Power tool for smoothing surfaces.

Opposite of acid on the pH scale.

The available audience for a product to be sold.

Type of toast covered in egg and milk.

Professional car parkers.

Thickets, prickly shrubs.

Trojan prince killed by Achilles in Greek myths.

Doing a cleanse might help get rid of these.

C. S. Lewis' fictional fantasy world.

How sweet the sound that saved a __ like me.

Nationality of tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

Puzzle 15

Funfair with aquatic slides and rides.

Reggae singer of No Woman, No Cry.

Muppet who played the Wicked Witch of the West.

A creature that only eats plants.

Dom Perignon, for example.

Storing fluid in the body, water __.

Better late __, said of a delayed event.

Latin name for The Great Bear.

Website for storing ideas for crafts and hobbies.

Abandoned duties as a monarch.

Puzzle 16

Sensor used in place of a mouse for a laptop.

Small building on a property with toilet inside.

A stay at a luxurious resort, whenever you want.

Franchise name of A New Hope and The Last Jedi.

The two breathing holes in a person's nose.

Management of land covered with trees.

A pumpkin became this transport for Cinderella.

What the government will make you do after winning.

Sam Smith song: "Way Too Good for __".

Don't get caught in this blinding snowstorm.

This Dad is a Seth MacFarlane animated series.

10-km swimming race or 26-mile run.

Celestial body used to guide a ship's course.

Puzzle 17

A spring bloom on a fruit tree or flower.

Straight-faced, showing no reaction.

Japanese art of paper folding.

Single eyeglass worn by stereotypical rich people.

First person to establish a new settlement.

Force that gives weight to physical objects.

Common farm machine used for tillage.

Sweet distilled spirit.

To make official, such as a political appointment.

Alpine country where Salzburg is located.

Reload an internet page.

Company that sold branded bricks for $30 each.

Puzzle 18

Hearth, perfect for roasting chestnuts.

Soothing plant often used to relieve sunburn.

South American country, capital Asunción.

Approximate calculation informed by logic.

Playing a principal role in a film or play.

Jewels that are forever, according to an ad slogan.

Frozen chunks used to chill drinks.

Claims a hotel room, restaurant table.

James Joyce wrote a Portrait of the Artist as one.

Free-standing cupboard used to store clothes.

Track and field event where people flop over a bar.

You go under it when you have surgery.

Worker who waters and trims plants.

Electric piano.

Puzzle 19

Winners, champions.

Disfigured Batman villain who always flips a coin.

Nickname for tech industry valley in California.

Series of unbroken shots in tennis matches.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s acclaimed comedy series.

Blue hue; what a water bird might lay.

Propulsion device worn on one's back.

Canadian province with largest population.

Spot where you'd find a divan or a four-poster.

Celebrations, extravagant social events.

Fish eaten by Egyptians and shown in hieroglyphs.

Tell, Swiss folk hero with a crossbow.

Join or move to a different faith.

Wax __; talk in an extremely enthusiastic way.

Profession of Meryl Streep or Jennifer Aniston.

Cell division that produces identical offspring.

Puzzle 20

Extremely happy or excited.

Units used for measuring how loud a sound is.

Workers who keep the place spic and span.

Vestigial organ that might need emergency removal.

Valuable plastic certificate given as a present.

Body of water north of Turkey that sounds "dark".

Song by Sarah McLachlan: I Will __ You.

Whisking or beating cream to form peaks.

Ring-shaped toy that gives an abdominal workout.

When two words contradict each other: jumbo shrimp.

Pink bird that stands on one leg.

You'll need to connect to it to search online.

Fire, Earth, Air and Water are these in astrology.

Broad-brimmed straw hat associated with Mexico.

The point of __, when there's no going back.

Jim, poet and frontman for The Doors.

Document needed for luxurious world travel.

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