CodyCross Love Songs Pack answers

Love Songs PackLove Songs

Here are the answers to CodyCross Love Songs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Leonard Cohen's love song about a girl named.

Italian term for a wine shop.

__ fever, contagious, colourful disease of kids.

Not deep.

Light rifle with a short barrel.

Cold seasons, when animals hibernate.

Deer horns.

European country; anagram of "angry me".

Child legally brought into a family.

Derek and the __, Clapton disguise to write Layla.

Applied lubrication to an engine.

Composer, claims to have killed Mozart in Amadeus.

Block carved with an image, used for printmaking.

"O Come All Ye Faithful" in Latin: "Adeste __".

Late night host who loves car, distinct chin.

Puzzle 2

Sensation of hair standing on end in fright.

Cooking vessel used for preparing cheesy meal.

__ in Seattle, radio talk show romantic comedy.

Self-service restaurant counters for healthy food.

Waterproof, see-through sheet for baby's buggy.

__ Tonight, Eric Clapton ballad about Pattie Boyd.

Someone who instigates combat or conflict.

My Funny __, 30s song made popular by Chet Baker.

There ain't no such thing as a __, from Heinlein.

Nixon became US president in nineteen __.

Puzzle 3

She was turned into a pillar of salt, in the Bible.

Extinct, elephant-like animals with long hair.

Full, feminine form of the name Ronnie.

Blood __; epic Western novel by Cormac McCarthy.

Italian resort overlooks the Bay of Naples.

Falling in Love Again, Marlene __ can't help it.

Business term, number of customers entering a shop.

The __, US film about a flirtatious Mrs. Robinson.

George Michael 1996 hit and a tribute show.

Post-exercise massages.

Forty-five plus six.

Trebek-led question game show.

Super-hot Indian curry, rhymes with Linda Sue.

Cold __, purposely ignoring someone.

Puzzle 4

Unintended secondary result.

Strip of leather for keeping equines under control.

Donny Osmond 1972 single about adolescent romance.

Stationery, a pivoting device that draws circles.

Language in which Yo-yo Boing! was written.

Dylan on Beverly Hills, 90210, Fred on Riverdale.

Important US case on free men and slavery.

Plastic surgery for your love handles.

God __, song starts 'I may not always love you'.

Construction equipment that can push loads.

A flight leaving; the act of leaving.

Simple paint for a cover-up.

Person who helps treat mental or emotional problems.

French white wine grape used in brandies.

Red fleshy upper part on a cockerel's head.

Puzzle 5

Sweet bean for flavoring; plain.

Wooden houses for pet rabbits.

Someone slow, unintelligent, definitely not shiny.

Came, showed up.

Song in which Oleta Adams lists transport modes.

Anthony __, who played Hannibal Lecter.

A __ Love Songs, sentiments by Take That's Gary.

Narrow waterways.

In typography, the space filled by the 24th letter.

Halloween vegetable.

__ Price, American actor mainly of horror films.

Panamanian general, ruled till 1989.

Puzzle 6

Study of the therapeutic use of food.

Some __ Evening, big ballad hit from South Pacific.

A tunnel beneath a railway line or road.

Describes a soft, elastic, malleable substance.

Earn a large amount of money.

Croaky-voiced emperor in Star Wars films.

To emphasize words in text by drawing beneath them.

__ Miny Moe, a finger/toe counting rhyme.

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, a movie hit for __.

Light blue gemstone.

Man who revolutionized the US car industry.

__ St, New Orleans thoroughfare famous for music.

Changeable, unpredictable, inconstant.

Dial 3 numbers for this medical emergency vehicle.

Apparatus; items you need for an experiment.

Puzzle 7

__ Whisper, George Michael sings about guilty feet.


Describes a tale that meanders.

Lovin' You hit all the top notes for Minnie __.


Receptacles for stubbing out cigarettes.

Ocean between Ireland and the United States.

TFW, or __ when.

__ the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Spike __, comic, writer and member of The Goons.

Of or relating to rabbits.

__ Chest, 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Became less soft.

Water __; aquatic vegetable grown in China.

Puzzle 8

Poem by Robert Browning: Home Thoughts, from __.

The __ of My Tears, a classic by Smokey Robinson.

Wrote or noted down.

A quick drawing.

Chris Martin's colourful lyrics for Coldplay.

Lake and city in the French Alps.

Male fashion worn at the neck.

London Zoo panda; the template for the WWF logo.

A Japanese battle cry.

Motion of Marilyn Monroe's derriere.

"Jack of all trades, __ of none".

Puzzle 9

The least dry.

Curled a lip to mock.

First __; collectible, original print run book.

John Legend's refrain, dedicated to his wife.

Vorsprung __; Audi's global ad slogan.

Book of Psalms, used in church services.

The largest flightless bird.

Sparkling mineral water used in cocktails.

Flowering plants that rely on ants.

Jana __, tearful tennis player consoled by royalty.

Kool & The Gang song with the B side Ladies' Night.

Puzzle 10

System of rain capture on a roof.

__ of my knowledge, TTBOMK.

Long-haired Lover from __, Jimmy Osmond's 70s hit.

Obtainable, to hand, offered.

Animal __, the science of caring for farm animals.

Lines of longitude.

Piano Man who had a hit with Just the Way You Are.


Director of violent films including The Wild Bunch.

Beat a __, to persist with a futile situation.

Outermost region of the atmosphere.

__, typically not sweet gins from the UK capital.

Puzzle 11

__ Love, Doris Day song from Calamity Jane.

Comport oneself well.

Company whose logo features a swoosh from a to z.

Plural word for sea creatures such as cod, plaice.

The Cure found romance on this weekday.

Chinese rice porridge.

Wrote your name on a legal document.

Tropic line that lies in the Northern hemisphere.

The first President of Zimbabwe; fruity last name.

Double __ shotgun, fires two shots in sequence.

Mara __ of Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda.

Puzzle 12

Drums that rattle, with strings stretched across.

Toy maker of Hot Wheels.

Ballad synonymous with Etta James.

Bunch of tied twigs.

More than double.

Creating things, producing things.

__-Lorraine, French region near Germany.

Modest; inconspicuous.

Scottish whisky.

A mess of things, especially at a charity sale.


Love Me __, Elvis single and hit film.

Puzzle 13

The king of reggae and most famous Jamaican singer.

They're __ in the US, spring onions in the UK.

Smokey Robinson's My Guy was a hit for her in 1964.

Additional minutes at the end of a sporting event.

Free-swimming, gelatinous organisms that can sting.

Can be traversed, e.g. a road or river.

Longitudinal global strips, start at Greenwich.

Invented by Eli Whitney in 1794.

Acted on stage.

A pair of ones at dice.

Sam Cooke's soul classic, more than infatuation.

Three plus three, squared.

Describing the plan generally.

To bend over __ means a person goes to extremes.

Puzzle 14

Sticks used by Winter Olympic athletes.

Beatles' ballad with some French lyrics.

Star-shaped reference mark used in footnotes.

Surprise, amaze.

Fourteen times four.

__ goose; white-faced black and grey water bird.

According to the saying, what beggars can't be.

Aka a PC or laptop.

Skipped off school.

Well-behaved, modest, demure.

Region in north-east of New Zealand's North Island.

Joy __, whose hit was Love Will Tear Us Apart.

__ Rainbow, slogan for Skittles.

Puzzle 15

Natalie __, Anne Boleyn and Naboo queen actress.

Papal city.

Bambi's rabbit friend.

__ Flack sang First Time Ever I saw Your Face.

Trumpets greeting.

Fee __, said the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Trendy shoe style keeping podiatrists busy: __ toe.

What flavours Ouzo.

Undo a mathematical operation.

Half-closes eyes against the sun.

__ Nixon, Miranda in Sex and the City.

The Girl from__, Brazilian tune with many versions.

Dog originally for hare hunting.

Puzzle 16

Get the mental upper hand, intimidate.

Perfectionist; law-abiding individual.

Anagram of splitter!.

Canadian city on the Thompson River.

Eating lightly.

Aussie surfers sheepskin footwear.

__ Feud; long-running internal conflict in Germany.

Digital gaming apps available without a fee.

French for staircase.

__ clop, the sound of horses' hooves on the ground.

Martin __, eighth US president.

The numerical answer to life, universe, everything.

Fish-eating birds of prey.

Brooklyn __; NYPD sitcom set around Jake Peralta.

Shadowy, downbeat films of the 1940s/50s.

My Boy __, first ska no. 1, for Millie.

Shapes with eight sides.

Ain't No__, Bill Withers song with many covers.

Sewing to produce multi-layered, padded bedding.

Puzzle 17

Recites to a stenographer.

Acted paternally towards someone.

Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and a song about a yacht.

Jack Nicholson movie, The Witches of __.

__ Franklin, "First American" and Founding Father.

The A in INFA, "in the final __".

Ancient route traversed by peoples and livestock.

Love __, 2016 Beiber smash with Ed Sheeran input.

Fictional podcast about a town missing 300 people.


Type of soft brown sugar from the Caribbean.

More icy than.

Puzzle 18

Beatles' song Something is in this album.

Rearranging, readjusting.

A mountain that has a frozen peak is __.

Sweets like tablets, often medicated.

__ moving trolley, a plank on castors for removals.

Accompanying, guiding, chaperoning.

Individual bones protecting the spinal cord.

1987 Bond film The Living __.

Van Morrison's 'fantabulous night to make romance'.

Stroke oak, say, to ward off bad consequences.

Gasoline storage boxes in cars.

__ africana; Latin name for African elephant.

A work shift that typically begins at midnight.

Karl __, the German fashion designer.

__ Medal; awarded for US children's picture books.

Boatfuls of cargo.

Picked the fruit.

Puzzle 19

Sausages making a noise on a hot grill.

"The pen is __ than the sword".

A You're __, B You're so Beautiful....

Collectable objects made in a bygone era.

Nat King Cole's love song for adolescent lovers.

Billed, requested payment for services.

"Live From New York, It's __ Night!".

Pile leftover after the plow comes.

Paul __, actor of Sideways.


__ maker, to cook beaten eggs with fillings.

Puzzle 20

Palindrome that describes a helicopter blade.

Flirty expression from a Frenchwoman.

Fried __ and waffles.

Admit something is a fact.

__ test, visual exam aka the Rorschach test.

__ pear, cactus with edible fruit.

Fusing fabrics together.

The capital of Algeria.

Frank Sinatra's love song, You Make Me Feel __.

14th century writer: "Father of English Poetry".

__ arts; sports such as karate, judo or kung fu.

Fishing boat, followed by seagulls.

Outsider who won a Golden Globe in 1987.

__ Love, Rihanna ft Calvin Harris tune of 2011.

Decorative frontages on buildings.

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