CodyCross Luxury Desserts Pack answers

Luxury Desserts PackLuxury Desserts

Here are the answers to CodyCross Luxury Desserts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Funds a movie or album.

Tangling of a young child's hair.

Tree with helicopter seeds.

Life in the __ – living full of excitement/danger.

French dessert: __ island, or île flottante.

Heated something up again.

Smokey Robinson 1970 hit; __ of a Clown.

Find inner peace with yoga, for example.

Architecture of the Middle Ages.

Philippa of __; queen consort of Edward III.

Libyan city where US embassy was attacked.

One who carves metal artistically.

Persian philosopher and medical writer.

Crema __, Spanish burnt cream dessert.

Deborah __, All Souls Trilogy author.

Month when WWI officially ended.

Puzzle 2

Country where singer/songwriter Sia was born.

Giorgio __, Italian painter of The Song of Love.

Agricultural process of separating seed from stalk.

Port in Normandy, France, visited by the Titanic.

Actor who played homicide detective Columbo.

Agreement between a government and the RC church.

__ Building; NY skyscraper completed in 1913.

Pocket-sized, loaf-shaped, French almond cake.

Ancient bolt-throwing weapons.

Becoming more profound.

__ gland, secretor of waxy substances to the skin.

Rust is a form of this chemical compound.

__ cake, alcohol-soaked fruit cake for December 25.

Dutch waters, previous name for the IJsselmeer.

Pope for 33 days in 1978.

Digger-out of journalist scoops, in canine manner.

State that hosted the NBA Nets, 1977-2012.

The Elvenking in Tolkien's The Hobbit.

Statesman in ancient Athens nicknamed "the Just".

Cultivating in your back yard.

Zooey and Emily __.

ETA stands for estimated time __.

Short fashion item associated with Mary Quant.

US board-and-dice brand based on an Indian game.

Puzzle 3

Unready Anglo-Saxon king.

Strolls with pride.

Figure of Christ on the cross.

On the way in.

Well, it's one for __; Blue Suede Shoes opening.

Difficult ski route, for experts only.

Ice cream covered in coffee with liqueur.

Eases guilt, soothes; anagram of sausages.

The "Good" in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

__ neglect, policy towards N American colonies.

Baton __; displays by majorettes in parades.

Deity of a waterway.

Italian coffee-flavoured layered dessert.

Maori name for New Zealand.

Caroline __, astronomer, discovered many comets.

Scowled in disgust.

__ blinds, Central European window dressing.

"Neither a __ nor a lender be": Polonius's advice.

Lisbeth __ aka The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Portrait of Dr Leo __, artwork by Frida Kahlo.

Puzzle 4

Windows come with single, double or triple __.

Small oily fish, often tinned.

A little of this and a little of that.

Chinese river also known as the Yellow River.

__ at Cana, Veronese painting of Biblical feast.

Symphony, Peter and __ by Prokofiev.

Dulce __, South American sweetened, caramel milk.

Acting dynasty of Lloyd, Beau and Jeff.

Indian site of three major battles against Afghans.

Heebie-__, anxiety about ghostly possibilities.

Runs, is the boss of.

__ Burnikel, L.A. Times Crossword Corner blogger.

Uni in the UK West Country with alumnus Paul Dirac.

__ School, architecture style of Lloyd Wright.

Sports & __, orange Trivial Pursuit category.

__ cake, light sponge made with vegetable oil.

Surname of the main characters in Family Guy.

Economical and shrewd.

Puzzle 5

Lacking knowledge.

Dumps, periods of sadness.

__ bag, bedding when camping.

All work and no play makes Jack __.

Physics term for speed of an object in a direction.

Kingdom of all biological organisms.

Giving jobs to your family.

Constantin __; invented saccharin in 1879.

Cement filling that goes in the gaps in tiling.

French author of Le Rouge et le Noir.

__ Films, George Harrison's movie company.

__ cake, Swedish cake, cream with green marzipan.

Year JFK became US president, nineteen __.

Painting by Manet: __ on the Grass.

Tree with yellow blooms also called golden chain.

The Roman name for Spain.

__ Tower, ancient Roman lighthouse in Corunna.

Small meringue halves sandwiched with filling.

Tyrion Lannister actor, Peter __.

Popular Beethoven work for a young woman.

Puzzle 6

Filo pastry bites soaked in honey, with nuts.

The length or size of something measured in yards.

Rich, buttery, sweet French bread.

Four books of New Testament that tell Easter story.

Mathematician and astronomer from Alexandria.

Top quality glass.

Trouser storage.


Greek monasteries on high-topped mountains.

Finnish cartoon characters by Tove Jansson.

Jason __, Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses.

Large net fishing vessel.

Bird that feeds on animal carcasses.

Joined or stuck to.


Puzzle 7

Finger __ Good, KFC slogan.

AMC __ X, flipped 360 degrees by Bond in 1974.

Physical games.

Nelson __, three-time Formula 1 World Champion.

Makes smile, delights.

__ Hermé, the Picasso of Pastry, macaron baker.

Pigeons that return.

Rowan Atkinson's gauche, tactless TV character.

Curled, encircled.

Sugary egg-white chewy bar with chopped nuts.

Oldest Jackson brother in the Jackson Five.

Sans-serif typeface named after Mount Rainier.

Come out from a hidden place.

Puzzle 8

__ Puck, US chef of restaurants Spago and Postrio.

__ sponge, layered cake with cream, strawberries.

Legendary blind Irish druid of Valentia Island.

Spinoff from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Feast of St. Lucy month.

Portable lamps.

...Baby One __; Britney Spears' debut single.

Arrogant conceited person, a strutting parrot.

Item worn when doing lengths of a pool.

Topped up.

Medieval rank between gentleman and yeoman.

Eddie __, played Stephen Hawking in 2014.

Hotel rooms sometimes have this for guests to wear.

Body of water east of Queensland.

Sweet almond paste.

__ span, neat and tidy.

US abolitionist, Lincoln's adviser, Frederick __.

Puzzle 9

__ Havisham, character in Great Expectations.

__ home; grand country house or estate.

Making tea, or beer.

Lithuanian cake, baked on a rotating spit.

Finland's two official languages: Finnish and __.

Kidnaps a person.

Leftover, especially a piece of fabric.

Side view of someone's face.

First country said to have made jack-o'-lanterns.

Stick that prevents chapping.

Your humble and obedient __, sign-off to the Queen.

Nat King Cole sang that folks dressed up like __.

Giving half to a friend.

Country where the Dniester River originates.

Strong elastic ropes for extreme jumping sport.

Lord of the Rings filming country: New __.

More inebriated than another person.

__ cake, marriage celebration cake.

Puzzle 10

Single-language speakers.

Murders in the __, mystery tale by Edgar Allan Poe.

Cake made of sponge or ladyfingers lined in a mold.

Close Encounters of the __, UFO film.

__ Twins; MLB team based in Minneapolis.

Advocates of women's rights.

Parenthetical bit to John Lennon's hit Happy Xmas.

Product to hold loose strands in place.

"To travel __ is a better thing than to arrive".

Time-measuring device that uses sand.

Occupation of George Orwell in Burma.

Painful cluster of boils with pus.

Layers of coffee-soaked joconde with chocolate.

Covered like fowl.

__ Davis, Civil War leader of the Confederates.

NY hotel famous for the Round Table luncheons.

Divination based on atmospheric conditions.

An elongated tract of land in Florida and Texas.

Raised seat for baby to eat meals in.

Astrid __, Beatles friend, dreamed up their look.

Puzzle 11

East London's notorious Kray twins: Ronnie and __.

Haitian religion with sorcery.

Josh __, How I Met Your Mother's Ted Mosby.

Jane Cooke __, prominent cancer researcher.

Classic cars decorate this historic Cuban capital.

Sister team to Utah Jazz, 1997-2002.

Dance venues with glitterballs.

Single prehistoric standing stone.

Delay a task or distract someone from a task.

__ Garvey, created Back to Africa movement.

St. __ cake, named after French bakers' saint.

A five __ bill shows the head of Abraham Lincoln.

Author of the novel The Birth of Venus: Sarah __.

Pièce __, or mounted piece, dessert sculpture.

Wild playing cards.

The left-hand pages of a book.

Puzzle 12

Mixes up.

__ cake, cut it to reveal brightly coloured layers.

Epidemics, pestilences, pandemics.

Sailor's-alcohol-soaked cake, cream, cherry on top.

Made from fleece of sheep.

Traditional Japanese puppet theater.

Exposed in summer, it sits between chest and waist.

Bang & __, Danish company of stereo systems.

Sherlock Holmes's brother.

Inundates, swamps.

Gloria __, author of Revolution from Within.

How something feels on the surface.

Stonework in the windows of Gothic churches.

__ Flight 815 that crashes on Lost.

The B in ABS, or Anti-lock __ system.

North African country of cherries and dates.

Puzzle 13

Meringue based dessert topped with cream and fruit.

Propping up a building during repairs.

Rose-shaped badges won at gymkhanas.

In a royal manner.

Prolific writer with 28 pseudonyms: John __.

Eccentrics, loners, those that don't belong.

Band led by David Bowie: Tin __.

Long choux buns sandwiched with cream.

Spewed forth, gushed.

Only female Muslim ruler of India: Razia __.

__ chairs, elimination party game.

Ancient capital of Egypt, not in Tennessee.


Animals similar to llamas, but smaller.

Mom owns __ on Futurama.

__ Diptych, Monroe painting by Warhol.

Broccoli, cauliflower, and kale vegetable family.

Horse-racing bet advisor.

Puzzle 14

Rapid, without time to think.

Formal evening wear worn by the armed forces.

Jethro Tull's invention.

Sarah __, author of The Bedwetter.

Swede and Ryder Cupper who won 2018 French Open.

Dark material once used in mourning clothes.

Law enforcement vehicle.

Siblings Karen and Richard __ made a musical duo.

Last president of the USSR: Mikhail __.

Sweet pastry case with citrus custard, baked.

Karolinska __, Stockholm medical university.

Julie __, sang Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

Island paired with the Grenadines.

Damage done to property.

Small carpet in front of an open fire.

Italian, cake-shaped fruit loaf for Christmas.

In Spain, DOP stands for Denominación de Origen __.

Lovecraft's term for the species who come after us.

My Little __, film with Mae West and W C Fields.

Puzzle 15

Despairing, bleak, without confidence.

Mixture for Silly Putty: boric acid and __ oil.

__ Payard, pastry chef, luxury dessert creator.

Deception and cunning deceit.

__ Conticini, French chef, owns Gâteaux d’émotions.

Liza __, whose parents both won Oscars too.

Kitchen offshoot where washing-up is done.

Ronettes tune where Spector used the wall of sound.

Thumbing a ride.

Golden brown gamebird with bright red/blue head.

Last food eaten at a Passover Seder (Hebrew term).

The back strip in tennis.

Puzzle 16

globe-shaped fungus edible when young.

Carriers with little wheels.

Crème __, French custard – or is it English?.

__ Christian, he led the mutiny on the Bounty.

Shrugging off one's responsibilities.

Why __ and bark yourself.

Cousin or aunt, or sibling, etc..

__ Farm; released cover of Smooth Criminal in 2001.

Cold pudding with rum-soaked ladyfingers, fruit.

Air __, the US president's private plane.

Clumsy, inelegant.

Major religion of Greece: Christian __.

Himalayan racoon-like animal.

Spinning wheel pins.

The clapping of a theater audience.

Bet type on horses before prices are known.

Online wikia with information on television shows.

__ House: site of 2018 royal wedding evening party.

Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Shanghai Pudong, etc..

Puzzle 17

Displaying the most hurt or anger.

Six-sided winter precipitation.

Scallop-shaped French sponge cakes.

Syrup in long strands for shaping into nests.

Relating to brothers.

the name botanists call the seed leaf.

Curtsey or bow down to in exaggerated manner.

An advancement in your job.

June festivities marking the solstice.

Generic term for gymnastics equipment.

__ Eck, 'corner' where Rhine and Mosel rivers meet.

Pungent substance that preserves stored clothing.

Moisturiser for the palms and digits.

"To sleep, __ to dream," said Hamlet.

Yacht formerly owned by Aristotle Onassis: __ O.

Ancient city in Sumer, now known as Tell Fara.

Joseph had an amazing technicolour one.

Small yellow cartoon canary, Sylvester's adversary.

The patient operated upon in Operation.

French singer, the little sparrow.

Sandpiper family birds, waders with long beaks.

Sir Gawain's horse.

Wife of King George VI: __ Bowes-Lyon.

Puzzle 18

Chemistry and biology fall under this subject.

Swiss luxury watchmaker linked to diamonds.

Jules __, character played by Rowan Atkinson.

Puffing on cigarettes.

The god of chaos in ancient Egypt.

__ fruit, sugar-soaked, crystallised fruit.

Power to move quickly, easily, nimbly.

Ursula __, played Bond girl Honey Ryder in Dr No.

Country in Europe; anagram of "MD Karen".

Fulgencio __, Cuban leader overthrown by Castro.

Austrian pastry dessert, filled with fruit compote.

Least quiet.

Toxic substance that toads secrete.

Luxury hotel named after the founder of Singapore.

US missile system delivering nuclear warheads.

__ flowers are blooms preserved for posterity.

Saved from a perilous situation.

Puzzle 19

__ running; game genre with no finish lines.

Guess what the outcome of an experiment will be.

Themistocles's naval battle victory over Persia.

Semi-frozen sorbet-like, grainy-textured dessert.

Bend light, like a mirror.

Stunt on a bike with the front wheel in the air.

Gustav Klimt's famous golden embracing painting.

One who was born under the sign of the fish.

Mum to Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse in The Aristocats.

French almond sponge cake used in desserts.

"He who can, does: he who cannot, __": G B Shaw.

__ Sarkozy, French president married Carla Bruni.

Book for kids by E. Nesbit: The __ Children.

Moorish citadel in Spain, such as at Segovia.

"Cowboys From Hell" metal band.

Shia __, co-starred with Brad Pitt in Fury.

Charming, endearing.

Puzzle 20

Make equal, balance.

Town near Rome, site of the Villa d'Este.

__ Moore; backing guitarist for Elvis Presley.

Postage stickers that are stuck on envelopes.

The Day of the __, film with Donald Sutherland.

Creepy-__, wriggly little creature.

Well-marbled steak cut from a cow's back.

Fruit __, fish-eggs-style spheres of fruit juice.

Country that owns Franz Josef Land.

Pakistani leader, Benazir __.

City most heavily hit by the Great Plague of 1665.

__ Grolet, Rubik's Cake creator.

Typical house found in the Swiss Alps.

Canadian province invaded by Americans in 1775.

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