CodyCross Made of Wood Pack answers

Made of Wood PackMade of Wood

Here are the answers to CodyCross Made of Wood Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The day before today.

Percussion instrument with wooden block bars.

Addition to an outfit.

Food not containing milk, cream, cheese, etc.

Plant buddleias to attract this adult caterpillar.

Mistaken people are barking up this, the __.

Retro wooden platform for riding ocean waves.

Someone who frequently entertains an audience.

Nasal blood flow.

Settlers in a new country.

Puzzle 2

Train transport network.

Wooden surfacing in a garden.

Annual reference book.

Full of people gathered together.

Sweet or salty snack to eat at the movies.

Surname of acting brothers Alec, Stephen and Billy.

Traveler who's off to see the sights.

Dangerous disease spread by mosquitos.

Wooden kitchen utensil with a flat blade.

Wizard hero in The Lord of the Rings.

Puzzle 3

Crunchy cylinder-shaped salad veggie.

When a female is with child.

Singer who starred in remake of A Star Is Born.

Greenwich __, or GMT.

The Lion, the Witch and the __, wooden cabinet.

When a bird starts emerging from an egg.

Fizzing, soapy shape for the tub.

Additional costs for a work trip, e.g. travel.

Composer and lyricist duo: George and Ira.

Wooden window covers.

Puzzle 4

Framed storage for aircraft.

Number of days in the month of June.

Simple geometric shape with four equal sides.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp.

Rub a __, three men in a tub.

Caffeinated drink made from beans.

Someone who certifies legal documents as authentic.

The pot calling the __ black.

Chess piece that can only move diagonally.

Stationery items for drawing straight lines.

A woven or knitted textile.

Friends chef, lived with Rachel, married Chandler.

Computer messages that replaced letter writing.

Retail and delivery giant, home of Prime.

Words to a song.

Wooden boards.

Puzzle 5

Motorized grass cutter.

The gummiest, the thing that's the most glue-like.

Gepetto's wooden puppet that became a real boy.

German composer or giant Saint Bernard in movie.

Pair who perform on stage together.

Mountain range that includes Everest.

The seasonal movement of animals.

Branch of science dealing with celestial objects.

The female equivalent of the name Joseph.

Wooden cylinder for winding electric wires.

Skin injury caused by cold.

Puzzle 6

Soft drink; "One of a kind".

Van Gogh and Picasso were known for doing this.


Viking seafaring vessel made of wood.

Animal with antlers that pulls Santa's sleigh.

A chain with a pendant.

Old-style walking aids for broken legs.

Amusement park with tropical fish.

Computer part with numbers and letters.

Surname of tennis stars Venus and Serena.

Inside; opposite of exterior.

Puzzle 7

Smells Like Teen Spirit band.

Places where people work at desks.

Sport played on a green table with wooden cues.

Moving along on spinning wheels.

Personal __, one-to-one gym instructor.

Sean, the first actor to play James Bond on film.

Country where you can visit Neuschwanstein Castle.

Wool fabric used to make shirts.

Overrated, promoted to the extreme.

A strong metal named this early era.

Clap in unison.

Stretchy, rubbery.

Shakespeare play famous for its Three Witches.

You can use special goggles for __ reality games.

Pile of branches, collected for burning.

Puzzle 8

Artists' wooden frames for holding paintings.

The great outdoors.

Cylindrical glass container used in laboratories.


Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian, for example.

Hot beverage, e.g. Americano, latte, or espresso.

A small portable computer, like an iPad.

To add more ammunition.

Backless chairs.

The Queen of __ shouted, "Off with her head!".

From the cat family, to do with cats.

Bugs Bunny was part of the series __ Tunes.

What you did before you zagged.

Puzzle 9

Three-wheeled vehicle little kids learn to ride on.

Drink made of blended fruits, veggies.

Simple slingshot, often made from a branch or twig.

Evergreen conifer.

Formal endings of marriages.

Chinese practice of balancing energy in buildings.

Structure for stunts in skiing and snowboarding.

Wooden railing next to a staircase.

Hairy facial features missing from the Mona Lisa.

Treating other people well; it costs nothing.

Puzzle 10

A must-have spice in pumpkin pie.

Individual sections of a wooden fence.

Scores on assignments.

Season that brings new shoots and baby lambs.

Strong; characteristic of a bodybuilder.

A study, a workplace; an anagram of fife co.

Caitlyn, Kendall or Kylie.

Gain victory over.

Unlawfully take control of an aircraft.

Crowns worn by princesses and toddlers.

The Simpsons' mayor.

Burial casket, often made of mahogany.

__ repair, too badly damaged to be fixed.

Ferocious canines with spine-chilling howls.

__ control, device for changing a TV channel.

Puzzle 11

Runs a film set.

FIne wood shavings used as animal bedding.

Used for heating and crisping bread.

Gave permission, made wishes come true.

Red split peas often cooked into winter soups.

There are nine __ in a major league baseball game.

Sticky liquid worn to style and control the hair.

Video-sharing website founded in 2005.

Manufactured timber material used in furniture.

Mystical or supernatural.

Name of the English king known as Lionheart.

"Think __ the box".

Puzzle 12

Ideas, mental concepts.

Santa is said to enter homes down them.

False teeth.

What you will be from stretching and yoga.

Letter pouch.

Mila Kunis starred in 2008's Forgetting Sarah __.

He lives under children's beds.

Freestanding storage for headwear.

High thin heel.

Gravity-bound giant groups of stars.

Cork wall panel for memos, reminders and notes.

Puzzle 13

Forced to leave the country.

Unlucky number.

Solar illumination.

Forest hut made from cut timber.

An active volcano spewing out lava is __.

Inability to fall asleep.

Fair that travels or Rio parade.

Great ape movie, original with Jessica Lange.

Wrestles with.

Mammal known for devouring picnic pests.

Plunging airplane in a headfirst drop.

Type of conflict, occurred in 1914-18 and 1939-45.

Construction set with step-by-step instructions.

Popular Italian fizzy wine.

Puzzle 14

Sports equipment that can be woods or irons.

Someone who compiles things, e.g. stamps.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites can cause this.

Typical business meeting greeting action.

High schoolers want to dance in this US 80s movie.

Regenerating time traveler.

Blue precious gemstones.

Feeding platform to attract feathered visitors.

Substance or situation that's likely to blow up.

Crossed the street illegally.

Words written with capital letters.

Puzzle 15

Orange root vegetable preferred by bunnies.

Well-known, like a celebrity.

Capital city of Russia.

Basket style made from weaving twigs.

Materials that are not liquids or gasses.

Marilyn Monroe was a famous __ bombshell.

Buzzwords, language particular to an industry.

Sports champions get awarded this metal cup.

With space inside, e.g. an empty tree trunk.

Operation __ Storm, US mission in the early 90s.

Take someone into custody.

Artificial wooden limb, e.g. of Long John Silver.

Puzzle 16

Construction site vehicle for moving soil.

Book with a soft cover.

Big Mac or Whopper, for example.

The E in ETA.

Means of getting from A to B; any vehicle.

Where horses or humans run in circles.

Wooden household items, such as chairs or tables.

What a syringe might be used to deliver.

Reality show of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas.

Eating utensil for East Asian food.

Puzzle 17

Small sticks for lighting fires.

Guacamole ingredient with a bumpy dark skin.

Part of a phone that's charged.

Holding onto, retaining.

Blood sucking creature of the night.

Very young dogs.

To ignore orders.

Place for the display or sale of works of art.

Vast Arctic wilderness across the north of Russia.

Cork-backed square on which a drink is placed.

Puzzle 18

Rope battle with people pulling on either end.

Professional social media networking site.

This warranty gives more time for things to break.

Lumps of carbon used in barbecue cooking.

Knocked nails into wood.

As American as __.

Small tubes of pasta that go with cheese sauce.

Contortionists and trapeze artists, athletically.

Small shard of wood that pierces the skin.

Tusked marine mammals.

Puzzle 19

Wooden markers on Christian graves.

Flaming lanterns, once used in castles.

Adding sugary sheen to doughnuts.

Single-use knives and forks are made from this.

__ J. Fox; actor.

Opens a large map.

Rage __ the Machine.

Young tree.

__ list, delay until a booking can go ahead.

Sitting platforms for more than one person.

Puzzle 20

A __ of posies; Ring Around The Rosie flowers.

Panel at the sleeping end of a bed.

Seaside habitats only accessible at low tide.

Magnetic material for recording TV, old technology.

Rows of spectators' benches at a baseball game.


Dates when assignments are due.

Large birds said to bury their heads in the sand.

Emptying one's suitcase.

Rocky condiment near the plates at dinner.

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