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Here are the answers to CodyCross Makeup Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Cause resentfulness with careless comments.

Face __, for a matte effect, brush this dust on.

Surname of the vampire family in Twilight.

There are twelve in a foot.

Inventor of the electric light bulb.

Flattered excessively.

Imagined perfect world.

__ moisturizer, contains some foundation.

Parked like a boat, secured with rope.

Ocean where the island of Mauritius is located.

Puzzle 2

Involuntary diaphragm spasms.

Full of people.

Liquid goes with salt on fish and chips.

Center of an atom.

Said hello.

Fervent and passionate in belief.

Erased on a computer.

Visit the Blue Lagoon in this country.

Spray of flowers to attach to a jacket.

Soft-bristled tools for applying makeup.

Small sparkles added to eyeshadow.

Percussion instrument, wooden bars with mallets.

Short and informative.

New people on the job.

Puzzle 3

Art that does not clearly depict anything specific.

Cream for removing daily facial makeup/dirt.

Wham's request before leaving.

Trojan War hero killed with an arrow to the heel.

Overhead window for natural illumination.

Italian tomato sauce.

Publication containing a record of annual events.

Soft goat wool yarn for high-end garments.

Anatomical term for the bony tip of the elbow.

Margaret __; first female PM of the United Kingdom.

Used and then returned to its owner.

Headlong rush of a herd of animals.

Puzzle 4

Tough, exhausting.

Helicopter's blade.

Devise or create a strategy.

Huckleberry Finn's creator.

"Envelop young woman"; makeup brand.

Venezuelan island and popular cocktail.

To swing to and fro.

Supreme ruler.

Phoebe's hit song about a feline in Friends.

Responsible for taking care of many animals.

Revlon makeup line, for pigment with lasting power.

Only musical instrument that starts with an X.

Philanthropist and founder of Microsoft.

An arranged first meeting.

More important than anything else.

A game where answers to clues are linked on a grid.

Puzzle 5

Affirmed, enforced.

Nothing else is exactly like it.

Group of geese on land.

Greek island, mythological home of Odysseus.

Protective headwear.

Product for face before applying foundation.

Ronald's sandwich.

Lou __; The Iron Horse of 1920s and 1930s baseball.

Unit describing the depth of water, equal to 6ft.

Danny and Sandy's love story.

Eyelash __, for making lashes bend upwards.

Puzzle 6

Small flute.

Portable music system with built-in speakers.

Paleozoic supercontinent.

A reversal in your progress.


Yves Saint __, maker of the fragrance Opium.

L'Oréal cosmetics brand, formerly Laboratoires __.

A horse wildly kicking its hind legs.

Berries in gin.

Tokyo's tallest, cloud-touching landmark.

Puzzle 7

Changed, amended.

Gym activity.

John Lennon's song of hope for the world.

Sometimes called a sea cow.

Buys and passes on for recompense.

Construction or frame used for executions.

Vernal __, signals the start of spring.

Full name of this tinted moisturizer: Beauty Balm.

5280 feet.

Keeps a box of horrors.

Tomato condiment.

Too much of something, extra portion left over.

__ brush, mascara wand, minus the mascara.

Moved along on the belly.

Channel for conveying liquid.

Whole number.

Curved tube used by swimmers to breathe through.

Puzzle 8

Like a bull in a __, exuberantly reckless.

Immediate action needed.

Taking possession fraudulently or by blackmail.

Feeling, gut reaction.

Pretentious and pompous.

Revolting, nauseating.

Photo-sharing app owned by Facebook.

Tubes for getting water to put out blazes.

Large, juicy fruit with yellow flesh.

Regina George rules the school in this film.

Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones's Diary.

Black smudged shadow gives this makeup look.

Puzzle 9

CEO is Mark Zuckerberg.

Celestial, heavenly, delicate.

French-sounding US skincare maker of Chubby Sticks.

Replenishing power, e.g. to a phone.

Compressing or grinding down.

Water supplier.

Greek king left with food and drink beyond reach.

The measure of a small glass of beer.

Film clips.

Overly interested in.

City with a museum that was once Bob Marley's home.

Explosive, often seen in cartoons.

Migrating butterflies.

Nonsense, foolish talk.

Puzzle 10

Brie, Roquefort, Cheddar, Parmesan.

Gas used for breathing.

Respites during the workday.

Swiss dwelling.

Central American country with no Pacific border.

Book of religious songs.

French hats.

Covered in pig's blood at the prom.

In close proximity.

Sometimes hold hands while sleeping on the river.

Loosen up muscles before taking part in sport.

Aerated eye shadow cream or chocolate dessert.

Horse chess piece.

Puzzle 11

Continent with the most countries.

Highly falmmable jelly used in attacks.

Egyptian sacred beetle.

US cosmetics brand, makes ColorStay products.

Advanced Night __, restorative cream, Estée Lauder.

Crash inflatable.

Marshall Mathers's stage name.

Pigeon that returns.

Challenges; tasks.

Exercise that gets your heart pumping.

Puzzle 12

Country called the Switzerland of the Middle East.

Buckingham Palace spot for viewing royal waves.

Removed dirt.

A welcome by trumpet.

Flintstone's hometown.

Large lively party.

Dark powder used to shape areas of the face.

A light shade of purplish red.

Portable baby chair for safe travel in vehicles.

Aretha Franklin 1967 hit from an Otis Redding song.

Loving and loyal.

Lancôme mascara brand that's mesmerizing.

Person who performs operations in hospital.

Boiled cornmeal dish from Italy.

Puzzle 13

Legumes used to make miso.

Drifting microcontinent in the Paleozoic era.

Address for a young unmarried German woman.

Without stopping.

Structural support for wood as it's being cut.

Highlighting makeup technique; not contouring.

Summery, lightweight ladies' garment.

To beg, borrow or cadge.

Next to the swimming area.

Desert covering most of Botswana.

Puzzle 14

Capital of the Greek island of Crete.

Excessively overstated.

Way of thinking.

__ Arden, cosmetics makers.

Seize the day.

Needed, required.

Uniformed driver of a car for the rich.

Cosmetics used to turn kids into wild animals.

Releasing an egg from the ovary.

Adventures of Huckleberry Fin author.

James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan.

Skilled underwater workers.

Athens citadel.

Puzzle 15

Paper descriptions on wine bottles.

Makers of No. 5 iconic perfume.

The M in MAC: __ Art Cosmetics.

Earthquake shake.

Rat or mouse.

Mortal __, fighting video game.

Developing offspring.

Mexican desert state; Hermosillo is its capital.

January birthstone.

Jigsaw, crossword, anagram.

Tribal leaders.

Guilt, remorse.

Puzzle 16

Money after costs.

Wax on, wax off master in The Karate Kid, Mr. __.

To move from Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens.

Losing country in the Crimean War.

Winter sports practitioners.

Hug warmly.

North African citadel.

Hardy and strong.

Savory egg pastry tart.

Estée __, makeup brand.

Makeup __, person who applies makeup for a living.

Puzzle 17

Tried a product.

__ powder ensures makeup doesn't move on the face.

Fenced off area for baby to stay safe at home.

Periodic turning of a wine to move sediment.

A human's jaw or jawbone.

__ comb, for neatening the hairs above the peepers.

Without drive or purpose.

Brazilian combat martial art.

Someone who uses their personality to manipulate.

Severe storm and a late play by Shakespeare.

Puzzle 18

Kicked out of school.

On the end of the feet; can be varnished.

French word, small store that sells high fashion.

Leftover, unused.

Makers of petroleum jelly for the lips.

Yellow flower, often the first spring bloom.

Praises, venerates.

French chicken dish with red wine and mushrooms.

Catch-all term for brothers and sisters.

South African country that was once Dutch Guiana.

Encourage, give someone confidence.

Removing a product from its packaging.

Smooth elegance.

Animal in Aesop's fable that raced a hare and won.

Puzzle 19

Lizard that changes hues.

Potentially explosive area.

Puzzled, bewildered.

Serum by Lancôme for improving uneven skin patches.

Globally; in every country.

Earth-moving construction vehicle with tracks.

Tubular stuffed pasta.

Briefly, not long-windedly.

Employment location, e.g. office.

French heroine burned at stake.

Acting brothers Chris, Liam and Luke.

Stars in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, is a dame.

Dramatically __ Moisturizing Lotion, by Clinique.

Venezuela's Iguazu.

Puzzle 20

Body __, lotion that sounds like a dairy spread.

Monkey that does not have a prehensile tail.

Can be used to blend makeup, soft and squishy.

Greek goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated.

A marketer's company.

Religion originated in Haiti.

Fictional superhero; part human, part machine.

Zimbabwe's capital and most populous city.

Mulled wine chalice.

Italian word for 16.

Beginning stage after fertilization.

Groove made on farmland.

Gaudy and cheap.

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