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Making a Soup PackMaking a Soup

Here are the answers to CodyCross Making a Soup Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The food remaining after a meal.

Outfits worn for taking a dip in the pool.

A dummy used to display clothes.

Caught this way means you're apprehended mid-crime.

Indoor running machine.

Niagara is an example of this kind of cascade.

Orange squash soup ingredient with a long neck.

Game of jumping to numbered squares on the ground.

Termination of employment; being fired.

It's left in the sand as you walk.

Dish that soup can be cooked then baked in.

Puzzle 2

Fruit liquids.

Money and card holder.

Hostile tensions within a society.

The end, the last scene or episode of a TV series.

Like land that is unable to produce vegetation.

Projectiles fired from bows.

Another word for the horror movie genre.

Pot of sour dairy product, good as a soup garnish.

Wizards' long capes.

A type of pastry; Denmark's language.

He's Charlie Brown's pet dog.

Singer Carey who had a hit with Without You.

__ onion, brown soup from a Gallic country.

Locals might say they were born and this.

Puzzle 3

Green and purple vegetable, comes in spears.

Seven squared.

Parts of plants where photosynthesis happens.

Paid sums of money into a bank account.

Collective name for tennis' four biggest titles.

Italian explorer and children's pool game.

Crab, lobster, mussels are this type of ingredient.

Lightweight material for timber models.

Adobe product used to alter pictures.

Crime of obtaining money through threats or force.

A Roald Dahl book, Charlie and the __ Factory.

Personification of winter who nips at your nose.

Puzzle 4

A comfortable upholstered seat for one person.

Measuring how heavy ingredients are for a recipe.

Purchase of one business by another.

In a word, book smart.

A random change in DNA.

He was pope from 1978 to 2005: JP II.

Jacket worn on top of your indoor clothes.

Popular musical about American history.

Whizzing up soup to get rid of lumps.

Walking on __, 1985 hit for Katrina and the Waves.

US state home to famous fried chicken.

One legally responsible for a child.

The long-haired princess from the movie Tangled.

Fitness __; wearable devices that count your steps.

Canine's canines.

Rules and guidance devised by the government.

A sweet, chewy candy made from a medicinal root.

A maize labyrinth.

Medical assistance, e.g. for cuts and bruises.

Puzzle 5

Wooden boundaries between gardens or properties.

Hairs on the edge of the eyelid.

Soup with a texture that isn't chunky.

Italian town overlooked by volcano Mount Vesuvius.

Number of members in a standard English jury.

Casino employee at a blackjack table.

It's The New Black in Netflix's prison drama.

Cold season when soups are a warming meal.

These are Fantastic in JK Rowling movie series.

Examples of these signs include Leo and Aries.

California city, rum liqueur or Chevrolet car.

Nineties telescope launched into space.

Used a knife to make a sculpture.

First name of author and journalist Hemingway.

Puzzle 6

To be separated or alienated from one's family.

Combine __, farm machinery for cutting crops.

A poker hand, or a US sitcom.

Playing a guitar, maybe while humming.

Stock made from cow bones.

A person who takes the law into their own hands.

The person-to-person spreading of news.

Area of land prowled and marked by a cat.

Vegetation that encircles oases in deserts.

Round yellow beans, a good soup addition.

Period of economic decline.

The Catherine who won an Oscar for Chicago.

Padded mitten used in cooking.

Golf club for clearing a ball from a bunker.

Folk tales, ancient lore.

Identifying a problem from its signs and symptoms.

Not just verbally but on paper.

Famous 15th-century French heroine.

H. Keller, "Life is either a daring __ or nothing".

Puzzle 7

A transparent tank of water where fish are kept.

Pouring fat made from small Mediterranean fruits.

Basketball analogy for a shot that's a dead cert.

Classic rum and citrus juice cocktail.

Drive out spirits or demons.

What happens in this city, stays in this city.

Round toy of soft foam meant to be thrown inside.

Eye makeup pencil for men.

The magic of Merlin.

Work or study assignments.

System of rule by a king or queen.

In Rome, tourists throw coins in the Trevi this.

Legal document signed to secure an agreement.

Four-wheeler, for off-road driving.

The amount a company receives in sales.

Cooking bones in the oven to make a stock.

Puzzle 8

Written assignments that answer a question.

Market traders selling stands.

Film franchise, follows a sporty Golden Retriever.

Inventor Alexander Bell's middle name.

Textured breakfast food similar to a pancake.

Celebration of people and floats down a street.

Put your __, relax after a tiring day.

Most soups are this, not solid.


Loose-fitting, warm jumpsuit with a zipper.

Stretchy cord used by daredevil jumpers.

Record label started by Berry Gordy Jr..

Crunchy, ridged salad veggie, works as a soup base.

Weapon used by aliens in sci-fi books.

Puzzle 9

Sudden rush of animals.

Too young to be allowed to participate.

Small tables between couches, armchairs.

Dark green, tree-shaped veggie, good in soup.

Mount carved with faces of four US presidents.

Real name of 'The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up'.

Not showing any signs of breathing, unresponsive.

Shoe for rink sports.

Month when WWI officially ended.

Precious stones that are said to be forever.

Star sign of January and early February birthdays.

Pungent taste; anagram of gray lick.

Unit of mass equal to 2.2 pounds.

The ongoing expenses of operating a business.

Pattern or example.

Clarified, clear French soup or stock.

Puzzle 10

Fruits including limes and tangerines.

Additional songs performed at the end of a concert.

Carbs like sourdough and rye, to accompany soups.

He was Great in F Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel.

Box that a Wi-Fi signal comes through.

Michael, one of the most decorated Olympians.

Sheep's meat.

Upper chamber of the United States Congress.

Mortal __, video game fighting franchise.

Maxima and minima.

Hue of Coldplay's stars that "shine for you".

Only Shakespeare play to win Best Picture Oscar.

Mother sainted by Catholic Church for aid to poor.

Puzzle 11

Acts on the spur of the moment.

2010 movie about invisible, dreadlocked aliens.

White dairy product to dollop on borscht.

Egyptian queen, last ruler of Ptolemaic Kingdom.

Intersections where two roads meet.

Spying to obtain intelligence.

Device for playing vinyl record albums.

No use flogging one, you may as well give up.

Fungi that make a good creamy soup with thyme.

Adventure video game series starring Nathan Drake.

Fairy __, magical mentor of Cinderella.

Puzzle 12

Supporter of or participant in protests.

Red salad veggies that make a good sauce in soup.

Occurring each 24 hours.

Aircraft that can land on water.

Relation of Kublai Khan to Genghis Khan.

Medical procedure for kidney failure.

Small twigs used to start a fire.

Changed, genetically altered crops.

Transport container for an equine.

French word for stock; also a type of soup.

The first showing of a movie.

You Need To __, 2019 Taylor Swift hit.

Put money into a business enterprise or project.

Diaries for jotting down your daily thoughts.

Puzzle 13

Common activity for scientists and students.

Evangelist Ned who lives next door to The Simpsons.

50s dance style using slapping and crossing arms.

Water soluble laundry detergent pouches or pods.

Sums of money put into an account.

Nationality of someone from Cairo or Luxor.

Period of the Mesozoic era; a movie dinosaur park.

Big, metal receptacle for cooking soup.

Ancient Greek poem thought to be written by Homer.

One-wheeled pedal-powered vehicle.

Lake in Scotland with a legendary monster.

To sum something up is to fit it into this.

The largest blood vessels in the body.

How Deep Is __, heartfelt song by the Bee Gees.

Jewish holiday when matzo ball soup is eaten.

Linked tunnel in space for sci-fi time travel.

Puzzle 14

Wiener dog.

Machine that puts films onto screen in the cinema.

Lunar illumination.

Driving a small, open-wheel car for fun.

Dunking tomatoes in hot water to remove skins.

Plot of land where fruit and vegetables are grown.

One of Christopher Wallace's nicknames, __ B.I.G.

Clothes that protect against strong gusts.

Phrase of unknown origin, "The Man, The Myth, __".

He was always hunting Bugs Bunny.

Salt and pepper are this; it adds taste to food.

Puzzle 15

Fiji is made up of a series of these.

Capsicums, they can be bell.

Books might wear these when it gets cold?.

The sticky bituminous mixture used to coat roads.

Accessories that create curls in your hair.

Horse-shaped pieces on a chessboard.

Room where people try on clothes.

2017 circus movie The Greatest this.

Describes a car made between 1919 and 1930.

Two words preceding mushroom for a white soup.

Crispy and crunchy, like warm bread.

Hal Jordan, aka Green this, DC Comics superhero.

The bird representing Toronto's baseball team.

Puzzle 16

Female on-court retriever in tennis.

Chemical associated with swimming pools.

Soup with all the letters A-Z.

Be good at words to win this tile board game.

Drove a car backwards.

Nutrition given to aquarium pets.

A powerful criminal's right-hand guy.

Found on kittens in The Sound of Music.

A figment of one's imagination.

Joints in the middle of both legs, the patellas.

Moment in time that might be called "special".

Ellen, Oprah, and Kimmel were all hosts of this.

Turning a black pepper mill.

Fiction writer.

Puzzle 17

Green or black Mediterranean tree fruits.

Seeing who can run faster.

On, but not moving.

Runs away to marry in secret.

Jason Bourne lost this, forgot his name.

Miranda Lambert carries the __ of these wings.

Fourteen-line poem.

Use this device to make hot water for stock.

Short creatures often found in gardens.

Some of these plants can grow 36 inches a day.

One-on-one school instructors.

Scandinavian country that lies west of Sweden.

Orchard fruits that pair with parsnips in soup.

The art of painting on a moist plastered surface.

Puzzle 18

Mathematical statement, such as x+y=z.

Person held in confinement as punishment.

In this Hasbro game you have to pass go.

New York's famous theatrical district.

Brushing an animal's fur with your hand.

Seafood soup-like concoction in a tomato sauce.

Term to describe the vertical part of goalposts.

News reporting on a particular event.

Swine animal that roams free.

Strong herb that grows on a bush in needles.

__ mode, in-flight setting for a phone.

Material from the hide of a young sheep.

Your __, respectful address for royalty.

Just after sunset; books by Stephenie Meyer.

Puzzle 19

Degree between bachelor's and PhD.

Very cold storage to put leftover soup in.

A female who saves the day, like Katniss or Mulan.

Citrus and cilantro raw fish dish.

Taking the skin off potatoes.

British __, national airline of the UK.

France's 18 large administrative divisions.

Girls with these play in rock bands.

__ A Trace; CBS missing persons drama series.

Cut-out design used as a guide in drawing.

Commodities traded to other countries.

Object filled with water and thrown in a fight.

DND, Do Not do this.

Wrote something on Twitter.

What everyone looks better in.

A substance burned for its sweet smell.

Arch enemy.

Puzzle 20

Gap in a copse of trees.

A child between the ages of 13 and 19.

Business accounts that are overseas.

Ocean that puts the A in NATO.

Something created by hand; not processed food.

Legal ejection from property.

A drink of any type.

Food substances found in meat, eggs and milk.

Columbus' patron, Spanish queen.

Decorative paper that covers a present.

For outside storage on top of a car.

Scatter herbs over a soup to serve.

Marvel character whose real name is Wade Wilson.

Searching for food in the wild.

Furniture which has been given a new lease of life.

The Rock, The Undertaker, or The Body.

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