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Puzzle 1

Playing high tennis shots.

An aircraft flight that is not normally scheduled.

Goddess who is mother to Persephone.

Open-topped cylindrical Japanese barbecue grill.

The Greatest __; Hugh Jackman circus-themed film.

Ramen, soba and udon in Japanese cuisine.

Ian __ wrote the James Bond books.

Bathtub racing capital of the world in Canada.

Swiveling wheels on furniture.

Puzzle 2

__ Douglas; aerospace company, merged with Boeing.

Adding condiments to enhance taste.

A gaming environment that's all-encompassing.

Fortune-telling using the hands.

White, soft gypsum stone used for sculpture.

Nickname for a free spirit; young and fearless.

Hill where Fats Domino found his thrill.

Toy doll of the 50s-60s who cried.

One of a pair of thin Japanese eating utensils.

Piercing of the belly button.

Puzzle 3

Japanese festival celebrated on the eve of spring.

Assassinated Ferdinand was one of these.

Irreligion, or a heathen belief system.

Failing, unsuccessful action.

Dvořák composed a "New World" one.

Waves that make it to the shoreline.

Grilled meat in Japanese cuisine.

Castrated male horses.

Gilbert & Sullivan's H.M.S. __.

To lay on compliments and flattery excessively.

Puzzle 4

Grow financially with interest.

__ prose is flowery and soppy language.

Japanese word for a specialist sushi chef.

US stand-up comedian and TV host, Joan __.

Affluent, well-dressed types, especially in the US.

Word game with letters on dice.

Dylan's Rainy Day Women: # __ and 35.

Watery measure of six feet.

Spanish general and despot, Francisco __.

Kitchen or cleaning apron.

__ cleanser; refreshes taste buds between courses.

Asterix's big sidekick.

Process to stop a barrister/lawyer from practicing.

Puzzle 5

The specific plans of a trip, meeting, or event.

Small charcoal grill used in Japanese cuisine.

Marsupial comes in golden and rabbit types.

You'll find its ruins on the Athenian Acropolis.

Figure-skating move in an arabesque position.

Sushi rolls with tuna filling.

2010 Sheryl Crow hit single about hot weather.

Sandy is a nickname for this boy's name.

Weakness that leads to a person's downfall.

Geometrically identical.

Puzzle 6

Aspiring, developing.

McCarthy, Gilbert or Etheridge, for example.

Heir apparent of the French royal family.

Deep-fried Japanese cuisine.

South African tea also known as redbush.

Walked in big bouncy strides.

Like Carl the psychoanalyst.

Powerpuff Girl with a red bow.

Pear-shaped tropical fruit with creamy green flesh.

Game Alice played with the Red Queen.

Country of Casablanca.

Václav __; Czech automobile pioneer.

Puzzle 7

Fish that is the source of most caviar.

Cool __; Disney film about Jamaican bobsleigh team.

Alphabetically first daughter of Oedipus, Jocasta.

Cooking chopsticks in Japanese cuisine.

Glass fitters.

The action of starting something on fire.

Fictitious place of fabulous wealth.

This is a person's build, shape, appearance.

The Guns of __, thriller by Alistair MacLean.

Heating to extract pure metals.

Lightweight cotton fabric known for pale blue tint.

Comedy singer like "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Another word for tofu.

Puzzle 8

British wartime leader.

Become more resilient, grow stronger.

Bent, deformed, distorted.

Water-skiing board towed behind a motorboat.

Thin layer of seaweed to wrap a sushi roll.

It holds a vehicle's first set of wheels.

Spice, sauce or powder that enhances taste of food.

Large metal container for transporting dairy.

__ am Main, German city where Anne Frank was born.

Gravity-defying rotating device.

Puzzle 9

Purple organs similar to large lymph nodes.

Set of two or more kettledrums in an orchestra.

Multi-legged seafood ingredient of tako sushi.

Rhyming-term slang for crash helmet.

Star of "The Fisher King": Amanda __.

Change from sugar to alcohol in food.

Newspapers put out this extra for big news.

White flowering bush from the Cornaceae family.

Air warfare initiated in July, 1940: Battle of __.

Name for sharp forceps on animals like crabs.

Set tongues __, to become the focus of gossip.

Pam __, Jim Halpert's future wife on The Office.

__ Magazine, news about US top companies.

Puzzle 10

God of Thunder and eternal being in Mortal Kombat.

Cone-shaped hand-rolled sushi.

Greek island group also called Heptanese.

Seller of goods and wares on the street.

__ Borealis: the Northern Lights.

Father of Poseidon and Zeus, with a K.

Thin slices of raw fish served on vinegared rice.

Hybrid between a grizzly and polar bear.

The map Joni Mitchell draws in A Case of You.

Expression of mild annoyance, or command to sew.

__ Pointe Blank, 1997 dark comedy crime movie.

Small boat, often carried by a larger vessel.

Dead __ drop, where spies leave correspondence.

Expert in legal matters.

Puzzle 11

Lady Macbeth of the __, a Shostakovich opera.

Spat out a cassette tape.

Cooking meat in a marinade or in its own juices.

Piper's surname in Orange is the New Black.

Small dish for baking soufflés in.

Irritable, petulant.

This brave sentient appliance had a book and movie.

Tuna species known as maguro in Japanese.

Alfred __, he theorized about continental drift.

Destructive Germanic tribe that invaded England.

Plant store.

Puzzle 12

Water nymphs that live in rivers.

Body part linked to nickname of singer Presley.

Pooh's gloomy friend.

Docile, calm.

Dar es __, capital of Tanzania before Dodoma.

Compounds of oxygen with a metal.

Points around which shafts turn.

Woven bamboo mat used in sushi preparation.

The end scene of a movie or play.

Pointed stick that keeps a bonnet on.

Lars __, Metallica's drummer.

Finely shredded.

Art movement pioneered by Picasso and Braque.

Puzzle 13

Wants to be ambitious.

A religious cup; it can be poisoned.

Angle-__, tool for metal cutting and polishing.

Preserved in vinegar or brine.

Mozart's most commonly used middle name.

Brain substances with morphine-like effects.

Body of water that connects river to sea; a bay.

Cardinal compass point at 270°.

Central French town famous for porcelain.

The birthstones for November.

A bird that shed feathers has __.

Crunchy, carrot-like root vegetable in futomaki.

Held something tightly with metal jaws.

Puzzle 14

Rubber suction cups.

Walking __; people with minor injuries.

US rapper whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill.

Gene __, star of The Conversation.

Lucky sushi rolls with seven ingredients.

Drop downwards at high speed.

Alpine houses with sloping roofs; ski trip lodging.

Folklore woodcutter who says Open Sesame.

Stealth criminal creeping around a neighborhood.

Highest caste of warriors in feudal Japan.

Edible sea snails; awami in Japanese cuisine.

Gravel found on a railway track.

Puzzle 15

Justus Jonas and Martin Luther.

Sought-after treasure in Arthurian legend.

Un novio, for a Spanish speaker.

Bean curd cooked in oil.

Mistress, courtesan.

A mineral yielding silver.

Plane battles.

Refusing to be taken into custody.

Likelihoods, probable outcomes.

Strong, blowy weather conditions.

Dr Who character; reader, he married her.

Sushi roll filled with sticky, fermented soybeans.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament logo.

Puzzle 16

The most common word used as a password.

Sliced raw fish, served without rice.

Acknowledged, publicly commended.

The study of android and cyborg technology.

Clark Gable movie: It __ One Night.

Poe poem about a black bird.

Related to Noah's Biblical flood.

Master sushi chef.

Floor covering made from solidified linseed oil.

Fossil fuel found in mud and clay rocks.

The world's largest rodent.

Aromatic herb of the mint family.

Puzzle 17

Gary, Far Side cartoonist.

King George VI struggled with this.

Anton Chekhov novel: A __ Story.

__ roll; sushi-style snack wrapped in salmon.

Venus Williams' sister.

Inconsolable, desperately sad and lonely.

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur: India's __ Triangle.

Basic land unit in the Church of England.

Magazine in The Devil Wears Prada.

__ Roll; sushi made with cream cheese.

Political or business team; drawers for clothes.

U-shaped neck bones.

Puzzle 18

Wealth, in French.

Land of tiny people in Gulliver's Travels.

Cartoon cowboy __ Sam.

Thai hot sauce added to give a kick to sushi.


Historical name for a boxer.

__ blanket; baby bed cover with tiny square holes.

Japanese broth made from soybean paste.

Kiss Me band: __ None the Richer.

Illnesses or disorders.

Puzzle 19

Noble, worthy of respect.

WWE __; long-running TV wrestling show.

Gradually, little by little, progressively.

Lewis & Harris town, middle of the Western Isles.

Cucumber sushi rolls.

Requiring a lot of energy and exertion.

Tiny bird with flame-like head stripe.

A business environment, office workplace.

Night sky constellation known as the Chained Lady.

Heavenly official like Michael or Gabriel.

Composer of The Ten Commandments, Ghostbusters.

Spiny marine creature; uni in Japanese cuisine.

Mini fitness trampoline.

Category B prison near London's main river.

Julius and Ethel, convicted of spying on the USSR.

Anything derived or created from plants and herbs.

Firm tissue that replaces bone, found in ears.

Puzzle 20

Never __ shall meet; famous Kipling quote.

The moral code of medieval knights.

Waterproof rubber overshoes to protect from rain.

Barren plateaus.

Meat from Japanese Wagyu cattle.

Wrestler in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Australian egg-laying mammal with a duck's bill.

Meat or fish marinated in soy sauce, then grilled.

Misspeaks of the 43rd US president Dubya.

Emaciated, skin and bone.

Goddess Artemis is an archer and this.

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