CodyCross Mammals and Reptiles Pack answers

Mammals and Reptiles PackMammals and Reptiles

Here are the answers to CodyCross Mammals and Reptiles Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Burrowing mammals that live in a warren.

Childish Gambino's song This is __.

Romeo wooed Juliet as she stood on this platform.

Weather condition that's an anagram of herd nut.

One section of news in a program.

Make models with this branded clay.

Long stage where models strut their stuff.

Terrorists crash a party in this Bruce Willis film.

Grazing marine mammal also called the sea cow.

Deadly poisonous flowering plant, aka woomlick.

Chocolate and hazelnut spread for pancakes.

Puzzle 2

Attempted to throw a rider off a horse.

End a session on social media website.

Language in which Auf Wiedersehen means goodbye.

On the land, not out at sea.

Freaky __, with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Wolf-like canine of North America; Wile E. was one.

Tight-fitting swimming trunks brand name.

Product made from milk fermented by bacteria.

Grand orchestral and vocal performances.

Island with which Trinidad is nationally paired.

Constricting snake; anagram of phony T.

Element with the atomic symbol I.

Puzzle 3

Table-protecting pad on which plates rest.

The TV remote does this.

Salon treatment for hands, fingernails.

Enormous constricting snake of the Amazon.

French stick of bread.

Food delivery app from ride-sharing company.

Large type of turtle known for its powerful jaws.

Building for arrivals and departures at an airport.

Something marked VHF has this kind of frequency.

Out of the __, absolutely impossible or unfeasible.

Local sports club.

Street art associated with spray paint.

Puzzle 4

Picture of buildings from afar, to note change.

Figure that's a 1 followed by nine zeroes.

Load an app onto a computer.

Schedules, timetables.

Vegetables like mini cucumbers in vinegar, brine.

The female leader of a pride.

Small enclosed cupboard often found in bathrooms.

Chemical that regulates a biological process.

Island country that's home to hobbits: New __.

Wild horse of North America.

Puzzle 5

Last-born child in a family.

Money given to the church.

An old myth claims these rodents jump off cliffs.

Small metal tool used for plucking eyebrow hairs.

Bad winter storm.

First name of Tomb Raider actress Jolie.

Our galaxy is known by this name.

A fried egg dish made by constantly beating them.

Divers footwear that are an aid in swimming.

Amazonian mammal, the world's biggest rodent.

Avenue with a current in an Eddy Grant song.

Puzzle 6

Big bags for carrying large quantities of letters.

Hard-working farmyard mammal; anagram of orchestra.

Witnesses give this info in court, under oath.

Flood of snow falling down a mountain.

Long-nosed marsupial; an anagram of obtain cod.

Great Dane who solves supernatural mysteries.

Half a right angle is __ degrees.

Bladed object common on early aircraft.

British-made boots commonly known as Docs.

Singers with pop groups.

Puzzle 7

Pain or infection in your mouth.

Not manual.

Wetness that keeps falling on my head.

Somersaults, but not forwards.

Famous US DIY brand with an orange and white logo.

Sex, Lies and __, movie with James Spader.

Pacific islands where giant tortoises are found.

Stem from or derive from.

Bras, boxers and briefs are examples of this.

TV show genre that re-enacts real events.

Extinct flying reptile with a long beak-like face.

Items to tick off when packing for a trip.

Puzzle 8

More showy, gaudy, flamboyant.

Impala, oryx, gazelle or wildebeest, for instance.

Running, being in charge of.

Broom fibers.

Dirtied the air with chemicals.

Tree-dwelling rodent with a long bushy tail.

Relativity physicist known for wild hair.

A design you use and copy again and again.

The natural stimulant in morning coffee.

Notice with instructions or directions for drivers.

Puzzle 9

You can make these outlines in the snow in winter.

Fast-moving, highly venomous Australian snake.

Home nation of soccer star Pele.

Day of the week that's an anagram of dynamo.

End litigation and reach agreement out of court.

The Floor __, game where players avoid the ground.

Planet that's the butt of many jokes.

Big __ Lies, drama series starring Nicole Kidman.

A fault, flaw or imperfection.

The Wizard of Oz lion described himself as one.

Country singer and philanthropist Dolly.

A sheep's woollen covering.

Standard keyboard layout in English countries.

Puzzle 10

Intensely, strongly; very visibly.

Small, irregular pieces of gold or chicken.

A surrendering of weaponry or hostilities.

Practice is said to make it.

Sad __, 1993 Metallica single.

Member of the 300 at Thermopylae.

Costumed characters that bring luck to sport teams.

Wild pig of sub-Saharan Africa with curled tusks.

City on which Batman's Gotham is based.

Force that makes us fall, not float, when we trip.

North American mammal nicknamed a "trash panda".

Drape that hangs across the front of a stage.

Genre that includes magical or mystical creatures.

Jessie singing on Saved by the Bell: "I'm so __!".

Puzzle 11

Geographically alone, remote.

A single-wheeled vehicle.

Annie says this is when "The sun'll come out".

House or flat, residence.

Pool chemical.

Giant land mammal that can be Asian or African.

Device to indicate last page read.

Pigmented baton, popular make-up item.

Name given to an uncastrated male horse.

Trendy cooking gadget that does not use oil.

Prepared for the highest level of emergency.

Puzzle 12

Bent piece of metal for catching water animals.

Person who writes about news events.

A freshwater turtle; an anagram of ear print.

Warming aromatic spice used in mulled wine.

"I __ swear I am up to no good", opens secret map.

Supportive bar mounted on a wall.

Take and save a file from the internet.

Slope or incline of a hill.

Steal company funds.

Australian mammal whose young is called a joey.

Passing a law usually requires this kind of vote.

A way of saying congratulations.

Puzzle 13

Reaction by which atomic nuclei combine.

Wanting something to happen.

Backless chairs.

It's not a doll, it's an __ figure.

You'd find this lazy vegetable on a couch!.

R2-D2's vocabulary, along with bloops.

Type of mammal with continuously growing incisors.

__, rinse, repeat.

__ Johnson, plays Maui in Moana.

Name given to female foxes.

Origami birds, symbolic of peace at Hiroshima.

Red salad vegetable used to make gazpacho soup.

Puzzle 14

Kenny's orange parka muffles him in this cartoon.

Hear this organ noise through a stethoscope.

Raw material like copper or coffee.

Helps when keys get shut in the car.

Digging mammal covered in tough bony plates.

Overlapping slates on the upper surface of a home.

American star of Top Gun and Mission Impossible.

Vicious Arctic hunter also called a glutton.

Type of communication, like Skype or FaceTime.

Martial arts weapon of sticks linked with a chain.

Meet-ups for kids at parks or each other's houses.

Puzzle 15

Black __, dark-furred variety of jaguar or leopard.

At last, eventually.

Religious campaign to conquer overseas land.

America's biggest supermarket chain.

Gummy substance derived from collagen.

This keepsake is an anagram of knitter.

Singer, rapper, and actor Queen __.

Output of a combustion engine.

The language spoken in Peru and Colombia.

Describes an ever-wandering person in the desert.

Mandrils, macaques and tamarins, for instance.

Makeup __, for taking it off at the end of the day.

Like a lamp or cabinet next to where you sleep.

Small sphere of water.

Puzzle 16

Medical condition seen by the excess of body fat.

Changed, reconfigured.

Agency that charges tolls on imports at airports.

Name given to a young hare.

Green veggie that's the secret of Popeye's powers.

Eye guard for swimming.

Small, guitar-like musical instrument.

Large cushiony seat filled with beads.

Australia's wild dogs.

Browned bread with heat.

Puzzle 17

A person who secretly boards a ship or boat.

Motor security device.

Fictional famed lost underwater city.

Arctic mammal also known as a caribou.

Penicillin, found by Howard Florey, kills __.

__ on someone; check up on a person's activities.

Egg-laying aquatic mammal with a sensitive beak.

Cosmetic surgery to fix saggy jowls.

Vastly popular video game, World of __.

Celine Dion performed in this city for 16 years.

Small white puckered object for a hole-in-one.

Citizens cast their ballots during this.

Puzzle 18

"There's no such thing as a __".

Punxsutawney Phil is a famous one.

Unable to sit still and wait.

If North is 0, this direction is 225 degrees.

Scandal that brought down Richard Nixon.

Iron Man's alter ego.

Type of Australian nut associated with Hawaii.

Springy jumping toy for bouncing up and down.

The phrase, __ killed the cat.

City where The Beatles were formed.

Ancient reptiles died out 65 million years ago.

Puzzle 19

The opposite of being present.

These Girls were Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia.

Apple's music store for digital downloads.

Lilo's alien pal in a Disney movie.

Person who's in the game, especially basketball.

Country where fiestas and pinatas originate.

Order __, over the internet.

Large measure of spirits.

Extensive area of land with a big house.

Heartburn disease: Acid __.

Black-and-white woodland mammal, lives in a sett.

The Tank Engine that little kids love.

2020 single from Taylor Swift's Evermore album.

Caught some quick z's.

Depp, famous actor and Hollywood star.

Alligator-like reptile of the tropical Americas.

Central layer of a planet beneath the crust.

Puzzle 20

The opposite of feminine.

Saturday __, late-night sketch comedy TV show.

Fraudster, swindler.

Highly venomous snake, anagram of bangs loom.

This saint is celebrated in February.

Scientific theory by Charles Darwin.

Athletic event using a long staff to jump a height.

These marine mammals hold hands when they sleep.

An alternative, comical name for the humerus.

Tea that is not packaged in a bag.

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