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Here are the answers to CodyCross Mammals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Loyal, ambitious Musketeer with Athos and Porthos.

Widespread reputation, celebrated person.

Last name of famous french designer, Coco __.

Young kids will solve the ones with fewer pieces.

Disney 2013 hit, "Let it go".

Kid's game requires pinning tail on this animal.

Evening party set in a private house.

__ d'arc, patriotic French heroine and martyr.

3rd largest Indian river, most sacred to Hindus.

Large, heavy squirrel.

Mickey's sidekick, __ Duck, is also an icon.

Front of the eye, transmits and focuses light.

Resembles a small llama, and is bred for its wool.

Container for liquids, with a neck and mouth.

Chewy, ring-shaped rolls, boiled and then baked.

In the heat of the __.

Puzzle 2

Prince of __, Robin Hood's nickname.

Blue-eyed cat from Thailand, with dark points.

LG brand series of smartphones.

One of the twelve disciples.

Petrified city buried by Vesuvius.

Bon __, said by waiters after delivering meals.

Tongs, pincers for holding items, usually surgical.

Digestive organ.

What one plants for the heirs among pears.

Wolfgang __ Mozart, and the film about him.

Some foxes and rabbits live underground in __.

Narnia novelist.

Puzzle 3

Type of vinegar.

A formal code of beliefs held by a church.

Why keep a dog and bark __?.

__ Steel, whose books sold over 800 million copies.

Whale known for singing complex and long songs.

This hero fights Batman in a 2016 film.

World __ Day on 3 March focuses on fauna and flora.

In great quantity, plentiful.

Denzel Washington plays Civil Rights icon.

A gazelle is one of these.

2016 marks return of Golf to the __.

Gemstone that is normally blue.

Small group of fighters, not large ape.

The ghost Casper regarding its personality.

Puzzle 4

Kiefer Sutherland's character on 24.

The practice of stuffing dead animals.

Cell wall of green plants, used to make paper.

Outing for school children.

Batman Vs. Superman villain is played by Jesse __.

Golden __ is popular as a guide dog for the blind.

Low-cost European airline, with the code EW.

Aromatic oil associated with hippie perfumery.

Jumping Aussie animals with pouch.

Lines of latitude.

Chocolate cake with a different color.

Puzzle 5

The Jazz __, marks decline of the silent film era.

Vehicle can be powered by multiple sources.

Canadian soprano of Titanic soundtrack, __ Dion.

Honoré de __, author of A Woman of Thirty.

__ Yogurt, you can choose the toppings.

Colored cards given as a caution in soccer.

Grand __, large, natural formation in Arizona.

Great ape, formerly pygmy chimpanzee.

A __ or file is a folder for hole punched papers.

Pudgy Australian marsupial with short legs.

Nissan car shares name with a French newspaper.

Puzzle 6

Russia's infamous frozen tundra.

A strong Mexican drink.

Polecats, a bit like weasels.

Portable rocket launcher.

Secondary strand of a story, not the main idea.

Mom and dad.

Pigment that gives skin, hair and eyes color.

The __ Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure.

An especially wicked woman.

Dog-like wild animals that have had their "Day".

"Christmas" in Spanish, as sang by Jose Feliciano.

The son of the wish.

Colin __, Irish True Detective actor.


Puzzle 7

Succulent plant used for healing sunburn.

To drive too close to the rear of vehicle in front.

Half-man, half-lupine monster.

Most notorious of these airships was Hindenberg.

A set of letters which are used to form a language.

Leonardo __, Titanic actor.

The __ and the Pea, 1835 Danish tale.

Could these big cats be Pink?.

Trade or manufacture in general.

Sport or activity which involves paddling.

The surname of the royal house of Monaco.

TV drama about a bipolar CIA agent.

Puzzle 8

Metallic mineral used in steel making.

A __ Carol, animated version of Dickens classic.

India's largest state, sounds like an Indian king.

A 1933 novel setting; synonym of paradise on Earth.

Hosted late night TV talk shows for 33 years.

Small kangaroo-like creatures.

This rodent inspired a movie; woodchuck.

Device used by DJs.

Portable radiator, home warming device.

Green seed commonly known as a nut.

Make something priority, the quickest way.

Underwater turning mechanism that powers a ship.

Handy office supply, usually made of steel wire.

Puzzle 9

XOXO means hugs and __.

Red and blue make __.

A group of whales is a __.

Evangeline Lilly played Kate __ in Lost.

Sam Worthington, main character Jake Sully in __.

Cirque du __, Canadian artistic circus.

Easter __, time of rebirth, bunnies and eggs.

__ Panza, trusty companion to Don Quixote.

Tropical fruit, orange inside, black round seeds.

Gorgonzola, strong flavored blue __ cheese.

__ Strait, water separating Russia from the US.

Scruffy-looking, spotty scavengers, not cats/dogs.

Puzzle 10

An apparition.

Peninsula where the Mayan civilization flourished.

He typically rules over more than one nation.

Personal belief.

To decline to vote.

Big cats that could be cars.

An abbreviation turned into word, like S.C.U.B.A..

2005 Disney superhero movie with Kurt Russell.

Common water vessel with two paddles.

Aka J&J, major consumer goods brand.

Marine mammal, named after large land mammal.

Phil __, English singer, songwriter, actor.

Precious stone, green in color.

Puzzle 11

Roasted over an open fire at Christmas.

The Last of the __, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

Small room where a prisoner is held.

The first grain __ was built in 1843.

Somebody's secondary personality.

Picasso's mural size black and gray piece.

Pilot Manfred von Richthofen's nickname.

__ Ali, heavyweight boxing champion.

Monosaccharide known as fruit sugar.

90's fowl crusader, __ Duck.

Landlocked country at heart of South America.

Sea mammal with intent.

Hold down with slight force.

Japanese giant monster.

Powerful light attached to the front of a vehicle.

Genre in film and books; excitement and suspense.

__ fox, mammal with large hearing organs.

Puzzle 12

Meat-eating animal; the lion is an example of a __.

A professional space voyager.

__ Smoking Man; a character on The X-Files.

Sausage dog.

Patron of Ireland; his feast day is March 17.

The first rule of this film is don't talk about it.

Wiener __, breaded and pan-fried veal from Austria.

A celebration in which people wear costumes.

Storms with heavy, driving snow and strong winds.

Latin word meaning the first inhabitants.

Artificial, manmade, e.g. fibers.

Puzzle 13

Handy, practical, functional.

Leafy salad vegetable.

Superhero, princess of Amazons, __ Woman.

Snow White and the Seven __, Disney classic.

Someone who plays with clubs and a ball.

Make something from your imagination.

These animals are a slow, deadly sin.

Salt and __.

Australian marsupials that eat eucalyptus leaves.

Malay cloth resembling a skirt worn by both sexes.

Body of water divides Africa and Arabian Peninsula.

Puzzle 14

Professional that catches animals for their furs.

Ray __, played by Jamie Foxx in a biopic.

Price paid for a plane ticket.

This country is part of the United Kingdom.

This sea mammal can be bottle-nosed.

Field that studies organisms and their environment.

I Dream of __, fantasy sitcom of the 60's.

The scientific family that bears belong to.

Detailed collection of papers on a person.

Female monarch or wife of a ruler in Russia.

Puzzle 15

Götterdämmerung means "__ of the Gods".

Long-nosed mammal that's first in the dictionary.

Adult male horse used for breeding.

__ in, making yourself at home, finding your feet.

The BFG stands for Big __ Giant.

These veg with lots of leaves look like a lettuce.

Woody Woodpecker is known for his stuttering __.

Male jewelry worn at the end of the sleeves.

A formation of cracks and fractures near a volcano.

__ Angels, popular US crime TV series of the 70s.

A type of green chili pepper.

Co-founder and product architect of Tesla, Inc..

Puzzle 16

Ancient Greek drinking party, now a formal meeting.

Music by composers like Mozart and Bach.

Piracy took place there in the 17th century.

Birthplace of Jesus for Christians.

Michael Jordan's nickname.

__, Queen of the Desert, iconic Aussie movie.

Smallest breed of dog, pop it in your handbag.

Anything having to do with the lungs.

__ drill, power tool also called a jackhammer.

This type of mammal keeps their young in a pouch.

Kids love this kind of chewing "candy".

A sunken boat that remains beneath the waves.

Small round red fruit; juice helps bladder issues.

Puzzle 17

String instrument, played by plucking the strings.

Farmed animals a bit like alpacas.

Combo __ dryer, complete clothing appliance.

Other name for a zit or acne.

Storm in a __; a tempest in a bit of china.

Pastry made of dough usually filled.

Gentle, slow Chinese martial art.

Largest sea mammals, home to Jonah.

__ Blahnik, footwear designer.

French sex symbol starred in And God Created Woman.

A person you like to be around; you can choose.

Flat, cloth base for paintings.

__ shuttle, device for improved textiles work.

Long low area between hills or mountains.

Puzzle 18

Moet & __, famous champagne house.

Latin for "in fact".

Top Cat was a 60's Hanna-__ hit.

This worker makes your wall colorful.

Hugh __, Wolverine actor.

Bone structure of the head aka skull.

Brazilian soccer player; champion 2002 World Cup.

A whale known as the unicorn of the sea.

__ crossing, not meant for birds, of course.

The wooden clog came from this country.

__ Arrest, abrupt loss of heart function.

Roman god of messengers and paths.

People who don't have enough courage.

1900's US musical style; also a Broadway musical.

Puzzle 19

Gate walked through by those who've just landed.

Person from the country whose capital is Madrid.

Physical part of a computer system.

These big apes beat their chest.

The park in Spielberg's dinosaur movie was this.

In Arthurian legend, Tristan's home land.

Killed by antibiotics.

Area of the sea where the water is not deep.

__ Williams, actress, Heath Ledger partner.

British rock band led by Chris Martin.

Michael __ is a best-seller author, screenwriter.

A cocker spaniel and a poodle make a __.

To soak edibles in seasoning before cooking.

What one should do to what he preaches.

Puzzle 20

Butter substitute invented by Mège-Mouriès.

Former UN Secretary General from Ghana.

__ gardens, place for scientific study.

Same amount of flour, sugar, butter and eggs.

Hears your stories while serving you another beer.

Where to buy theater tickets.

Author of The Godfather.

British town home to a renowned university.

One-humped camel.

Stone marker with name and RIP.

__ Moore, American actress who named her sitcom.

Race involving running, biking and swimming.

A solo speech or a solo play.

Divergent Series: __, 2015 movie.

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