CodyCross Marilyn Monroe Pack answers

Marilyn Monroe PackMarilyn Monroe

Here are the answers to CodyCross Marilyn Monroe Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ms. Monroe was a gangster's moll in The Asphalt __.

To hunch down or squat, like a tiger.

Venus Williams' equally famous sister.

Holy place of worship, e.g. Angkor Wat.

Short and stout with a handle and a spout.

Smiley faces to put in messages.

Plot, plan, strategize.

Optimal examples of how something could be.

__ No. 5 was Marilyn Monroe's preferred perfume.

Create something new.

Puzzle 2

Colorful and ceremonial procession.

Serving no purpose.

Extra-large, sprawling residence.

Affectionate moniker; or one given to a cat or dog.

Losing the hair on the head.

Free drinks at a wedding.

Last name of tennis champion Pistol Pete.

Bob Marley shot this figure of authority.

Irish wailing woman who foretells death.

Hate, loathe.

Young actress, role often played by Marilyn Monroe.

Official pardon.

Confused, befuddled, perplexed.

Capital of Sicily.

To enlist someone.

Marilyn Monroe was on this magazine's first cover.

It is not deep.

Upper fertile layer of earth added to a garden.

Natural pigment present in skin and hair.

Converted into encrypted form.

Iron and nickel objects that attract.

Inadmissible evidence in court, considered gossip.

Puzzle 3

Form of carbon, once called black lead or plumbago.

There's No __ Like Show __ starred Marilyn Monroe.

__ & the Blackhearts loved rock 'n' roll.

Thickened skin patches on palm of hand.


Famous sculpture of Peter the Great: the Bronze __.

Applejack, lime and grenadine for a Hemingway fave.

Event celebrated by Marilyn Monroe in 1962 for JFK.

Least near.

Stepped back in horror.

Puzzle 4

Does not act immediately.

The study of the speech sounds of a given language.

Hand weights.

Location of Marilyn Monroe's hacienda home in LA.

Remove objects for simplicity at home.

Law enforcement animal.

Get a motorcycle engine running.

Picking or choosing.

Outdoor music events with different bands.

"The first rule of __ is you do not talk about __".

First name of Napoleon's wife.

Designed Marilyn Monroe's Happy Birthday gown.

Sherlock Holmes' profession.

Puzzle 5

Name of NASA moon landings numbered 11 to 17.

Protection worn on the hands of goalkeepers.

Mali's capital and largest city.

Used to stiffen fabric.

Linguistic teaser.

Follows, arises.

Mask for a nippy dog.

Blur, smear.

__ train created the updraft of Marilyn's dress.

To yell or bellow.

Scribble absentmindedly.

__ Washington, star of The Equalizer.

Croque Monsieur with an egg on top: Croque __.

Gentlemen __ Blondes, a 1953 Monroe–Russell movie.

Puzzle 6

Spicy yellow condiment.

Swiss tennis pro, Roger __.

Proved to be wrong.

Greek unit of currency prior to the Euro.

Poseidon to the Romans.

Michael Jackson sang about a girl from here.

Bottled fragrance made with essential oils.

Fabric strip, hangs down from around shirt collar.

Weightlifter's pole with weights at each end.

Graphics used to represent something.

Gentlemen Prefer __, a 1953 Marilyn Monroe movie.

Worry, anxiety.

Puzzle 7

War hero, founder of the republic of Turkey.

Turned milk into butter.

Complaining loudly; letting off steam.

Vienna is its capital city.

How a Spaniard would say 30.

To transfer power, usually to a sub-nation.

Crawling with insects.

Yves __ and Marilyn Monroe were in Let's Make Love.

Governing body of the Catholic Church in Rome.

Rock with volcanic properties.

Religion of Marilyn Monroe upon marrying Miller.

Panel above driver's head to let in light and air.

No. 1 hit for the singer Adele: __ in the Deep.

Year of the __; crowing Chinese zodiac sign period.

Cut-out design for application of makeup or paint.

Substituted, told to sit out.

Puzzle 8

Ground fracture caused by an earthquake.

Discord, chaotic mixture of sounds.

Report on account of events.

Pola __, Monroe role in How to Marry a Millionaire.

Movie star Mecca in California.

Marx Bros film where Marilyn Monroe had a part.

Fading away, evaporating.

Underwater ecosystem.

Storage for jars of ginger, cumin, paprika, etc.

Used to display an outfit.

Puzzle 9

Sport played by Marilyn Monroe's second husband.

Elevated, moved to an improved position.

Chemical used to lighten hair; blonde dye.

School publication to be studied to gain knowledge.

Amount contained on cutlery for eating soup.

Oily liquid used as kerosene, also a type of wax.

The Prince and the __, Olivier and Monroe film.

A quick way of reaching your destination.

Brief extracts of information.

Important, high-level people.

Italian body of water, with homes of celebrities.

Small couch made for two.

Shiny, wet cosmetic product for the mouth.

Altogether, absolutely.

Puzzle 10

Viral ALS campaign, Ice __ Challenge.

Pattern decorated with blossoms.

Male hairstyle for tying up long hair.

Add this to injury.

Of someone lying flat.

Heated to a bubbling point.

Clownfish father of Nemo in Disney animations.

Lustrous gems stitched onto Diana's bridal gown.

Also known as the tailbone.

Japanese car-maker of the Prius.

Band with seven members.

Andy __, made a series of Marilyn Monroe prints.

Rheumy, full of tears.

Pounds, pulsates, beats.

Capital and largest city of Croatia.

Magic brew.


The Great __ by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Puzzle 11

US train company.

Chemical element, symbol I and atomic number 53.

Foot-shaped cushion that goes in a shoe.

Lurks, crouches in the shadows.

Roar, shout from the gut.

Animal produced from crossing two species.

Holy books for Christians.

Attempted to attract and sell to customers.

Don't put all the eggs in one of these.

All __ Day is celebrated on November 1.

__ in the Wind, Elton John song for Marilyn Monroe.

__ McCartney, fashion designer, daughter of Paul.

To quit.

Heavy tool for crushing spices in a mortar.

Puzzle 12

City in China that hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics.

My Heart __ to Daddy, sung on film by Ms. Monroe.

A factory supervisor.

Place where metal is cast.

Baby goose.

Refined food.

Missing Destiny's Child: Knowles, Williams and __.

Fragrance for men.

Tiny amount.

Poured out, evacuated.

Funny, scripted TV shows.

Puzzle 13

Made less wobbly.

__ Williams wrote the song Marilyn Monroe in 2014.

Computer term with the abbreviation MB.

Speaking incoherently.

Cutting hair slightly.

Greek god of the Sea, and father of Triton.

Boy and tiger share a small boat in this movie.

Frivolous, not taking something seriously.

Emerging from an egg.

Strait separating Europe from Asia.

Puzzle 14

Idiocy, ignorance.

Where tickets are bought in a theater.

Taking after the leader.

Using colors mixed with hot wax, form of painting.

Marilyn's sexy garment in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Following the rules to the letter.

This rabbit cartoon character loves carrots.

Middle of the week, also known as "hump day".

Phil Collins' album, features the front of his head.

Long-bodied, often irridescent insect with wings.

Distance of a place east or west of the meridian.

Often a hat or scarf; also an abettor in a crime.

Praised, congratulated.

Puzzle 15

Steamer baskets for dim sum are made of this grass.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best __, sang Marilyn Monroe.

A warning to stay alert.

60 seconds, or very small.

Four in Spanish.

By sheer luck or God's will: "on a wing and a __".

Sweeping implements.

__ Capote wanted Ms. Monroe to play Ms. Golightly.

Made of two parts.

The Notebook was written by Nicholas __.

Puzzle 16

Travels on hands and knees.

Breakfast dish made of batter with lattice pattern.


Bamm-Bamm Rubble's prehistoric cartoon father.

Shrinks in fear.

Control, rule.

Seller, merchant, trader.

Start again.

Capable of dying.

Inventor's copyright protection.

__ Patrick, female race car driver.

Arthur __, Marilyn Monroe's third husband.

Puzzle 17

Sloping supporting timbers of a house roof.

Make progress, move forward.

Adorn with decorations.

Breathes out.

Scowl on someone's face.

Make, create goods.

Pays no attention to.

Gloria __ wrote a biography, Marilyn, in 1986.

Official verdict of Marilyn Monroe's death.

Alter or improve a photo by changing it slightly.

The points where two sides or edges meet.

Puzzle 18

Air vent for a whale.

Church from which Galileo was excommunicated.

Living in, inhabiting a home.

People held by kidnappers.

Film where Marilyn Monroe is tenant Bobbie Stevens.

Winter sport that combines skiing & rifle shooting.

Eddie __ starred in My Week with Marilyn.

Negotiating the price.

Large cylinders of dried pasta, with ridges.

__ tape, video and audio wound on to spools.

Nasal holes.

Brought inland by the tide.

Bad __, grumpy, not in a good mood.

Holders for pistols.

Drove backwards.

Put on sore skin after being on the beach all day.

Puzzle 19

Fitting or fortunate.

__ Mac, with singer Stevie Nicks.

Back to __, right back to the beginning.

System of parts working together in an appliance.

Don't Cry for Me, __; song from Evita.

Town border.

Small brightly-colored birds kept as pets.

__ Science, belief system of young Marilyn Monroe.

Term for a hostage's bond to captors: __ Syndrome.

Persuaded, talked into.

The __ Itch, Marilyn Monroe comedy of 1955.

Amaretto-flavored liquour.

Decayed for use as a fertilizer.

Lacking basic life necessities.

Early form symbol for a word or phrase.

Sports competition with few restrictions.

Heroine of Tomb Raider video games.

High-ranking educator at a university.

The H in html.

Puzzle 20

Casino worker, with cards.

Computer pirate.

Marilyn Monroe played a femme __ in Niagara.

King Arthur's wizard.

In vogue, current crazes, latest rages.

Next to.

Tourist-aimed hotel area.

Italian ice cream.

Keep your __; stay positive.

Filled out, fleshed out, cushioned.


Can be played on clay and grass courts.

Two-piece bathing suit.

A container for farm animals to eat from.

Norman __, wrote a 1973 biography called Marilyn.

They make decisions based on evidence at a trial.

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