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Here are the answers to CodyCross Martial Arts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Brushing hair with wide-toothed plastic.

Temple and monks of N China, birthplace of kung fu.

Gets out of, leaves.

Place where flat plans of places are kept.

Leafing through the pages of a good book.

__ feast, calendar date that shifts each year.

Collections of conquered countries.

Kirsch or cointreau.

__ greet, where to rub shoulders with a celebrity.

Bare-__, type of pugilism from the Victorian era.

To give in to a desire, indulge.

The __ of the Lambs; 1991 disturbing horror.

The capital of Nicaragua.

Puzzle 2

Rough stick for taming talons.

Padded protector for the upper limb.

Country that Robert The Bruce led to independence.

Phone connected within a house.

Symbol of a smiley face, for example.

Early devastating termination of a boxing match.

Divine, celestial.

Nickelback song about a wannabe musician.

To admire constellations on a clear night.

Italian flatbread that probably predated pizza.

Battle of the __, WW2 merchant shipping struggle.

Puzzle 3

Professional sumo wrestler, or "strong man".

Grassy areas, those used to graze animals.

Best saleswomen of this brand wins pink car.

Dark __ in 2012 is a remake of the soap opera.

They were executed at Salem and Pendle.

Hard English cheese made in the south-west.

A positive outcome, not a failure.

Street __, video game franchise featuring Ryu.

Singer like Crosby or Bublé.

Island __, good way to see Greece, by boat.

Puzzle 4

Book with lots of synonyms.

Wrestling move, restraint around the throat.

Alvin and the __, movie about singing rodents.

80s portable video camera.

Voice actor plays hero Po in Kung Fu Panda.

People journeying to work.

Album signed by visitors to a hotel, for example.

Gradually discontinued.

Terribleness, horror.

Sown to replenish a patchy lawn.

Cheery US sitcom with the Fonz.

Puzzle 5

Resembling a primate.

__ Lee, Bruce's son, killed while filming The Crow.

__ pin, used to flatten pastry.

Burning of __, famous scene in Gone With The Wind.

Looking secretly.

Ice __; essential tool for frost-free car windows.

No __ attached.

Striking, blows delivered with the foot.

Someone moved to safety in another country in war.

In law, property used for rental purposes.

Suitcases and baggage taken on a trip.

Gave money in advance.

Moccasin-type slip-on footwear.

Material head coverings worn by Sikhs.

Puzzle 6

Matured, as in a blooming flower.

World's smallest continent.

Dick __, from Wacky Races.

Arabic language, news television network.

Skating __; in a risky or uncertain situation.

Sports' punishments.

Describes speakers that work throughout a home.

Someone who always expects to fail.

Combustion device that powers air transport.

Female presiding over television courtroom.

Bavarian term for foreigners: not Russians but __.

Relating to both eyes.

Greater she-bear in the sky.

Ang Lee's award-winner, __ Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Stallone's first name.

Member of a secretive society based in lodges.

Dairy-filled sweet pastry.

Puzzle 7

Season when the Chinese New Year occurs.

Kitchen appliance for keeping food cool.

Praying __, kung fu style based on an insect.

Sprain or broken bone.

First country that Germany declared war on in WWI.

Chinese stuffed dumpling that rhymes.

Saying: __ as the driven snow.

Groups of notes played in harmony.

Mentor or teacher in martial arts.

Blunted, deadened the pain.

Sagely, with foresight or thought.

__ Boulevard, Los Angeles's famous roadway.

Puzzle 8

Protective __, defends the cranium in martial arts.

Performed exceptionally well.

Nationality of author Tobias Smollett.

Common term for a native of the Philippines.

Out-of-control chase of cattle.

Borscht ingredient.


Keith __, Rolling Stones guitarist.

Ruthless in dealings.

Space, the final __.

__ mark; level when tide is furthest out.

Zen __, religion connected to many martial arts.

Puzzle 9

Reverend __, on The Simpsons.

Not all of the Netherlands, only two provinces.

Shower __; partitioned enclosure in a bathroom.

Did not pass a test.

Code of ethics followed by samurai warriors.

How Southerners refer to Northerners in the US.

Colorful bird, or butterfly.

Complete freedom; carte __.

Cocktail containing vodka and Kahlua: Black __.

US sumo wrestler, the first non-Japanese yokozuna.

Puzzle 10

Using a keyboard or keys to create text.

Japanese martial arts master.

Bran __, Kellogg's cereal with plenty of roughage.

Makes something fat with water.

Divisions of a bout.


New York underground travel.

Mediterranean country setting of Mamma Mia!.

Leaves that are on the ground.

__ store, a factory shop.

Puzzle 11

Scheme to share the drive to work.

Reel of embarrassing mistakes.

Birds' wings __ as they take off.

Wushu __, competitive contact sport.

Doling out soup.

The E in PETA.

__ gloom, full of negativity.

A kyu in martial arts, a novice.

__ a flight; arriving too late to travel.

Major figure in the Cuban Revolution: Che __.

Computer data that track website visits.

Believers in deities.

Chemical element also known as Quicksilver.

Most widely spoken of the Turkic languages.

Puzzle 12

For making shaped cookies.

Martial arts moves that propel opponents.

Month whose name means inspiring great respect.

Stan __, part of double-act with Oliver Hardy.

Window coverings that roll up and down.

Honolulu is the capital of this US state.

Cultivated, produced crops.

__ hearts, organization for those seeking love.

England's opponent in the Hundred Years War.

The __ way, the literal meaning of judo.

Puzzle 13

Temperature when moisture forms on the ground.

Practitioner of Japanese sport of blows and kicks.

Lynyrd Skynyrd 1974 power ballad with guitar solo.

Person who dates women or men.

Cloudy eye condition of the elderly.

Precious metal micro-thin covering.

Broom fibers.

J-C __, martial artist, the muscles from Brussels.

A person who is on the run or in hiding.

The __, shopping area in York, sounds like a mess.

Biblical character released in exchange for Christ.

Stereotypical transport of a delivery driver.

Assembling like animals.

Hollywood actor David played Mulder in The X-Files.

Puzzle 14

Beautifully fine and superior.

Maryland retreat of a US president.

Older blue cartoon character.

Targeted strikes with the cranium.

Saying: A little knowledge is a __ thing.

Liquid residue from a glacier.

They measure the level of oil in a car's engine.

Communal pot and forks used to eat melted cheese.

Tall bloom often painted by Van Gogh.

Blow that propels an opponent off their feet.

Five-pointed star.

Leader of a military operation.

Puzzle 15

Adding vinegar to vegetables and storing in jars.

Browsing the main street for things to buy.

Country with the highest point in Africa.

Keeps the page when reading.

Dolphin-like whale.

__ conditions are also known as T&Cs.

English band, had a 1979 hit with London Calling.

Soggy lawns are made of this.

Sharp throwing stars used by ninja.

Intellectual, brainy, rational.

Shiny balm to apply to the mouth.

Country sharing the longest border with Venezuela.

Fighting with an opponent in a practice session.

Puzzle 16

Charles __, comic strip creator of Peanuts.

Colors of the Swedish flag: blue and __.

Relating to teeth.

The Cold War acronym NAM: Non-__ Movement.

Individual picture units in films.

Long robe with divided skirt worn in kendo, aikido.

Glasses for champagne.

A scam that many investors fall for: Ponzi __.

Sheer vertical rock faces.

French for garden.

Clear a river bed.

Young grasshoppers or locusts.

Bitterly cold and icy, especially in the morning.

Meat cooked and preserved in fat.

Winning points in judo and karate.

Sid the Sloth appears in this cartoon movie.

Puzzle 17

Strong friendship between guys.

Winter __; day with shortest daylight hours.

Small telescope; amber example in Pullman's tale.

South American legume.

Brazilian blend of martial art and dance.

Making knitting needle noises.

__ sticks; thin pointed wooden tooth picks.

Flowing priests' robes.

JFK and Gatwick are these.

Grand champion in sumo wrestling.

Movie with Irish hitmen on the run in Belgium.

PSP: PlayStation __; Sony's 2004 handheld console.

Puzzle 18

Type of wrestling, an Olympic sport.

Make someone feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Religious uplifting song from the US South.

Close hand-to-hand fighting in judo and wrestling.

Something cut into four equal pieces.

Good Will Hunting and The Martian actor.

A loan where interest level stays the same.

Ancient Greek philosopher; anagram of "late riots".

Yellow flower and Powerpuff Girl.

Punxsutawney Phil's species.

Puzzle 19

A written or spoken agreement.

Orchestral piece played at the start of an opera.

Being unfaithful to a spouse or partner.

Tiny dog with huge ears; "butterfly" in French.

Following like a dog.

Events when the moon blocks the sun, or vice versa.

Skeletal part in the front of the leg.

People who are native to Brussels or Antwerp.

__ minute, the pace of a song.

Bob __, movement to evade punches and strikes.

A boxer supposedly has one if easily knocked out.

Rearer of livestock, especially cattle.

Scale dating from 1912 determines heat of chillies.

Beat __, boxers' rise to feet before a call of 10.

Princess from Tangled.

Puzzle 20

Sharp pole for cooking meat on.

Male fliers; anagram of marine.

Institution for teaching martial arts.

NASA space station that fell to Earth in 1979.

Degraded, belittled, humiliated.

Cowboy horse shows.

Mass departure of biblical proportions.

Dr Kano __, founder of judo and its first school.

Kids are often asked to use this voice.

French word for "lamb".

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