CodyCross Mathematical Concepts Pack answers

Mathematical Concepts PackMathematical Concepts

Here are the answers to CodyCross Mathematical Concepts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

The German federal parliament.

French slow-cooked dish with meat, white beans.

Another name for poisonous herb monkshood.

F in a boater's PFD.

Sensationalized literary work.

Type of equation, e.g. 2x² + 5x – 8 = 0.

Broadway revival, Matthew Broderick movie; The __.

When someone dies without making a will.

Total, complete, utter.

Largest of Greece's Ionian isles.

Number left over in a division sum.

Puzzle 2

Mutter under one's breath.

Blue river associated with Johann Strauss.

Anatomical term for the big toe.

Acronym for female spouse of US president.


Mother Teresa was born in this N. Macedonian city.

Small, gold-seeking monster in European folklore.

L'Oréal Paris's brand of haircare products.

Triangle described by French mathematician Blaise.

Zinedine, the French soccer player.

Spooned over hot oil.

Monopoly game featuring big brands.

3D shape with six rectangular faces.

Author of The Gift of the Magi.

Puzzle 3

The Maidenhair fern, needs constantly damp soil.

Bike cylinder, runs from saddle to bottom bracket.

Daniel, Irish Catholic leader, the Liberator.

Two-wheeled passenger carts driven by a person.

Painful, partially erupted wisdom teeth.

Runaway victory in a sports fixture.

Mathematical symbol used in addition sums.

Spanish word for sparkling, in wine terms.

Possible, doable.

Largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

Padded fabric item worn laced over a man's groin.

What happened at the O.K. Corral.

Anthony, the Kitchen Confidential writer.

Content file generated by MS Access software.

Slight infusion of a medicine into a solution.

LCM, lowest common __; least common divisor.

Corniness, triteness.

Lenin's associate had a letter written in his name.

Crédit __, French bank, sponsor of Tour de France.

South African predecessors of horseshoe games.

Puzzle 4

Court painter, famous renderings of Henry VIII.

Shape of a mixed martial arts ring.

Basal portion of a pyramid or cone.

Tom Ellis plays this devilish character.

A semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric.

Ledge around the edge of a boat.

Someone who resides.

Pyramid-shaped ice treat from Puerto Rico.

Line that touches a curve but does not cross it.

Giant sub-Saharan stork species.

Popular tourist region of southern Portugal.

Pointed tool for making holes by hand.

Puzzle 5

Loiter, linger, fall behind.

Picturesque Copenhagen waterfront.

Urban legend fact-checking website.

Muslim ruler.

Earhart, solo Atlantic pilot.

Amaranth grain originally grown in South America.

Angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180.

Floaty Hawaiian robe.

Author of Leviathan: British philosopher Thomas.

2011 Avicii song with Etta James vocals.

Part of an animal body between neck and abdomen.

3D polygonal shapes with two matching ends.

Puzzle 6

An upstart, a social climber.

Coordinates that pinpoint a position on a graph.

Type of grassy-green plum.

Complicated or detailed; related to Constantinople.

Larger precursor to the DVD.

Russian dancer, co-founder of the Ballets Russes.

Legal tender assigned to a coin or bank note.

Chart where images represent numbers.

Poe tale: The Murders in the __.

Country singer Kacey who rides the merry go 'round.

Donation to a university.

Puzzle 7

Stole from one's workplace.


Measurement around the edge of a shape.

Art that uses smells as a medium.

Repetitive sound of enjoyable eating.

Hot room in a Roman bath complex.

Yellow poplar, state tree of Indiana and Kentucky.

A perfect copy.

2019 whodunnit starring Daniel Craig.

London station, from where trains head to Europe.

Term for 'stupid person' first traced to 1540.

Twelve-sided 2D shape.

Mr. Morton, jazz pianist born Ferdinand La Menthe.

Pratchett's depiction of Father Christmas.

Said as an aside; mentioned like this.

Puzzle 8

Dangerous current specific to closed water inlets.

Opposite operation, e.g. addition to subtraction.

John; prince who acted as regent for Richard II.

Trees in the tale of mole, toad, badger, rat.

Change data into code to secure from prying eyes.

Mechanisms used for steering boats.

The name of Cleopatra's first husband.

Plastic or porcelain bonded to beautify teeth.

Stylish Dutch art style, also called Neoplasticism.

Kristen, she played Sabina in Charlie's Angels.

Alice in Wonderland author's sorting diagram.

Pancake cooking platform.

Upbeat dance music played at Jewish weddings.

Droopy dog's breed.

Puzzle 9

Narrow-minded, parochial, intolerant.

Tiny organisms that form coral reefs.

Outer layer of the cerebrum, Latin for 'bark'.

Son of David and Bathsheba in The Bible.

Spain's "invincible" fleet of ships in the 1500s.

Another name for a common fraction.

Artist who painted The Umbrellas.

Croatian capital, on the Sava River.

Divide a shape or an angle exactly into halves.

He prepares to marry in the opera by Mozart.

Proposed a view.

Crushed oats, used to make porridges.

Meditation through exercise movements.

These games require Tributes from the Districts.

Little House on the Prairie actor Michael.

Italian slang for police.

A shout of delight.

Bonds can have fixed-schedule returns of this.

Puzzle 10

Fitting windows.

To have performative energy and flair.

Practice rallies before a tennis match.

Values with both quantity and direction.

Money in the till at the end of the day.


Picasso's follow-up to Guernica was doing this.

US national park with very tall trees.

Transport of commercial goods using trucks.

Creating hair volume using backcombing.

Relating to summer.

1988 Best Picture winner, with Cruise and Hoffman.

Term describing a newborn snake.

Stop, stall, malfunction, break down.

Line through a set of points on a scatter graph.

Puzzle 11

Self-governing urban area in Roman times.

Small turtle-like creature that swims.

Guy de Maupassant wrote a story about this fake.

Dutch liqueur made with eggs, drunk at Christmas.

French, weaved material with patterns.

Characteristic of a gullible rural simpleton.

Sour extract from unripe fruits.

Fleet vessel used by a commanding officer.

Coastal landform with sheer drop into water.

Corner-to-corner line across a polygon.

Person who rights wrongs and might wear a cape.

Old-timey word for graphite.

La-Z-Boy with a foot rest.

Angles inside each of the corner of a 2D shape.

Places for ulnas and radii.

Muse, ponder.

Small musical performance with arias.

La __, the washing-machine building in Mexico.

Pilgrimage site for Buddhist enlightenment.

Puzzle 12

Soaks, wets through.

Loosening up before exercise.

Balanced mathematical sums.

Cultural part of Lower Manhattan on Mott Street.

Ray Liotta's mobster character in Goodfellas.

Algebraic expression with three terms.

Dominican fashion designer Oscar.

Order given on a parade ground.

Another name for lines of longitude.

The final leader of the Soviet Union.

Puzzle 13

Luxury Moray whisky brand with types 12 and 18.

Result of a division sum.

Stock relatable (male) movie or book character.

Sport played professionally by the Chicago Bandits.

Number of iconic Parker pen model launched in 1941.

Simple geometrical shape with three sides.

Scaramanga's manservant in James Bond films.

Become more intense, augment.

Chart-topping hit for Drake, with Wizkid and Kyla.

Blind type.

French term for a condition like mild epilepsy.

Strong medieval warhorse.

Puzzle 14

His death triggers Ragnarok.

Musical pseudonym of Paul Mazzolini.

Scolded, disciplined.

It is red in tooth and claw, according to Tennyson.

Open source HTTP web server software.

Weasel relative whose group is called a richness.

Distance from circle midpoint to its circumference.

Trademarked US military vehicle.

The folded parts on a suit jacket below the collar.

Turn something to show a different side.

Devil's son in The Omen.

President who built a White House balcony.

Figure or charm with magical powers.

Portion or chunk of a circle between two radii.

Rubbing away dirt or smears.

Mr. Nanjiani of Silicon Valley and Portlandia.

Finnegans Wake doesn't have a traditional one.

A celebratory new year's swim is a polar one.

Puzzle 15

Remove a priest from office, stripped of vestments.

Hollywood brothers Jeff and Beau.

A picture scene with still figures, from French.

First Hanoverian king of Great Britain.

City in New Zealand designed to emulate Edinburgh.

Dragging a weighty object.

Bow types used in archery at the Olympics.

Cross __; slice of a 3D shape.

Sushi often uses this, also known as yellowfin.

To fall by here is to get left behind.

Small posy of flowers presented as a gift.

Thin flooring veneers in herringbone pattern.

Chain of volcanoes in East Africa.

Tight with money, not a big spender.

110 of these followed The Music Man's 76 trombones.

Illegal theft of personal items.

Whole number, not a fraction or decimal.

Puzzle 16

What keeps the ice cream frozen in Baked Alaska.

P&O liner, also a troopship in the Falklands War.

Michael Douglas's role in Behind the Candelabra.

Fraction that can be written as a mixed number.

Makes more worthwhile.

Omens, warnings of bad news.

Wait and see, bide one's time.

According to Lear they went to sea in a sieve.

Ceremonial bathing of body parts.

Mathematics branch related to shapes and angles.

The NYC borough Biggie Smalls was from.

Puzzle 17

Tiny country in northern Italy.

Diluted rum mix, drunk by sailors.

Objects that are the same size and shape.

Fine, delicate ornamental wires.

Articulate style of speaking.

Kenneth Branagh's 2019 biopic on Shakespeare.

Small, insignificant but chirpy and annoying type.

What Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin did in 2014.

Mathematical function, e.g. addition, division.

Wealthy village butcher in Fiddler on the Roof.

Simple sans serif typeface loved by designers.

Puzzle 18

Grill used for open Japanese cooking.

Dampens fears, puts anxieties to rest.

Russian dog breed, a furry-looking greyhound type.

Old Testament prophet that performed miracles.

Straight lines connecting two points on curves.

Grown-up with childish interests or hobbies.

Sidney, the Ace of Spies.

Egyptian god Anubis had the head of this animal.

The P in P&L in accounting.

The white area at the base of a fingernail.

2002 play by Moira Buffini.

Native Philippine plants in the banana family.

Hollywood dynasty of Walter, John and Angelica.

Geometry puzzle strip with a twisted loop.

Spanish city called Occelum Durii by the Romans.

He composed the four operas in the Ring Cycle.

Puzzle 19

Nickname for the clothes/textile-making industry.

Submarine imagined by Jules Verne.

Large glazed building for growing citrus fruit.

TV series about the machinations of Thos Cromwell.

Charting individual points on a graph.

Country ruled by King Rama IX from 1946-2016.

Made happen earlier, speeded up.

Prominent Barbadian rum brand.

Lines in statistics representing ranks in data.

Fills with water, and ultimately sinks.

Russian, led the provisional government (1917).

Puzzle 20

Statement of ownership printed in publications.

Height of a point above a baseline in geometry.

Relating to tailored clothes.

No polka without this instrument.

The world's biggest island.

Sticky sap from evergreen trees.

Defeated one's opponent in the short game.

30 or 60 per second on a television, for example.

Mathematical formula used to suggest products.

__ Horizon: oil spill disaster of 2010.

Someone who does wrong; anagram of ant crimes.

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