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Here are the answers to CodyCross Mathematics Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Loyola's order.

Determine where something is; find.

Solid shapes with ends the same, flat sides.

French Celtic language spoken in Brittany.

__ Mercies, Duvall is alcoholic country singer.

Second of the Jovians.

Statements from which others are logically derived.

Long, floaty tunic, from the Middle East.

In Siberia, the world's largest freshwater lake.

Hand tool with curved blade for cutting grain.

A bone in the wrist.

Boxers wear mouth __ to protect their teeth.

Taro corm and coconut Hawaiian dessert.

First Indian Nobel Lit laureate, Rabindranath __.

__ table; low surface for putting hot drinks on.

Puzzle 2

Kitchen utensil with flat, flexible blade.

Russian ballerina inspired meringue treat.

Wrote Jailhouse Rock with partner Leiber.

Wandered off, like a pet animal got lost.

In the red.

Introduction, prologue.

Israeli parliament, in Jerusalem.

Rejection of nominalism.

Adam __, The Waterboy and Big Daddy actor.

Satya __, Microsoft CEO.

John Walker created the friction version of these.

Han Solo and Leia's son, dark side enthusiast.

__ class; budget fare for plane travellers.

Preferred weapon of the Shinobi in Japan.

Athena, to the Romans.

High-altitude release device.

__ board, rows of nails for ball drop probability.

Assassinated Congalese Prime Minister: Patrice __.

Angles are measured in __.

His is one of the oldest preserved paintings.

Puzzle 3

Dane noticed that light travels with finite speed.

Distance in angles of a place N or S of equator.

This small duck dabbles in water.

Italian goalie, oldest ever World Cup winner.

Sells drugs.

Thessaloniki was known as this to Brits in WWI.

Plato's classic manuscript about justice: "The __".

Tuscany city in Maremma with Medicean Walls.

Light-toned dramas, like A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Strait that links the Skagerrak to the Baltic Sea.

Entering a plane at the start of a trip.

Tuxedo-dressed avians from the South Pole.

The __, salesman, Iowa stubborn.

Apiarists' hazard.

His dogs are playing poker.

Interest to be paid on the capital plus interest.

Georgian treat consumed at end of year.

Puzzle 4

Discoverer of electromagnetism: Hans Christian __.

Joinery hole.

Ancient Islamic capital on the Tigris.

Muslim rulers during the Ottoman Empire.

Jose __, Disney's 40s bird inspired in Brazil.

Spoken with exaggeration, excessive pride.

"Make mine very dry".

Squashed circle.

Curving inwards.

__ Huffington, editor in chief at Huffington Post.

Over your head.

Large rock climbing sport; city in Colorado.

Gulf in the north of NZ's North Island.

What an artist mixes paint on.

They go off in an accident.

Puzzle 5

Setting for Rubens's Massacre of the Innocents.

Numbers in times tables are __.

Deuce winner.

The Princess Bride director.

Place side by side, close together.

Touring vehicle with cooking/sleeping facilities.

Party art.

North-east Indian state, means "abode of clouds".

__ Nights, Archers, vodka, various fruit juices.

Original King of Comedy had his own sitcom.

To use the wind to swing a ship around.

Queen Victoria's gillie at Balmoral.

Greek god of farming and animal breeding.

Puzzle 6

Qi gong is the movement of internal __ in tai chi.

Russian White River with many tributaries.

French innovation; portmanteau of tyres and wheels.

Actress who invented a predecessor to Wi-Fi.

Pressed fold in clothing especially a skirt.

Macbeth murder victim who reappears as a ghost.

Knife maker.

Black and tan hound, such as Snoopy.

Lines that aren't straight.

When the wages come in.

Calming, meditational music genre including Enya.

__ Stephens, husband of Bewitched Samantha.

Roof-like cover over a place.

List of names, especially in the armed forces.

Hindu trinity: Brahma, Shiva, and __.

Dwarf planet located beyond Neptune's orbit.

Biggest airline of Greece.

Pie-shaped slice of a circle.

__ big cake, teacake from Jiangsu, China.

Breathing inhaler tube for asthma sufferers.

Puzzle 7

Long golf hole.

__ Fertilisation, assisted reproduction process.

Pierre __, artist of France Champagne poster.

Rustic wooden shoe in one piece from northern Spain.

The study of physiology of animals.

Movie goer's staple.

WWI trench system projecting towards the enemy.

Tomboy sister and narrator of Little Women.

The Emerald Isle.

One with extreme political views.

Indiana Jones and the Last __.

Last Western Roman Emperor: __ Augustus.

Singer/songwriter Adele's husband: Simon __.

Calculating rule written in numbers/letters/signs.

Slow vehicle lane on uphill stretch of motorway.

Threes and fives.

Intolerant of any belief that is different from yours.

Vatican CEO.

Wooden framework used for hanging criminals.

Grappling hook at the end of climbing rope.

A phone receiver that you can carry around.

Puzzle 8

Differential/integral study of changing quantities.

Prime Minister called the "Iron Lady": Margaret __.

COBOL: Common Business Oriented __.

In the middle of two extremes.

Tool for measuring brightness.

A __, monologue gave Barrymore 1931 Oscar.

Phrase meaning "not even" or "leave in peace".

Ancient literary language used in Hinduism.

Plastic fluted horn, seen at the 2010 World Cup.

Picasso painted the bombing of this city.

A formal sacred observance.

Without edges or joins between pieces of fabric.

"Nose" Belgian dessert made of gum arabic.

Rangifer tarandus, caribou in North America.

What you get if divide a number by another.

Puzzle 9

World's largest rodent, native to South America.

Sally Fields is North Carolina factory worker.

Tubular 3-D shape with circle at each end.

Polideportivo __, venue of Copa America 2007.

Lower than a pair.

Container for small firelighters.

In loco __, guardianship of a minor.

One fourth pie slice of a circle.

Buddhist New Year celebration in Thailand.

Brown seaweed type also called gulfweed.

Tooth on a wheel that engages with a chain.

Savage staple grown in paddy fields.

Lord Byron's muse.

Wagner opera about a ghost ship, The Flying __.

After secondary.

Medical term for the fluid that lubricates joints.

Geographic area spanning central England.

Introduced by Sega, Sonic is this animal.

Defunct pages of text on your TV.

Puzzle 10

Indian city, formerly called Calcutta.

Klimt's blanketed lovers.

Personal __, scours racks for clothes to suit you.

Catherine __, French actress of Belle de Jour.

A gift to the needy.

Chaos, tumult.

Inventor of the lawn mower: Edwin __.

Cross-dressing heroine of opera Fidelio.

Peter __ whose play Amadeus deals with lethal envy.

Another name for vitamin A.

Psychic __ skills for thorough mental assessment.

Light, hollow muffin made from an egg batter.

__ array, rational integral functions algebra.

Easter Island indigenous name.

__ Lama, title just below the Dalai Lama.

Art of learning to sword fight.

1-10 is a __ number system.

Puzzle 11

C.S. Lewis quote: "Always __ but never Christmas".


Rock __, Jamaican predecessor of reggae music.

Italy's top-level football league.

Travel __ are experts in trip organization.

"I'm gonna make him an offer", Marlon __.

Unhealthily pale.

Trees native to Europe that make green dyes.

Polished hard.

The Hulkster's offspring.

Caribbean gulf between Panama and Colombia.

Colourless liqueur tasting of cumin and caraway.

Father/daughter Pakistani PMs Zulfikar and Benazir.

Inner portion of a cigar.

Islamic law, derived from the Qur'an.

Relative sizes of various values.


O'rourke's boot.

Inverse of concave.

Puzzle 12

Embodied Victorian writers; wasn't on Hard Times.

To declare a dead person worthy of being revered.

A whole number, not a fraction.

West Bank mountain, also Mount Gerizim.

Canines sweetly.

Parallelogram with all sides the same length.

It is on the top.

Manet's controversy.

Candy __, dotted candy stuck to stripes of paper.

Moses __, Durban's World Cup stadium.

Piano instrument where hammers hit metal plates.

Guilty regret.

Animals that are active during daylight hours.

Urban lad.

Puzzle 13

Poppy dispute between Britain and China.

Direct kick awarded to defensive team in soccer.

Dangerous gasses found in coal mines.

Fugitive attempting to evade capture.

Close examination.

Plant linked to magic; said to shriek when lifted.

Italian vegetable omelet that looks like a pancake.

Heavy breed of horse; Chinese "heavenly horses".

Instance of defeating an enemy or opponent.

Sam Smith song: "Way Too Good for __".

German spelling of Lower Saxony's capital city.

Irish expression: "he scared the __ out of me".

Newman, Redford con a mob boss in caper.

A lightweight bag used by backpackers.

Transformation of flat shape round a central point.

__ Mail, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks romance.

Common currency area.

Matisse's promenade.

Puzzle 14

European coin first minted in Florence.

Printer's __, name given to assistants.

__ Gomez, actress and singer.

Mercury to the Greeks.

Number system with only two symbols, e.g. 1 and 0.

Flat surfaces with two points joined by lines.

Name of Shakespeare's son.

Hypsiphobia is the fear of this.

Nickname for flash (and shiny) car wheels.

Green, flightless New Zealand parrot.

The Rose __, Tennessee Williams play adapted.

Justice according to natural law or right.

Just a small degree or amount; slender.

Hesitate; waver.

Medieval republic with Dubrovnik at center.

Second part of Hebrew Bible, about the prophets.

Picasso founded this style.

Puzzle 15

French words meaning "cover fire", stay inside.

James __, Avengers: Age of Ultron villain.

A triangular sail on a ship.

World's deepest lake.

50s harmony singing style derived from barber-shop.

Speed of a horse between a trot and a gallop.

Basket maker.

__ proof in printing is the first test run.


Walter __, ANC leader imprisoned with Mandela.

AOC Loire wine, some ya win, some ya don't.

Spiky wire pioneered by Lucien B Smith.

Informal and snug, like your house.

President of France since May, 2017: Emmanuel __.

To own up to something.

Puzzle 16

British film star played The Talented Mr Ripley.

Painful episodes; anagram of stewing.

When a rocket leaves the ground.

No longer operating or in use.

Circular vegetation creations for the front door.

When a team doesn't show up, they __.

In Greek mythology, son of Agamemnon.

Antarctic peak named after Australian PM.

Long row of floodlights wired as 3,4 circuits.

Egg-based dessert found in Brazilian bakeries.

Appease, reassure through concession.

Theodor __ had schistosomiasis named after him.

Drawing to illustrate a theorem.

Hormone that tells the brain you are hungry.

Diego Velazquez's style.

In geometry, the cut-off section/part of a figure.

Arcangelo __, violinist-composer (and Captain?).

Upscale, luxury watch brand.

Saint and bishop of Carthage.

__ of the Western World, by John Millington Synge.

Puzzle 17

Set off charge.

Extinct flightless animal from Mauritius island.

Alphabet and script used in Russia.

Carmen __, PBS spy, geography TV show.

__ angles lie inside a figure.

Oil on canvas.

f(x), i.e. each input has a special output.

Turkish "freezing" ice cream with salep.

Separated into a different road.

Sparrow's tub.

Spiky hedgerow tree with red berries in autumn.

The __, documentary about Holocaust survivors.

Puzzle 18

Venus, to the Greeks.

Bet taker.

__ angles, where 2 parallel lines are intersected.

Eastern part of Libya; Benghazi one of its cities.

70s genre hits created from diy music labels.

Filled doughnut, Italian "bomb".

Frog, toad, or salamander animal classification.

To manage to get, despite the efforts.


Unsolicited and unread manuscripts in publishing.

A strand of matted hair, especially afro hair.


Perfect, flaw-free.

Gothic American painter.

In business it is also called "bottom line".

Roman Polanski movie with Jack Nicholson as a PI.

Triangle with two equal sides.

Country that's home to the Marina Bay Sands Casino.

__ apps include WhatsApp and Kik.

Puzzle 19

A doctrine that emphasizes direct vigorous action.

E.g. parentheses, used to group numbers together.

Northern Dvina tributary in European Russia.

Winding thread onto a spindle.

Five cards in sequential rank.

No matter the variables, this doesn't change value.

De __, famous Italian publisher.

Street dancing started in the 1980's.

Starved, ravenous.

__ layer, highest part of the Earth's atmosphere.

Garden oven and chimney for wood and charcoal.

__ bread, small, red bean paste Korean treat.

Puzzle 20

__ Municipal, 2012 Euro stadium, western Poland.

Detonated maize.

Thin spoon for summertime drink; soda spoon.

He's famous for his ear.

God __ the wind to the shorn lamb.

Impeding or excluding obstacle.

"New" Norwegian language, used alongside Bokmål.

Manhattan neighborhood, film festival.

Mowgli's creator.

Letters and symbols used to represent equations.

Jorah __, played by Iain Glen in Game of Thrones.

Repeating cycle of reincarnation for the Hindus.

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