CodyCross Meal Planning Pack answers

Meal Planning PackMeal Planning

Here are the answers to CodyCross Meal Planning Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Having an attractive personality.

Plan or way of approaching a task.

King whose story featured in The King's speech.

Soft shoe traditionally made of deerskin.

Making a home sparkling and dust-free.

Tomato sauce for pasta.

An amber telescope in Philip Pullman stories.

__ Jepsen sings Call Me Maybe and Julien.

People learning their jobs.

Cats and mice both have these.

__ Adolphus, king known as the Lion of the North.

Puzzle 2

Expensive spice made from flower of Crocus sativus.

Full of ingredients on shelves, fully __.

A youngster with exceptional gifts.

Amazon retailer of books to listen to.

Les __, French nickname for the English.

Steve __, director of 12 Years a Slave.

Cleared obstacles athletically.

Large buildings for housing aircraft.

Sour ingredient for salad dressings.

Rendezvous, business get-together.

Puzzle 3

Expressed intentions to cause damage or harm.

Person who instructs students at school.

An assorted mix of different foods or other things.

Character in A Streetcar Named Desire: __ DuBois.

Cupboards or containers, space for keeping foods.

Birdy insult for acting cowardly.

Riding bikes.

South-eastern Europe states, on Adriatic Sea.

Ghosts; liquors.

Alexa __, star of The Man in the High Castle.

Moved from one gear to another.

Arctic __, WW2 naval missions to Russian ports.

Threw three clubs in the air without dropping them.

Puzzle 4

Flowering plant used to relieve migraines.

Many people have a fear of doing this in public.

__ dancing, Scottish solo dancing.

Meal without animal flesh.

Gorilla-type beast that scaled the Empire State.

Was the property of.

Make up or constitute.

Convenient meals such as hamburgers and fries.

Optimistic attitude; the nubbed side of a battery.

Star of the 1993-2005 TV show NYPD Blue: Andy __.

Using your money to pay for goods and services.

Online shop for smartphone downloads.

Puzzle 5


Setting sail across the oceans.

Luciano, larger-than-life opera legend.

The first meal of the day.

Self-__, or selling yourself.

Repair or reestablish a friendship or relationship.

Visual dark place or an area of ignorance.

Choosing, making decisions about what to buy.

Are You There God, It's Me Margaret author.

Puzzle 6

Another name for the catwalk models stride on.

ABBA lyrics: I have a __, a wonderful thing.

Helicopter __, one who hovers over kids.

Lose power or strength.

Sweet __ Twins; Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield.

Ernest Cline's Ready __ One.

Dairy product for sandwiches or topping au gratin.

Overused, predictable phrase.

Milk is sold in this paper receptacle.

Word exclaimed after dropping something.

Paper __, raw cut materials for quilling.

Shortened generic word for plant consumed as food.

Man's best friend, also known as dog.

__ pool; icy water that reinvigorates the body.

Puzzle 7

Kryptonian hero born with the name Kal-El.

Where naughty canines are sent in the cartoons.

__ & Evelyn; body care brand with wild apple logo.

Dark, salty liquid used for dipping or stir fries.

__ split, defines a faster second half of a race.

Adaptable, easy to change at short notice.

Game with Battle Royale for last person standing.

System of faith in a higher power.

Needed, called for.

__ of Erebor; Tolkien work published posthumously.

Stealing multiple vehicles from drivers.

Some mail-order companies offer this free.

Scottish instrument with a chanter and drones.

Tiff or quarrel.

Dinosaur movie series: __ Park.

Puzzle 8

Secondary hue made by mixing red and blue.

Place of worship for Christians.

Fiction books.

Two rows of metal teeth.

A Horse With __; 1971 hit for America.

Language of the Torah.

In a common saying, it loves company.

Brave and courageous, valiant.

J.K. Rowling's first name.

Riley __, redheaded Capable in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Cool storage room for food.

Newborns, infants.

Former Spanish capital, anagram of Old Toe.

Social news website, with up and down voting.

John __, Treasure Planet cybernetic pirate captain.

Removing dirt with a wet damp cloth.

Apples, bananas and mangoes are these.

Put an item up for sale again on eBay.

Puzzle 9

Official building housing a diplomatic mission.

Army of civilian soldiers raised in emergencies.

Result, final decision.

Country named for freedom.

Total distance that a vehicle has driven.

Roy Rogers' famous golden palomino horse.

Supporters; investors.

Jargon for digital banking computer software.

Small onion used in cooking.

__ singers; vocalists who support a lead singer.

Frugal, careful with money.

Daily log of meals and nutrition.

"Par avion" means via __ ; envelope inscription.

Getting the trophy for being first.

Breathless __, Madonna’s Dick Tracy character.

Freddie Mercury's original surname.

Garden waste pile for vegetable peelings.

Puzzle 10

Cyclops and Medea were two of his plays.



A comedy duo.

Quick-cooking kitchen appliance.

Tiger voiced by Idris Elba in The Jungle Book.

Unique meteorogical ice crystal.

Completely worn out.

French word for a stew (and the pan used for it).

German Shepherd Dog saved from WWI battlefield.

Dispatch station for red engines with long ladders.

Puzzle 11

Name a baby at a church service.

"Before you could say Jack __".

Mobile, capable of walking.

Available at a certain time of year, like fruits.

Surpassed expectations.

Dire Straits brothers Mark and Dave.

The first explorers of newly discovered land.

Greek flaky pastries with nuts and honey.

Liquid fat used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Cram into a smaller space, reduce in size.

Calculation of a canine's age, a ratio of 7:1.

Puzzle 12

The landscape outdoors or setting for a stage.

Ray __ wants Jack to hit the road.

Chinese pasta strands.

Computer hacking programs and viruses.

Mounted military troops.

Plant-like sea animal, sounds like a flower type.

Hole makers.

Country home to Saint Patrick.

Work station used by different employers.

Person who hunts animals by following footprints.

This artist paints "happy little trees".

The given name of Germany's WWI Kaiser.

Run of __, very ordinary.

Cleaning lettuce with water.

Puzzle 13

List of names, a roll call.

City where Measure for Measure takes place.

They can be whole; things like barley and wheat.

Medieval court entertainer in distinctive costume.

Bob __, Bing's brother, had a band called Bob-Cats.

Rose-__ spectacles make the world seem brighter.

Name of Washington National Airport in D.C..

Painting of Van Gogh's home in Arles: The __ House.

Bird-__ dinosaurs, aka Ornithischia.

Star of the film A Thousand Clowns: Barbara __.

Confirm or support an earlier legal decision.

Cocoa __, dried, ground chocolate.


Bladed device on a cold cuts supermarket counter.

The Louvre or the Smithsonian.

Puzzle 14

__ the envelope, a saying about testing norms.

Arthur's kingdom.

Odd, quirky.

Spiced meals, can be Indian or Thai for example.

One of the world's foremost news agencies.

Two-wheeled human-powered vehicle.

Hand-crafted, using traditional methods.

Street __, people who sell from barrows and stalls.


List of ingredients with cooking methods.

Jackie __, or Jackie O, after having been Jackie K.

Puzzle 15

Satine's occupation in Moulin Rouge; escort.

Contaminated, tainted.

Reality show of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas.

"__ taxis..." lyrics from a surreal Beatle song.

US auto company with a bowtie symbol.

The state of being content and joyful.

Create an uproar, a Biblical analogy on a killer.

We get these from eating healthy food.

Person in a fictional story.

Fungi, used fresh or dried for tasty meals.

Flights of steps in a house.

Puzzle 16

Having six sides.

Glowing electrical device instead of a candle.

Thin strands of Italian pasta to go with meatballs.

Mist used to hold locks in place; American musical.

Dietary __, government advice on nutrition.

She recorded her first album at age 12: __ Church.

Measure in one direction; cubes have three.

Ennio __, award-winning composer for TV and cinema.

Hospital transport vehicle.

Unseen but present.

Nick Hornby's book and Hugh Grant's movie.

Winter Olympic sport of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Puzzle 17

Reducing, Reusing, __.

Teacher at a university.

The nationality of someone born in Budapest.

Fancy word for drinks.

Goods moved by ship, train or plane.

Vain, egotistical.

Cartoon drawing process.

Macedonian ruler known as "The Great".

Grip that signifies a deal is agreed.

Small fishes preserved in salt, for pizza toppings.

A sight to see, a dramatic scene.

Puzzle 18

Breaks into a thousand bits.

A small shop with unique and fashionable goods.

Save __ or SOS.

Nutrients in food found alongside vitamins.

Name of US president Roosevelt, married to Eleanor.

Phone messaging app owned by Facebook.

Staged entertainment by the Scouts.

May 8 holiday in France: la fete de la __.

Foreign sightseers.

A painting of a person.

The person telling the story.

Cooking meat or vegetables in the oven.


Puzzle 19

Sherlock __ and Watson make a great team.

Out of control, wild, wayward.

Lucifer was the ultimate type of this angel.

Richard __, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.

Neater and with everything in its place.

Meal taken in the evening.

Horse gait, faster than canter.

City-bird yoga pose stretching one leg on floor.

Creative painter or sculptor.

Mid-Atlantic islands of volcanic origin.

Sweet substances like fructose and glucose.

__ is in the Heart, Deee-Lite hit of 1990.

Swedish manufacturer of heavy goods vehicles.

__ de Beauvoir, feminist, wrote The Second Sex.

"__ and arrows of outrageous fortune": Hamlet.

Patterned fabric; anagram of mad ask.

Puzzle 20

Personality attributes, characteristics.

Typical yellow ball used for playing catch.

WWII failure for Germany: Operation __ Awakening.

Device placed over a dog's mouth to stop it biting.

White and brown loaves.

Organ that recycles old red blood cells.

Japanese artform of shaping tiny trees.

L.A. athletic shoes brand that sounds european.

__ butter, spread on toast or add to sauces.

Country whose Internet address abbreviation is BZ.

Cute, beautiful.

Acid __, digestive condition that causes heartburn.

It is commonly pitted against "Nurture".

Don't __, but sit up nice and straight.

Hotel California is "such a __ place".

Creeds, doctrines, ideology.

Jane Fonda's third husband: Ted __.

Kathy Bates horror flick by Stephen King.

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