CodyCross Meditation Pack answers

Meditation PackMeditation

Here are the answers to CodyCross Meditation Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Time to think clearly; meditation app.

H. P. __, horror writer of The Call of Cthulhu.

Saint celebrated on February 14th.

"I Heard It Through The __", Marvin Gaye song.

Projectiles launched by Super Mario.

Moving seat that transports skiers up slopes.

Human-like figure, it drives birds away from crops.

This is __; 1984 metal band mockumentary.

Dessert with layers of strawberries and cream.

Model whose sister Bella is also a model.

Stresses of life, can be relieved by meditating.

Puzzle 2

Robin Williams taught the Dead Poets __.

Lead soprano role in Beethoven's Fidelio opera.

Legumes that are essential in Indian cuisine.

Surname of British celebrities David and Victoria.

Leaning type of willow tree that looks sorrowful.

W. Somerset Maugham novel: Of Human __.

Where creative people think, regarding the box.

Sitting straight, without hunching the spine.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's country: New __.

Relaxing getaway, with yoga and meditation.

Mythological horse with a horn.

Caffè __; Piazza San Marco coffee shop since 1720.

Bias __, stretchy tape that covers fabric edges.

Puzzle 3

Sagacity and knowledge gained by being mindful.

Word sometimes used for a woman's shirt.

Animated dog originally named Happy Hound.

Very cold wind that nips at you.

Chinua __ wrote Things Fall Apart.

"One man's meat is another man's __".

Italian grilled sandwich.

You __ Know, 1995 hit for Alanis Morissette.

Powerful feudal lords in Japanese history.

White whale who shares name with a sturgeon.

Wave rider with a motor.

Nationality of many Hindus.

Mexican beach resort on the Yucatán Peninsula.

Puzzle 4

Greek appetizer of flaming fried cheese.

French monarch after whom Louisiana is named.

Dr. Seuss wrote books for them.

A small mammal with porcupine-like quills.

Change or quash a previous ruling or decision.

Calvinist church and Amsterdam's oldest building.

The page you go to when you're ready to pay.

Addictive ingredient in cigarettes.

Add a protective layer to stop heat escaping.

In ice hockey, forcing a player into the barriers.

Ancient Indian language used in some mantras.


Puzzle 5

Another word for god who made the universe.

Home video game system.

Total quiet.

Sport with wickets; small noisy insect.

Black seeds used in curries; name of a UK chef.

Disturbia singer who's got Love on the Brain.

Homburg makers.

Documentary of social mammals: __ Manor.

2008 Dennis Quaid movie: __ Point.

A drinking glass with flat bottom and no stem.

Pay heed to this current moment in mindfulness.

Frederic __ wrote Her Privates We, on Somme battle.

Temporary __, to pretend to mark the skin for life.

Puzzle 6

Sherlock Holmes often wore one during a case.

What old, valuable books might be considered.

Power, can be physical or mental.

2009 drama directed by Lee Daniels.

Analysis of data gathered to prove a hypothesis.

Seasoned smoked beef.

Perceptive extra seeing organ on the forehead.

Purple flower used in bath products.

South Asian island nation with famous Adam's Peak.

Vera Wang is a famous one.

She waited 20 years for Odysseus.

Keep __; Bon Jovi chart-topping album and single.

Puzzle 7

Those who get paid to work for a person or company.

Warbler with lazy, bubbling and rattling varieties.

Collection of books in a series.

Some are able to triumph over this.

Tet __, 1968 Viet Cong uprising during Vietnam War.

Car transmission that shifts gears on its own.

State of awareness, as in meditation.

Clothes made to mimic designers' originals.

Study of the nervous system.

Woody vegetable that makes one's urine smell.

__ exercises are static contractions of muscles.

Puzzle 8

Small Chilean wildcat, also called guiña.

Holds responsible, accuses, holds accountable.

Decorative fabric for sofas and curtains.

__ wine; festive beverage made with spices.

Hindu and Buddhist word for meditation.

Stan __, he partnered Hardy in a famous double act.

__ Doyle, Hackman's role in The French Connection.

Put heads together.

Aimee __, author of The Perfect Mother.

Live __, an event watched by an audience online.

Martial art done with slow breathing.

__ than July, Stevie Wonder LP of 1980.

Punctuation mark also called a full stop.

Cluj-__, large Romanian city in Transylvania.

Goldish brown, also metal that changed the world.

Puzzle 9

Believing in other worldly powers.

Captain __ and the Brown Dirt Cowboy by Elton John.

Hollywood legend and acrobat Burt __.

Respiring, in and out.

Obelisk's title in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

__ Blue, Aussie blue-veined cheese from Victoria.

Type of book like a dictionary or thesaurus.

Ten event competition.

An avocado dip associated with Mexican cuisine.

Waterway that flows through Luxor's ancient ruins.

Puzzle 10

Long, patterned fabric strips for tying up hair.

Faithful to a cause or practice.

Shapes made by lack of light.

__ bin; where deleted files are stored.

Small-scale models of vehicles for kids.

Alec __, author of Nevertheless.

Root vegetable AKA manioc, yuca, or aipim.

Fast-paced, light movement in a symphony or sonata.

Legendary sea monsters in Scandinavian folklore.

__ and goings, arrivals and departures.

Worried state of mind, can be eased by meditating.

Office of a government's overseas ambassador.

2016 World War II movie: __ Ridge.

Puzzle 11

Entertains, delights.

Japanese exclamation wishing long life.

The smallest ball in the sport of Quidditch.

Wagered, as in a gambling game.

A citrus fruit; a mix of red and yellow.

Desert plant with spikes or thorns.

Juan O'__, architect of Diego and Frida's house.

I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no __.

Will Hunting asked how he liked them __.

First name of the Colby played by Joan Collins.

Outdoor greenery that's good for relaxation.

A specific type of undercoat paint.

By accepting less than you deserve you __ for less.

Luxury interconnected rooms in a hotel.

Chinese philosophy, religion with meditation.

Margaret __, leader of the birth control movement.

Puzzle 12

Granny Smith could be used in this pastry.

Knock walls through, make changes to a house.

Worried, unsettled.

Approximate calculation informed by logic.

"Gather ye __ while ye may", by Robert Herrick.

A single-wheeled vehicle.

Butterfly-eared spaniel.

Type of razor that requires a charge.

Passing a law usually requires this kind of vote.

Relaxing and calming.

1995 Alicia Silverstone comedy film.

Attacking with gunfire, from low-flying aircraft.

Field event won by Jesse Owens at 1936 Olympics.

Emotions, inner thoughts.

Anything relating to the health of the body.

Puzzle 13

May Day festival in the Gaelic calendar.

Spanish sausage made from pork, with paprika.

Medicine to ease a burning throat from indigestion.

For the second year __; in a row, consecutive.

A film set before the first movie in a series.

Every day, at the same time.

The __ Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Dark shade of red used for leather shoes.

Intuition, understanding gained through meditating.

Google website for watching and liking videos.

Boney M sang Rivers of __.

Puzzle 14

Props, tools for doing a certain task.

Device for playing vinyl record albums.

Unattached person, such as Bridget Jones.

Song by Depeche Mode: John the __.

Circus performer who can lift immense weight.

Period of economic drop for at least two quarters.

Patrick Star's best friend and Squidward's enemy.

Type of rule expected to moderate how people act.

Place where monks live.

Breathing practices done to improve lungs.

Played the title role in Tank Girl in 1995.

Puzzle 15

The second largest continent in the world.

A platform where public speeches are given.

Each one has an equal and opposite reaction.

The __ bird, dangerous bird in Jabberwocky poem.

Body postures in yoga, to build up to meditation.

__ on horseback, prunes wrapped in bacon.

Performed in slow tempo.

Bolt __, a tool for snipping wires and chains.

Nora __, screenwriter of Silkwood and Heartburn.

Toe tips of deer, sheep and goats.

French museum that opened in 1793.

Spied on with secret recording equipment.

Babylon gate on display in Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

Cued billiard balls into pockets.

Catholic beads for repeated, mindful prayers.

Puzzle 16

Neo fought them in The Matrix.

Russian government policy of openness.

Balkan country known as the Land of Roses.

Short funny poem, sometimes bawdy.

Free-standing garden fireplace with tall vent.

The study of wine and winemaking.

Herb, shares its name with the Rugrat Ms Pickles.

The intro or starting point of a website.

Tiger Woods swings one of these.

Family of canines in the wild.

Inside, within oneself.

Imparting knowledge to followers.

First-time homeowners often get this kind of loan.

Puzzle 17

Feeling of faintness or as if you're about to fall.

The Disney princess who eats a poisoned apple.

Study of the zodiac.

It removes water from clothes in a washer.

Stick a thumb out for a ride.

Old-time custom still done today.

Straying of the mind during meditation.

He was one of Apple's co-founders.

Vilnius is the capital of this country.

Voice of the people.

A marine animal named after a heavenly being.

Puzzle 18

Using a needle and thread, embroidery.

Germanic peoples who settled in Great Britain.

Nickname of Prince Andrew's ex-wife.

Trader in stocks and shares.

White herons.

Anagram of Monday, also a bike light.

Repeated act as part of meditation.

Scandinavian country with currency called Krone.

Rouse or stir the mind.

Ryan Reynolds' country of birth.

Green, spicy Japanese paste served with sushi.

Loose patterned tunic worn by Demis Roussos.

__ of Eight; cry of Long John Silver's parrot.

Whirlpool, eddy.

Puzzle 19

Diminutive Bond villain acted by Hervé Villechaize.

Feeling of drifting off the ground.

The physical parts of a computer.

Describes a shiny, reflective surface.

Iconic actress Marlene, born in Schöneberg, Berlin.

Period immediately after a workout.

Separated from reality, from thoughts.

__ to pay Paul, or take from one to pay another.

Oh __, Shaggy hit, with North and South state name.

Steamed balls of durum wheat semolina.

Extra information cited at the bottom of a page.

Government led by a president, presidential __.

Look for the woman in France: __ la femme.

Metal lid that can be twisted off.

Puzzle 20

Golfer Fred __, nicknamed Boom Boom.

Sea snails with iridescent inner shells.

Clean as a __.

Item for sale.

Russian Lev Davidovich Bronstein's alter ego.

Technical term for fainting.

Firm pad for sitting on during meditation.

Writer Bierce, who penned The Devil's Dictionary.

Do They Know It's Christmas charity supergroup.

The force that keeps us on the ground.

Made from clay, e.g. porcelain or pottery.

Minty taste derived from peppermint; feels cold.

Curative power some believe meditation has.

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