CodyCross Memorable aromas Pack answers

Memorable aromas PackMemorable aromas

Here are the answers to CodyCross Memorable aromas Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Canadian province and breed of dog.

Breaking in half, rhymes with "clapping".

Stains from keeping pens in your pocket.

Animal __; pounds for lost or abandoned animals.

Fish __; foot treatment with skin nibblers.

Reading material recently bought from a shop.

Patrick from Spongebob was this animal.

Fragrant herb with pale purple flowers.


When someone is goofy in love: __ heels.

Puzzle 2

Country associated with whiskey, haggis, and kilts.

Tapping the button on a computer mouse.

Man that turns into a canine during a full moon.

Applying layers of emulsion or gloss to walls.

Dangerous ocean current that pulls downward.

Latex decorations filled with air or helium.

Sections of a novel.

Making a noise like a chicken.

Two bread slices with meat and cheese in between.

Men's toiletry brand with sailing ship logo.

To present something unexpected as a gift or event.

Trip including air travel and a rental vehicle.

Puzzle 3

Small firelighting sticks.

Switching off a car engine, in a delegated place.

Stiltons and Edams.

Green city that Dorothy was trying to get to.

1, 2, 3, 4... are all __.

Handing out cards to players of a game.

A lens for only one eye.

__ make up, smooch and get back together.

Tools for chipping at wood.

Makeup __, for taking it off at the end of the day.

Substance used for washing your hair.

Jennifer from Friends and Dumplin'.

Puzzle 4

If someone isn't allowed in, theirs is "denied".

Root spice used in nonalcoholic ale and beer.

Weight used to halt a ship.

Small meals eaten between main meals.

Pointed tooth; related to dogs.

This is a big South American river.

Substance for making household surfaces shiny.

The most important are at 45, 90, 180 and 270.

Another word for owner, especially of a pet dog.

Take action against someone, verbal or physical.

Person who puts pen to paper and creates stories.

To have hit a ball with your foot.

Bread __, machines for cooking up loaves.

What was buckled in the nursery rhyme One, two....

Puzzle 5

See you later, Alligator! In a while, __.

Machine used to create electricity.

Garden herb often added to Arab tea.

Santa's home in the arctic.

Wrist restraints for an arrested criminal.

He's a rocket man and a tiny dancer.

Rockets, sparklers and Roman candles.

Convenience food, prepared for you.

Worshippers of the Devil.

What is found above the denominator.

Puzzle 6

What a preacher might say in troubled times.

Cleaning solution for washing clothes.

A caterpillar transforms to this in adulthood.

__ tree; festive evergreen decorated with baubles.

On a gridiron, this is worth six points.

Apple sauce is an accompaniment for what meat?.

Type of car that changes gears for you.

Multiple stories in a TV show.

Hemingway said this was rare in intelligent people.

Pixar is a major studio of this artform.

Puzzle 7

Examples are fingerprints, DNA, and bullet shells.

Method of outdoor cooking, over flames.

Character on pre-cooked, bagged rice brand.

The sound a clock makes.

Catching some zzzzzs.

__ blue; bruised.

Batman's feline nemesis.

Deep blue precious stone; September's birthstone.

Number that's 10 times 100.

Film of a city-crushing monster, released in 1954.

Nutritious flakes for swimming aquarium pets.

Puzzle 8

Fresh blooms that are displayed in vases.

Ron, Harry and Hermione are this magical type.

To learn the piano, take weekly ones.

Hang out with mosquitos, and you'll be __.

Hannibal Lecter movie: The __ of the Lambs.

Ceremony joining two people legally.

Tomato condiment for burgers and fries.

Typically red Italian sports car.

Baked goodies, sometimes with choc chips.

Famous huge park in Manhattan.

Puzzle 9

Someone can be this, the __ of your affection.

Yellow dairy product used in baking and cooking.

Robinson the castaway.

A car's motor.

__ Bells; famous Christmas song.

Smelly vegetable, fried and served with hot dogs.

Advertising firm.

Formal greeting done by members of the military.

Slow __, portable oven to make a stew slowly.

Large birds of prey; also a golf score.

What the sun is doing at daybreak.

Puzzle 10

Eat this to get smarter.

Yellow weed whose name refers to a big cat's teeth.

Sunken vessel on dangerous coasts.

Hexagonal wax cells created by bees.

Expensive French sparkling wine.

Type of tree that keeps its color.

US state that's home to Nashville.

Not always and not never.

Hand-held burning fireworks.

When a car or plane drives itself.

Ringing instruments that you hold.

Puzzle 11

Alley with big, heavy balls and lanes.

Christmas item pulled to get a hat, joke and toy.

Ink pens for drawing and sketching.

Siphoning a liquid or gas along a pipe.

A head of lettuce with thick leaves used in stews.

Raining really hard, when the old man is asleep.

Pressed vinyl discs that play music.

Rectangular storage containers in cabinets.

Expressed gratitude.

Deepest trench in the world.

Sticks that burn with fragrant smoke.

Winter, summer, spring and autumn.

Puzzle 12

Save from peril.

Continent where France and Poland are.

High end or expensive lifestyle and purchases.

__ Rider, David Hasselhoff starred.

They come on when you open a fridge door.

Demands for insurance payouts.

Putrid, out of date, e.g. __ eggs.

Block of 10 years, e.g. the 80s or 90s.

Athlete that guards the other team from scoring.

Popular meal for dining out mid-morning.

When the belly spills over the waistband: __ top.

Stick for keeping bones straight.

Hot beverage made from roasted beans.

Puzzle 13

Childish naming of a bovine.

Mechanical beings that some fear will take over.

Showed respect, showed something had worth.

__ King; fast-food chain fit for royalty.

Aurora borealis is also known as the Northern __.

Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song, __ Maybe.

Device that removes impurities from water.

Sores, injuries to the skin.

Type of fox with thick, warm white fur.

Domestic cleaning substance for removing stains.

Youngest Simpsons child.

Jumping straight down from a board into a pool.

Charlie had a golden one for the chocolate factory.

Puzzle 14

Texts written by students as homework.

Country that makes the most tequila.

Reindeer that pirouettes?.

Winter birds with red chests.

Strong-smelling bulb used in cooking and medicine.

__ wonder; singer with limited success.

Use this for stitching with a thread.

Nickname for a Golden Raspberry film award.

Parmesan, Edam or Brie, for example.

A maid might use a feather one of this.

Puzzle 15

Jack had to be this to jump over the candlestick.

Foliage from trees.

Spot where two walls meet, usually 90-degree angle.

Making bread or cakes.

Bed __; covers for sleeping on or underneath.

Coming to America's Eddie.

Slept outside in a tent.

Me, __, and I.

__ butter; crunchy, spreadable sandwich filling.

Visible spirits of the dead.

Puzzle 16

Transparent sea creature with stinging tentacles.

Fragrant traditional accompaniment to roast lamb.

What aliens call humans.

Making a noise by blowing out air.

You can't make these based on fear.

__ roasting on an open fire, Christmas song.

Very strong adhesive, bonds most surfaces.

Violet turned into this fruit at Wonka's factory.

TV show __ Housewives.

__ oils; plant extracts used in aromatherapy.

Long word for 'flu.

Puzzle 17

Cocoa treat with milk, dark and white varieties.

Greece founded this form of government.

__ Day; repetitive movie for actor Bill Murray.

What you pay for making and receiving calls.

Central American country with a 'rich coast'.

Tall birds said to bury their heads in the sand.

Colored pigment used to decorate the human form.

Socrates was famous for asking these.

Crescent-shaped breakfast pastry.

Home for avian creatures, maybe in the back yard.

A South American fruit that symbolizes welcoming.

Puzzle 18

A budding spring flower on a branch.

Offering goods for sale.

Odds __, bits and bobs left over.

Rainwater channels that divert water from a roof.

Flying space rocks.

Live together, as multiple religions.

Male who is the primary helper to a bridegroom.

Old Mother who lived in a cupboard.

Get better after a hard workout, rest and improve.

Hard-shelled fruit that grows on palm trees.

Putting a stopper in a wine bottle.

Sections of a tv show; markers of weather changes.

Puzzle 19

Explosive bubbler used in the tub.

Fashion saying: Pink is the __ or Orange is the __.

Trip or stumble and collapse to the ground.

Chucking or hurling, e.g. balls for dogs to fetch.

Baked chocolate squares.

Getting data online & putting it on your computer.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are this type of rodent.

Government in Harry Potter: __ of Magic.

Footwear part that needs to be tied.

Performer who tells jokes to make people laugh.

__ pool; leisure facility cleansed with chlorine.

Movement of clays down hillsides after heavy rain.

Everyone has 2 of these on their nose.

Staple foods that can be sweet or new.

The field and industry of improving your health.

Puzzle 20

Traditional Native American leather shoes.

In business, there's no this, you pay for meals.

Sweet, sugar-coated deep-fried balls or rings.

Church building that gives a place city status.

An individual who creates footwear.

Tasty baked dessert with small red fruits.

Celebration that draws tourists in New Orleans.

The Brontosaurus was one: a plant eating animal.

Medical facilities where sick people are treated.

Scarlett, the Black Widow of Marvel movies.

A hard drive that has been completely erased.

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