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Here are the answers to CodyCross Miami Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sunglasses worn by pilots.

Female child of a parent.

University of North Carolina football team.

Mr __, aka Shabba Ranks.

Capital of Chile.

Salsa-adjacent Dominican dance.

Knight on horseback in medieval times.

The Large Hadron Collider can accelerate one.

Mitch Buchannon's South Beach lifeguard show.

Endangered flightless bird from US territory.

Rivals of the Decepticons in Transformers.

Scottish for dawn-to-dark period between weekends.

Puzzle 2

Fancy drinks with liquor and crazy names.

2011 Wall Street protestors.

Justin Bieber remixed this Luis Fonsi song.

Causeway bridge that connects to Miami Beach.

Facebook-owned photo app for beach pics.

Easily killed background characters.

Kit for riding waves.

First and foremost, not secondarily.

Being broadcast right now, not pre-recorded.

Record numbers.

Puzzle 3

The pot calls this black.

Engulfs with too much water.

Crops including cucumbers, squash, melons.

Basketball legend Michael, was in Space Jam.

Resting spot for a hot pot.

The Clash rocked it.

Unleavened bread eaten at Passover meal.

City at the center of UK's Monopoly game.

Belly buttons, can be pierced.

Friend and confidant of Sherlock Holmes.

"Big" Marvel character born Ashley Crawford.

Figure kneeling in a lion's den in Bernini work.

Borrowed money against a valuable object.

Cuba's biggest city.

Insect that looks like it's praying.

Essential mineral for humans, found in salt.

He and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay to Miami.

Association in the US to support farmers est. 1867.

Puzzle 4

Rolling down slopes inside large plastic orbs.

At a very fast pace.

Reddens because of shame or embarrassment.

Son of the slain King Duncan in Macbeth.

Marco Rubio's US Congress political position.

__ love; neverending affection.

Citrus fruits aptly named for their hue.

Mythical resurrecting bird.

Car part with cogs.

Ecosystem with soil covered permanently in liquid.

First House of Lancaster king, ruled 1399-1413.

Puzzle 5

Seafood catchers who are male.

Florida's NBA team that's not the Orlando Magic.

Vibrant red flower originally from South Africa.

Fabric containing plastic used in many clothes.

Detailed artwork process by Doré, Dürer, Hogarth.

Most populated of the Cook Islands.

Starred as Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs 2015 biopic.

Legendary hoax featuring a rabbit with antlers.

Irish potato and cabbage dish.

Prince who said South Beach is "bringin' the heat".

Puzzle 6

Not emotionally affected.

Professional baseball team; huge spear-nosed fish.

Secular holiday celebrating African heritage.

French bread with a high butter and egg content.

UK's 70s Cod Wars were with this country.

White herding dog breed named for Siberian people.

Waterfall between upstate New York and Ontario.

Places that offer political protection to refugees.

Obtain money dishonestly.

Navigation tool often seen in tattoos.

Tourist Season and Hoot author Karl __.

Radioactivity remaining after a nuclear explosion.

Art of folding paper.

Puzzle 7

Main political entity in the Firefly universe.

Skim water while being dragged by a boat.

Oldest Kardashian sister.

Honestly, openly.

Blueses who were Going Back to Miami.

Fairchild __ Botanic Garden.

Tubes of ridged pasta.

Mother of Hamlet.

Amphibious power-up costume in Super Mario.

Equine contraption for cutting logs and timber on.

To lift oneself off the ground telepathically.

Area of partial shadow during an eclipse.

Capital of Liberia.

Actress Milla, played Alice in Resident Evil films.

A bulbous perennial herb native to the Mediterranean.

Puzzle 8

To reuse a material to reduce waste.

Fried pastries sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Influential filmmaker who directed The Shining.

Mass of ice that is constantly and slowly moving.

Ornate Tibetan sand pattern.

Gliding disc toy.

Bike lights powered by the wheels turning.

Linguistic single unit of sound that has meaning.


Given in response to questions.

Bob Seger "saw the lights" on this in Miami.

Thick, sticky and not very runny.

Slang for US Marine.

Puzzle 9

Made amends, redressed.

Skilled jobs such as carpentry or blacksmith.

Rum plus lime plus mint leaves.

Purple organ similar to a lymph node.

Itzhak Perlman's instrument.

Greek who flew too close to the sun; Bastille song.

Endangered wild feline native to Borneo.

Telepathic girl from Stranger Things.

Broadway musical based on the Wizard of Oz.

Criminals, prisoners.

Miami __ FC, National Premier Soccer League team.

Shakespearean role best performed with a skull.

Small crowns worn by some brides.

Shea, cocoa butter can be found in this skin balm.

Portland state.

Puzzle 10

Southeast Asian country, capital Jakarta.

Slipper-wearing character of commedia dell'arte.

Ferocious spiny-finned fish.

Cylinders of fried dough, often stuffed with meat.

Military speak for message received.

Shakeable winter scene in spherical glass.

Animated film about a tap-dancing penguin.

He could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.

Stage name of rapper Benjamin Reeve.

Lunar glow.

Puzzle 11

Cop comedy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Book to write down your own thoughts.

Satya __, Microsoft CEO from 2014.

Stone used to translate hieroglyphics.

Walking under these is considered bad luck by some.

Unit of measurement for edible energy.

Brand name for TV star who likes to spark joy.

Oppressive wet heat.

These speak louder than words.

The G in MGM Studios.

Egg-yolk paint.

Havana-originated Superior rum company.

Puzzle 12

Tarzan's clothing.

Taxi operator.

Pharmaceutical reference book.

Small Australian marsupial with a pointy nose.

Fatboy Slim track with flash mob dance video.

Well-known brand for mobile homes and RVs.

Italian merchant and explorer; pool game.

"Seven strangers picked to live in a house" show.

Michael Caine gangster film set in Newcastle.

Commissioned community graffiti.

Puzzle 13

Local Area Network technology that uses cables.

Leader of China's Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Mollusk shanty.

Student of acting, named after a Greek city.

Decorative lighting with moving wax blobs.

Sour pickled plum used in some sushi recipes.

Island that Rihanna comes from.

Photo effect that blurs image corners.

Chemical commonly found in swimming pools.

Kat Von D started out on this tattoo show.

Treating your feet and polishing your toenails.

Underwater weapon used to stab fish.

Evergreen herb; Mia Farrow in Polanski's film.

Puzzle 14

Part of a dress between the shoulders and skirt.

Neil, creator of The Sandman and American Gods.

Legal disclaimer; catch of an otherwise good case.

One signed in 1639 ended the Ottoman-Safavid War.

Dolphins' long-running quarterback Dan __.

Company responsible for The Mandalorian.

Orange, Italian bitter aperitif.

Wooden walls around a property.

Empty space that sucks.

All I Do Is Win DJ.

Notebook computer.

Add this to injury and make it all worse.

Diacritic symbol over a vowel to show elongation.

Long-legged shore birds.

Puzzles pieced by hand.

Puzzle 15

One of the two bottom chambers of the heart.

Relating to a whale or dolphin.

Cheap and cheerful Italian eatery.

Buddy Holly and Tupac when performing in the 2010s.

Because of Winn-Dixie author Kate __.

Astaire-Hepburn film musical with 'S Wonderful.

Cocktail of rye whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters.

Adult children have moved out; Eighties sitcom.

Greek goddess of beauty.

Dip made from crushed avocadoes.

Construction vehicle invented in Kansas, 1923.

Puzzle 16

Shrek's faithful equine pal.

Spanish friends.

Juvenile swan, like the Ugly Duckling.

Singer Cash, who had a hit with Ring of Fire.

Vegetable that's baked, mashed or fried.

Moth and monkey are types of this tropical flower.

Like Berlin until 1989.

Devices for measuring pressure.

Waste fragments of brick and concrete.

This shore show headed to Miami in season two.

Capital of Russia where St. Basil's Cathedral is.

Units of light a bulb gives off.

Former TNA name of WWE's Jaxson Ryker.

Unsophisticated country folk.

Puzzle 17

Unicorns of the sea.

Nickname for The New York Times.

40s Betty Grable quest for a rich husband; __ Miami.

Mechanical device for storing rotational energy.

Doctors pledge this.

Ballet technique balancing on tiptoes.

Deuce or Jack as a common substitute in poker.

Ancient supercontinent in southern hemisphere.

Yearly gallery festival, named like Swiss hometown.

Software for writing musical scores.

More expensive, with a higher price.

Semi-soft cheese with an orange rind.

Puzzle 18

24 hours when a big, competitive run takes place.

Give game cards to the wrong players.

Jimmy, singer of Everybody's Got a Cousin in Miami.

Switzerland is famous for remaining this way.

Putting a status update online.

Natural living matter; produce without pesticides.

Cleaned by Mr. SquarePants.

Blackened by fire.

Endangered tree-kangaroo native to New Guinea.

Crisp silk.

Island country one can visit via ferry from Miami.

Latin version of the Bible.

People celebrated internationally each August 13.

Puzzle 19

Company featured in the Resident Evil franchise.

Maori for New Zealand green parrot breed.

Professional teacher of a subject or trade.

Port city on the Nile Delta in northern Egypt.

Money moving into and out of a business.

Miami's NHL team.

Wormwood drink, said to make you see green fairies.

Medieval Scandinavian male, also called a Viking.

Speedy romantic hit for George Michael in 1996.

Kipling poem set in colonial Burma.

River-view park with Klipsch Amphitheater.

Cartoon park-dwelling ursine.

Puzzle 20

Multiple homes.

Large Indian tree with aerial roots.

Two-legged heraldry dragon.

Dutch artist, drew optically confusing staircases.

Korean version of sushi rolls.

Cows expel milk through them.

Member of a 1st-century Jewish movement.

Lumberjacks yell this when cutting down trees.

Conclude a meeting or cover a gift.

Google's web browser released in 2008.

Jewish holiday starting five days after Yom Kippur.

Deliberately attempt to fly under the radar.

Self-assembly vehicle.

Larsa, one of the Real Housewives of Miami.

Big toe anatomical name.

Bowl contested by NCAA players in January.

Flat surfaces on a crystal or polished gemstone.

Vin who voices Groot.

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