CodyCross Michael Jackson Pack answers

Michael Jackson PackMichael Jackson

Here are the answers to CodyCross Michael Jackson Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Fort __; site of 1861 bombardment in US Civil War.

Yankee __ Dandy, a 1940s musical with James Cagney.

Human __; 1983 MJ hit written by Toto keyboardist.

Machine with an oven and hob.

Character of Woody in the Toy Story series.

__ shoe, footwear worn at Roland Garros, Paris.

First six letters on a standard English keyboard.

Lake and city in Switzerland.

Noisy disturbance.

Author of Three Men in a Boat: Jerome K. __.

"Don't cast your __ before swine".

John __; director of Thriller music video in 1983.

Animals sometimes referred to as equines.

Puzzle 2

Holes for jacks or lightbulbs.

More livid.

House of __, also Anhalt; dynasty of German rulers.

__ Center; hosted Michael Jackson memorial service.

Caribbean island, home of reggae.

Zack de la Rocha's band: Rage __ the Machine.

Native, inhabitant, dweller.

Staring, gaping.

Awful, hideous, or feeling very unwell.

Ingrid __, won an Oscar for Gaslight.

Bright, glowing, especially of the face.

__ glacés, sugar-glazed chestnuts.

Got in the way, clogged up a drain.

Michael Jackson's pet chimpanzee.

Structure for climbing plants.

Puzzle 3

Huge wooly beast.

Wax drawing implements.

Goal kick awarded by a soccer/football referee.

United __; body that organized the Earth Summit.

Nickname of Michael Jackson's third child.

To do with water.

__ Part of Me sixth single from MJ's Bad album.

The least well off.


First to repeat Magellan/Elcano feat: Sir __ Drake.

__ and no bite; not as scary as it looks.

Iconic red London buses are examples of double __.

Number of rows and stitches in a knitting square.

Writer Mr. Kipling's first name.

Puzzle 4

At once; in good time.

Assign, distribute.

Remix album of MJ hits, released in 2011.

Song words aid for congregations.

The housekeeper in Clue.

You Are __; MJ ballad written by R Kelly.

Soft and light dressing gown for women.

Hiker's bag.

Monk who allegedly invented champagne: Dom __.

Central part of a postage stamp design.

Animated New York ape-man who captured Fay Wray.

Puzzle 5

Happily __; fairy-tale ending.

Turning point, decisive moment.

Wintery storms with strong winds.

First name of Michael Jackson's mother.

In a foot race, the one who falls behind.

Oskar __, WWII hero who inspired a book/movie.

The dirtiest, muckiest.

Part played by Jacko in 1978 film The Wiz.

Holiday that occurs the day before Boxing Day.

A vehicle where the direction can be changed.

Saying: "as simple as learning the alphabet".

French term for fish or chicken served with grapes.

35mm image sensor format in photography.

Puzzle 6

Slab with ancient inscriptions.

Michael Jackson's regal nickname.

Agreement, consent.

Stays the same color year round.

Fizzy aqua.

Unexpected events.

Travel around aimlessly for pleasure, globetrot.

Group of three muscles in the thigh; often pulled.

Central American country that borders Mexico.

Major sports event Michael Jackson sang at in 1993.

Elegant man's shoe with a crossover and a buckle.

Ending, coming to a close.

Traders, sellers.

Sookie Stackhouse horror tv series.

Where to keep a drink while driving.

Animal whose diet is only or mainly other animals.

Founder of the Religious Society of Friends.

Naked, nude, or wearing a yellow-beige color.

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez' nationality.

Racecourse in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris.

Alters evidence to mislead.

Puzzle 7

Teamed up with MJ on This Girl Is Mine 2008.

Second wife of Prince Charles; married in 2005.

Expensive spice derived from a crocus.

Green category in the original Trivial Pursuit.

Hitchcock film about a man with a fear of heights.

Planet with the largest moon in the solar system.

Red, blue, and yellow, the three __ colors.

Gum __, condition affecting tissues around teeth.

Piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain.

Gem fashioned like a bloom with a round crown.

Wailing female spirit in Irish mythology.

Unscrupulous, devilish, rascally.

Surname of Lucy and Linus in Peanuts comic strip.

Wrinkle and wither.

Commercial beer maker.

Slang for prison or one who shuts a door loudly.

"__ is the spice of life".

Bucharest is the capital of this country.

Quick break from driving on a road trip.

Unicorn of the sea.

Harry Potter and the Deathly __.

Tool for breaking open a door.

Troughs for catching rain along the top of houses.

Epic __; MJ signed for this music label in 1975.

Puzzle 8

Korean martial art with high kicks.

Underarm odor stopper.

Native country of celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Mechanical failure of a vehicle.

Chemical that destroys mold and spores.

Timbaland remixed this unreleased MJ hit in 2014.

Astronomer or daydreamer watching the heavens.

Title of Luxembourg's ruler, __ Henri.

Cushioned seats for one person each.

1983 collaboration between Paul McCartney and MJ.

Sensational, emotional literary work.

Sale prices.

Answered, replied.

Taking the core out of something, e.g. a tree.

Human Torch and Susan Storm are two of the __ Four.

Extra amount added to a final bill.

__ Hotel in London's Mayfair district.

Someone nominated for election.

Puzzle 9

Surrealist painter of melting clocks, __ Dali.

Home to a domesticated avian.

Downfalls, shortcomings.

Syria's capital.

Moving someone to a lower job.

Pieces made by famous couturiers are __ clothes.

Seven-sided shape.

Most serious form of skin cancer.

Jupiter's largest moons.

Humorous rhyme of five lines.

__ In Japan; Michael Jackson 2009 live album.

Michael Jackson's planned concerts, 2009-2010.

Kill two birds with __, to multitask.

Recounted, recited, often of a bedtime story.

Puzzle 10

Transfer content to your social media page.

Slave to the __; posthumous hit for MJ in 2014.

Man in the __; MJ's reflective 1988 hit.

Metal studs attach cycling shoes to pedals.

Milliner, might be mad.

Moved gradually closer to something.

Laurie __, Halloween character of Jamie Lee Curtis.


Make an effort to end a feud: "extend an olive __".

Spider __, prehensile-tailed animal, genus Ateles.

Choice, alternative.

Japanese robe closed with an obi.

Piece of land completely surrounded by water.

Stems of vegetables.

Puzzle 11

Novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery: Anne of Green __.

White __ describes middle-class workers.

Coffee served with crushed ice.

Put clothes in a suitcase.

__ hours, the times when not asleep.

Suddenly stop working, e.g. a vehicle's engine.

Underground home of an undomesticated rabbit.


__ Wall; fifth studio album for Michael Jackson.

Italian word for May.

Distant and isolated place.

The Way You Make __; MJ video with US model.

Puzzle 12

Walk as if injured.

The M in RTM, "read the __".

__ Rowe; married Michael Jackson in 1996.

Orville Wright's aviator brother.

Hair that's work at the front, party at the back.

Describes the most aged of three or more things.

Blame It On the __; disco hit for The Jacksons.

Attraction, draw.

Great White Shark golfer Greg.

"A __ for disaster", found in a cookbook?.

Joss __; Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator.

__ Raid, failed invasion of N France in 1942.

Puzzle 13

Smooth __; Michael Jackson's gangster-themed hit.

__ 'Til You Get Enough, 1979 Michael Jackson hit.

Received, took.

He-Man's bony nemesis.

Dye sections of hair darker than the rest.

Artwork on canvas.

Bechuanaland was this country's name until 1966.

Turnip-shaped cabbage.

Albert Camus wrote about his myth.

Body of legislation of the church and its courts.

Series of things arranged in the correct order.

Puzzle 14

Rotating gymnast move.

Michael Jackson's 1992-1993 World Tour.

Can be deduced, worked out.

Describes pictures or an illustrated periodical.

__ Felt So Good; hit for MJ with Justin Timberlake.

Job of inputting information into a computer.

1340 truce during the Hundred Years' War.

Having the quality of darkness.

Watching __; carefully and closely studying.

The spread of cultural ideas within/across groups.

Relating to any/all of the eight heavenly bodies.

Fruit that the French call "ananas".

__ concerts, summer music season in London.

Puzzle 15

The upward-facing part.

Can You __? 1980 floor filler for The Jacksons.

A shiny, foil decoration sewn on to clothing.

Directed, drove via.

__ Peres, Israel's president from 2007-2014.

__ Park; oldest MLB ballpark.

Beef patty.

Author of "The Crucible": Arthur __.

Vended again.

Keanu __ of The Matrix and John Wick.

2017 Halloween-themed MJ compilation album.

Puzzle 16

Andy __; painted pop art print of Michael Jackson.

Play by Seán O'Casey: The __ and the Stars.

Michael Jackson won 13 __ Awards.

Small town in India where Sun Temple stands.

Directions marked on compasses.

Often called __ in the UK, braids in the US.

Golf club for using on greens.

Noisy, large winged insect living in grass.

Woos, acts as if attracted.

Outline, border.

What French fries are (mostly) made of.

Albert __, Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express.

Tawny-coloured African wetland antelope.

John __, inventor of the pneumatic tyre.

1966 Russian craft that landed on Venus.

__ Kong, elderly grumpy character in Donkey Kong.

Puzzle 17

Mary Tourtel: creator of the __ Bear comic strip.

Informal name for the buttock muscles.

"__ puts Baby in a corner".

__ Keynes, concrete cows and the Open University.

Nickname of Michael Jackson's oldest son.

__ oil plant, the world's most poisonous plant.

Studies pertaining to moral principles.

__ Belt stretches 35 to 1000 astronomical units.

__ biloba, used in Chinese medicine/supplements.

NFC team in the Super Bowl LII.

Predominant original language of the Old Testament.

__ wall; masonry with ventilation gap.

Came together to become one entity.

__-Price, maker of educational kids toys.

Michael Jackson 1983 hit with famous guitar riff.

Nervous, apprehensive of sound of firearms.

Puzzle 18

Eco-friendly hit for Michael Jackson in 1995.

Designated route for riding bikes.

Flowers of pink, white, blue; means "water pot".

Michael __, Major ally with a full head of hair.

Animation with De Niro as a mobster great white.

Metal seats for watching a sports.

Extra costs and expenses.

British actor, nominated for an Oscar for Closer.

Kurt Vonnegut's breakfast with these.

Bakeware, e.g. casserole dishes.

At or near the kidneys.

Black grape variety grown mainly in California.

Arizona city, site of the Lowell Observatory.

Jump on the __.

Father of history who wrote about the Persian Wars.

__ Street; long-running New Zealand drama.

Shoes hold these to a drum to stop a car.

Good __, parable on the goodness of a stranger.

How the French say 50.

Type of green garnet, so-called "diamond shaped".

One who paints house walls and woodwork.

Michael Jackson's ranch home, with on-site funfair.

Puzzle 19

Name for asparagus in the 18th century: __ grass.

Usual full forename of someone called Becky.

Citrus __, curled pieces of peel.

Court session, circuit courts.

1995 Past, Present and Future album for MJ.

Last English king to die in battle: __ III.

Macedonian founder of the Ptolemaic Kingdom.

__ Bloom, Legolas and Will Turner.

Spectacles, eyewear.

__ White; first single from MJ's Dangerous album.

Mozambique __ is also called blue kurper.

Least turbulent.

Dracula was one of these.

Grows wider.

Anatomical term for the upper jaw.

Clothes squeezed through two rollers to wring out.

The __ Table, bloody table painting by Kahlo.

Puzzle 20

Performing somersaults.

Announced the arrival of.

A protected file that cannot be changed or edited.

Iconic gliding dance move made famous by MJ.

Small scaly anteater, under threat from poachers.

Synthetic rubber material used in wetsuits.

Michael Jackson hit with horror-themed video.

Not playing with a __; lacking in intelligence.

Ran 100 metres.

Bugle call played at the Menin Gate.

Fermented bean condiment in Chinese cuisine.

Added a thin surface to wooden furniture.

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