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Here are the answers to CodyCross Military Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Original language of the carol "Silent Night".

St __; Italian monk and Archbishop of Canterbury.

__ deck, runway on an aircraft carrier.

Diego __, Flower Seller artist; wed Frida Kahlo.

Agreement; money/property held conditionally.

Parent who is tough, makes you follow rules.

Double-__, two games played consecutively.

Rescues a dog that needs a home.

Sergeant __, had a lonely hearts club band.

Thracian king killed by Odysseus; a blood factor.

She's the Prime Suspect.

Care for someone else's child temporarily.

Literary sisters Anne, Charlotte and Emily.

__ biloba, dietary supplement.

Treeless plains characteristic of arctic regions.

Flat corn patties popular in Venezuelan cuisine.

Country where Catherine the Great was born.

Puzzle 2

Held in your arms, like a newborn baby.

Tikal is a game set in the __ American jungle.

Where hockey games are played.

Zapped all of the energy from something.

Rope mechanisms invented by Archimedes.

Firm abs or collection of beer cans.

Essential digestive organ lacking in platypuses.

To legally seize a vehicle.

Not biased.

Hidden shooters.

Composer of opera "Der Rosenkavalier": Richard __.

Puzzle 3

False teeth.

__ around, fooling about in a serious situation.

Making first appearance in a play.

An unbearably hot day.

Something that causes a reaction.

Warbling like a songbird.

Main ingredient in the fermented paste, miso.

Aka Battle of Sharpsburg, the bloodiest on US soil.

In Greek mythology the part-bull part-man creature.

Of or relating to octopuses.

Pressing a button on a computer mouse.

20% of 95.

Made officially valid.

They are alive with the sound of music.

Saved from a wrecked ship.

Famous ones include Pablo Casals and Yo-Yo Ma.

Performing backstroke or butterfly.

Someone married to more than one person.

Religious orator.

Pit in the ground caused by collapse of surface.

Arranged and stored files in boxes for reference.

Lightened by the sun or by chemicals.

Puzzle 4

Daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

War of 1982 in the South Atlantic.

Glass toy with white particles suspended in liquid.

Insurance claim investigators.

Leg movement in synchronized swimming.

The Beatles' yellow underwater craft.

Cambodian temple complex built to Hindu god Vishnu.

Accomplice to a crime, before or after the fact.

__ shift, working late at night.

Incapable of burning, protected from flames.

More than one eight-legged sea creature.

Oppressive regimes.

Someone who experiences episodic convulsions.

Ash __, poem by T S Eliot about a fast day.

Trading in an old phone for a newer, better one.

Achieving a mean or median number.

Taking the audience's attention from another actor.

Puzzle 5

Strikes firmly.

Build your own Spitfire or Hurricane with this kit.

Closes eyes quickly.

Crazy __ Thing Called Love, Queen sang this.

Capital raised by business through issue of shares.

Difference between the wages of men and women.

Blue __, magical cave reached by boat on Capri.

Giant snake, son of Gaea in Greek myth.

Cross-pollination of plants creates a __.

Very remote space object, emits a lot of energy.

Rubber ring between two metal surfaces.

Manzanilla and oloroso, for example: types of __.

Islamic place of worship.

Puzzle 6

Wood block floor pattern popular in art deco.

Two-headed dog, the brother of Cerberus.

Match, imitate.

__ order, dominance hierarchy not just for birds.

Process of correcting content.

Tops off gasoline, e.g. for a plane.

To interlock loops of yarn with a hook.

Fighting naval vessel, like Mary Rose and Vasa.

__ Christi, wine made from grapes from Mt Vesuvius.

Che __, Marxist revolutionary from Argentina.

Archbishop Tutu, won the Peace prize in 1984.

Puzzle 7

Antonym of defeat.

French car maker with standing lion as its logo.

Visual descriptions in literature, like pictures.

Murder, slaying, assassination.

Fish found on pizza.

Lizards with a spiny crest.

Bowie alter ego, waiting in the sky.

__ Trophy, the Isle of Man TT motorcycle races.

Country where the Battle of Hastings took place.

Henry VIII, the first monarch to be titled His __.

1988 Bruce Willis movie, John McClane series.

Future prospects, or Microsoft email program.

Puzzle 8

Made marks with something sharp.

Sticks out like an aching digit.

Setting off on a voyage by boat.

The only female little blue mushroom dweller.

Personal computer launched by Apple in 1984.

Ripples, billows.

Movement of raised arms down to one's sides.

Area at land or sea where explosives have been set.

English actress played Elizabeth Swann.

Light-green Jamaican citrus that is not pretty.

Having the most prickles.

Wealth, prosperity.

An imaginary elephant in Winnie-the-Pooh.

Working in a piece of wood with a penknife.


Watcher of a live sporting event.

Brand of liquid that disinfects hairdressing tools.

Puzzle 9

Country whose capital is Addis Ababa.

The pig in "Animal Farm" who turns into a tyrant.

Spooning out, e.g. balls of ice cream.

Fastening together papers with metal.

Strand or fiber; a tungsten one is in a lightbulb.

Julian __, U.S. artist of Maria Callas series.

Popular dental anesthetic: nitrous oxide or __ gas.

Grasps tightly.

Four-wheeler, for off-road driving.

Michael Jackson's zombie-themed hit.

One who uses pistols at dawn.

Allowing, giving permission.

Puzzle 10

To exonerate, absolve.

Animal said to have brought Mary to Bethlehem.

End of a gun barrel.

School of hard __, wisdom gained by experience.

George __, famed English painter of horses.

Singer on first cover of "Rolling Stone": John __.

This medal is given to a 3rd place winner.

A skill or an ability, a wonderful thing.

Ren's manx cat sidekick, 90's cartoon.

Flower stems.

Official currency of Panama.

Swedish manufacturer of British fire engines.

Sport in which Sonny Bono had his fatal accident.

Puzzle 11

As right __, fit as a fiddle.

Mark Antony's wife (not Cleopatra!).

Gradually reducing or subsiding (e.g. emotions).

__ of the Sun, film about a Japanese internment camp.

Legendary rock star with 8th child in 2016: Mick _.

To make a quick dash, like mice.

Another name for infection called oral candidiasis.

Richard Branson's red and white empire.

Chewed at something, like a dog on a bone.

Son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Three-__ race is a fixture at school sports day.

Ink spilling cephalopods.

Duplicitous tricksters.

Comma-shaped white nut that's actually a seed.

Puzzle 12

Coal __, nickname for German military helmets.

Gene __, starred in The French Connection.

Make louder.

King Arthur's sister and enemy.

Impression, __; dawn painting by Monet.

Causes upset or commits a crime.

A Mini marque that was "squarer" than the original.

Ocean where more than 75% of volcanoes originate.

Ability to move quickly and easily.

Pepper from mountains of Puebla, Hidalgo.

Puzzle 13

Out __; Pollack's '85 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Measuring rod indicates the amount of oil in a car.

Practice of abstaining from the use of animal products.

Inflammation of the tissue surrounding the lungs.

Support for a particular cause.

Carly Simon's dad's publishing firm: Simon and __.

Bamboo weapon with darts.

Hand-held percussion instrument in Flamenco.

Indicates power to which a number is to be raised.

This country's currency is the rupee.

Allocated limited amount, as in wartime.

Cloth samples.

__ of Rhodes, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders.

Puzzle 14

Study of the nature, mission of Christian church.

Tainted, sullied.

Courageous Amsterdam wartime diarist.

What the U stands for in the cinema rating for all.

Playground game with chalked squares and stones.

War made famous by the Battle of Rorke's Drift.

Ancient Greek maze, where the Minotaur was hidden.

Fruity sauce served with turkey at Christmas.

The archenemy of Harry Potter.

Viennese palace complex with upper and lower parts.

Puzzle 15

The 3 R's, __, reuse, recycle.

Book of the Bible listing the Ten Commandments.

Dangerous tricks performed in films.

Only country to have played in every World Cup.

A male goose, and an expression for a close look.

___ acid, also known as vinegar.

Goddess of war, daughter of Zeus.

Just below boiling point.

Country where the Seven Sisters Waterfall is.

Embedded something into the surface of an object.

Infectious disease also once known as Irish fever.

French guided missile used in the Falklands War.

James Anthony __, formed a circus partnership.

Underground route for cars.

To project, to protrude.

Puzzle 16

A raptor also known as a fish eagle.

Upper cavity of the heart, or open-roofed building.

Spanish fleet that tried to invade Britain in 1588.

Renowned German golf pro: Bernhard __.

Height enhancers for Chinese lion dancers.

Thin wooden surface layer on furniture.

Yuletide party drink.

__ to Ride, she's got one with The Beatles.

Curved knife with long handle, for crop cutting.

The collective term for geese.

Memorable phrase used for advertising.

Contemptuously cowardly.

Tolkien character also known as Sméagol.

Puzzle 17

Toot, __, Plunk and Boom, Disney short film.

Anorexia __, eating disorder.

Softly, softly, __ monkey.

It allows a plug to fit a different type of socket.

Peers through half closed eyes.

One fourth.

__ Clay, birth name of boxer Muhammad Ali.

Inedible chewy tissue found in meat.

Model/actress Rachel Hunter's ex-husband: Rod __.

West African river named after country.

Weapons store and a Premiership soccer team.

Agrees officially.

Puzzle 18

Commissioned __, military men.

Out of this world chocolate bars.

Savagely, ferociously.

Line on a weather map, showing same temperatures.

Constriction of a heart valve.

A wrong name or designation.

Olympic winter sport, or a bunch of bones.

A place for robins and sparrows to wash.

First Emperor of Ancient Rome.

This Cat has a mischievous grin.

Nickname for 1920s jazz age fashionable ladies.

A powerful criminal's right-hand man.

Broken road pitfalls are dangerous for motorists.

Puzzle 19

Hot drink with a transatlantic name.

Emergency first responder.

Supplement helpful for gut health.

Mountain range with 10 of the world's highest peaks.

Let loose and unrestrained.

Aircraft that can land on water.

Christian rite concerning bread and wine.

One-humped camel.

US Modernist poet of The Cantos.

Unintended secondary result.

Bond villain with a knife in her sensible shoes.

Puzzle 20

2009 James Cameron film about aliens on Pandora.

Pour wine into another container.

Famous Raphael fresco: "The School of __".

Type of garden that Dickon and Mary stumbled upon.

__ I'm in Love, sang the Cure on a weekday.

To touch hand to cap like a soldier.

Bumpy, twisted, like knuckles or a tree stump.

At the back of a ship.

Numbers brain game.

Melted like ice.

Westernmost inhabited of the Scilly Isles.

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