CodyCross Millennial Words Pack answers

Millennial Words PackMillennial Words

Here are the answers to CodyCross Millennial Words Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Elongated red/green spicy chili that isn't cold!.

Males without significant others.

User-generated online reference, can't be cited.

The T in TKO in boxing, a __ knockout.

Have a lot on __, mentally busy or overloaded.

Jehovah's __, aka the Bible Students' Association.

Removed people from a dangerous place.

Cloud __, using data storage, software online.

Jackie on That '70s Show, married Ashton Kutcher.

Vehicle for traversing hills of sand.

Puzzle 2

Shop department for male clothing.

Annoying insect that can spread Malaria.

Former TV sitcom and 2016 film: Absolutely __.

Makes an item less costly or less expensive.

Blood __, describes a horrifying scream.

Making videos for a social media reel.

Gin __ a refreshing summer cocktail served with lime.

Having pleasant characteristics, hard to hate.

__ mode, switch phone to this when in the sky.

Gets to the end.

Puzzle 3

Tall stems of a sweet plant.

Carbon __, amount of carbon emitted by a person.

Less deep than the others.

Exploratory stroll outside a craft by an astronaut.

Snappy reptile that will see you after a while.

Slow-witted cartoon hunter of Bugs Bunny.

Protective pad worn on a soccer player's leg.

More than just hearing, really paying attention.

Latin expression meaning "Seize the day".

Time/energy needed, I don't have the __ (internet).

Mixing chemicals to make one solution.

Gwen Stefani song, is __ and has had it up to here.

Puzzle 4

Dried-up desert lakes with crusty white deposits.

Remove dead skin cells with scrubbing.

Heard it through the __; gossip learned informally.

Spanish producer of sparkling wine.

Made larger, with a hand-held glass for example.

Wireless network for sending data via radio waves.

Professional who helps with one's emotional health.

Scampering, like a mouse.

Gender spectrum with more than two identities.

__ Army, Christian mission who ring bells at Xmas.

The House of the __, by the Animals.

Puzzle 5

Baked, boiled, mashed, scalloped, or fried?.

Sticks that are collected to set ablaze.

Gathering of nerds with shared interests.

__ belt, supermarket fixture for moving goods.

Good __ to bad rubbish, not a very fond farewell.

Stephenie Meyer's book about sparkly vampires.

One who comes directly after the winner.

A glossy publication; often found in waiting rooms.

Shelled animal who's faster than the hare.

The __; European explorers said of the Americas.

Consumed and processed food has been __.

Addictive activity that drains minutes/hours.

__ Lights; bright displays in Arctic skies.

Puzzle 6

Winged animal with romantic tendencies?.

Mouth-__, food that makes you drool a little.

Item bought on vacation to take home as a keepsake.

Covering for a visual organ, worn by pirates maybe.

Holding oneself in a board-like position.

Snatched, took someone by force.

Chugga chugga chugga chugga, __!.

Daddy __; lanky-limbed crane flies.

__ Tonight; Phil Collins can feel it coming.

__ grab, an aggressive type of burglary.

From Here to __, WW2 film with Lancaster and Kerr.

Wind instrument of Scotland fame.

Mother Hubbard's place for keeping stuff.

__ board; kitchen surface for dicing vegetables.

Used for analysis, when someone looks at a website.

Cool dark patches on the hot ball in the sky.

Puzzle 7

Declined to do something, insisted on saying "no".

The TL of TL;DR at the end of a wall of text.

Eight maids a __, seven swans a swimming.

Walkie __; two-way radios.

Gig __, financial system based on freelancers.

__ ball, a heavy sphere with three finger holes.

Tough, leafy, green or red coleslaw vegetable.

"__ it is there": George Mallory's reason to climb.

Bloodthirsty novel inspired by Vlad the Impaler.

Making the noise of a pig.

Puzzle 8

Unusual, different from "the norm".

Babies who can't walk yet but are going places.

__ confinement; isolation in prison.

Gyrating dancing with hip thrusts, low squat.

__ bug; a tiny killer garden predator.

Chinese stir-fry of noodles that's not chop suey.

You are the __ of my life, 1973 Stevie Wonder tune.

Down on __; kneeling close to the ground.

Like a balloon or ball with all the air let out.

A second personality; like Clark Kent to Superman.

Lassie __; Eric Knight's tale of a dog's return.

Non-alcoholic mixed drink not unlike a cocktail.

Puzzle 9

Eye contour makeup pencil worn by men.

Cupboards with doors, for kitchen storage.

Nimby, or Not In My __.

Animal analogy for someone who doesn't need others.

US weight loss brand with shakes and bars.

Took out offensive content.

__ of things (IoT), devices connected online.

Unexplainable happenings, do you believe in them?.

Banging on a bass, snare, or bongo.

Launchers for missiles; used by Joe perhaps.

Wheeled containers pulled behind tractors.

Puzzle 10

Act of betrayal of one's country.

City-state in Rome where the Pope lives.

__ platter, one plate of food for all at the table.

Making a video-call using Microsoft's blue icon.

Green Florida citrus, often used in pies.

Commonly, ordinarily, normally.

Hit the ground __, get off to a good start.

Mythical bird that is reborn from its ashes.

A guy who stands outside a club letting people in.

Smaller, faster, deadly dinos in Jurassic Park.

Rendered unable to see.

Grave __; those who plunder burial places.

Puzzle 11

Baby __, pre-birth celebratory party.

Someone who prefers to be naked.

Atlantis: The Lost __, animated movie.

Electronic reading matter, for Kindles perhaps.

Queso __, or white cheese, from Latin America.

__ wheel, a popular fairground attraction.

Speak incoherently; make noise like a brook.

Enormous online marketplace for renting a room.

__ clock, aka a sundial.

Bald patriotic US birds.

Puzzle 12

Pork meat that falls off the bone, often bbq.

Verb for males telling women how to do things.

__ artist; an illustrator for Marvel, for example.

Brightness from twinkly things in the sky.

__ devil; carnivorous Australian marsupial "Taz".

Buying and selling of goods online.

Thin strips that hold your place when not reading.

Look what the cat __; a not-nice greeting.

Dropping trash in the streets.

Church goers may enjoy this, the study of hymns.

Puzzle 13

It Came Upon a __ Clear.

Red carpet, first-ever film showing; a movie __.

Italians call them "cecci": chickpeas or __ beans.

Sound amplifiers on an electronic device.

Experienced and got to know new places.

Put hand to head with a cringey groan.

Devoid of people; a place that's been abandoned.

Yelling, bellowing, screeching.

Cover public places with knitting.

__-up, a shirt fastened tightly up to the neck.

Fit an engine device in a vehicle to make it go.

Puzzle 14

__ the bacon, earn money necessary to live on.

Eric Clapton thinks she looks "__ tonight".

Becoming the victor over an opponent.

Patterned sheets glued to walls in home decoration.

New __, one of Canada's three maritime provinces.

Slang for a minor non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Skateboard or surfboard model with extra length.

__ room; space for greeting guests.

Kept in the same state over time.

Dwelling next to a barn.

One who makes a big impact or causes turmoil.

Puzzle 15

Getting these from bees can be painful.

Crown of __, headwear of Christ at the Crucifixion.

Important, treasured, a __ possession.

Funny feline meme that makes you laugh out loud.

In Spanish this European country is called Suecia.

Walled enclosure for porkers on a farm.

The family of your significant other.

"They are the __ I am the walrus"; scrambled guys?.

Sitting in position for a photographer.

Egyptian sculpture of a lion with a pharaoh's head.

Online retail giant, founder is Jeff Bezos.

Numbered grid puzzle game with Japanese name.

Part of the body removed in a mastectomy.

Puzzle 16

To take too many edible swimmers from the oceans.

Meet someone by chance or collide with them.

Flying mammal that likes to eat grapes and bananas.

Arguably the most iconic bridge in NYC.

Slang for a platonic relationship between two men.

__ gorgeous; "fatally" attractive.

Alcoholic drink __ is measured in ABVs.

"Alpine" Grieg piece: In the Hall of the __ King.

Domestic place to hang your outer garment.

Binge-__, consuming TV episodes one after another.

Puzzle 17

Pursued or shadowed someone.

Sudden gathering of people to perform in public.

Removes an obstruction; i.e. from a drain.

People in charge of museums.

Messaging app where photos disappear quickly.

A platform to put something valuable.

Offers meals and other essentials to those in need.

Rich chocolate square dessert bars.

Free __, "rebel" molecules responsible for aging.

A fancy, formal party dress; like Cinderella wore.

__ and entering, Aka burglary.

Puzzle 18

Look of determination in sports; put it on!.

Company that designs marketing, like in Mad Men.

The reservoir that holds a car's gas.

Fancy tent experience.

Cooking tools, tongs or spatula for example.

Mess, chaos, disarray.

As good as won; almost certain you will win.

Someone not quite religious, but a believer.

Turning way up, e.g. the volume.

Illumination in the form of rays or beams.

Gratified one's desires.

Online scamming, luring with fake emails for info.

Large water amphibian, no horns though.

Yankee Doodle Dandy called his feather this.

__ Nelson, 30s gangster who didn't look very old.

Italian sauce made with tomatoes and spices.

Someone older than 12 but younger than 20.

Country between China and Russia.

Puzzle 19

Looked after kids while parents had a night out.

Wicker carriers, used for picnics.

Blended word for a very large-screened smartphone.

In __ employment means profitable or worthwhile.

Opening your mouth wide when bored or sleepy.

Players try to line up tokens in __ Four.

Survival of the __; Darwinian theory.

List of names displayed on screen at end of a show.

Sea mammal that communicates by clicking.

Sandra __; Speed and The Blind Side actress.

Phrase for a corny pun from a father.

Puzzle 20

Young male singer in a group, maybe at church.

__ routine; cleanse and tone.

Second most populated country in South America.

Was a disc jockey at an event.

Body of a person and head of an equine, Bojack __.

Area in a supermarket where purchases are paid for.

One who eats mainly food produced nearby.

Today __ is literally TIL; recent new information.

Fish egg depositing by sometimes swimming upstream.

Tight-fitting, stretchy jean-like garment.

Outshone, diverted attention away from someone.

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