CodyCross Mind Your Manners Pack answers

Mind Your Manners PackMind Your Manners

Here are the answers to CodyCross Mind Your Manners Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Metal coils inside mattresses.

Tulips, daffodils or roses, for example.

Offering assistance to one who needs it.

__ Patch Kids, classic brand of children's dolls.

Unstoppable huge tidal wave speeding to shore.

Movie-streaming service whose logo is a red N.

Wired up to an anti-burglary system.

Large outdoor fire often part of a winter festival.

Event at which a bridal gown would be worn.

4 squared, or 8 doubled.

First name of Olympians Phelps and Johnson.

Faithfulness, fidelity.

Meals eaten outside on a blanket.

Charles, British author of Great Expectations.

What you don't know can't do this.

US city nicknamed the Big Apple.

Superhero who goes green when he's angry.

Puzzle 2

Cook beaten eggs.

Number that some people think is unlucky.

Impartial and just treatment for everyone.

Global soccer tournament, held every four years.

Gmail's logo is a picture of one.

A handheld string you can hop over for fun.

Common phrase to say after someone sneezes.

Closed wall cabinet, often in the kitchen.

Medical professionals who care for teeth.

A giant peak in nature, like Everest.

A prolonged period of dangerously hot weather.

Ornamental metal band worn around the wrist.

Puzzle 3

Setting one's phone should be on during movies.

A magical potion.

Person in an animal costume at a sports event.

Round sugary foods sometimes dunked in coffee.

The sections a poem or song is divided into.

Leafy vegetables; eat your these.

Whitney Houston said I will __ love you.

This and blue are the hues of the IKEA logo.

Organ in the mouth that detects taste.

Caged bird with beautiful song.

Painful contusion on the skin, caused by a bump.

Throw trash on the ground outside.

Letters that are not consonants; A, E, I, O and U.

Describes soft, warm material, e.g. fur or fleece.

Puzzle 4

Middles of the eyes; students in a classroom.

A place where flowers and food are planted.

How your mouth should be when eating.

Send goods out of the country.

The wives of kings.

Reflective surface in the bathroom.

Hurt someone's feelings, what bad manners might do.

The Olympics take place in Summer or this season.

Flooded Italian city, location of the Grand Canal.

Muslim place of worship.

Save the earth: __, reuse, recycle.

Devices that correct the pitch of instruments.

Wine or liquor typically comes in one.

Dr. Seuss elephant that hears a Who!.

Items of clothing worn one on top of another.

Puzzle 5

Not as intense as a migraine.

If paper beats rock, then this beats paper!.

Santa Claus is doing this twice to his list.

Insect with a taste for oranges, bananas.

Human who turns into a monster during a full moon.

Turn on this type of blanket to warm up your bed.

Person judged unable to pay off their debts.

Oaths you should keep.

Greeting card firm with crown logo.

Military outfits that all look similar.

Titanic star Leonardo.

Da Vinci's most famous portrait.

Type of cuisine that offers sushi.

Ocean that separates the UK and the USA.

Australian creature whose young is a joey.

Keeping oneself neat and tidy.

Puzzle 6

Fiji is made up of a series of these.

This is caring, according to basic manners.

Thieves, burglars.

Send tweets on this social media site.

Scandinavian seafaring warriors or a TV show.

How one should play music so not to disturb others.

Capuchins, gibbons, and marmosets.

They go with Snakes or Chutes in a kids' boardgame.

See-through glass panes in walls of homes.

Participating in a weight loss food regimen.

The study of past events.

Outfit worn on Halloween.

Puzzle 7

Common chemical element, anagram of "no crab".

Punctual, running as scheduled.

Ozzy Osbourne's TV star wife.

Portable computer.

Hunter who uses a bow and arrows.

Made out of an expensive yellow metal.

Act correctly, follow rules put in place.

A spoken address to a god or deity.

Joints between shoulders and wrists.

Spread rumors about others.

Strong-smelling crunchy salad vegetable.

Chess piece that might be in shining armor.

Snow particles that fall from the sky.

The father of Simba in The Lion King.

Puzzle 8

Language spoken in the country shaped like a boot.

Celebrations, like those held on birthdays.

Jump out of a plane with a parachute.

Response after being thanked in the US: you're __.

Frankfurters in buns.

Tools with stiff bristles for scrubbing floors.

Service for sending letters overseas by plane.

Politely meeting one's gaze, making eye __.

Film series starring Tom Cruise, This Impossible.

Eyewear that rest on your nose.

Dozing, having a short sleep.

Progress as a video game character.

A shape with eight sides.

Birds that say gobble gobble.

Sends a videotape back to the beginning.

Genre of music associated with Nashville.

Entertainer who throws and catches clubs or balls.

Puzzle 9

Express regret, make an apology.

Not half empty.

Going shoeless.

Radio listeners or TV viewers.

Literary hero who fights Captain Hook.

Person who contributes to government revenues.

Courteous, like a good host.

Sessions at the gym.

Magical horse-like creatures with horns.

High-speed automobile pursuit.

Lets air out.

Space between the hairline and the eyebrows.

To soak food in seasoning before cooking.

Puzzle 10

Solo performers often use this type of guitar.

Microscopic organisms found in seawater.

Rudely grabbing for food from across the table.

Simple meal of a filling inside slices of bread.

Water becoming ice.

It's hard to find a needle in one of these.

Another word for pants.

Moving up and down like a ball.

Technology that doesn't require connective cables.

Whine or moan rudely.

Making a hole in a wall with a power tool.

Moving across water in a low canoe-like boat.

Opposite mathematical operation to divide.

Criminal, guilty party.

Puzzle 11

Bathroom fixture that has a flush and a cistern.

Concealing oneself.

Country once ruled by emperors and tsars.

One of 26 components of the alphabet.

YouTube is home to millions of these.

Beverages offered to houseguests.

Man! I Feel Like __, Shania Twain hit.

Number of minutes in one and a half hours.

Begins, launches.

Paris' giant metal Tower.

Giving the lawn a cut.

Tall, strong, human-like figures in myths.

Plant whose aroma attracts felines.

Lifestyle that promotes daily exercise.

Knitted sweater.

One's zone of personal space.

Spinach-eating sailor with oversized forearms.

Puzzle 12

Two-piece swimsuits for women.

Creature said to live under a bed.

Winter weather event that closes schools.

Moving a ball around with your feet.

Coin-operated music player with song choices.

Watership Down was about these animals.

Stunt riding only on the back wheel of a bicycle.

Cars on the road that might delay you.

Takes the cargo off a boat.

Gazing at someone impolitely.

Part of the body between the wrist and elbow.

Savings pot, may be sat on until ready to hatch.

Designs new things.

Vehicle that throws rock salt on roads in winter.

Silverware that should be used from the outside in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's country of birth.

Spy thriller TV show starring Sandra Oh: __ Eve.

Grows wider.

Comfy seat for sunbathing by a pool.

Puzzle 13

Pops a hole in a tire.

Mathematical tools for drawing circles.

Long pasta strands often served with Bolognese.

Put on a face covering if you have a cough.

Digestive organ that can be small or large.

Awake at night like an owl.

Signature of a famous person.

Introductory action that should have a strong grip.

Message left when no one answers the phone.

Bony white Halloween figures.

Puzzle 14

Cooked on a charcoal grill.

What you should pay to one who is speaking.

So funny you might fall over.

Theatrical entrance for cast and performers.

Buying stock in a business.

Daily publication with all the latest headlines.

Host of a TV or radio show.

People who play instruments.

Flash that causes thunder.

Personification of winter who nips at noses.

Periods of 100 years.

Well-mannered male.

Puzzle 15

Sending a text or an IM.

Completely the same, like twins.

Card-player's appearance that gives nothing away.

The opposite of fast asleep.

Queen who came to the UK throne in 1952.

Strings on footwear.

Piece of cultural heritage that should be followed.

Permit granted on gaining permanent US residency.

Overlapping slates on the upper surface of a home.

Beethoven, Handel and Mozart, for example.

Verbal quarrels.

Weed with yellow flowers that turn into clocks.

Round inflatable for playing at the seaside.

Old __; something that doesn't take a new approach.

Area of Los Angeles associated with movies.

Puzzle 16

People who don't know each other.

This Neil was the first man on the Moon.

Grand Slam tennis competition held in England.

Mollusk cases found on a beach shore.

Best area of a city for Peking duck, Sichuan pork.

Keep open entries for people behind you.

Group of classical musicians playing together.

Cinderella had a fairy one of these.

See if someone needs assistance.

Small blue fruit popular in muffins.

Pieces of luggage taken on trips.

Puzzle 17

Family name of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Part of an experiment on which conclusion is based.

This type of "teller" knows your future.

Sea creature with eight sucker-covered tentacles.

Material created from cattle hide.

Series of lines scanned on a product's label.

What you should do after making a mess.

Three little kittens lost these in a nursery rhyme.

Tweeting symbol looks like a gate.

Picture puzzles with interlocking pieces.

A bad one always blames his tools.

Word said kindly when someone is leaving.

Puzzle 18

What Jack climbed after planting magic beans.

Elected leader of the United States.

Astronaut Neil or musician Louis.

Long insect thought to have about 100 legs.

Compose custom thank you notes.

Emergency crafts found on ships.

Magicians usually make their assistants do this.

People from France, Spain, Greece and Poland.

Talk over someone.

The crime of defacing or destroying something.

Place where people are buried after death.

Puzzle 19

Celebrations that mark another year of age.

Clean oneself before a meal.

Dispensation of medication using a syringe.

Astronomer who observes the night sky.

Meaning of a sign with a crossed out cigarette.

A moving staircase that carries people up and down.

Gym machine for runners and walkers.

Played a role.

Fast food brand whose logo is a golden M.

Bed cover, duvet, coverlet.

Silver bracelets worn by those under arrest.

Tea that is not packaged in a bag.

Medium dog breed with long, golden coat.

Puzzle 20

Country in the Middle East; an anagram of serial.

Put a file onto a server.

Dry, sandy region like the Sahara.

Kind, having concern.

Footwear that can be roller, inline or ice.

Fujis and Granny Smiths.

Smallest stringed instrument in an orchestra.

Romeo's love in Shakespeare play.

Trip taken on an aircraft.

Round fastener on the front of a shirt or a cuff.

People visiting one's house.

A knight's protective metal headwear.

Gas in the air which humans need to breathe.

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