CodyCross Moments in History Pack answers

Moments in History PackMoments in History

Here are the answers to CodyCross Moments in History Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A sneaky surprise attack.

Naturalist dedicated to the Origin of the Species.

Dish specifically for serving boiled ova.

Online source for verifying urban legends.

One who supplies start-up money.

People sometimes go from rags to these.

Pit where stone or gravel is mined.

Forehead wrinkle, might indicate anger or stress.

Author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Title for a Mongolian monarch.

Puzzle 2

Koko was this animal that learned sign language.

First video on this platform was "Me at the Zoo".

Regression into bad habits or poor health.

Country where the Cliffs of Moher are found.

Filmed, but not broadcast.

Crimes committed against your country.

Mask-wearing singer who hid at the opera house.

Expensive, bright red Indian thread spice.

Anti-apartheid South African President Nelson.

Former female students of an institution.

Hip hop duo known for Ain't No Thang, Hey Ya.

Newspaper comic strips.

Dwayne The Rock.

Power tool for timber cutting.

Clothing line by Gianni, followed by Donatella.

Hard candy used to soothe an irritated throat.

Office prison of Dilbert.

Someone who is no longer popular or relevant.

Puzzle 3

Small measuring unit; utensil to stir a hot drink.

Geneva Convention's worldwide life-saving group.

A factor of a number in mathematics.

Parachutist's exclamation when exiting a plane.

People often feel this toward their faith.

Sweet pepper from Spain, served roasted.

Sound suppressor for a firearm.

Hybrid sport: players kick a ball around 18 holes.

Dual-pronged tooth, also called a premolar.

British Queen who defined an 1800s era.

Daddy of a spider?.

Kelly who hosts talk show, sings Since U Been Gone.

Surname of the Danish author of The Little Mermaid.

Puzzle 4

__ Jacket, 1987 Stanley Kubrick war film.

A popular red wine whose second name means black.

Edison's phonograph made this process practical.

Singer who rewrote Candle in the Wind for Diana.

This type of effect is part of chaos theory.

Ornamental, feathered hat worn at ceremonies.

Mouths used for quacking.

Algebraic expression with three terms.

The care unit that's for the severely injured.

Popular youth magazine with a number for its name.

French Hundred Years' War heroine.

__ on something; be watchful of a situation.

Puzzle 5

Early trade route between Asia and Europe.

Filled sweet or savory deep-fried pastries.

Frontiersman home, like Abe Lincoln's birthplace.

He identified a source of cholera in Soho, London.

Something a lot of people sign to ask for a change.

Puffed out, like a whale's exterior.

Fans who follow a band or singer on every tour.

ID letters for an amateur radio station.

Domestic feline with striped coat pattern.

O in OG stands for this kind of gangster.

First African American pro baseball player Jackie.

Dave Sims' character Cerberus is this odd animal.

Private car access in front of a house.

Take a dog out of its "motel".

Units of explosive power.

Betty Friedan wrote the classic Feminine __.

This type of sound is on every side of you.

Having a darkness similar to writing pigment.

Puzzle 6

Hera, Frigg, Juno, and Bastet.

Huge fossils of these reptiles are found worldwide.

Amount of rye in the nursery rhyme with blackbirds.

Type of large pea that is found in mushy peas.

Abnormal, strange.

Monty Python searched for this sacred cup.

Pauses for injuries in a soccer match.

Type of rabbit in a Margery Williams book.

Structure to protect garden plants from frost.

When a computer works like a different computer.

No-nonsense, strict approach to caring for someone.

Person who hails from the Big Apple.

French leather goods brand with horse logo.

Statistics analysts at insurance firms.

Pyrite or rock that can withstand great heat.

Partisan leader who united the Yugoslavs after WWII.

Puzzle 7

Leonardo who painted the Last Supper.

Hypnotic states.

First name of actresses Alba, Biel, Chastain.

US Masters golf course.

Blue-veined English cheese.

North American reindeer.

Type of physics, or leap that Sam Beckett took.

Metal-casting factory.

More verbose.

Rebel from the 50s, wore a leather jacket.

Not fuzzy; sharp image taken by a camera.

End of WWII is celebrated as __ Day.

NW German city, a member of the Hanseatic League.

Two-word phrase meaning "so what?".

Jimmy, the inventive boy genius.

To convert digital information into secure code.

Puzzle 8

Hometown of Jobim's Girl in Brazilian classic hit.

Splashy painter Jackson.

Made chicken noises.

Rose and Jack fell in love on this cruise ship.


French mid-range hotel chain, in 50+ countries.

Thinks through and understands actions.

Pileup of excess work.

1920s US and Canada prohibition banned this.

Another name for a frying pan, could be cast-iron.

Magazine made by amateurs for enthusiasts.

Culinary herb, a lot like marjoram.

Puzzle 9

Small streams of water.

Michael Jackson's famous foot slide dance move.

Threatening word, once meant left-hand or unlucky.

Stakes to secure a canvas dwelling.

Ada, the first computer programmer.

Two runners finish a race at exactly the same time.

Relating to cookery or food preparation.

Away from everything, not easily accessible.

A mineral crystal used to make jewelry like opal.

Aged women said to tell tales.

The Mayflower docked at this famous rock.

Online video game with Omega and Renegade Raider.

What Leo wore to keep warm in The Revenant.

Puzzle 10

Dashes and dots first transmitted by telegraph.

Rights to ownership of a piece of property.

They offer financial benefits to foreign investors.

Elvis Presley's trademark hip swivels.

Like wine with carbon dioxide in it.

Harmful secret setup to keep treasure safe.

Home country of leader Eva Perón.

A phrase about good vision, __ is 20/20.

Short footwear worn by women with bound feet.

Sign-carrying person demanding change.

Myth figure who fell in love with his reflection.

Jim Stark actor in Rebel Without a Cause.

Carved printmaking technique from Japan.

Kept in a zoo, for example; not in natural habitat.

Puzzle 11

A fiasco, utter failure, or disaster.

Gomer Pyle's military rank.

A sorcerer or a male witch.

World's smallest country is this city in Rome.

Remove a door from its attachments.

Kicking your can __ the place, Queen lyrics.

Fruit de mer.

Surname of the author of Lord of the Rings.

Medicine that eases heartburn from stomach acid.

__ Bell, voice of Anna in Disney's Frozen.

Edmund Hillary was the first to reach its summit.

Things related to the stomach.

Thick, soft fabric woven from wool or cotton.

Intense moves that combine a squat and jump.

Rodent with cheek pouches often kept as a pet.

Puzzle 12

Opposite of a big fish.

Board game for budding businesspeople.

Place where people in need can pick up provisions.

Cruel, harsh, with zero compassion.

Speed an object moves in a particular direction.

First female British prime minister.

Small, portable games console.

Powerful current beneath the ocean surface.

Underground network devoted to freeing slaves.

Young Whoville girl who befriends The Grinch.

Little People __ follows the Roloff family.

Puzzle 13

Textile-making moth larva from Northern China.

Flying, aerial, aloft.

The villain known as the clown prince of crime.

American Revolutionary War's traitor Arnold.

Microscopic machine that links amino acids.

Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy in space movie.

On or near a shore; anagram of tortilla.

Relating to judgments and the legal system.

Tipsy name of George Washington's coonhound.

Cross with Jesus on it.

Switzerland's huge Jazz Festival since the sixties.

Italian food called the King of Cheeses.

When you're in trouble you're said to be in this.

Another word for the trachea.

The pub in EastEnders.

Socialist revolutionary who wrote Das Kapital.

Type of printmaking that is opposite of relief.

Puzzle 14

Emotional weakness, particular fondness.

A severe snowstorm with strong winds.

To sweat through the pores.

CD's precursor, often used for mix tapes.

Liveliness, energy.

Rocky who went 49-0, inspiring a movie franchise.

A move downwards from manager to clerk is this.

US rapper who isn't an old man, sang Valuable Pain.

Gandhi led several of these types of protests.

Ernst painted this French leader in the wilderness.

Two-person card game that ends with a knock.

Untamed seeds that are eaten.

More promising outcome.

Breathes noisily, with a stuffed up nose.

One of the main ingredients in Nutella.

An automatic reaction to stimuli for survival.

Entrance in the walls of a fortified settlement.

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

The study of heredity.

Puzzle 15

Job held by Buffy and Faith.

Place where porcines live. It's probably mucky.

What Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, and others do.

The War of the Worlds' radio adaptation author.

Stop speaking, like an ocean shell.

Hammered, pinned, tacked.

Marie Curie's famous chemical element discovery.

Finely cuts food.

Singer Donny or Little Jimmy.

Common event at Cape Canaveral.

Swordfought at the Olympics.

People get married under this open-aired structure.

Grand __, GT; luxury high-performance supercar.

Ferocious, barbaric.

Puzzle 16

Relating to the chief of a city.

Crescent-shaped folded pizza.

__ Days; Ellie Goulding album with Burn single.

Throw away, leave to one side.

Specialist eyewear that gives you night vision.

Bratpacker and Parks and Recreation star.

Ripped off, cheated.

Joey, Monica, Rachel, Chandler and buddies show.

Brazilian dance; aka Forbidden Dance.

Cruella de Vil or Maleficent, for e.g..

Festival with a sculpted body set on fire, __ Man.

Bodily response to a food that irritates.

Million Man March or Women's March are this.

Puzzle 17

Written statement made under oath in a courtroom.

A card game also called pontoon or twenty-one.

First American female astronaut in space.

Roman building, aka the Flavian Amphitheatre.

These are said to attract.

Man who tried to blow up the English parliament.

Action hero of television show 24.

Observed a crime taking place.

Drivers listen to this non-musical show format.

Stopped appearing on an electrocardiogram.

Insect said to have 1000 legs.

The Hogwarts house known for wisdom and wit.

Rapper who announced 2020 U.S. presidential bid.

Implant that helps the heart beat regularly.

Monumental, akin to an ancient Greek strongman.

Shortstop or baseman.

Puzzle 18

Summaries that give away storyline twists.

Dismiss someone, or add up change before paying.

WC, lavatory, the loo.

Pugilist canine with a square muzzle.

The 24-hour period named after the Norse god Thor.

Flashing in the light, gleaming.

When men and women are treated the same.

Early economy of North America based on pelts.

Religious studies.

Plane with a rotor, "spins on its own".

The surname of the man who had 3 angels and Bosley.

Central hill of ancient Rome.

City in the South of France, HQ of Airbus.

A one-piece garment worn by parachutists.

World athletic competition, first held in Greece.

How to act to get a squirrel to like you?.

Sheet with letters cut out to paint through.

Dr. Seuss likes this, "it wakes up brain cells".

The excessive curvature of the spine.

Sweet Italian liqueur made from bitter almonds.

Where Bambi and Thumper live.

Best-selling Commodore Sixty Four, a personal __.

Tom Waits wrote The Piano Has Been doing this.

Lessons in this fancy dancing include the Tango.

To put inside a fruit seed.

Puzzle 19

Giant wave that follows an earthquake.

Breaks plates.

International united group formed in the forties.

Fluffy, sweet French bread, topped with sugar.

Stumped, baffled, puzzled.

The beginning line of a chess game.

Anonymous social media app.

__ Racing, 1932 canine event.

This is "half the battle" according to G.I. Joe.

Country of the electronic music band Kraftwerk.

Loads put onto ships.

Chic and graceful.

Author of the play The Misanthrope.

Penicillin discoverer; James Bond author.

A ghost or apparition.

Coarse fabric for making sacks.

Blake, Crisp or Tarantino.

Puzzle 20

Rats, destructive pests.

Hanging art piece by Alexander Calder.

Non-stick coating associated with politicians.

Famous comet, might be seen twice in one lifetime.

__ Munich; high-profile German football team.

Ballerina's shoe for balancing on their toes.

Australia's famous opera house.

Flowing of water back into the sea.

Word used to describe resorts that court the rich.

Played music together spontaneously.

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