CodyCross Morning Routine Pack answers

Morning Routine PackMorning Routine

Here are the answers to CodyCross Morning Routine Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

An arrangement in the course of an action.

Earth, Wind and Fire number about the ninth month.

All across the local government region.

One who argues in favor of something.

Animals believed to have planted millions of trees.

Movie part with same name as the movie.

Pouch for carrying learning materials.

Cosmo and Wanda are the stars in __ OddParents.

Most tattered.

Nutrition study.

Hot air blower for styling wet locks.

Puzzle 2

Martin __ of Bad Boys and Big Momma's House.

Nationwide travelling summer broadcast.

Behaves like a female television or film star.

Produced milk.

Simon and __, US publisher based in New York.

A small, possibly unimportant untruth.

Mount __, giant sculpture of presidential faces.

Brushing the floor.

Putting someone in an outfit.

Branch of maths using special notation.

Nice, kind, good-natured.

Online; the place where web pages live.

French word for a pre-dinner alcoholic drink.

A subgroup of a league in organised football.

Male person who explores the universe.

Puzzle 3

Sharp __ by Gillian Flynn.

Goes both sides of words/numbers for parenthesis.

Timed trivia knowledge game: Trivial __.

Acetylsalicylic acid.

Wrote on a blackboard.

The __ Games, world-class, four-yearly sport event.

Preparing food for consumption.

Lose __; be sacked or fired.

Cats cough this up.

Warming system for a house.

Notice, see, perceive.

10 to the __ 3 is 1000.


With a gentle touch, softly.

Puzzle 4

Grumpiest, sulkiest.

Re-powering an electronic device.

Quietly contemplate life, yoga style.

The decade following 1919.

Someone who loves reading.

Strategies or laws that are passed by a government.

Creamy white colour and flower.

One who observes, especially something wonderful.

Canine who barks at intruders.

Theatre district where Mamma Mia! debuted in 2001.

Sopa de albondigas: Mexican __ soup.

Chuckling, chortling, cackling.

City in Canada; anagram of "Al met Ron".

Dumb and __, movie tale of when Harry met Lloyd.

Puzzle 5


Servants who perform kitchen duties and cleaning.

Chocolate ovum.

The Candy Elemental in Adventure Time: Princess__.

Here we are now, __ us, Nirvana lyrics.

Telephone practical joke.

He steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Clearly stated.

Term for carnivorous animals that hunt and kill.

Aerosol fixer keeping coiffure in place.

People who receive your Twitter updates.

The spiritual leader of Tibet.

__ thousand dollar question.

The direction of the hands of a timepiece.

Country with cities Cartago, San José, Puerto Limón.

Can be disposed of down a toilet.

Makeup product that hides blemishes & dark circles.

Small building near the entrance to an estate.

Puzzle 6

Someone with no title who marries into royalty.

Bunkers for kids to play in with buckets/spades.

Liza __, who starred in Cabaret.

Putting on, faking.

René __, painter of Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

Grabbed quickly.

XIV in Roman numerals.

Coloured rod applied to the mouth.

WBU stands for __ you.

__ in Arms, Dire Straits album with Walk of Life.

Desire to eat.

Human anatomy between eyebrows and hairline.

Rapper who played Tej in The Fast and the Furious.

Cooking method for meats inside an oven.

Keeping fit.

Puzzle 7

Out of control, not following the rules.

Movers and __ are those that initiate change.

Steve McQueen movie with iconic San Fran car chase.

Historical tv drama about Ragnar Lothbrok.

Addressed paper envelopes that come through door.

Raggedly dressed children.

Slang for swindled or defrauded.

Famous English hard cheese.

Dances like an Argentinian.

Curl up in bed and cuddle.

Puzzle 8

Light evening meal.

Lana __, Summertime Sadness singer.

Mexican steamed, filled dough treats.

A round shape.

Hear, e.g. __ to a radio show.

Not vegetables.

Jitterbugged, swayed in time.

Indentations along a shoreline.

1989 Spielberg movie about a recently dead pilot.

__ mouth; publicity by personal recommendation.

A reception room, home to the sofa and television.

Black-and-white striped, horse-like animals.

Puzzle 9

American men's magazine, founded in 1933.

Leafy garden plant with thick red stalks.

In the manner of a person-like machine.

Michael Crichton's tornado adventure.

Turned oil into gasoline.

Developing, getting larger.

To ask the DJ to play a song.

Rouge for cheeks.

Coordinated attire to wear to e.g. school, work.

Hitting with a beak.

Container in which a nib is dipped.

Took control of an aircraft.

Sounding the same, in a poem.

Puzzle 10

Cease and __, stop doing something immediately.

Dairy spread.

Grand curtains in a cinema or theatre.

Pierre __ made space-age fashions in the 1960s.

Covered in little spots.

E.g. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Medical term for needles.

Electronic music echo effect.

Sighs; anagram of organs.

Fishing gear.

I have measured out my life with __ spoons.

Quantum of __, James Bond's outing in 2008.

Delicate paper handkerchief for blowing nose.

The horse __ (ran away).

Puzzle 11

Lose your __; get angry, become enraged.

Wild cats living in colonies.

__ powder; hygiene product for keeping skin dry.

Trader, agent.

Electronic letters.

The flappy bit of a shoe under the laces.

Bugsy __, Alan Parker movie with splurge guns.

Stupidity, nonsense.

Girl's name; anagram of ashram.

A cup of Java.

__ me, polite phrase asking one to let you past.

Puzzle 12

For relaxing in water.

Neck wings on a shirt, put them up to knot a tie.

__ soup, fowl broth adored in many cultures.

A colour, or dye, or concentrated eyeshadow powder.

Reason for doing something.

Camera shot on the face.

Swedes, root vegetables.

Pre-exercise preparations.

At the end.

Waves moving small stones or __ on a beach.

Perfect, beautiful, awe-inspiring.

Finger-activated lever.

Shaving wood.

Morning travel to work.

Imperator __, female lead in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Puzzle 13


A running machine.

Seat used by sunbathers in gardens or on beaches.

Mark a special occasion, e.g. a birthday.

Employee at a senior level.

A 3-D piece of art often in stone, wood or metal.

__ energy; power resources stored for future use.

Japanese city related to an atomic bomb.

Parkland where trees are cultivated.

Strings used to tie footwear.

Screws up.

Someone from the country with capital Budapest.

Eggs whisked then fried to go on toast.

Most covered Beatles song of all time.

Famous or historic buildings.

The regular sound of blood pumped around the body.

Don't __; you're welcome; not at all.

Puzzle 14

Hugely popular aggregator of social news stories.

Job of Sweeney Todd, the Demon __ of Fleet Street.

Flick the alarm off on a morning.

Marked with stripes.

Walking in the countryside.

Emily, Natalie, and Martie are the Dixie __.

Not rough.

__ Tower; famous tall structure in Paris.

Draco or Lucius in Harry Potter series.

Rule over people.

Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes.

Puzzle 15

Satisfying, bringing contentment.

Sealed so that nothing can get in or out.

A shot of strong coffee.

With more tempestuous weather, by comparison.

Jogged one's memory.

Lost __; office where lost property is kept.

Holding onto a ball that is thrown.

Made/directed a film.

Volcanic river.

Spikes worn by mountaineers.

Shoots a lance.

Receptacle for holding washing bar on a sink.

Wedding jacket with long drapes at the back.

Give the __; let slip a secret.

New __, before January 1.

Pastel-coloured climbing legume, not savoury.

Puzzle 16

Moving feet to a beat.

Angling, e.g. at a lake or river.

When Hell __ over.

Recital, gig, live performance.

Blinking one eye.

Jack Horner put his thumb into one.

US cattle farmer.

Deposit children at school.

Pizza shop or game with spots.

French car maker with a lion logo.

Russian ground troops.


80s film with Harrison Ford hiding in Amish land.

Star of "Xena: Warrior Princess": Lucy __.

Prehistoric male.

Pets small enough to sit on you.

Gods or goddesses.

Jewish language.

Puzzle 17

Harming or ruining.

Office tools for fastening paperwork with metal.

Disposable battery with zinc and manganese dioxide.

Ring-shaped cereal made with whole wheat.

__ Grimm, German sibling compilers of fairy tales.

Foo __, Dave Grohl formed this band after Nirvana.

Fabric or cloth.

Repeat French vacation island in the Pacific Ocean.

News __, summary broadcast of the news.

Continuously, regularly.

Puzzle 18

The Titanic met one.

To reduce the price of something.

Horror figures that dance in MJ's Thriller video.

Arranging washed clothes neatly in a pile.

Danced on the walls and ceiling: Fred __.

A gannet, shearwater or petrel, for example.

A large goblet is also called a __.

Sprinting, jogging fast.

Italian Arborio rice dish.

Signs in to a job or club.

Committed to paper.

72 inches.

Made braids of locks.

Catholic chapel for private devotion.

Puzzle 19

Unwanted item that's not worth the cost: white __.

Rotating joint between your arm and your neck.

Removing rubbish bag from the bin.


Book of Records or a popular Irish brew.

Invited someone into your home.

__ dog, upside-down yoga position to stretch out.

Large fluffy hat worn by ceremonial soldiers.

Overnight trains with beds.

Carnival ride.

Follower of Jesus, one of 12.

Puzzle 20

What brides walk down in church.

Lose the __ but win the war; suffer a setback.

Weeping, sobbing.

TV show about the Ewings and Southfork Ranch.

Ate less.

Ready __ One by Ernest Cline.

A public figure, known to the masses.

Fluffy-looking sources of precipitation.

Accumulates and stores.

Provided education.

Sachet with leaves, for a hot mug with added milk.

__ Crisp, sweet biscuit breakfast cereal.

Facing toward the centre.

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