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Morning Treats PackMorning Treats

Here are the answers to CodyCross Morning Treats Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Retailer selling fresh morning croissants, etc.

Gizmo, doo-dad.

Mask tucked above a seat; what humans breathe.

Light Chinese breakfast and lunch dishes.

Close to here.

Calvin and __, comic inspired by philosophers.

Cutting the grass with a garden machine.

Identical twin sister of Mary-Kate Olsen.

Found at celebrations like Mardi Gras, with floats.

Dead animal or person brought back to life.

Episode I of the Star Wars films, The Phantom __.

Fast-flying birds that live up to their name.

Puzzle 2

Cross worn by Madonna on necklaces.

Small, sweet orange, its segments are often canned.

Knotted baked pastries.

Proof police look for.

Like climate just north and south of the equator.

Abdominal exercises.

Circus high-wire gymnasts and tumblers.

Large Australian marsupial.

Middle Ages, a time of knights and maidens.

All space, planets, stars and galaxies.


Puzzle 3

Hand-shaped rings of dough, boiled then baked.

Fibrous body parts that send the brain messages.

Thin, French-style pancakes with various fillings.

Playground ride that works on a pivot.

__, tailor, soldier, sailor.

Icy weather; snowman from a song.

Comic book hero who battles the Joker.

Style of music associated with the Supremes.

Louisa May, American author of Little Women.

A group of kittens.

Soda __, bottle used to make fizzy water.

Like loose shoelaces.

Archimedes' exclamation and motto of California.

Puzzle 4

Small headphones that fit in the hearing organ.

Fluffy French-style buttery bread.

Symphony, Peter and __ by Prokofiev.

Type of stones that gather no moss.

Costumed characters bringing luck to sports teams.

Ocean on which California has its coast.

__ mail, sent by sea or land rather than by air.

Walks with a limp.

Creamy filling for a doughnut or pastry.

They assemble in covens.

Soldier who used to serve.

Animal group some confuse with amphibians.

Puzzle 5

A ranked arrangement by order of importance.

Small dark purple fruit, eaten with pancakes.

Maid Marian's partner in good crimes.

Fish species widely asssociated with Nemo.

Food __, used to blend in the kitchen.

Short snack break taken late morning.

Wonderland tea party guest often thought mad.

Take __, be brave, dive headfirst into something.

Red-brown great ape found in Indonesia.

South Pacific area, includes Tonga and Hawaii.

Puzzle 6

Tactical move of surrendering a chess piece.

X-Man known by the alias Logan.

Tiny superfood sprinkled on cereals or yogurt.

US Midwest state known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Stores that sell novels.

Beautiful, magnificent; song What A __ World.

Breaks in bones.

Fluffy, sugary, fresh-baked ring-shaped treats.

A drinks occasion for getting to know people.

Egyptian queen who fell for two Romans.

Puzzle 7

French tart made with eggs, cheese and meat.

Muhammad Ali is famous for this sport.

Shakespeare was a master of these 14 lines.

Remote-controlled flying robots.

Sworn enemies.

River on which London stands.

Horizontal surfaces to walk on.

Soft and fluffy wool hat.

Scottish actor Butler, star of Olympus Has Fallen.

Country singer Dolly, known for Jolene.

Oaty breakfast dish with fruit, honey or nuts.

Spongebob drew his evil twin, __bob.

Butternut is a type of this pumpkin-like veggie.

Puzzle 8

Cleaning teeth.

The __ is always right.

Red salad items used to make a breakfast juice.

Assignments, business tasks.

Photo-sharing app whose logo is a ghost.

__ cops, incompetent police from silent film.

Strip of hair that grows above the lip.

Logs and kindling for the hearth.

Above ground signs of underground insects.

Take away, in mathematics.

Cloth banner made from weaved textiles.

Dry biscuits eaten with cheese.

Puzzle 9

Reduces the tightness of a knot.

Thursday's child has __.

Wear them round your neck in the winter for warmth.

Typical showers experienced in December, January.

Birds that are believed to steal sparkly items.

French __, cafetières for fresh morning coffee.

Band responsible for Slippery When Wet album.

Software programs that attack your computer.

Pale orange stone fruit, a cereal bar ingredient.

Classic horror film about a vampire.

Household appliance preserves food at minus temps.

Puzzle 10

Meal that the Mad Hatter held.

Collector's items bought and sold by dealers.

Downy covering for birds; perhaps a pillow filling.

Gooey chocolate squares as a mid-morning snack.

US name for what Brits call aubergine.

Ancient Egyptian structures used as tombs.

Bushy boundary between countryside fields.

Place where country foods are sold to the public.

Three-wheeled toy for toddlers.

Sliced bread snack with a tasty filling.

This Ian played Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings.

Puzzle 11

Striped horse-like mammals of the Africa plains.

Breakfast oats brand with religious man logo.

It's covered in receptor cells called taste buds.

Country in which Nice and Lyon are located.

A decorative metal band worn around the wrist.

2019 superhero movie starring Zachary Levi.

One who belongs to a club.

Breakfast fruits, including oranges and grapefruit.

Jiggery- __ describes underhand behavior.

President who paired up with Michelle Obama.

Obstacle one needs to jump over in a foot race.

Puzzle 12

Brand of cereals and milkshakes with Bunny mascot.

Fred __, dancefloor partner of Ginger Rogers.

Container or pot used to grow flowers.

A term for the prize in many lotteries.

Pedal-powered buggies found at theme parks.

Hairy-shelled tropical fruit in cereal bars.

Oprah who is a former talk show queen.

Eight-armed sea creature.

Type of windstorm that creates a funnel.

Democratic Repubic established by Ho Chi Minh.

Pattern with holes used for painting.

Cute word for a fluffy puppy or kitten.

Vegetable used to make Cinderella's coach.

They cushion a train at the end of the line.

3D __ make an image pop out of cinema screen.

Puzzle 13

Hinged blades used to cut paper, fabric etc..

Giant, heavy rocks on a mountain path.

Let the cat out __, give away a secret.

Gushing with praise.

The K in KFC.

Santa has nine of them pulling his sleigh.

Repetition of a phrase, say at a football match.

Italian pork belly bacon fried for breakfast.

Substance or preparation used to treat a disease.

Jamaican seafood breakfast, eaten with ackee.

Fragrant herb with pale purple flowers.

__ and entering, forcing entry to a property.

Puzzle 14

Loudly, opposite of quietly.

Fried chickpea patties in a Middle East breakfast.

Another name for defendant in a trial.

Former playthings chain with giraffe branding.

Cristiano who is a legendary pro soccer player.

European country associated with sweet waffles.

Large expanses of arid, often hot, landscape.

Plastic drape for hanging around a shower or bath.

The Wedding __, 2001 Jennifer Lopez romcom.

Annoying roommate in The Big Bang Theory.

Gentle song sung to make a baby sleepy.

Nationality of Boris Yeltsin.

Largest living flightless bird as of 2021.

Science __, literary genre aka Sci-fi.

Say something under someone's social media pic.

Puzzle 15

People from Quebec are __ by nationality.

Continent to which koalas are native.

Superhero was bitten by a radioactive arachnid.

Italian fruit-filled sweet bread.

Headset for listening to audio files and music.

A person who mixes and serves drinks.

Metal charms that ring when moving in the breeze.

UK Prime Minister in the early 2000s.

The boy who __; pretended one too many times.

Thick dairy drink, maybe blended with ice cream.

Puzzle 16

Month when Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US.

Italian white bread, made with added olive oil.

__ stones, rocky path across a river.

Yellow, fluffy baby bird that swims.

French stick with crispy crust eaten at breakfast.

Reimbursed monies that employees spend on work.

Polite expression of gratitude.

Paper to enclose presents in.

Toenail pampering.

__ choice, test with several answer options.

Puzzle 17

Coffee drink made with steamed milk.

Daily publication, The Washington Post, The Times.

Tiny black speck on a breakfast bagel.

Swedish capital, built across 14 islands.

Energy sources that do not expire, e.g. wind power.

1999 cyber action film starring Keanu Reeves.

Jamaican sprinter with lightning celebration.

Grass cutter that could have a motor.

Active during night-time hours.

__ Layton; a mystery-solving video game character.

Puzzle 18

Hot flame burner used in welding.

Six-faced lump added to sweeten tea or coffee.

Dangerously loud.

Sports equipment that can be woods or irons.

It catches the worm.

Place where tourists splash and slide.

Beaten eggs, cooked with milk and butter.

Pixar is a major studio of this artform.

Might describe lights, smiles, eyes.

Russia's longest ruling and greatest empress.

Lennon's songwriting partner.

Puzzle 19

Choux pastry snack filled with whipped cream.

The indentation on the underside of the shoulder.

Where a plane lands.

Take out policy to cover against fire, theft.

Ancient manuscript on a long, coiled paper.

Spanish fried pastry eaten with hot chocolate.

The words of a song.

Object that attracts ferrous metal.

__ me not, blue flower you'll always remember.

Use an electric one for removing body hair.

Total Eclipse of the Heart singer Tyler.

Second book of the Old Testament.

Surname of legendary Hollywood filmmaker Orson.

Forerunner to the U.N., __ of Nations.

Puzzle 20

Closing one eye then quickly opening it again.

Comedians told jokes and the audience did this.

Wooden structures to house bunnies.

Hannah and Her __, classic 1986 romantic comedy.

Sweet sauce or topping made by heating sugar.

It usually follows the lightning.

Ponte Vecchio and Si-o-se Pol, for example.

Relating to a hospital or doctor.

Sonny __ who sang I Got You Babe.

Great Expectations and Oliver Twist author Charles.

Indentations on the surface of the Moon.

First name of US abstract artist Pollock.

__ shake, meal replacement drunk after exercise.

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