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Here are the answers to CodyCross Movie Props Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Italian term for cooked in the oven.

Jackets worn by the T-Birds in Grease.

Device that allows individuals to select songs.

Giant frozen mass recreated in Titanic movies.

Sparkle or glisten, like with make-up effects.

Type of fitness needed for cardio exercise.

Message on bottle that Alice takes to get smaller.

Chilean President ousted in 1973.

Kingdom that had four kings named Nebuchadnezzar.

Puzzle 2

Ruby __; Dorothy's eye-catching scarlet footwear.

Singing of a bird; anagram of brawling.

Swollen, puffed up.

Artificial wintry flakes.

Holiness, sacredness, blessedness.

Metallic element used in jewelry and electronics.

__ Hat, Alberta town on the Canadian-Pacific route.

To demonstrate strength and influence.

Mediterranean liquid fat used in cooking.

Strong timber, such as oak, mahogany or cherry.

Lightweight metal kitchen strainer.

Puzzle 3

Main ingredient in coleslaw.

Transporting device in The Fly.

Endurance, the ability to keep on going.

Thai city the Chayo Phraya River flows through.

John Lennon's second spouse.

Several of the undead.

Aged, got wiser.

Peloton member.

1/1000 of a billion.

__ Lee; The Dukes of Hazzard's Dodge Charger.

Water storage tank for a flushing toilet.

Gruesome __; rhyming phrase for a couple.

Puzzle 4

Huge, massive.

Fortified white wine made by Cinzano.

Michael __, he grew whiskers on his chinnigan.

Weapon used by Bruce Wayne's superhero alter ego.

Trade, business market.

Eight of them make a mile in horse races.

Azure wildflower.

Doc Brown's car for trips back to the future.

Tall, multi-story apartment buildings in cities.

Way to address supreme religious leaders.

Puzzle 5

Shortening a text.

Monks famous for beer.

Cassette used to entice victims in The Ring.

Take a vehicle out to assess whether to buy.

A wayward tee shot is not true and __.

Abolishing or canceling a law or policy.

Pen with a rolling tip.

Helplessly, worthlessly.

High-tech underwater car in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Protuberences on a giraffe's head.

Puzzle 6

2015 hit for The Weeknd, Can't Feel __.

Hogwarts gamekeeper.

Pay a debt or square an account.

Small horses, e.g. Exmoor, Dartmoor and Shetland.

Conventional, pompous, narrow-minded.

Hanging decoration in art.

__ entry, breaking into a building illegally.

Encourage, trigger.

Flower parts in American Beauty bathtub scene.

People who are part of the rich class.

Chews or munches food noisily.

__ basil, colorful variant with liquorice aromas.

Dennis __, NBA star and friend to North Korea.

Low beds, Japanese mattresses near the floor.

Robbie in Forbidden Planet and EVE in Wall-E.

Rushing noise of water; anagram of Oh show.

Puzzle 7

A sneak attack.

Online chat and discussion sites.

Antonín __, Czech composer of Slavonic Dances.

Pour wine from one bottle to another.

Column for notes at the left side of ruled paper.

Zany, impossible to take seriously.

Bright distress signals let off in Titanic movie.

Extra wood slabs used to expand a table's surface.

__ thrush; larger relative of the song thrush.

Reese's __; chocolate beans used to tempt E.T..

Feline crime boss in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Mount __; New Zealand's second-highest peak.

Puzzle 8

Low Countries nation famous for chocolate.

A sharp turn.

Religious story with a moral.

Slang for black eyes.

Fidgeted or tampered with something.

Sticky stuff, comes out of plants with branches.

Planned, schemed; added points to a graph.

Rocket-belt flight device in Thunderball.

Not succeeding.

Spanish word for jewelry store.

Plaits two ropes into one.

Limb-shaped light in A Christmas Story.

Umbrella sunshade.

Treacherous mammals.

Puzzle 9

Spa treatment on the cheeks, chin, head.

Bathroom fixture in famous Psycho scene.

Mythological goddess of the fireplace.

Public uproar.

Soft and sugary almond confectionery from France.

Tall, treelike grass used as a cotton substitute.

The Mafia's code of silence.

Fake bullets, fired by harmless firearms.

Belly buttons.

Keys, who sang Empire State of Mind with Jay-Z.

Moving strip on a TV screen with latest news.

Green flash brand of tennis footwear.

Buckingham, Pitti, or Versailles.

Fictional character in Don Quixote: __ Panza.

Stand-in for a young or unfit monarch.

Puzzle 10

A photograph or painting of the natural horizon.

Dairy substitute for vegans.

Sculpted figurine, e.g. the Maltese Falcon.

An unknown, a nobody.

Combination of two vowel sounds.

Revolving watering spray for lawns.

__ Rose; flower in Beauty and the Beast.

French dance done in a square formation.

Not invest enough money in something.

Crowd-sourced online encyclopedia.

Puzzle 11

Decoratively shaped dairy spread served with bread.

Statistical bar graph of a frequency distribution.

Lightweight timber used for making models.

The seaweed of the Sargasso Sea.

Key Performance __, KPI; benchmark for businesses.

Extremely narrow slices of meat, for example.

Conclusion of the plot in a mystery film or novel.

Grossed out; turned off.

Raquel Welch's two-piece in One Million Years BC.

Left or right-sided defenders.

To get a move on; anagram of shake teams.

Puzzle 12

Inflatable plane-flying assistant in Airplane.

Old term for a thief who goes after pedestrians.

Count among.

Cake competition, or TV cake-making show.

Is This the World We __? ask Queen.

Bungled, mishandled.

Fishing boat, often followed by seagulls.

Dear Sir __; formal opening to a letter.

Creating a subject group of accounts on Twitter.

Scientists' white garments, worn by Dr Dolittle.

Advice for someone with ambition.

Puzzle 13

Evangelist minister who delivers sermons.

Realistic, authentic.

An animal that hunts other animals instinctively.

Person from whom you are descended.

A headscarf worn by Russian women.

Where you catch your flight; coming to an end.

Haunted pop-up toy in The Conjuring horror flick.

Spain's third-largest city and Mediterranean port.

To play a song to woo your beloved.

Direction of winds from the US to Europe.

Lexicographer of 19th-century French dictionary.

Puzzle 14

Cartoon horse Quick Draw __.

Wall-mounted electric power point.

Percy Jackson's magical golden ram's coat.

Dramatic food process using ignited spirit.

Of the two, the last one.

Running shoes with pins on the soles.

Upward journey.

Machines used to blend doughs and batters.

Treated cruelly, physically or emotionally.

__ Knight, she and Elton John sang Go On and On.

Knife, sword, nunchaku.

__ & Herzegovina, two country state in the Balkans.

Mark Twain character Tom.

Beg on one's knees.

Small woody plants, thickets.

Pivoting underwater blade that steers a boat.

Puzzle 15

Fast food-shaped telephone in Juno.

When ovaries stop making the hormone estrogen.

__ spared; money no object, cost is not an issue.

Member of denomination from Wesleyan revival.

Not clear or explained.

Noises made walking through mud.

Wig, toupee.

A social media app based in the sharing of images.

Flowery adhesive sheet, hung in a house.

Cocktail of tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur.

Michael Jackson's environmentally conscious hit.

Puzzle 16

Backpacks in Europe.

Overly sensitive person who falls from the sky?.

John and Tom Fogerty's band __ Clearwater Revival.

Video-making device carried on holiday by Mr Bean.

Level of hazard or danger.

Jesus had twelve of these, also called apostles.

Operating costs of a business.

A young (colorful) male who can do no wrong.

HBO series about robots in a theme park.

The Witch's sand timer in The Wizard of Oz.

Puzzle 17

First appearances.

Aston __; James Bond's bulletproof motor.

Cold cereal of rolled oats, nuts and seeds.

__-Dazs, brand that produces ice cream.

Annie __, sharp-shooter in Buffalo Bill's show.

French designer who began her career in hatmaking.

Making a high-pitched cry like a kitten.

Narrow fragments of broken glass.

Poems, limericks.

Forces out.

Lullaby composer, Johannes __.

Mars' supposed surface features.

New Zealand city known for art deco architecture.

Magical reflector in Snow White and The Huntsman.

Puzzle 18

Rock with volcanic properties.

Wriggling one's way out of a situation.

Floating wreckage.

Expertly, capably.

Cup matches played again in the event of a draw.

Mythical origami creature in Blade Runner.

__ Without Borders, Swiss medical non-profit.

__ Dynasty; last ruling house of Iran, 1925-79.

Less seasoned, less tasty.

Hook of __, ferry port for the city of Rotterdam.

Leon Uris book about the history of Ireland.

Used to imitate horse sounds in Monty Python film.

Washing-machine setting for extra immersion.

Puzzle 19

Number of workers, recruitment.

Black slab in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Maligned rudely.

Coarse flour made from dried maize.

Hunter S. Thompson wrote of fear and this.

Resignation, a belief in what will be will be.

Strike up a friendship with someone (3 words).

Kings of the Wild __, Adam & the Ants album.

Netted frame defended by the keeper in soccer.

Rain parasol prop in Singin' in the Rain.

Gave in, became less strict.

Puzzle 20

Strings tied to the ground that keep a tent erect.

Backed someone into a tight spot.

Metal prongs to pull hairs and splinters.

Fresh fruit sauces.

The Island of __, book by H G Wells.

Giant river snake in 1997 Jon Voight film.

Private, sheltered, off the beaten track.

Fine words butter no __, or flattery doesn't win.

English monarch, the brother of King Richard.

Stage of caterpillar development from a larva.

Riding without turning the pedals on a bike.

Twig symbols in The Blair Witch Project.

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