CodyCross Music Festivals Pack answers

Music Festivals PackMusic Festivals

Here are the answers to CodyCross Music Festivals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Blacksmith's heavy tools.

Players find this from unplayable lies.

Powerful southern German duchy in the Middle Ages.

Short bursts of energy.

Vilar de __; Portugal's oldest rock festival.

The smartest Smurf.

The second S in KISS, "keep it simple, __".

Cause a wound.

Russia's highest-profile jazz music festival.

Shine brightly, like a car headlamp.

On the __, sparkly partying.

Fiber of the palm tree used to make mats, baskets.

Formal and dignified.

Town, a center of perfumery industry in S E France.

The second brown avenue in Monopoly's US version.

Nabokov's little girl.

It is living in the woods.

Big Mac ingredient, __ seed buns.

Deadpool, Transformers actor, T.J. __.

Puzzle 2

BRS is the code for this airport.

He always rings twice.

Large Indian brackish lake near the Bay of Bengal.

Guitarist whose real name is David Howell Evans.

The whole nine yards.

Healing plant with hairy leaves used topically.

Faye __, Thomas Crown Affair actress.

They are good friends.

Bo and Luke's car.

Protective headwear for builder.

Vented anger at a person.

She was beer maker.

Grunge wardrobe special.

Festival __; 2003 film with music festival footage.

__ Night, January 5 or 6 Christian festival.

Lear's cruel daughter.

Hipster festival held each summer in Istanbul.

Area of England where the Vikings settled.

Don't monkey around with this ape.

Puzzle 3

Artist constellation.

Break new ground.

French open-air hard rock and heavy metal event.

Where one finds a roundhouse.

WWII novel and film: "The Guns of __".

Bedroom footwear.

Splattered or sprayed with liquid.

Peeling pecans.

Tree covers.

What the C is for in the medical term CAD or CHD.

Celebration of New Orleans and Louisiana music.

Irish county, on the border with Northern Ireland.

Puzzle 4

This dog is no sausage.

Elite benefit.

Franklin warns "waste nothing" with this virtue.

Reality TV show about Harrison family business.

Large outdoor music event sponsored by Virgin.

Chicago's three-day Latin American music event.

Fourth most populous nation in the world.

Accumulations of beach matter.

Almost or nearly.

Fixes a tennis racket.

One that blows strong, in the UK.

Puzzle 5

Where a realtor leaves the keys.

Australia Day rock music festival of the 1970s.

Back of the coin; tails.

Mainstream source of Amazon near Lima.

Long-haired believers in peace and love.

Point at which heat gains are equal to heat losses.

The passenger seat.

Tiny citrus famous for pie.

Jean-Antoine __, French Rococo artist of Gilles.

Allocating of lots by Roman soldiers.

Puzzle 6

Refuse to buy.

Dark red.

Yellow, leavened round bread from Turkey.

Nuclear reaction.

Sofia who plays Gloria in Modern Family.

Born before the due date.

Uncultivated canine.

Someone who is considered undesirable company.

Washington site of Bumbershoot music festival.

Mr. Peabody's child companion.

Crowd __; being passed overhead in a concert crowd.

Island, most populous British Overseas Territory.

Puzzle 7

Behind the scenes area of a concert or festival.

Comprised of fat; obesity.

Dine and dash, in the UK.

Food rich in sugar (not animal flesh!).

Salem's historic fame.

House music festival held in Tisno, Croatia.

Nickname given to the Indianapolis racing circuit.

Political novel of 1844 by British PM Disraeli.

Over-complicated process, palaver.

Long, drawn-out bark.

Painter Giovanni Antonio Canal: better known as __.

Siege weapon.

Maker of saddles, harnesses of white leather.

Flashiest, most stylish or expensive.

US state known as the Badger State.

Soon, after a short time.

Puzzle 8

Setting the angle of a sail relative to the wind.

Second name of Norm from the sitcom Cheers.

Long-running Serbian festival for young rockers.

Affection and love for someone.

Empty, deserted and alone.

Joy to __, carol.

Will-o'-the-wisp explanation.

Rhyming music festival held in Dorset, UK.

Arising later, subsequent, after.

B of the Bang inspired by sprinter Linford __.

Hitting off the rail, in pool.

Gentle persuasive advertising.

Areas of the oceans where ships become calm.

The answer to a problem.

This marine mollusc carries its home on its back.

Paper label with fiber instructions for knitting.

The candy bar, not the slugger.

Kafka's story of protagonist Josef K.

Diced onions-carrots-celery mixture added to stock.

Opening a safe illegally.

__ O'Rourke, movie changed US film contracts.

Puzzle 9

Four strikes in a row, four __.

Welsh poet whose home is now a museum: Dylan __.

Narrow strip.

Biting insect that irritates livestock.

International jazz festival in southern France.

Clarity of mind.

To fool with.

Essex New Town, on the M11 motorway.

A series of arches.

Rock __; German festival held at a racing circuit.

Salt-cured lunch meat, __ beef.

1944 biopic of World War I US president.

Puzzle 10

Smallest country in area in mainland Africa.

Emma Thompson's Oscar win for adapting this author.

Houston's baseball team.


Christmas carol, __ night.

Coauthor of The Communist Manifesto: Friedrich __.

Open-air festival, to the north of Hamburg.

This French sheepdog was a WWI worker.


First British poet laureate: John __.

The __ of Arconville, by Theodore Robinson.

Written by hand.

Packed tightly in.

Gentleman's __, anchovy-flavored paste.

__ Farm; muddy location of Glastonbury Festival.

"We are not __" said Queen Victoria, apparently.

Puzzle 11

Nordic venue of urban music Flow Festival.

Lord Montagu's traditional jazz festival.

Bill __, 1950s Serbian ancestry racing driver.

Who Georgie Porgie kissed.

Prehistoric Transformers.

Turning into a god.

Rare metal element W used in light bulb filaments.

Prison in Dublin, Ireland.

Lord of __, musical by Michael Flatley.

Pale yellow spring flower that grows in woodlands.

Light reaching film.

Puzzle 12

Lower the status of something.

Immediately to the south of the North Polar region.

Additional period of play at the end of a match.

Drew out, extricated.

When it's a sure thing, one is in __.

A sign of the times.

Smooth talking Cosby Kid.

Venue of Spain's Benicàssim festival.

Salami type popular on pizza.

NXNE; North by __; top Toronto music festival.

Puzzle 13

Hungarian Woodstock-style music festival.

The water feature upon which Venice was built.

Dana __ SNL alumnus was Garth in Wayne's World.

Keyboard key activated with num lock and 9.

Slang term for stomach ache.

Cornish name for Cornwall.

Author of the novel "This Could Hurt": Jillian __.

A seabird related to the shearwater.

__ Picnic; Moscow open-air festival held each July.

Surname of The Simpsons mayor.

Male feline.

Crown __, the valuable symbols of a monarchy.

Walk unsteadily.

Puzzle 14

Island claimed by both the US and Haiti.

Flashy fishing lure.

Sweet Danish cow's milk cheese with numerous eyes.

Men's military hairstyle.

Calling a number, in the past.

He's with Hamlet at Yorick's grave.

Carlos __; performed Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock.

Newspaper feature.

__ Man, Nevada's fiery community festival.

These count in golf.

Puzzle 15

Long ridges of glacial deposits.

Athletic competitions.

__ power; slogan of hippies at Woodstock.

Bob __ organized Live Aid and Live 8 concerts.

Not important who.

Hans Christian Andersen was born there.

Numeroff's If You Give a Mouse a __ is sweet.

Fort __ saw the first shots of the US Civil War.

Wool embroidery yarn.

Location of Devil's Island prison, French __.

A delicious meal is __ lickin' good.

Trendy area of East London and "Fin" hairstyle.

First name of Harry's bride Meghan Markle.

During Lent, people __ something (two words).

Kindly or harmless; non-cancerous in medical terms.

Of the times.

Another name for a banded anteater.

Oily, fatty.

Get rid of especially with investments.

Puzzle 16

Ticket giving exclusive access to backstage areas.

Knightsbridge, London top designer clothing store.

The edge of the world.

Homilophobia is the fear of these.

This Muppet detective is sheepish.

The starry canopy.

Amazon tributary with the name of a red wine.

Pull-down car seat feature.

Thickened, opaque paint that comes in tubes.

Author of "The Black Velvet Gown": Catherine __.

Bubble gum with a message.

Medicine vessel.

1971 Aussie festival headlined by Black Sabbath.

This grasshopper has done it.

Puzzle 17

Tree decor.

Wilder's Little House in the __ was a huge hit.

It follows firstly.

City location of Africa's largest jazz festival.

Actor, Supporting Oscar winner for Goodfellas.

Canadian city, host of largest jazz festival.

Festive egg filler.

Jughead's real name.

Disorder known as osteophyte, growth on the spine.

Bo and Luke's nemesis.

Fluted tin for cake-making.

US Marine motto.

Shia sect found in Syria.

This cuban breed sticks to its owner like velcro.

The act of being humble.

Italian island.

Rower with 5 Olympic golds and a knighthood.

Small, slight, unimportant.

Third Roman Emperor, also known as Gaius.

Puzzle 18

Brazilian music festival, named after metropolis.

Don't throw stones at this amphibian.

Sun breeze.

Passing on power to a lower level.

Not having kids.

Willem __, created a series of works named Woman.

Music festival, originating in Perth, Australia.

To cut off.

Winner of eight Academy Awards for Costume Design.

European city and anagram of "real bacon".

Baum's 1900 fantasy The __ Wizard of Oz is great.

Extra revenue minus costs, e.g. not gross earnings.

A gold prospector.

Two-stringed flying toy.

Telling the future by examining lines on the hands.

Puzzle 19

Personify something.

__ toe, foot condition caused by constriction.

In Mexico they are called sereque.

To make metal or glass softer by heating.

Rubble, detritus.

Music festival performance areas.

Somerset location of Glastonbury festival.

New France colony in N. America founded in 1604.

This ffffruity company put their label on bananas.

New Orleans NFL team.

What something is in when it's secured.

Minié took a shot with this invention.

Attempts to fix, but not expertly so.

Rania al __; wed Prince Abdullah of Jordan in 1993.

Puzzle 20

92-day season.

Foot care brand for aids and orthotics.

Intake __, chamber to allow airflow in a car motor.

This beer won't carry your bags.

State capital of Alaska.

To utter words under one's breath.

With great wisdom, perceptively.

German city that hosts Lollapalooza spin-off event.

Attacked, wrestled.

__ Nureyev, Russian ballet dancer.

Long bars on a pivot, used to drive a train.

__ Beeblebrox, two-headed Hitchhiker's character.

Velvet-like leather.

Finland's currency before the euro.

Steep rock faces.

One of Ireland's largest music festivals.

Gamebird family that includes the capercaillie.

Gold fineness.

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