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Here are the answers to CodyCross Music Genres Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Hits or slaps with an open hand.

Folk music from Scotland and Ireland in particular.

The part of the eye that is photosensitive.

Country that is home to the island of Samothrace.

Prince of __, game franchise turned into a movie.

__ table; furniture for communal eating.

Sharpened edges on figure skates.

Vase maker.

You can eat it.

Famous Copenhagen amusement park: __ Gardens.

Tubes fed into an artery, used in heart surgery.

Music performed by choirs.

Largest monkey, with hairless, red rear end.

One half of Spock's species.

Liaison between customer and carrier.

Puzzle 2

UK electronic dance music has prominent bass lines.

__ bullet; do something you've been putting off.

Eerie, an unlikely coincidence.

Up-tempo music from Trinidad like a spicy relish.

The __ Falcon, detective movie with Bogart.

Corridor in a building, connects rooms.

Greek goddess of hunting and the wilderness.

She runs the place.

Passport __, where travel documents are checked.

Jack __, Beat author of On the Road.

English Channel tunnel.

Noxious substance that might make you cry.

Indications of location, or indelible felt pens.

Puzzle 3

Commuter's crowded time.

Usually taken after meals.

Leader of the Free French forces in WWII.

Background bland/innocuous music when in a lift.

Baltimore is the biggest city in this US state.

Plotting slyly.

Inglourious __, Tarantino's Hitler-hunting film.

Marching band music from the armed forces.

An actor's relish.

Top edge of a garment, near the head/shoulders.

Puzzle 4

Sweet peak overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Ready-made not tailor-made clothes.

Actors Lionel, John, Ethel and Drew.

German experimental avant-garde music genre.

Yearning, sentimental music about unrequited love.

Enforced walk with threat (for an amphibian maybe).

It's wise to avoid this reptile's snapping jaws.

Lawn mowers.

Advent __ have doors 1 to 24.

Where roses nap.

Singin' in the Rain star.

Emergency vehicle for putting out conflagrations.

Place for arranging your dusty old tomes.


Puzzle 5


Folk hero Robin Hood's love interest: Maid __.

__ boats, traditional Greek festive decoration.

German operatic composer of Die Walküre.

Prêt-à-__, ready-to-wear clothing.

Loan to delay payment of an invoice.

The smartest teeth.

1st James Bond novel, published in 1953: __ Royale.

En __, or tip toes.

__ rock, romantic reggae: Janet Kay and The Clash.

Fine meshes used for getting lumps out of flour.

NY-born music featuring scratching and break-dance.

French term meaning regional dialect.

Cloud of interstellar dust.

Hand tool for gouging and shaping wood.

Ganges, Thames, and Loire, for example.

Puzzle 6

Photography using pixels, not film.

A ritual form of public worship.

Mental images of wondrous places, people, ideas.

Made up your mind, determined, unwavering.

Recovering, getting better.

Identifying label.

Syncopated music associated with Scott Joplin.

Birds in the hood.

Transylvania is in this country.

Looks like fruit pie, but filled with egg cream.

Mary, writer of Frankenstein.

Green symbol that shows when a website is secure.

Standing __, approving applause.

Musician who went to the underworld for his wife.

Sport having a perfect score of 300.

Tied cloth headgear.

A meaningful or traditional saying.

Beams of light that penetrate through the clouds.

Puzzle 7

Primary city for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Louisiana hot sauce popular worldwide.

Organization, business.

Japanese "empty orchestra" singing contest.

Weekly __, organizer for the week ahead.

Shorter work of fiction, but longer than an essay.

Went red with embarrassment.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

For washing your tresses.

First name of Dr House, of the eponymous show.

__ quo, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Puzzle 8

__ sound, 60s music e.g. Beatles/Pacemakers.

Valuable dental replacement.

Payment for entering.

Ecclesiastical friend of Robin Hood.

Jon Hamm's alter ego in Mad Men.

Up-tempo music genre linked to swing and jitterbug.

Metal fasteners for shirt sleeves.

Building manager.

The __, Mel Brooks musical about a Broadway flop.

In religion, one who disagrees over beliefs.

Huge ocean breaker, features in disaster movies.

Small and malevolent imaginary being.

A gene such as for blue rather than brown eyes.

Rotating circular platter to eat buffet foods from.

Team ball sport played in a swimming pool.

Puzzle 9

Enforced, implemented, carried out.

Describes sentimental singers like Sinatra, Crosby.

Mountain off-ground transport system.

Store in a museum or art gallery.

Call and __, conversational singing.

Large venue for dancing with sprung floor.

Liveliness, sprightliness.

Tightrope in a circus act.

Oceanographer, author, and filmaker Jacques __.

Spanish town famous for the running of the bulls.

Chewy cake made from oats.

Cleaned by using a hard brush.

Puzzle 10

Armed takeover, like of airlines in the 70s.

Caipirinha country.

Anti Oscar bad acting award.

The end of a piping bag that comes in many designs.

Irish __, hot beverage alcoholic drink.

__ rasa, a blank slate or a fresh mind or approach.

Also known as blood poisoning.

Dog tooth.

Berry Gordy's music from Motor Town.

1950-60s easy-listening music, maybe on a sofa.

Puzzle 11

Davy Jones's __, or the bottom of the sea.

Popular and expensive coin-making metal.

Lush, hypnotic, German/UK electronic music style.

Bald-headed uncle of The Addams Family.

Moscow is this country's national capital.

__ soul, lush arrangements from the Keystone state.

Take the bung out of bubbly.

Evenly __; with consistent gaps between.

Boxing weight class below Middleweight.

Nationality of the writer Goethe.

Not the past nor present.

__ cab, horse-drawn carriage with driver outside.

Roman division.

Isadora __, modern dance creator.

Puzzle 12

Done without concern for others; obvious.

Small, fenced-off area for your desk.

Stop buying from a company as punishment.

__ blues, genre of piano music from Missouri.

Hell bent on doing something at any cost.

Machine for stiffening and browning bread.

When a pregnant woman yearns to clean.

What an entomologist studies.

Street that was the center of Swinging London.

British 50s music of washboards and tea chests.

__ Decimus Meridius as played by Russell Crowe.

Layered desserts.

Belief that natural objects have a spirit.

Puzzle 13

__ soul, music by white artists like Hall & Oates.

Pressing an aerosol can.

Eternal __ of the Spotless Mind, 2004 movie.

British new wave fashion designer: Vivienne __.

Tuneful Hollywood film genre of the 40s and 50s.

Discontinued supersonic airliner.

Good things come to one __.

Blu or Red global hotel chain.

Lamborghini vehicles before manufacturing cars.


Another word for buy.

Soft drink; "One of a kind".

Puzzle 14

Funding, paying for services.

High chairs used in classy drinks establishments.

Area of raised seating above a theatre's stalls.

Fashion designer Dior's first name.

Online encyclopedia by Sanger and Wales.

Novel by Paulo Coelho about a shepherd: "The __".

Asian city-state.

Korean martial art involving high kicks.

Allied to cajun, a SE US "waterlogged" music genre.

Alabaman who refused to give up her seat.

Based on whim, random.

Canine Toy Story character.

1960s upbeat sugary pop music for pre-teens.

Describes the arrangement of parts of a wall.

Michael __, host of eponymous chat show of the 70s.

__ syndrome, the taking down of successful people.

Separating into two roads.

Drew swirly doodles.

Puzzle 15

Blending of two songs to create a new piece.

Twin to Artemis.

Coeliacs can't eat this.

__ rock, gloomy music like by The Cure, Siouxsie.

Capital of Iran.

To rise from water.

Style of clothing to be worn for a wedding/dinner.

Hat worn on Easter Sunday; in the UK, a car part.

Describes whippy action using a racket, or bowling.

To transfer data from one device to another.

Fertilizer made from animal dung.

Joseph __, author of Catch-22.

Puzzle 16

Two-wheeled self-balancing scooter.

Annual event in frequency.

Japanese martial art, means "empty hand".

Hugo __, Venezuela's president from 1999-2013.


Not having to do or pay something, e.g. tax __.

Evil wizard of Lord of the Rings.

Mechanical monster.

A deranged person.

Took in air; opposite of blew.

Outer coating of beef Wellington.

Type of music associated with Pentecostal churches.


To give in a completed assignment.

Natural liquid in the mouth.

Rowan Atkinson's naive and mute alter ego.

Foundation garment like a corset.

Puzzle 17

Lions and tigers that perform at the circus.

Copying someone's signature for fraudulent use.

Country where Aer Lingus is based.

Television schedule.

Science of living organisms.

French frozen dessert with fruit.

Fret and whimper, as children.

Asserted that something belongs to you.

Short melodies used to advertise on radio and TV.

Closest known planet to the sun.

Plush padded object ideal for the sofa or couch.

At the very end.

First actor to play James Bond in films: Sean __.

Country & __, US folk music, as sung by cowboys.

Puzzle 18

Number system that uses tens as the base.

To continue to do further research into something.

__ scene complete with crib, shepherds, wise men.


Sightless condition; blizzard.

Creator of melodies and lyrics.

Mid-70s anarchic music such as by The Sex Pistols.

The detachable bit at the top of a drinks can.

Young male pop groups.

Conspired, came to an agreement in secret.

Metal __, device to locate buried coins.

European country, capital is a girl's name.

Flag position neither up nor down.

Relating to the treatment of patients.

Battleship __, silent classic by Eisenstein.

Puzzle 19

Free rum, lime and cola from the Caribbean.

Terms taken from one language and used in another.

The end __ the means, a philosophical argument.

It is unreal.

Manufacturing, creating.

Romanov daughter, said to have escaped death.

Hobbes's epic political treatise.

Describes the appreciation of art and good taste.

Southern country/blues featured electric guitars.

Mathematical concept also known as frequency curve.

A plant that lives for several years (not annual).

The contrary of something; in another way.

Tiny strung metallic balls linked decoratively.


US state where cajun music originates.

Puzzle 20

__ music, face-to-face singing by the Inuit.

Bridal __, a gift-giving party for the bride-to-be.

Boogie-__, percussive jazz piano style.


Finally, not firstly.

Describes a perfume that is flowery.

People of high church rank.

Joins together to form one.

Sugary-covered sweet; sugared almond.

The D in VOD, entertainment when you want it.

__ of consciousness, literary technique.

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