CodyCross Musical Instruments Pack answers

Musical Instruments PackMusical Instruments

Here are the answers to CodyCross Musical Instruments Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Casa __, ceramic-decorated house by Gaudí.

Pretending to be someone else.

__ mule, Russian cocktail of vodka and ginger beer.

__ Bell, the pseudonym of Charlotte Brontë.

Large area of country land.

To leave a boat on a shore.

Eyes are the __ to the soul.


__ tuba, instrument named after German composer.

Temporarily stopped the action.

Alternate term for thyroid gland enlargement.

Religious ceremony performed in a prescribed order.

17th President of Portugal from '86-'96: Mario ___.

Bunsen __, staple science lab apparatus.

Puzzle 2

Supercilious, snobby, conceited.

Modeling clay invented by Noah and Joe McVicker.

__ Finch fictional lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Entrance into a room, holds a hinged barrier.

A __ of Dollars is a Clint Eastwood movie classic.

Italian-style dessert of flavored crush ice.

Worried or nervous.

Branch of biology that studies animals.

Anthony __, Welsh actor who played Hannibal Lecter.

Unearthed, dug out from the ground.

Advertise and increase awareness of a brand.

Cristiano __, Real Madrid, Portugal superstar.

Acupuncture uses these to prick the skin.

Puzzle 3

Total darkness or nothingness.

Cruise's Top Gun character nickname.


Being made of exact parts and facing one another.

Robust and healthy, energetic.

Nationality of the writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

Lumps of dried coffee.

Ancient Roman temple dedicated to the gods.

Four __ and a Funeral, film with Hugh Grant.

Famous beach resort town on Mexico's Pacific coast.

She played Helga Brandt in You Only Live Twice.

Shaving a sheep's wool.

Single-reed woodwind instrument with conical end.

Board game where a player can land on Chance.

Puzzle 4

Song about the day before, by The Beatles.

__ in Seattle, Ryan and Hanks play lovers.

Quality of a snake or lizard.

Thrown far and wide.

Taking layers of paint off walls.

Opinionated reviewer of paintings.

Inverted fold in a narrow skirt to allow movement.

Bond film that sounds like eight-legged sea pet.

Medical term for a bulging eyeball.

Or two weeks.

Saint, the first archbishop of Canterbury.

Government formed by more than one political party.

Norfolk explorer gives his name to Canadian city.

Puzzle 5

Follows the rules.

__ horn, larger than a clarinet, bent mouthpiece.

Members the Franciscan and Dominican orders.

Animal of the cattle group.

Unaligned eyes, medically called strabismus.

Deep serving bowl for serving soup.

Shakespeare's merchant of watery Italian city.

Store where manufacturers sell products directly.

Column to the side of text on a document page.

Carmen du __, belly-dancing Bond girl Saida.

Kuala __; Malaysian capital.

Jack the __, anonymous Victorian killer.

Bertie Wooster's manservant.

Cause to move in a circle around an axis.

Puzzle 6

Nationality of Marco Polo and Cesare Borgia.

Showing someone the way.

Camera __, an Edinburgh visitor attraction.

Machines for getting liquid out of fruit.

Showing off your muscles, making them bigger.

Military conflict.

Resentments held against someone.

Prohibition of trade with another country.

Heavy, broad-bladed knife used by butchers.

Recording with a camera.

General bodily weakness or lethargy.

Large, double-reeded wind instrument.

Puzzle 7

Blamed for a crime.


A vague idea or feeling.

Chef Giada de Laurentiis' nationality.

Dutch humanist associated with an exchange program.

Atychiphobia is fear of this.

Road truckers' communication.

Preparing luggage for a trip or holiday.

To feel embarrassed about something.

Person who breaks out of jail.

An inoculation.

Fusing two metals together using intense heat.

Harry Potter and the __ Hallows.

__ piano, standing, not a grand.

__ eye, freelance detective.

Joe __, NFL Comeback Kid.

Glasses and monocles.

Pear-shaped Renaissance stringed instrument.

Puzzle 8

Being tender and loving, showing __.

Cracked/broken like a bone.

Chemical treatment for killing insects on plants.

Reparation for sins.

Venerated, praised, considered worthy.

Turning a videotape back to the start.

People from Tallinn are __ by nationality.

Allocating a task or duty.

Attacking suddenly, without warning.

A selection of songs to be played in a set order.

Tennis player Ken Rosewall's country.

Benito __, Italian fascist leader 1922-1943.

Puzzle 9

Forcing out of an airplane.

Colorful, latex, air-filled decorations.

Driving too fast.

Nationality of Usain Bolt and Grace Jones.

Working dough with hands.

Left, exited.

Agreed officially.

A person who has recently arrived in a place.

Boarded a ship.

Marking permanently on the skin.

Japanese term for aviation suicide attacks.

Shoe menders.

Instrument family including clarinet, oboe.

Disease transmitted from animals to humans.

A certain feline who hates Mondays.

Biggest soccer tournament held every 4 years.

Gave money back for a returned item.

Two __ indicate you are a clumsy dancer.

Fiction writer.

Puzzle 10

Antelope or Chevy car model.

Medium-sized string instruments larger than violas.

Bram __, Irish writer of Dracula.

__ Doodle Dandy, a 1940s musical with James Cagney.

Out of focus.

Person who speaks a foreign language perfectly.

Colloquial term for bet-taker.

The season of snowdrops and daffodils.

Primary river running through London.

Cooked in bubbling hot water.

Patron saint of Scotland.

The love of Miss Piggy's life.

Puzzle 11

Things of value to a company.

Shakespeare's Prince of Denmark.

Pierce with a sharp item, like falling on a fence.

Followed the rules.

Religious reformer Luther's forename.

Boy brought up by wolves in a book by Kipling.

In Indian religions, a place for religious retreat.

Three-legged base.

The A in military term AWOL.

Strong expression of public disapproval.

Someone who fuses metals for a living.

A solid vow or promise.

Puzzle 12

Rome is known romantically as the __ city.

Wearing away gradually.

Quick personal body search.

Extremely angry, furious.

Allocates a task.

Past the planned or expected date.

__ non grata, unwelcome guest.

Medical term for teeth grinding.

Remorseful, apologetic, regretful.

Detective Poirot's forename.

Disarmed, made safe.

A Helium-inflated party decoration.

Fall at high speed.

Batten down the __, prepare for a storm.

Stone pillar, typically with pyramid on top.

Puzzle 13

As __ as a mule.

Cleaning an open wound.

Wrote another way, edited.

Nice, pleasing, something that makes you happy.

Technology applied to aircraft.

Long TV program to raise money for charity.

Uncertain, unsure.

Belgian town, Napoleon's decisive 1815 battle site.

Second-largest of the Mediterranean islands.

Geometric percussion instrument.

Romeo's family name in the Shakespeare tale.

Last drink of the evening.

Ape who carried Fay Wray up the Empire State.

Monotone plastic horn, blown at sports games.

Setting alight.

These huge birds are scavengers.

Low walls at roof height.

City where the Bardini Museum is located.

Puzzle 14

A flight leaving; the act of leaving.

Product __, surreptitiously advertising brands.

Pulse, cardiac rhythm.

Eight-sided shapes.

Sorrow, but not feeling remorse for a sin.

Arranging and storing documents in boxes.

Female sponsor of a child at its Christian baptism.

Opening a flag or sail.

Deflecting, changing course.

Cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

Items worn beneath your outer clothes.

Greek hero enamored with his own reflection.

Malala __ schoolgirl who won the Nobel Peace Prize.

French sauce of mayo, mustard, anchovies, capers.

Large order that includes all song birds.

They run away from the army without permission.

A notebook for artists.

Puzzle 15

A large enclosure where birds are kept.

Gold__, Sean Connery Bond film.

River where Jesus was baptized.

Means last in Spanish.

A bicycle made for two.

__ Smith, Charlie's Angel actress who played Kelly.

Snoopy is this dog breed.

Utensils used to beat eggs or cream.

Hungry hungry __ that gobble up marbles.

Electric __, rock music staple instrument.

C S Lewis's magical land through the wardrobe.

World's largest sand island.

Puzzle 16

Continent where the country Chad is located.

Bear from the Muppets.

The minimum number of members required for a vote.

Non-worker male bees.

In driving, the S in ABS.

Biographer, medic and confidant of Sherlock Holmes.

Saint who produced a Latin version of the Bible.

Mini burger or ice voyager.

Seasons when the Olympics are held: summer and __.

Largest foot digit.

Wood that is used as building material.

Folds in a skirt.

Greek god of sleep.

Stringed instruments with round bodies.

In war, fake ships, tanks or aircraft.

Puzzle 17

Liquid seismic undulation.

Academic intellectual.

Running at a leisurely pace.

Shakespeare tragedy also called the Moor of Venice.


First name of Dutch painter Van Gogh.

Bird that produces the largest egg.

First person to climb the Matterhorn: Edward __.

Japanese dish of raw fish without rice.

Birthplace of the Buddha.

One who doesn't work hard.

Tropical, mosquito-carried disease.

Low land areas between mountains.

Only planet whose name ends with a vowel.

Words spoken in respect of the deceased.

Murder on the Orient __, 1974 Brit mystery film.

Beer makers.

Roman senator, lead among those who stabbed Caesar.

Puzzle 18

One who believes the nature of God can't be known.


Disturbed state of mind; unable to think clearly.

Deep blue gemstone associated with September.

Hiding things somewhere secret.

What monarchy ruled over the Austrian Empire?.

Sending junk emails.

Part of a chicken's skeleton pulled for good luck.

Someone stranded on a desert island.

Forest where Robin Hood and his Merry Men hang out.

Highest numbered golf club.

Farm vehicles.

Learn-at-school woodwind instrument.

Nick __, narrator of The Great Gatsby.

Quality of being nice to others, showing courtesy.

One present at a meeting or conference.

Jazzy wind instrument, like oboe but single reed.

Puzzle 19

Moving staircase.

Writer with regular newspaper space.

Rocket that carries astronauts.

Reptile that wants to eat Captain Hook.

Sudden fall of rock from the face of a steep slope.

Ad __, Latin for endlessly or without ceasing.

Legal documents for employment.

Artists who work with clay or plaster.

Impassive expression that hides real emotions.

Falling apart like a dry cake.


In US, documentation for legal immigrant.

Nationality of Shakira and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Spills over the brim.

Puzzle 20

Bond villain who used his hat as a weapon.

Bouncy feline, plays with Pooh.

Shapes with a knife.

To hit forcibly.

__ mentis, Latin for "sane".

Second son of Queen Elizabeth II.

To draw liquid through a slim tube.

Singe, burn.

Shameless and bold.

Latched fastener at the end of a seat belt strap.

Largest Italian island.

Bell-shaped glass dome for protecting plants.

Space in house where you park your car.

Violin by another name.

Short name for primates closely related to humans.

Inexpert worker; first-year player in US sport.

Cocktail of cognac and white creme de cacao.

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