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Here are the answers to CodyCross Musical Terms Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

First section of an aria, meaning singable.

Tough, quick to recover.

Queen Latifah's title in a 2021 CBS series.

Bright spot that appears at either side of the sun.

Controlling animals, rounding up horses.

Fitness training with jabs and punches.

Small ornament on a score, like half a trill.

1923 GB Shaw play about a famous French heroine.

Point where tectonic plates meet.

Surely not la crème de la crème.

Puzzle 2

The tinted muscular discs in the eyes.

Icy strait between Alaska and Russia.

Approach someone in a threatening way.

Two words followed by al fine, al coda or al segno.

Not see-through or translucent.

Belt or cord worn around the waist.

Car movements for turning around.

A marsupial also called the banded anteater.

Bambi's skunk friend.

Alla __, music tempo like a military walk.

The Scarlet Letter was a symbolic mark of this.

Describes an election that has been manipulated.

First city to host the Olympic Games three times.

Train locomotive.

Puzzle 3

Rich, affluent.

Music terminology for at a walking pace.

Native of the Mediterranean's divided island.

These woodland animals sound annoying!.

French F1 team had Constructors' titles in 2005-6.

Notation to hold a note, also called a bird's eye.

Sideways on.

Cartons in which strawberries are sold.

Central Perk coffee house manager in Friends.


Puzzle 4

Infamous Norwegian traitor of World War II.

Score symbol for lower register, not treble.

Diplomats follow this version of manners.

Physicist James, who discovered the neutron.

African bird known for its enormous beak.

Precious metal used in decorative gilding.

French chocolate dessert; also a noblewoman.

Almost but not quite.

Fill to overflowing; spill over.

Melody with leaps, i.e. larger than a major 2nd.

Celestial, heavenly, delicate.

Thick, insulating undergarments for cold weather.

Puzzle 5

Ingredient in making bread that allows it to rise.

Easier, alternative melody to play, like an ossia.

Incendiary gel made from gasoline for bombs.

To be on a temporary break.

Gaten Matarazzo's Stranger Things character.

Port capital of the Gulf state of Oman.

Airily; operatic vocal style like an aria.

Name of every British king from 1660 to 1765.

Expenses-paid trip undertaken by a politician.

The individual games a snooker match is split into.

Sticks passed during relay races.

Feeding basin used by farm animals.

Puzzle 6

Area of Mars that looks like a face in some photos.

Partially cook in water like spuds before roasting.

Argue over petty differences and details.

Con __, instructs trumpeters to mute themselves.

Grated bars across windows.

Tear around out of control like young children.

Tethers or bridles for horses or cattle.

Long-running TV western with Michael Landon.

Italian phrase meaning "with feeling" in music.

Scene-setting group of people on a stage.

Puzzle 7

Sudden fits of extreme delight.

Type of poem that tells a story.

Game set in fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Followers of Jason searching for the Golden Fleece.

Tiny music interval, smaller than a semitone.

Blockage of a bodily organ or tube.

Winter sport overseen by the IIHF ruling body.

Site of US Civil War operations led by Gen. Grant.

Stuff and nonsense!.

Emerald green garnet gemstone from Africa.

Musician's order to follow the soloist's tempo.

Puzzle 8

Relationship of Kublai Khan to Genghis Khan.

Malay fruit with red spines.

Note known in Germany as H, where B means B flat.

Gray metalloid with the symbol Sb.

Disposable cleaning cloths for sticky fingers.

China's most populous city.

"Their heads are green, and their hands are blue".

Related to office work.

To calculate the amount of something.

Arts and culture complex in central Paris.

2019 hit movie about strippers who steal.

__ or L'Istesso tempo, same time in new rhythm.

Puzzle 9

Using long shears to remove tree branches.

Liquid particle in the air.

Collective word for leaves of plants.

Belgian maker of chocolate seahorses.

Instruction to mute drums with cloth.

__ and Cartier, Australian isles in Indian Ocean.

Element form with differing relative atomic mass.

Monet painted a famous Impression of one in 1872.

Visual marking of crescendo, diminuendo wedge.

System of changing direction when sailing a boat.

Puzzle 10

Vulpine nickname for military leader Erwin Rommel.

Maria, a Russian retired tennis player.

Fragrant musical medley format?.

German parliament building in Berlin.

Quality of having great learning, being educated.

Medical term for bad breath.

Unaccented note before main stressed music phrase.

Keith Waterhouse's compulsive fantasist.

The largest city in northern Thailand.

Place where performers wait backstage.

Puzzle 11

Sudden group of people who might dance or sing.

__ suonare, let note ring as in harp, guitar music.

Type of engine invented by Frank Whittle.

Golden currency in the Harry Potter universe.

Bacon cooked over low heat to melt the fat.

Nationality of Tenzing Norgay.

Mildness in legal punishment; a pardon.

Unable to be altered, like a metal ship?.

__ cue; musical order to riff until next section.

Invasive twining plant with white trumpet flowers.

Puzzle 12

The number of tablespoons in a cup.

Lacking interest or originality.

Gridded board game with black and white counters.

Short, trill-like ornament that "bites".

Without a hard, permanent cover.

An elaborate celebratory meal for many people.

Mustafa Kemal __; founder of Republic of Turkey.

Course at which first US female jockey debuted.

Playing style between staccato and legato.

Native to a place, like kangaroos in Australia.

Puzzle 13

Physically demanding.

Opera of separable pieces, not continuous.

Author Nick of About a Boy, High Fidelity.

Revolution that led to division of Czechoslovakia.

Relating to mice and rats.

Bocca __, Italian for singing with closed mouth.

Body warmers, sleeveless jackets.

Second wife of Nelson Mandela.

Queer Eye's culture and lifestyle expert Brown.

Packed, pushy rugby formations.

Belgian canal city dubbed Venice of the North.

Puzzle 14

Scientific study of fungi.

An inexperienced person; a novice.

Roman structure for carrying and supplying water.

Ben Affleck thriller about a missing wife.

Nutrient made with help from sunlight.

Music term indicating a punishing, anguished tone.

Macbeth witches quote, "__ and caldron bubble".

Portable motor on the back of a boat.

Leonid, Soviet who survived an attempt on his life.

Musical instructions for loudness and softness.

Honey-hay herb used to infuse sausages and wine.

Ruthless in dealings.

Puzzle 15

Umbrella to protect from the sun.

Fluffy white Russian dog breed.

French word for bun hairstyle.

Point-of-no-return river.

Wobbling sound, denoted by strokes across notes.

Place where pitchers warm up in baseball.

Sicilian wine used in zabaglione.

Adds water to a solution.

English Romantic poet Wordsworth.

Bent over backwards to pass underneath a bar.

Italian for "to nothing"; diminuendo that dies out.

Puzzle 16

__ letter, deliberately malicious note.

Time signature indicated by a line through a C.

African waterway opened in 1869.

Carnivorous Tower of London guard.

Troublemaker, rogue.

It takes 1.21 to time travel in Back to the Future.

Point at which a person starts to feel pain.

Make flute-like sound on violins by bowing lightly.

Christian sacrament of receiving Communion.

Paris fashion house with L'Air du Temps perfume.

Puzzle 17

Dashboard device that shows a vehicle's mileage.

Capital of the Orkneys, with St Magnus's Cathedral.

Begged desperately and earnestly.

Scale using only the white piano keys.

Daughter of Oedipus; play written by Sophocles.

Jewish pastry triangle rolled into crescent shape.

Broad term for beautiful Italian vocal technique.

Anagram of grounded.

Survivalist memoir by Tara Westover.

American park where hikers summit Half Dome.

Puzzle 18

Founder of auction house that takes his name.

Chopin wrote works in this Polish dance style.

It has a smoke shelf, damper, flashings and a pot.

Tiny country entirely surrounded by South Africa.

Person who cares for horses' hooves.

__ bass; left-hand piano line of broken chords.

This medical term is also known as lockjaw.

Type of narcissus, and a golden-yellow hue.

Circular building often topped with a dome.

Monarch's representative in an overseas colony.

Puzzle 19

Play a piece at one's own pleasure, in free tempo.

Games company that published Grand Theft Auto.

Tumbling descent you don't have to pay for!.

Describes a rotund old stove.

Utterly stunned, unable to comprehend.

Writer of iconic Generation X, Douglas.

Monochrome pattern named like a canine's canine.

Mathematical expression with two terms, 2x + 3y.

Collecting and polishing rocks as a hobby.

Bouncing musical technique for a violin bow.

Famous Greek-Persian battle of 490BC.

Puzzle 20

Ancient Egyptian sky goddess, the mother of Ra.

Former currency of Finland before the euro.

Little blue pills called Sildenafil.

Chinese rice porridge, also known as "jook".

Surname of heavyweight British boxer Anthony.

Forest worker who extracts sap from rubber trees.

Music with no key, as from Second Viennese School.

Sea witch villain in Disney's The Little Mermaid.

At the same time, during.

Dark, emotional genre, like Wuthering Heights.

Edinburgh's international performing arts festival.

__ time, meaning of music term tempo rubato.

Supporting horizontal over a door or window.

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