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Here are the answers to CodyCross Mystery Books Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Baby angel often found in artwork.

Small lizards famous for loud mating calls.

Title for person with a PhD or medical degree.

__ Sleep, mystery novel by Raymond Chandler.

To handle or take care of business.

Circular toggle or disk for fastening a shirt.

Performance in the big top.

Canadian electro musician with one-word stage name.

Bony space in the skull in which an eyeball sits.

Do this to start a fire; Amazon e-book device.

Contest a verdict in a court of law.

Baked dough, often used for sweet treats.

Catholic saint, mother who helped the poor.

US crime writer Kathy who created Tempe Brennan.

The __ of the barrel; the __ line.

Henry, British actor who played Superman in 2013.

Greenery that makes a lot of modern hedging.

Embayment of Mediterranean, Greece and Turkey.

Puzzle 2

__ for time; in a hurry, against the clock.

Blimp, zeppelin.

Comfort someone in a time of hardship.

Another word for patella bone found in the leg.

Smashed, ruined, like a boat on ocean floor.

City previously known as Peking.

Payback for an earlier wrongdoing.

Six-sided shape.

Trendy guacamole ingredient to top toast.

The first modern one of these games was in Greece.

Female of the species Panthera leo.

Type of code that Dan Brown wrote about.

Film production locations.

To carve onto a metal surface.

Room where cooks do their work.

New Year's Day is the first of this month.

Landing strips.

Puzzle 3

River crossed by London's Tower Bridge.

The __, they had a hit with Fairytale of New York.

Style of dance in which you might see a pirouette.

Device for removing particles from water or air.

Continent on which the Zambezi river is found.

Picnic basket.

Taken without permission, thieved.

Large black cousins of crows.

Shirt for women.

Small outdoor pool, filled with warm water.

Of or pertaining to Judaism.

Beagle, the small white pet of Charlie Brown.

Book types, like mystery, romance, crime.

Crime of illegally reproducing music or films.

Celestial bodies with fiery tails.

A person who paints, draws, or sculpts.

Puzzle 4

Imprint left by a shoe in the mud.

Sea creature like a prawn, oyster or crab.

A person trained to go to space.

Spare chamber for visitors.

Saint whose feast day is associated with romance.

Puzzle with clues and intersecting words.

Fail to remain impartial.

Combine __, enormous farm machinery.

Child's story about witches, princes, dragons.

Scientific analysis of crime evidence like DNA.

Puzzle 5

__ glass, decorative art in church windows.

Country once partitioned by the Berlin Wall.

Slang term for alcohol drinks, like a snifter.

Tentacled sea creature that also has three hearts.

Hire a plane for private use.

A genre of movies involving riddles and secrets.

Coat a wall with a new shade.

Kitchen appliance for finely chopping food.

Location of events in a mystery book.

Pouches in coats or trousers for keeping things in.

What you do with the mail and babies.

Descends down a vertical rock face using a rope.

Land ruled by a monarch.

Number of minutes in quarter of an hour.

George who married Amal Alamuddin in 2014.

Daphne du Maurier novel and Hitchcock film.

Medicines in capsule form.

Puzzle 6

Jewish holiday celebrating the Exodus from Egypt.

Light meal between two slices of bread.

A gymnast's reverse somersault.

Friends character with the last name Bing.

Financial loan for property purchases.

Book about missing woman; film with Rosamund Pike.

Pink wading bird.

It joins the Lion and the Witch in the famous book.

Pirates draw maps to this.

Visit tourist attractions and famous landmarks.

Snake-like, plastic, garden-watering device.

Place of escape when daily life gets stressful.

Nationality of sprinter Usain Bolt.

Naive; didn't commit the crime.

Puzzle 7

A legally registered brand name or logo.

Conclusion made by puzzling it out.

__ Castle shares its name with Scotland's capital.

The Greek goddess of beauty.

The title of America's commander in chief.

Like eggs that are cooked after being mixed up.

Spiral-shaped tool for opening a wine bottle.

You raise one when you wish to surrender.

Stratemeyer's teen sleuth in mystery book series.

Made something appear larger with a lens.

Puzzle 8

Coiled or winding, like a decorative staircase.

Justin Trudeau became prime minister here in 2015.

Reason to commit a crime.

Look for food in the wild.

Bits of a jigsaw that fit together.

Sigourney Weaver's character in Alien.

Golden Gate, Tower or Brooklyn, for example.

Oscar-winner Nicole, starred in The Hours.

Clothes that may be midi, maxi, pencil or hoop.

Device that has a lens, viewfinder and flash.

Musician like Jay-Z or Eminem.

Tonsils, vocal cords are located here.

Hogwarts' groundskeeper in the Harry Potter books.

Hit a short golf shot.

Uncover a secret, like a hidden past.

Birds __, eagles and owls are these fast predators.

Puzzle 9

JM Barrie's "Boy who never grew up".

Family item of great value handed down.

The receiver of a loan.

The area between your hairline and eyebrows.

A Chinese language; A type of orange.

Tiny pond at a beach filled with crabs and shells.

Lengthy police surveillance of a person, building.

Add __ injury; make a bad situation worse.

To save a file from the internet.

A formal effort to win a political office.

Tusked marine mammals.

Puzzle 10

Horizontal beam on a football goal.

Altitude above the height of the ocean.

Toenail beautification.

Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.

Everything in space including our solar system.

__ mark, punctuation mark denoting mystery.

Classic game of placing things on a mule's back.

Small cutlery-sized amount in a recipe.

A paper pad that can be spiral.

A patron of a store or business.

Professional killer.

Puzzle 11

Removed a DVD from a player.

Musician and artist who married Lennon.

Street where the UK prime minister lives.

Kitchen appliance for browning bread.

Set of toned stomach muscles.

Planet of which Io and Ganymede are moons.

Murder on the Orient __, book set on a train.

Butterfly species with royal associations.

Porcelain type.

Times Square is a popular attraction in this city.

The website where you leave your tweets.

Founder and first Khan of the Mongol Empire.

Small individual packets of condiments.

To entertain an audience, often on stage.

The person who committed a crime.

Tried, attempted.

Puzzle 12

Fatal; poison resulting in death.

Star sign that is represented by twins.

Informal word for sunglasses.

Makes food for an event.

Language in which "au revoir" means goodbye.

Bark-covered bodies of trees.

Dolly, country star who had a hit with 9 to 5.

Soft T-shirt fabric; island in the Channel.

Heated water to 100 degrees Celsius.

Beings not from earth.

The outcome of a game.

Person killed by the murderer.

Long protective hairs on the edges of the eyelids.

Puzzle 13

Post-mortem body exam to find cause of death.

Power source for a laptop or mobile phone.

Multiplied a number by itself.

Encouragement to people to enjoy themselves.

Front claws of a crab or lobster.

North African country of European Arabic influence.

Drink tray used to prevent rings on furniture.

Synonym of victory.

Medieval underground prison.

Surname of acting brothers Alec, Stephen and Billy.

Nationality of tennis star Rafael Nadal.

Private detective nickname to do with footwear.

__ stick, pole used as a mobility support.

Puzzle 14

Literary device revisiting earlier events.

Short holiday to an urban location.

Pain after eating too much food.

"To infinity __", Buzz Lightyear catchphrase.

Describes a taste of honey or sugar.

Pool sport.

Outdoor excursion for students.

Tool operator in a factory.

Coats, jackets, wellington boots, etc.

Mystery-solving dog with Shaggy and Velma.

Mammal known for its covering of spiny quills.

Puzzle 15

Refined, shiny.

Someone who campaigns for political change.

Party game where players mime clues.

Annual celebration for coming of age.

Dramatic event, like a crime.

A fried circular food with a hole in the middle.

An outfit worn to go to the beach or pool.

Higgledy __, untidy.

Plant on which dates and coconuts grow.

Instrument family with clarinets and oboes.

Former name for Kolkata.

Scottish crime writer Val, created DCI Karen Pirie.

Being able to understand and work with numbers.

Woody's toy horse in Toy Story 2.

Puzzle 16

Dark reddish-brown hair.

Short sleep period named like common pet.

Pieces of Lego.

Large high-flying birds of prey with broad wings.

Paintings or designs on outside walls.

Medical support for a broken bone.

Recording industry award.

George, author of 1984 and Animal Farm.

Nightmare horror film villain Krueger.

Capital city of Ireland.

Sport Mike Tyson was known for.

Cloak worn by Native Americans.

Poison-pen __, note from writer with bad intent.

Sharp blades for cutting and removing hair.

Doctor Who's police box-shaped time machine.

Sign of respect in the armed forces, a gesture.

There are 12 of these astrological signs.

Dismissing, terminating someone's employment.

Lofts, roof spaces.

People who bang a gavel and sentence criminals.

Puzzle 17

Police bracelets for suspects.

Pair who perform on stage together.

Hard-shelled, spherical Australian nut.

Book genre of real-life murders and mysteries.

World's smallest continent.

Experimental first version of an invention.

The staff of a company.

Gradually lose momentum or interest.

Branch of nursing that deals with childbirth.

Elaborate ceremonial gear worn on top of hair.

Person in a book, could be the protagonist.

Puzzle 18

Flat boards on a wall or in a cupboard for storage.

Line around the Earth.

Cat __, sneaky thief of precious things.

Head to this desk to show your ticket and passport.

Coin-operated music player with song choices.

Plume from a bird.

Kelsey who voiced Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons.

Beverage such as wine, beer or vodka.

Gemstone that is the hardest mineral known.

The __ of the Lambs, crime horror by Thomas Harris.

These four jigsaw pieces are worth finding first!.

White water __, sport on fast-flowing rapids.

Puzzle 19

Ocean in which the Titanic sank.

British detective Holmes.

Long, round-bottomed glass laboratory vessel.

Dog breed often used as guard dogs.

Belgian city, the "de facto" capital of EU.

You might be in this liquid when you're in trouble.

It transforms a man into a werewolf.

Monsters that stop machines from working.

Unexpected thing, like plot twist or reveal.

Quality of being nice to others, showing courtesy.

Try out for a part in a play.

Ride a sailboard over the waves.

Property rentals.

Alcoholic mixed drink, blended in a shaker.

Puzzle 20

Place where someone lives; dwelling place.

Person who promises to pay back a loan.

Kind of ram used to break into castles.

Company behind Office 365 products.

US crime author Karin, with a murderous name.

Crime of deliberately destroying people's property.

Family name of Manchester suffragettes.

Relating to Earth's south polar region.

Garden weed with a clock-like seed head.

Last will and __; final inheritance document.

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