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Nail Salon PackNail Salon

Here are the answers to CodyCross Nail Salon Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Someone who always is positive and cheerful.

Vanquished an enemy.

Forever, for an infinite time.

Dracula and Nosferatu are these famous creatures.

Water soak for the lowest extremity.

Seat that leans back.

The day of the year when you turn a year older.

Spiral-horned African animal, e.g. Nyala or Eland.

Pastor of the church.

Da Vinci, or DiCaprio for example.

A pancake house.

Puzzle 2

The full name for 'flu.

Slough off dead skin.

Removal of hair with string.

Keira from Pride & Prejudice, Star Wars.

All you see from one angle, often a scenic view.

How the human body processes food.

Having multiple uses, able to change.

Model used to display clothing.

__ in bed; be waited on first thing in the morning.

O __; hit for both Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

Puzzle 3

Does not accept.

Individual headphones without a rigid headband.

Easily breakable.

Ventilating, providing wind with hand-held paper.

Shaker percussion instruments: make them rattle.

Type of pasta over which goulash is usually served.

Salons typically process this before the polishing.

One-eyed mythical giant.

Exhausted or extremely tired.

Female who gives a party.

Vertical or in a standing position.

Passed out.

Sliding, sock storage units.

Puzzle 4

Common solution for polish removal.

Measure against someone else's achievements.

Opposite of friends; people you do not get on with.

Bees that have a job.

A flight by aircraft as part of a ceremony.

__ Nights, tales about Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad.

The month that Halloween takes place.

Elle Woods taught the Bend and Snap in __ Blonde.

Beloved flower of the Queen of Hearts.

Nestles closely together, gathers together.

Chocolate snack that helps you work, rest and play.

Puzzle 5

Golden Arches founders, Richard and Maurice __.

Band of The Scientist, inspired by George Harrison.

Five-armed sea creature.

Ocean in which the Titanic sank.

Do It __ by skipping the salon.

Asking someone to attend an event.

Not a surprise, something planned to arrive.

Repeating skills until skilled at a task.

Just a spoonful of sugar helps this go down.

Waiting, when you are not sure about something.

Puzzle 6

Foam stuck between toes to keep them from touching.

Old-fashioned romance before marriage.

Protection from the hearth.

Lengthening these tiny hairs might be a service.

Warm hat that covers the neck and chin too.

Director of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Lofty accommodation built among branches.

Aztec ruler who offered Cortes some chocolate.

Clear conscience, opposite of guilt.

Ringing someone up for a chat, make a __.

Veronica Roth series with Tris.

Puzzle 7

Seatings found outside, in parks.

Problem or difficulty.

Passenger boat services.

Nationality of someone native to Guadalajara.

Captain America was the first.

Disputes the price of something to get a bargain.

Varnish base.

__ creams, milky-tasting sandwich biscuits.

Subtle twinkle and sparkle.

Eight-tentacled ink-spraying sea creature.

Last name of former NBA player known as "Magic".

Puzzle 8

Thai motorbike taxi with roof.

Put money into.

Police identity parade of suspects.

Four __; ball game played on a quadrilateral court.

Person without magical power, in Harry Potter.

Go back for another visit.

Someone who stays with a family and pays board.

__ pump, device for expressing milk for baby.

Excitedly discuss hearsay.

Fried ham and cheese sandwich, Monte __.

Name given to baby hedgehogs.

Closed one eye then opened it.

Button up, close something securely.

Puzzle 9

Star of The Godfather, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon.

Counting, using lines in batches of five.

Fragrant, fortified white wine, great in cocktails.

Adorn with ornaments.

Using a brush to apply polish.

Digits resting in water for softness.

A melody made by a sparrow or a finch.

Draining point of a bathtub.

For real.

Rice __, cereal that snaps and crackles.

Periodic table of __, Mendeleev's creation.

Puzzle 10

Designs and drawings on fingertips.

Singer like Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby.

A familiar name for the Devil.

Archers shoot at these.

A polka dot pattern is based on this big cat.

A correcting eye lens worn on just one eye.

Impartial or unbiased.

Walk faster, stop dawdling.

Ben __, who voiced Alex the lion in Madagascar.

Aluminum ore.

A bakers' glaze mixing melted chocolate with cream.

Currently reigning royal house in the UK.

Puzzle 11

Newspaper boss.

Cherry __; aerial work platform, bucket truck.

Multiple salon services done for max relaxation.

Mend or reconstruct damaged property.

Vitamin used to help nails and hair grow faster.

Cried like a wolf.

Tapped with an elbow, in a conspiratorial manner.

Gallic potato chips, __ fries.

Madonna sang Like a __ in the 1980s.


Puzzle 12

Coming into blossom.

Thumb a lift.

Those living in a particular building.

Turning down an offer.

A task to complete or puzzle to solve.

Length added to a nail.

When sandwiches are eaten.

Surf on white stuff in winter.

A 2D shape with two pairs of parallel sides.

Manners, how to act.

Classic book of rabbits, __ Down.

Puzzle 13

UK flag nickname.

Amazingly popular 2017 Luis Fonsi song.

Relevant to the matter being discussed.

Slow walking, for pleasure.

Used to set and cure resin.

Bitter spice from aromatic seeds used in curries.

Check in here before being seated.

Fear of animals.

Divided into four equal parts.

Not simple.

Actor known for Mad Max and Braveheart.

Female guardian appointed at a baptism.

Condition that makes people unable to see.

People's house numbers, streets and towns.

Puzzle 14

Regular sound made by a clock's mechanism.

Disease or sickness.

Movement to grip and push someone to the floor.

Someone who loves books enjoys __.

Hurting feet, "my dogs are __".

Changing from frozen ice into water.

Disorderly; unpredictable.

What the ten lords are doing at Christmas.

A fruit with more liquid than another one is this.

Shock someone, be a complete surprise.

__ Bloom has portrayed a pirate and an elf.

Zigzag or Chevron or geometric.

Puzzle 15

Hobbyist runner.

Exit or step down from a bus.

Piece of ammo.

Protective cardboard sleeve for paperwork.

Room for relaxing.

Kiefer Sutherland's dad.

Rounded nail shape resembling this burial box.

Belle meets a singing teapot in __ and the Beast.

Comfortable heat.

Person who leaves secretly to get married.

Blunt, angled shape at the end of a nail.

Puzzle 16

__ to Heaven, Led Zeppelin's 1971 hit.

Skin treatment covering forehead to chin.

Long nosed mammal that feeds on small insects.

Born in the country known for the Samurai culture.

Argued over trivialities.

Tiny fairy-tale character, swallowed by a cow.

Powerful vehicle that drives extremely fast.

Guests, people who come to spend time with you.

__ malfunction; embarrassing clothing fail.


Person who dreams up artistic ideas.

Puzzle 17

Supporting structure under hard part of a finger.

Magic up.

Melman from Madagascar is this animal.

North African balls made from chickpeas.

Giving gratuities at the end of a service.

__ Spears, US singer and "Princess of Pop".

Stuffy person; too serious, little fun.

Video-sharing site with lots of vloggers.

Very able, experienced at doing something.

Not deep.

The __ Cuckoos, tale of creepy telepathic children.

Ground, dried sweet red pepper sold in a jar.

Puzzle 18

Device used to press against and move skin.

TV or radio series plays.

City where the first act of Othello takes place.

Beyoncé inspires all the Single __.

Fires, burning flames.

Writing implement with thick ink.

Rock __, actor in romantic comedies with Doris Day.

Photo-taking device with a flash.

Emporio __, Italian fashion brand.

Small street stalls for tickets or newspapers.

Pointed nails that look like claws.

Recoil from attack.

Puzzle 19

Male pieces used on a board with checks.

Small fish with a curly tail and an equine face.

Silvery, goldish, shiny.

Online cloud storage from Microsoft.

Point of __; from where you cannot turn back.

Pluck, wax or thread these face hairs.

The opposite of heroes.

Bermuda __, vanishing geometry.

Belief system, faith.

Anticipation, uncertainty about what happens next.

Puzzle 20

Makes laugh.

Male server at an event.

Hot rocks that soothe the legs.

Small rooms at the top of houses.

A dazzle of __; striped horse-like animals.

Stop to put more diesel or petrol onboard.

Name women have before marriage.

Painful joint hump on the foot.

Mediterranean black or green fruits kept in brine.

Absorbent thin paper for blowing the nose.


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