CodyCross National Crossword Day Pack answers

National Crossword Day PackNational Crossword Day

Here are the answers to CodyCross National Crossword Day Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Will __, NYT crossword editor from 1993.

Term for Japanese Americans educated in Japan.

Chops meat very, very small, for Bolognese sauce.

Group of seven players.

Italian kindly Christmas witch.

__ English, inept spy played by Rowan Atkinson.

Tech company hires goats to clean its green areas.

Nelson __, Brazilian F1 driver and title winner.

Desmond __, thriller writer of Running Blind.

According to the Bible, Moses sent 12 spies there.

Hungarian city on Austrian border, near Lake Fertő.

Main airport of Singapore.

Shows condescension for.

General knowledge questions.

Fats, waxes and oils insoluble in water.

Puzzle 2

Scottish isles comprising Skye, Mull, Islay, Jura.

Rolling three doubles in Monopoly, caught __.

__ life, the tagline associated with Panasonic.

Michelle __, played Katie Jordan, The Story of Us.

Zoologists study.

Football association for North and Central America.

Where one is foaming when fuming.

__ of Poland; mother of King Canute.

Clever reply; witty remark.

Where one goes for drugs.


Initials and surname of the Greatest Showman.

Solve a code.

Enter without permission.

Puzzle 3

Movie theater for cars.

Pim __, Dutch politician assassinated in 2002.

A tiny amount.

Curly cheese-flavoured potato crisps.

Frilly drapery around bottom of a bed.

Val __, crossword author of A Display of Lights.

Biennial festival celebrating West African masks.

Cathy __, Aussie sprinter who lit the 2008 flame.

Gonzo's chicken girlfriend on The Muppet Show.

Time __ on.

Voice crying out in the wilderness.

Experiencing rising worry.

__ Arrest, Madness song with crossword lyrics.

Puzzle 4

Where the hull rests the surface.

Not hydrated; without water.

A Prayer for __, a novel by John Irving.

Natural patina on copper.

Mexican version of Frosted Flakes.

Cryptic clue word such as within, holding, absent.

Colourful East China Sea, off Korean west coast.

The oldest girl of The Waltons, became a nurse.

Buy and sell at the same time.

Franklin urges "speak accordingly" in this virtue.

Russian triangular shape stringed instrument.

Taking part in a contest.

It is speeding.

Another name for Sleeping Beauty princess Aurora.

How one drinks when doing it heavily.

Type of art associated with Barbara Hepworth.

Revamps; refurbishes.

Puzzle 5

__ of Saxe-Meiningen; spouse of William IV.

Mixed-breed retriever.

Bloom linked to April in flower lore.

Isle linked to Welsh mainland by the Menai Bridge.

Anne R __, compiler, Crossword Solver's Dictionary.

Abbey of novice Maria in The Sound of Music.

Communications company with a red speechmark logo.

60s singer who allegedly choked on a ham sandwich.

Keeping an eye on.

Gaining smarts.

The first letter of each line spells a word.

Water bath cooker to cook food in plastic pouches.

Mix-tape medium.

Puzzle 6

Take it out.

Constructions that protect radar antennae.

French car maker of the 305 and 405.

One exerting absolute power.

Author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin": __ Beecher Stowe.

Power tool with rotating blade.

Two-pack card game, anagram of Bee Quiz.

The L in BLT.

Writing double entendres.

Shapes on a crossword grid.

Retirement savings.

Sea named after famous Indonesian island.

Puzzle 7

The peels of this fruit flavour curaçao.

Writing that can be erased.

Bahrain capital; rhymes with Panama.

Transparent objects that refract light.

Author of the Deptford Trilogy: Robertson __.

Noise of doors in horror movies.

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games mascot.

Tough nuts to crack!.

Sean Bean stars as a Napoleonic War soldier.

Peter __, Fireball Crosswords editor.

__ pass, highway between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

James __, Father of Modern Geology.

Animal restraints.

Prince __, English Civil War Royalist leader.

DC Comics villainous team with Farley Fleeter.

Japanese Lucky Cat statue: __ Neko.

Birth surname of singer Prince.

Puzzle 8

Ceremonial sword from Sri Lanka.

Dig up.

To oppose; rhymes with mounter.

__ Sondheim, composer and avid crossword solver.

Derrick Somerset __, Ximenes in The Observer.

The word for 14 in Spanish.

Resident medium bird of prey.

Amblyopia, medical name for this visual condition.

Italian island group containing Ponza.

Holding a dinner.

Filled to the rafters.

Puzzle 9

Where one is stuck when being a party pooper.

Rooftop device to indicate breeze direction.

Giant stone structure in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Black Forest area, with city Freiburg at its heart.

Communication system, e.g. Yoruba.

Relating to the brain.

__ jungle, urban area with unattractive buildings.

Hair ornament.

Device regulating piston movement in car engines.

ESA-built research centre onboard space shuttles.

Stringed musical instrument of the Middle Ages.

__ Wives, Ira Levin's submissive ladies.

Tom and Daisy __ in The Great Gatsby.

Soft-shell clams.

Puzzle 10

Metal, symbol Yb, used in making stainless steel.

Queen of England married to King George III.

Sachin __, Indian batsman.

Tub for holding goods; word within a word.

Crossword hints; queries.

Peter Ackroyd novel inspired by a church architect.

Urban getaway.

Fancy word for a cheese connoisseur.

Where the ball is in when it's your decision.

Concrete, unwavering.

Communist party's policy making committee.

Thomas __, court jester of King Charles I.

Area of low, coastal grassland, often submerged.

There are more __ cells than human in the body.

Biblical woman, the wife of Uriah.

Puzzle 11

Balloon-like aircraft.

The Pearl __, opera by Bizet.

Behave in an unrestrained way.

Cleared an athletic obstacle.

Nanni __, Cannes winner with The Son's Room.

Grouping the cattle.

The Sage of Concord.

A la __ means cooked in an olive oil sauce.

Aka buzzard.

Pseudonym for Hazel Goldman, setter at the FT.

Horn of Africa country whose capital is Asmara.

Claire __, slang for trainers.

Lisa __, crossword lover, Marge's daughter.

Puzzle 12

Criminals, racketeers, mobsters.

Dampness, wateriness, mushiness.

Baked lobster mixed with egg yolks and brandy.

First European to discover the Niger River.

Bacteria-induced disease of woody plants.

Egyptian beau of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Joseph __, Pope Benedict XVI.

Bravo's yacht reality show.

Viggo __, Aragorn.

The hot chilli irritant found in hot peppers.

Medieval slinging siege engine.

P. G. __, author of Something Fishy.

Blind Lemon __, early blues player and singer.

"Trip the light __", means to go dancing.

__ C. Gorski, Crossword Nation editor.

Whirlpool, eddy, vortex.

Puzzle 13

Atomic champignons.

Book of synonyms.

DuBois family home.

Martial arts expert from Rogue One and Ip Man.

Flag communication.

Italian isle off Libya noted for a refugee influx.

A knight who works for himself.

Princess __ of Adventure Time.

The German Nazi Air Force during WWII.

Plant with two leaves at germination.

And __ so, crossword clue with no definition.

Acting father and son, both with forename Douglas.

Baseline puffs of this in tennis.

Puzzle 14

Asterix companion.

Obscured; answer secreted within crossword clue.

Composer regarded as the "father of Russian opera".

Poetic name for Britain; suffix to West Brom name.

Merchant __, regular scheduled trade routes at sea.

Meghan Markle's bridal dress designer: Clare __.

__-shally, to mess around, vacillate.

Enjoyable dry rot for little Gloop.

Bolivian silver mining town, location of the mint.

__ Asbo, book by Martin Amis.

Chinese breakfast porridge.

Puzzle 15

Wafted air.

Cut down food intake to lose weight.

Stan __, Newsday Sunday crossword editor.

The yellow-bound Cricketers' Bible.

Lucious and Cookie's TV saga.

Bertrand Russell analogy used this 4pm vessel.

The Great Waldo __, film about barnstorming pilots.

DiCaprio's role in The Quick and The Dead.

Language from a special register; argot.

Capital of Lesotho.

Puzzle 16

Polly __; key character in The Magician's Nephew.

Angostura __ are made from gentian and herbs.

Girlfriends' Guide to __ on Bravo.

Schoolgirl's dress or pinafore, a la St Trinians.

Browne or Rogan; Times crossword editors.

Smallest size of iceberg.

__ Tunstall-Pedoe, AI developer, Crossword Maestro.

Steal the show.

From on high, like an attic.

Hit the sack.

Puzzle 17

Crossword words split in parts as in parlour game.

Big-eared cat from England's West Country.

Tank battle in Indo-Pakistani War over Kashmir.

Word index found at the back of books.

Australian city named after King William IV's wife.

A corporation's product or service.

Infant incarnation of pediophobic fright.

Horse-racing bet to determine the first three home.

What one hits when studying hard.

The "other" musician Elvis.

Ingredient encased in pastry, typically salmon.

Charon's occupation, legendary carrier of the dead.

Lightbulb-shaped outdoor fireplace.

Of the contact between teeth inside the mouth.

Puzzle 18

Ethiopian flatbread.

Union Carbide pesticide leak at this city.

Surface for painting in oils.

Retailer that bought Harrods in 1959: House of __.

Big-hitting golfer __ Johnson, no. 1 for 64 weeks.

Soft, delicate, weak of nature.

Rhyming word meaning a foolish person.

Camila Cabello, Young Thug song about Cuban city.

Word __, grid of letters, words hidden within.

Colin __, author of the Inspector Morse books.

Puzzle 19

Wiltshire site of the UK Space Agency headquarters.

I Say __, book by S. Balfour of The Guardian.

__ Emmett Quigley, puzzler for NYT and others.

Secret __; one who loves from afar.

Elves, pixies.

Samuel Langhorne __, the real name of Mark Twain.

They're on the breakfast.

Victory by a very narrow margin.

Ballet company named after Polish-born ballerina.

__ Pisces, by Tori Amos from The Beekeeper album.

Wilbur Wright's brother.

New Zealand's 1st female Prime Minister: Jenny __.

Insect antennae.

Puzzle 20

Very small amount, usually a sum of money.

Five times as great.

Drastic times call for drastic __.

Movie fall guy.

Mike Warburton's animal alias, Financial Times.

Prince of Wales/Duchess of Cornwall home: __ House.

Also known in physics as total heat.

Dark German loaf, or pumpernickel.

De facto language of Eritrea.

"On My Mind" singer: Ellie __.

Nineteen __, year first crossword was published.

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