CodyCross National Parks Pack answers

National Parks PackNational Parks

Here are the answers to CodyCross National Parks Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Not operating, keeping still.

Vast basin in America's Death Valley national park.

Sign of approval; anagram of bump shut.

The four largest moons of Jupiter: __ moons.

Bulge-shaped white bread from Milan.

Baby's last name in Dirty Dancing.

Korup National Park is in this African country.

Tight lycra all-in-one for watersports.

Arrivals on solid ground.

A device for removing body hair.

Building in which Anglican priests live.

Pre-decimal coin nicknamed a jenny.

Gone Girl's unreliable female narrator.

Puzzle 2

In plastic, it's the first two letters of BPA.

Stock check of items.

Vast Canadian national park on Newfoundland.

Military badge worn on the shoulder.

Anglo-Saxon burial site featured in The Dig.

Beauty YouTuber with an eponymous cosmetics line.

"Forewarned is __".

Describes an infant who hasn't yet learned to talk.

The Greek muse of tragedy.

Art that uses characters to represent an idea.

To Kill a Mockingbird writer.

__ Country, HBO show about Jim Crow America.

Ireland's first national park, established in 1932.

Without a designer label.

Puzzle 3

Mode of persuasion alongside ethos and logos.

Angora goat hair.

Ancient Egyptian capital on site of modern Luxor.

Turkish national park, home to underground towns.

Frasier and Hot in Cleveland star Jane.

Peter Paul, 17th century Flemish baroque painter.

Fishing type, angling for certain freshwater fish.

Separated milk mixed with chakeu, Tibetan dish.

1988 fantasy film starring Val Kilmer.

Vishnu dwarf-like avatar in Hinduism.

Cannon __, troops believed to be expendable.

Salwar __, type of outfit worn by Asian women.

State that houses eight US national parks.

Puzzle 4

Pliny the __ was a famous Roman author.

Mean, tight-fisted.

Vast hollow formed after a volcanic eruption.

Country where you can walk the Vatnajökull glacier.

Mythological creatures similar to elves or fairies.

I believe you are guilty! (Fr.).

Nationality of Jeanne Deckers, "The Singing Nun".

An epithalamium is a poem written for this event.

November meteor showers, parent is Comet Encke.

Italy's Asinara park is known for its albino __.

Puzzle 5

Aaron has it "in his heart" in Titus Andronicus.

Castle that served as the setting of Downton Abbey.

Negotiating a deal on behalf of someone.

Colombia's Tayrona National Park lies on this sea.

Novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Canary Island home to Timanfaya National Park.

Scraping designs into wood.

Russian composer of Peter and the Wolf.

Advocates for small farmers, peasants.

One who studies animals.

Puzzle 6

Funding set aside for a particular project.

Southeast Asian rainforest mammal with dark fur.

Purple gemstone associated with Aquarius.

Danish tennis player Caroline.

Unsolicited scripts awaiting an editor's attention.

Major French national park, east of Marseille.

Medical term for bad breath.

The fellows in the Nikon choir.

Another name for the diy washtub bass.

English name of New Zealand's Aoraki national park.

Puzzle 7

Diamond pattern beloved by golfers.

Peter, legendary star of Lawrence of Arabia.

Standard keyboard layout in English countries.

One of the periods a polo game is divided into.

New Mexico's unique White Sands are made of this.

Monstrous storm-god in Greek mythology.

Neena Thurman's mutant alias in Marvel.

Network of underground rabbit burrows.

Italian dish made with flattened meat, __ Ragu.

Tiered East Asian-style garden structure.

Alternative German name for Prague's Vltava River.

Vulgarly or indecently amusing.

Famous South African park established in 1898.

Starve, make hungry.

Puzzle 8

US feminist Gloria.

Botanical name for cork.

Renowned, worth remembering.

England's Lake District county.

Characteristic of a Russian dictator.

French inspector played on TV by Rowan Atkinson.

Shure __ microphone, also called the "Elvis mic".

Strange or unusual person.

This US state's Petrified Forest is national park.

German culinary dish of pickled ham hock.

Green __ Street, sisters love same man.

Object normally placed beneath a horse saddle.

__ of Tonga united by King George Tupou I in 1845.

Crumpling paper into a ball.

Fictional star of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Puzzle 9

Gandalf's wizard entrapper.

Dwindle, gradually diminish.

French city where the pope was based in the 1300s.

A slender lab tool into which fluid is drawn.

This Missy was Supa Dupa Fly.

First name of Duncan famous for modern dance.

Lowland park outside Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City.

Attack! is a light __ from Eagle Games in 2003.

Yeast cake drenched in spirit with a cream top.

The lowest part of the brainstem, __ oblongata.

Japanese national park named after major mountain.

Queens and models often have a regal this.

Long-snouted termite-feeding Aussie marsupials.

Puzzle 10

Second highest leader after acharya in Jainism.

Self-indulgently immoral person.

South America's Iguaçu is this kind of landmark.

Plant oil often used as sleep aid in aromatherapy.

Group of at least 300 soldiers.

Singer of Heaven and Worldwide Beautiful.

Agent who sought to bring down Al Capone.

Instance of multiple interpretations of a text.

Type of hob using magnetic energy.

Island home to the world's biggest national park.

French almond cake with beurre noisette.

Puzzle 11

To cause disruption through rowdiness.

2018 hit for David Guetta and Sia.

Ancient Sumer city, seat of worship of Enlil god.

Venetian delicacy of soft-shell crabs.

Hand-made, sun-dried bricks.

The smallest of Ireland's six national parks.

Like a class, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Fasting period of 40 days before Easter.

Amusement Park in Copenhagen.

Digital waves of connection; sign to convey info.

Written symbols, as used for astrological signs.

Portrait of __, 1948 film.

Tense, nervous about what might happen.

Patron saint of nurses.

Alaskan park named after highest mountain in US.

Its medical name is cerumen.

Puppet play from Bali and Java.

They chase prey using speed, sight and/or scent.

Severe throat inflammation.

Puzzle 12

A dearth; a low amount of something.

This Arch is a national park in urban Missouri.

Washing food, such as cheese, in salted water.

The Devil's Interval, used in sirens and Bernstein.

Gathering, buildup, accretion, growth.

European country famous for the Plitvice Lakes.

Iconic image of Boris Johnson suspended on one.

Cute desert animal family in TV's __ Manor.

Largest naval battle in WWI.

Very dirty.

Queen __; female monarch ruling in her own right.

Unicorn of the sea.

Adjective relating to people of Burkina Faso.

Toulouse-__; At the Moulin Rouge poster artist.

Process of compressing threads through heat.

Puzzle 13

Bart Simpson's teacher with a tree-linked name.

Colorado park, home to the famous Cliff Palace.

Structures usually used for building wings.

Utterly appalling, detestable.

Vast national park of southern New Zealand.

Relating to the most eastern Caribbean island.

Extremely crowded, full to bursting point.

Filter gradually through a porous surface.

"Why don't you use it?" hit for Duran Duran.

Spring flower family that includes daffodils.

Chilly charity challenge that began in 2014.

1982 film considered the first hip-hop movie.

Puzzle 14

Miss __, Dickens character in faded wedding dress.

The principal upright post or spar on a ship.

Gives verbal orders.

Battle of 1815 that saw Wellington defeat Napoleon.

Triglav is this EU country's only national park.

Swiss pear bread pastry.

Making art from rolled strips of paper.

Thread-like microscopic appendages for movement.

Device for storage on top of a car.

__ Valley lies just outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Another name for Mexican walking fish.

Fashion designer, Eurotrash host, Jean-Paul.

Michael Jackson tour planned for 2009-2010.

Puzzle 15

Sultanate defeated by the Ottoman conquest in 1517.

Continues one's subscription.

Australian comedian Gadsby, with hit show Nanette.

Fermented black beans used in Chinese cuisine.

Domingo, Carreras, and Pavarotti.

Movie: Three Billboards Outside __, Missouri.

Rachel who wrote the book on environmentalism.

Light brown root vegetable, also called yam bean.

Bright and powerful supermassive black hole.

It's the desert in Egypt's White Desert Park.

Hamid __; Afghanistan head of state 2001-14.

This subfamily includes cows, oxen, and buffalo.

They make motorcycles or keyboards.

Card game that uses a stripped 32-card deck.

Stripping face of oils using rosewater or vinegar.

Spanish park home to the Cola de Caballo waterfall.

German engineer who gives name to an engine.

Old-fashioned term for carriage house or cart shed.

Puzzle 16

__ man, with a sign in Formula 1 car pits.

Spill out of the edge of a container.

One of the air signs.

Namibian coastal park known for its shipwrecks.

She starred in Picnic and Vertigo.

Big-headed Family Guy character who says "giggity".

Fatally poisonous fungus not to be worn.

Device, creates electricity from chemical reaction.

"I would give all my fame for a __", Henry V.

Consonant sound made with both lips.

L.A. based brand meaning sometimes in Japanese.

The eastern USA's tallest trees are in this park.

Largest producer of cognac, based in France.

Puzzle 17

Balearic national park only accessible by boat.

Ah Bolon Dzacab is the Maya god of this.

Socialite, racehorse owner, married Rita Hayworth.

Makes emetophobes uptight.

Superhero assassin played by Jennifer Garner.

Provençal green salad.

Canadian province, includes Thousand Islands Park.

Parc des __; home stadium of Paris St Germain.

Boney M sat down by these rivers.

Comebacks, retaliations.

1820 historical novel by Sir Walter Scott.

Puzzle 18

Short-sighted; having failing or unclear vision.

Village green pillars for dancing to herald spring.

The epithet used for Edmund II.

Judge does this to a defendant to get started.

Handwear Thanos attached the Infinity Stones to.

River that flows through the Grand Canyon.

Moves faster than.

Salts commonly used in biological assay processing.

Guyanese renowned rum brand.

Targaryen Dragon Queen in Game of Thrones.

Largest town in England's Peak District.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest author.

Puzzle 19

Band that launched Iggy Pop's career: The __.

Organ colloquially known as the windpipe.

__ Rim, Vancouver Island’s coastal park.

Substance that causes immune responses.

From the country of which Nicosia is capital.

Brecon __, Wales' Bannau Brycheiniog park.

Another word for the solidus keyboard character.

Prescribed series of drugs for cholesterol.

Watery anagram of thready.

German tooth-edged cookie brand.

Chinese city, a trading crossroads for 2,000 years.

Colony of nests of large black birds high in trees.

Puzzle 20

Heavy bass voice with very low range.

Not beneath the ground.

Persuade someone not to do something.

Isle Royale park lies in this North American lake.

A murder mystery that aims to solve a crime.

Numbered tile game.

Strips of cloth worn across chests; bikini tops.

Private bathrooms that adjoin bedrooms.

Musical family lead by the Captain and Maria.

Longest reigning Japanese emperor.

Name of the leader in the Indian Empire.

Cosmetics and skin company with a capital C.

Baby hares.

US state famous for its Hot Springs National Park.

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