CodyCross Natural Dangers Pack answers

Natural Dangers PackNatural Dangers

Here are the answers to CodyCross Natural Dangers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Roller __, small-wheeled footwear.

Made a noise like a lonely wolf.

The I in AIDS, caused by infection with HIV.

Rum, lime juice and muddled mint cocktail.

On, but not moving.

Eyeball's seat.

Christian praise hymn set to music by Britten.

School or college treasurer.

Virulent disease in pneumonic and bubonic forms.

Clock tower properly known as the Elizabeth Tower.

Small spring bulb comes in purple and gold colors.

Part of an item made for holding or carrying.

Puzzle 2

Elements of this were once used in green wallpaper.

Periods of Earth history with low temperatures.

Stanley __, American film director.

Time in school year, anagram of trimmed.

Christ __ the Disciples' Feet, by Tintoretto.

Beat, vanquish.

Makes fewer or smaller.

Smoked herring; insult to a fat person.

Whatsapp was founded by Brian Acton and __.

Joan of Arc's nickname: Maid of __.

Hindu god mistaken for a deer by a hunter.

Puzzle 3

Doubt, be wary of.

Decorative wristwear.

Worker animal that feeds on mulberry leaves.

Increasing capital on a loan.

The __ Inferno, Newman, McQueen disaster film.

Subsoil methane that can cause underground fires.

Thin pole with branches for storing headgear.

A government's store of money.

Art museum in Florence, once a prison.

Inoculations and serums that produce antibodies.

Triangle fried dough treat from Central Asia.

Harmful effects of being out in icy temperatures.

Gathering in a pack, like sheep.

Door to door group singing of Christmas songs.

Name given to the police force in France.

Teeth meant for cutting, humans have eight.

Capital city of Sardinia.

Four times Olympic discus champion.

Puzzle 4

Less deep.

England cricketer famous for long-distance walks.

Nassau's brainchild, the Dutch __.

Gem cut into the shape of a teardrop or oval.

Crepe paper twirly decorations.

Disability Homer was said to be afflicted with.

Tallest domestic dog, prefixed by Irish.

Keith Waterhouse tale of a working-class dreamer.

What you suffer from after too many rays.

NP, to texters.

Desert hazard that reduces visibility.

Form of address for catholic clergy.

Portal at the back of a theater where fans gather.

Handling limes in the sun causes it: __ dermatitis.

Puzzle 5

Danish pop band with the song "7 Years": Lukas __.

__ art is a hanging creation; it moves in the air.

Satan's Little __, comedy horror film pun.

Bolivian mountaineous river aka Rio Grande.

Mother of witch Samantha in Bewitched.

Not complicated.

Advise someone to be silent with finger to lips.

__ caramel, briny sweet sauce.

Japanese martial art known as "empty hand".

Alligator-like reptile from Central/South America.

__ vs Nurture argument by Francis Galton.

The Rundown and Sin City actress, Rosario __.

Puzzle 6

Drink combining champagne and stout: Black __.

Dragon, large Indonesian lizard.

Author of The Flame Trees of Thika, Elspeth __.

Vital building blocks for a wall.

River that flows through the heart of Prague.

Bread-__, main financial earner in a family.

Inert gas named for the Greek god of the sun.

Hephaestus, to the Romans.

On __ Pond, Fonda won Oscar for final film role.

Diluted with plenty of H2O.

Soak in it.

Wheel __ are also called Denver boots.

What a ghost does.

Romanization system used for Chinese characters.

Snake to squeeze the life out of you.

Vitus __, Danish navigator in the Russian navy.

__ metal, frantic drums from the likes of Megadeth.

Puzzle 7

Rope-winding mechanism on a boat.

A gentleman of Verona, attempts to steal Silvia.

Skipping work or school for no good reason.

Irritable, like striped insect; or slim waist.

Flowers that look like large roses, but no thorns.

Indian tonal language, number 10 in world.

In the front.

Small tropical fish with razor-sharp teeth.

Close's evil role in Fatal Attraction, Alex __.

I Am __ from Herman's La Cage Aux Folles.

Peaceful Sea or __ Ocean.

In baseball, a maximum score hit.

Small lens on the crystal to magnify a watch date.

Period of very dry weather leads to African famine.

Puzzle 8

__, James Cameron 89 sci fi, submarine.

Not permanently residing.

Science of plants and soils.

Forest home of the Merry Men.

Away from a designated ski run.

Semisoft cheese with thin crust, fruity flavor.

Arachnid with menacing tail and venomous stinger.

Missing Blur member: Albarn, Coxon, James and __.

Keys __ together in someone's pocket.

__ in the Park, Neil Simon theatrical comedy.

Growing stomach of a pregnant woman.

The villain of Tom Brown's School Days.

Has dangerous fibers found in industrial buildings.

Building up, accumulating.

Puzzle 9

War of the Worlds author.

It means orange in Italian.

A hotel room overlooking the ocean has one.

How an opera singer shows off.

Stars and __, the US flag.

Beginning like a new day with sunrise.

James P. __, Charleston composer.

Small folkloric sprites adorn Xmas tree tops.

English, short, slashing sword.

Pope __, refused to give Henry VIII a divorce.

Relating to earthquakes and tremors.

Small packets, especially of condiments.

Notes or comments.

Skin condition aka Hansen's disease.

Infiltrating another user's computer program.

Puzzle 10

Rings around the crystal atop watches.


Jean __, Kiwi aviator; first solo flight NZ--UK.

__ the dog; hangover remedy.

Alcove, anagram of tinned.

US religious person, Church of Latter-day Saints.

Big Asian cats, sometimes known as manhunters.

Soft quilts found on beds.

Character in Shakespeare's tragedy about Denmark.

Spanish tapas dish: "gambas al ajillo": garlic __.

Blood-red type of garnet meaning fiery-eyed.

Lattice designed torte named after Austrian city.

Remember by rote with eidetic __.

Sea on the West Coast of Greece.

Coins first struck in 1279; also a fourpenny piece.

Mosquito-borne disease aka breakbone fever.

Open racing machine driven by kids on a track.

Pay for goods/services without money.

Squarish art movement founded by Pablo Picasso.

Puzzle 11

F1 moment when tires are changed.

Precursor of the wheelie bin.

Smooth voiced actor, Nelson Mandela on big screen.

Disease of cattle and sheep and passed to humans.

Yom __, holiday, remembrance of Holocaust crimes.

Town in France known for its Avenue de Champagne.

Richard Dawkins book on evolution: "The __ Gene".

Poisonous plant used to kill Socrates.

Wine-producing region in northern Spain.

Wichita __, class song by Jimmy Webb.

Experienced sea farer or ancient condiment.

Puzzle 12

Perfect as a dream or ideal.

Ricky __, British actor and producer.

Goods mover; shipper.

Saga of a hero's return from the Trojan War.

The Icelandic parliament.

Mimicry mark on butterfly's wings.

Asus brand series of Android smartphones.

It's dangerous to skate on this.

Parisian district named after French sculptor.

Barbados-born singer with a Fenty fashion line.

Odorless gas that may explode when mixed with air.

Creamy arborio rice side dish from Northern Italy.

Gridded board game with black and white counters.

Examination to get your next belt.

Cabinets for all your night-time essentials.

Dance evolved between the Turkey Trot and Foxtrot.

Puzzle 13

Happens twice daily, marks elevated water point.

Food poisoning caused by preserved food.

Turkish med tourist spot in Mugla Province.

Italian word for squid in cooking.

Actor found fame in This Gun for Hire and Shane.

To say something __, not holding back.

Fire bug.

The act of putting bulbs into the earth.

Wedges to stop novels falling off a shelf.

Quarter-circle instrument to measure star angles.

Animal listed first in English dictionaries.

__ demonstrandum, the QE in QED.

Pre-krumping dancing, circus style.

Permission granted by those in authority.

Maisie __, plays Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.

Grange Hill actress, Georgia __.

Satirical American news source.

Puzzle 14

The Rape __, famous poem by Shakespeare.

Obstructing a sporting opponent with the torso.

Sudden gust that blows sideways.

Very large, giant animals, from the Ice Ages.

Someone who goes into space in a rocket.

Steve __, Canadian blues guitarist and singer.

Facility that serves as a hospital or medical room.

Beach peril where you can be sucked underground.

Picked the fruit/crop when it was ripe.

French knight or nobleman.

Flat sculpture with raised elements.

Puzzle 15

In myth, Theseus's wife, spurned by Hippolytus.

Cape __, African quadrupeds gore people to death.

A Team Sergeant played by Mr. T.

__ change, modified global weather patterns.

Jean __, French author of Les Enfants Terribles.

Made brown and crisp with heat.

2017 animated film and video game: Lego __.

Shadows Over __ is based on King Arthur.

Say what? study of the ear.

To mock someone by copying him.

Purchased items in stores.

Northwest Pacific major weather disturbance.

Steve Martin movie, Police song about woman.

Washing chore.

First artificial satellite to orbit the earth, __ 1.

Puzzle 16

Carnivorous fish such as cookiecutter or tiger.

__ pudding, dairy cake, can be at room temperature.

Familiar, dated, out-moded.

Only son of Tsar Nicholas II; hemophilia sufferer.

Old Egyptian capital, later absorbed by Cairo.

Douglas Adams: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the __".

He does the voice for Lego Batman.

__-woogie, a jazzy piano style.

Patrick __, Dirty Dancer.

Chemical element referred to by the term "cupric".

Boxing class above Super Flyweight, like poultry.

Food scarcity in Africa, literally means hunger.

Puzzle 17

The He who wrote the novel "She": H. Rider __.

Protects - perhaps with armor.


Waxy lamps with wicks.

Spongebob's best friend.

Journey together.

Large ocean wave created by underwater quake.

Behavior of the ice caps, causing rising waters.

See, anagram of verbose.

1990 Oscar winning German stop motion film.

Brazenly obvious, offensive, loud.

Kia SUV model sounds like a Neapolitan town.

Angel sent to Daniel.

Puzzle 18

Overtake someone, exceed or outdo them.

Type of moss used in floristry.

Framing of a photo, putting it into a frame.

"Portuguese" sea organism resembling a jellyfish.

__ and Broomsticks, Poppins like Disney film.

Fab Four's first album, Please __.

What you are when you wear no shoes.

A fool and __ are soon parted.

Rocky space object with Earth extinction potential.

Marvel hero who led Chinese army against Britain.

38th __ separated North and South Korea.

Dry white grapes from Bordeaux give lemony wines.

Italian variety of augite with little iron.

Puzzle 19

A less challenging workout option.

Food that was not eaten the day before.

Triangular looped symbol representing the Trinity.

Tet __, "New Year" campaign of the Vietnam War.

While this is dangerous it doesn't strike twice.

Female-shaped supporting pillars.

They make hats.

Someone who is reliant on another.

Potter penner.

Fabric avians for hanging on an Xmas tree.

Someone who underwrites a project with money __ it.

Venomous marine gastropod.

Steroid hormone from the adrenal glands.

Puzzle 20

A pocket watch with a hinged cover.

His father built the Labyrinth for King Minos.

Watery deluges caused by rainfall and full rivers.

Japan in Japanese.

Dividing a city into industrial, commercial areas.

High-kicking French dance.

Parking spot.

Ex girlfriend of Hugh Grant, actress Elizabeth __.

Part of Italy associated with the painter Titian.

Anne __, second wife of King Henry VIII.

Novella by Saint-Exupéry, The Little __.

__ Shepherd, Taxi Driver actress once dated Elvis.

Fat from cows used to make soap.

Playing on video games consoles.

Black widow __, venomous bite, red-marked abdomen.

Chocolate cake popular in Bulgaria.

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