CodyCross Natural Remedies Pack answers

Natural Remedies PackNatural Remedies

Here are the answers to CodyCross Natural Remedies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Support or advocacy of the reigning monarch.

First lady of Argentina known as Evita.

Triangular structures in Egypt.

Wear these on the feet to cure a cold... allegedly.

Traditional Japanese antioxidant rich herbal drink.

Backcombed hairstyle.

In houses, level spaces at the top of staircases.

Abandoned, marooned.

Fast big cats with spots.

Opposing current below the surface.

Scaling a wall.

Fish oil high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Ocular replacement.

Puzzle 2

Gargle with this to ease a sore throat.

It contains seven bright stars, part of Ursa Major.

Term for Jesus' closest followers.

Yellow flowering weed used in tea to aid digestion.

Online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone.

Open to more than one interpretation.

Taking people into police custody.

Naïve, inexperienced.

Youths 13-19 for whom rock & roll was invented.

Part of __; song from The Little Mermaid.

It carries noises to the ears in oscillations.

A pattern made up of shapes.


With no added sweeteners.

Financial institution that sells stocks and shares.

Plant that lives for more than two years.

VP who shot and fatally wounded Alexander Hamilton.

Puzzle 3

People who work on television or the stage.

Rub this large vegetable on skin to cure warts.

Gary __; Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films.

Queen Victoria's immediate successor: __ VII.

Fishing gear.


French Fries in Frances: __ frites.

Crunchy fruits that help to whiten teeth.

Continent with the most landlocked countries.

Fashions, crazes, the latest styles.

Container of woven straw or willow.

Sheena __, sang Bond theme For Your Eyes Only.

Puzzle 4

Petal-flavoured solution for relieving dry eyes.

One of the months when the US tennis open is held.

Wooden weapon that returns when its thrown.

Domestic cat, without long fur.

Yellow fruit said to bring on labour.

Opening out, spreading out.

Organised property exchange for vacation.

U.S. magazine that tracks musical popularity.

Instrument made of wooden bars struck by mallets.

Shoreline of Louisiana, Alabama, etc..

Crescent-shaped French pastry.

Reverberated, filled the air.

Exclamation of surprise or utter relief.

Movement to the cities from rural areas.

Point of interaction between two tech devices.

Puzzle 5

Food accompaniments such as ketchup.

Laid bait, for compliments maybe.

__ soda; white powder for alleviating heartburn.

__ Me, Madonna song about saving someone.

Country in which Mount Ararat is located.

Thin strips of material or paper.

Jennifer __, 13 Going on 30 actress.

A dead body.

Orange-fleshed fish useful for hydrating dry skin.

__ Caesar, father of Cleopatra's son Ptolemy XV.

Tools like a vice that hold things in place.

Puzzle 6

Trendy phrase.

Australian marsupial that can't jump backwards.

Moved nervously or because of embarrassment.

Maintaining hair with brushing, combing, shaving.

Herb used to flavor a Bearnaise sauce.

Brits call it petrol, Americans call it __.

Armchair that leans back.

Beautiful __, Madonna song for Austin Powers film.

Natural laxative found in succulent plants.

Blocks from sight.

Component parts.

Fragrant flower that helps reduce anxiety.

City home to the Canadian F1 grand prix.

Puzzle 7

Stubborn, unwilling to change your mind.

Green copper mineral used as a painting pigment.

Pharaoh whose consort was Nefertiti.

Spikey-topped yellow fruit.

Mucho in Mexico: the whole __.

Site of major English win in Hundred Years' War.

Paused before acting.

Shape left when walking on sand.

Approving slang for something traditional.

Large dark waterbird of Australia with red bill.

Ghost, Striptease and Disclosure actress.

Pamphlets containing church song words.

Drink this quickly to get rid of hiccups.

Huts often found at tropical vacation sites.

Rapid spinning movements.

Said to keep the doctor away.

Common menthol plant, extracts used in sweets.

Puzzle 8

Asked for politely.

Young bird just learning to fly.

Thrown into Boston Harbor by patriots in 1773.

Table surface used by a mechanic or carpenter.

Describes an undesirable society.

To give your time for free to help others.

A stitch in time does this.

Murders in the __, creepy tale by Edgar Allan Poe.

__ Falls, the Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

Continued with, despite opposition.

German megalopolis, containing Cologne and Essen.

"It's such a good __, it's such a sweet sensation".

Mineral that reduces bloating and stomach cramps.

Obtain food without entering the building.

This marine creature's stings are soothed by urine.

Puzzle 9

My Sister's __ by Jodi Picoult.

Ascendant, climbing.

__ interest, having special significance.

Mykonos and Santorini are found in this country.

The skin of this yellow fruit can cure verrucas.

Term for an enfeebled old age.

__ play; when three baseball runners score.

Designer Coco ___.

Asked for popular opinion by vote.

Michael Jackson's older sister, also a singer.

Country whose cuisine uses the cacti nopales.

Metal slug in a gun.

Part of bread that is said to make hair curly.

Puzzle 10

Neapolitan fishy pizza topping, with tomato/cheese.

Your cherished person, the one you worship.

Traditions or rituals honoured at Chinese New Year.

Curved opening.

Pear-shaped green fruit with anti-aging properties.

Singer Nancy's crooner dad, Frank __.

Asylum __; people looking for political refuge.

Subatomic particle with no electric charge.

Fleshy part where jewellery attaches on the head.

Forecast of expected weather conditions.

Fidelity, being faithful to someone.

Orange root vegetables said to improve eyesight.

Bus that goes to and fro.

Kangaroos keep their joeys in these.

Puzzle 11

Inspecting a building or assessing something.

Devotion, love, fondness.

Daisy __, central to Murder on the Orient Express.

Round grain staple wrapped with nori and fish.

__ tea; citrus drink for healing cold sores.

Device for recording amount of precipitation.

Catalytic __, device to reduce vehicle emissions.

Clears an area of people.

Swimming in mud, like a hippo.

Under water.

Brings all the boys to the yard.

Brazilian superfood believed to aid weight loss.

Feline-sounding mountain range in New York state.

Related to processing food in the body.

Methods used to carry out cultural beliefs.

Puzzle 12

The guilty or not guilty decision by a jury.

Record __ were works of art and protected discs.

German lake within Kellerwald-__ National Park.

Relieve pins and __ by moving your head.

Katniss Everdeen volunteered as this for Primrose.

Leave, desert someone.

Animal product that lowers risk of anaemia.

Feeling more pride.

French term for cubed fried bread for soup.

Tropical storm in Asia.

Yellow flower used in tea and perfume.

Ban the use of a product or service.

Nature vs __ argument by Francis Galton.

Juicy __, velour tracksuit maker for Madonna et al..

What you put on a tennis ball to make it dip.

Puzzle 13

Temporary color of the skin in carotenemia.

Caring and gentle, devoted and doting.

Dolly the sheep was __ in 1996.

Pungent vegetables that help stop nosebleeds.

Large utensils for dishing out soup.

Headgear used to control a horse attached to reins.

Wolf's bane for alleviating bruising and swelling.

One who makes holes in the ground.

Spanish word for "city".

A rerecorded version of a film.

Largest city in Bavaria, host of Oktoberfest.

Marilyn __, blonde bombshell.

First name of Garth Brooks, an anagram of Taylor.

Puzzle 14

Founder of the People's Republic of China: Mao __.

Country producing 80% of the world's maple syrup.

Oil used for treating baldness.

Wide sleeve cut with the body of the garment.

Calm and collected, peaceful and tranquil.

Money or property left in a will.

Cricket bat tree that helps to alleviate back pain.

Most pleasant, politest person.

__ City; capital of country to the south of the US.

Cease to be fresh, like old food.

Quash, bring under control, suppress someone.

Post-pub food, but Greek or Turkish in origin?.

Puzzle 15

Most ferocious.

Village green pillars see dancing to herald spring.

Inhabitant, occupier, homeowner.

Reverse somersault.

Melatonin-rich stone fruits that help induce sleep.

Managed to stay alive.


Title role in Evita, played by Madonna.

Literature store.

Yellow spice that helps relieve aching joints.

A sudden monetary bonus.

Puzzle 16

Pair of sunglasses, worn by pilots perhaps.

Indian religion, some scriptures are called Vedas.

Landlocked country linked to the origin of coffee.

Stimulant in coffee that helps boost energy.

Keeps one dry while walking in the rain.

__ tanks, first used at the Battle of the Somme.

Spying, being nosy.

French consort of King Edward II.

Linen plant superfood that promotes eye health.

Athletics event with a sand pit.

Burn the __ oil, to stay up extremely late.

Spotted, briefly caught sight of.

Alone, single, isolated; word used of confinement.

Curved area of precipitation on a weather map.

__ wheel; used to change direction of a car.

The least blunt tool.

Main vegetables in Chicken Cacciatore.

Floral wreaths.

Writing's on the Wall and Stay with Me singer.

Puzzle 17

Walk aimlessly.

Stared angrily.

The Iceman __, O'Neill play set in a New York bar.

__ Prison Blues, 1968 single by Johnny Cash.

Slang term for a native of Australia.

Tropical, parrot-like birds with colourful plumage.

Soaked hot-drinks sachet that helps soothe burns.

Pussy __; Bond girl played by Honor Blackman.

Madame __ visiting giantess in The Goblet of Fire.

Stinging plant that helps soothe rheumatic aches.

Fruit aka pawpaw; pear-shaped with black seeds.

Puzzle 18

sudden abrupt change of direction.

Root spice that helps ease morning sickness.

__ party; community royal wedding celebration.

The noise a chair makes when moved along the floor.

Brandy flavor in a Singapore Sling.

When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman band.

Often Grim.

A little tipsy.

Portland is this US state's largest city.

Quartz for treating skin complaints.

Puzzle 19

A rich French pastry; anagram of "a relic".

Metallic rattling sound of playing with keys, say.

A baby swan.

Don’t __, song on Madonna’s Music album.

Scottish saint whose day is celebrated in November.

Capital of Shang Dynasty, China.

Bite this writing implement to relieve headaches.

Small green leaves that protect a flower's head.

Profoundly, in depth.

Sigourney Weaver's Alien franchise character.

__ Magna, ruined Roman-Libyan settlement.

Painting and craft supplies company.

Pungent bulb for warding off diseases.

Puzzle 20

Type of falcon whose name in Latin means voyager.

Herb used since ancient times to treat colic.

Must have ingredient for Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Egghead & the __, nicknames for Monroe and Miller.

Covering again in gold.

UK maker of tennis equipment with panther logo.

Layout of building blocks in a wall.

__ of the Galaxy.

Subtracting, diminishing.

Queen Elizabeth's first Prime Minister.

Loss of greenness, lack of chlorophyll in plants.

Jumpin' __, 1968 single by Jagger and Richards.

Metropolitan area with two equally large cities.

A catalytic __ reduces the toxicity of emissions.

Cease to function, become insane.

Seller of small cakes, lives on Drury Lane.

Practitioner of alternative medicine.

Footloose and __.

American words for what Brits call a box tick.

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