CodyCross New Orleans Pack answers

New Orleans PackNew Orleans

Here are the answers to CodyCross New Orleans Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Small independent country.

Father of Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

Author __ Roy is quoted in Canadian money.

Can be safely put down the toilet.

Allen __, US R&B musician and producer.

Finger and toe bones.

2008 film set in Germany, starring Kate Winslet.

Person born under the sign of the crab.

incapable of malice; candid.

Louisiana version of paella.

Puzzle 2

Young children at school.

Mountaineering and skiing resort in the Swiss Alps.

The first S in both SAS and SBS.

Harry __, Jr, US jazz singer and movie actor.

Lie back in a chair.

Mother goddess in ancient Semitic religion.

Small orange citrus fruit, size of a large olive.

Small game birds or grouches.

Ran, was in charge of.

__ trees, Louisiana swamp trees with knees.

__ Caillebotte, Paris Street; Rainy Day painter.

To be __, extremely attentive.

Vegetables in a Gajar ka Halwa recipe.

Puzzle 3

Study of environment.

Brothers who invented vertical lift-off helicopter.

Enemy of the Allies in WWI: the __ Powers.

A suspension of particles, such as an emulsion.

Often mistaken for llamas.

__ Hesse, German-born Swiss writer.

__ Sq, New Orleans, site of an equestrian statue.

Congo River tributary near Lake Albert.

Dave Eggers book set during Hurricane Katrina.

What Have I Done to __ This? Pet Shop Boys hit.

Sidney __, who starred in To Sir, With Love.

The capping horizontal stones at Stonehenge.

Programme of physical exercises or classes.

Puzzle 4

Pirandello, Beckett and others: Theatre of the __.

A typical feature of gout.

Mythical nocturnal water horse in Shetland folklore.

__ Free State, Boer Republic of the late 19th C.

Religious buildings where monks live.

Slang for a swimming costume.

Plant yielding blue dye.

Increasing; e.g. temperatures.

Staple of the Deep South.

More cautious.

PYT: __ Young Thing; 1982 hit for Michael Jackson.

Large 31oz cup size for cold drinks in Starbucks.

Uprising of soldiers against their officers.

Puzzle 5

Anxious, worried, tense.

__ Cathedral is the oldest in the US.

Musher command to a dog to turn 180 degrees right.

The Dewey Decimal system is used here.

Children's playthings chain with giraffe branding.

Sticky, dark, sweet syrup for baking.

Kettledrums are also called this.

Spanish word for "orange".

District of New Orleans on the West Bank.

Bottom of trousers that are folded over.

Last name of only U.S. President named Abraham.

Person born under the sign of the bull.

Larry Hagman played him in Dallas.

Discharge or ooze from a cell.

Passage between rooms.

Ottoman self-governing religious communities.

Fictional Royal Navy Officer: __ Hornblower.

Type of large wild goat, Pakistan national animal.

Cross-__, attempts by a barrister to test evidence.

City of birth of Kenneth Branagh and George Best.

Puzzle 6

Another word for a singer.

Cajun crustacean, what the British call crayfish.

Innate sense of affection towards someone.

__ City, New Orleans shapely nickname.

Timber that isn't soft.

A premolar tooth.

Algonquian Indian chief.

If you gotta go, go with a smile.

What Americans call athletic shoes or sneakers.

Imitated and exaggerated for comic effect.

Daniel __, star of Lincoln and My Left Foot.

Puzzle 7

Describes cutting, slicing, especially of a boil.

Bumpy surface of ginger and Jerusalem artichokes.

Eco-friendly Japanese music festival on Suruga Bay.

The R in VAR in football, Video Assistant __.

Edible mollusc in an ear-shaped shell.

Grisham's novel The __ Brief is set in New Orleans.

Southernmost region of continental Portugal.

Less dirty.

Obscure goddess of ... robbers in Ancient Rome.

Stephen __, US historian of Band of Brothers.

Aaron __ played John Lennon in Nowhere Boy.

Doctoring of business records: __ the books.

__ harvester, large farm machine for getting crops.

Collective aristocracy.

Debra, who was Grace in Will & Grace.

Puzzle 8

To administer medicine with a syringe.

Direct collision with the front of another vehicle.

Sidney __, early jazzman, famous for Petite Fleur.

__ hours, the time when you are not asleep.

Whipped on the body for punishment.

Rundown, in a bad state of repair.

Moated landmark in Somerset, England: __ Castle.

Willie __, country singer of City of New Orleans.

A woman's tight-fitting bodice.

Gulliver's forename.

24-hour motor-racing event in northern France.

Ferryman carrying the newly deceased to Hades.

Viscount __; title of Prince Edward's son James.

Puzzle 9

Model runways.

Animal that eats plants and meat.

Peter Gabriel's hill.

Telling a player to sit out.

Plessy v. __ landmark case held in New Orleans.

Chillier; less summery.

Country where Loch Lomond is situated.

Banded gem, August's birthstone, prized by Romans.

Entry level crewing job on a yacht.

Comet discovered in 1995 by two americans.

Marx Brothers film about a tin-pot dictator.

West France uni city aka "town of 100 bell towers".

Trickery, duplicity.

Fractional equivalents of 0.08333....

Plant for relieving nettle stings.


Cajun spicy stew of shellfish, roux and rice.

Puzzle 10

Amusingly, absurdly.

Mouth organ.

Passes on germs once more.

Idealistic, impractical, unrealistic.

Rhyming slang for alone.

Relating to your brother.

Butterfly's home before transitioning.

Paper currency with a misprint.

Novel by Jasper Fforde: One of Our __ is Missing.

__ blues, the basis of rock and jazz music.

__ Forward, Chinese economic reform in 1958.

Leaving for holiday.

Korean shaved ice dessert.

Catherine __; Welsh Hollywood actress.

Montserrat volcano exploded massively in 1997.

__ Plantation, where Jackson defeated the British.

Early Internet search engine with high views.

Puzzle 11

Elton John song about a man on a plane to Spain.

Youngest son of William I, ruled England 1100-35.

Samantha's witchy mother in Bewitched.

NFL American football team from New Orleans.

__ light; lamp that flashes regularly.

West __, east India state with capital Kolkata.

Power, hold over someone.

End part of the gut in birds, fishes, reptiles.

To hit or strike someone with great force.

New Orleans people descended from Acadians.

Electronics store that sounds like a holiday camp.

Irish distilled beverage made from potatoes.

Be against.

Puzzle 12

With Siemens, Japanese-German IT brand.

Love affair that could be dangerous.

Blinds someone with light.

Suntan preparation named after a mountain.

1990s British medieval murder mystery TV show.

__ lis, symbol of New Orleans with French origins.

Wooden roof tile.

Nickname of the city of New Orleans.

"Drown your __"; resort to the bottle.

Mosque's tower; where Muslims are called to prayer.

__ Dhu; leaf-clad male fairy in Scottish folklore.

Vegetable dish, or fog.

Puzzle 13

Hellenistic kingdom in Egypt, 305–30 BC.

Swimming reptile, a state symbol of Louisiana.

Pleading to get something.


Put on display.

French essay writer of the 1580s.

Anya __, bag lady of "I'm not a plastic bag".

Type of jazz born in New Orleans.

Film based on a Françoise Sagan novel: Bonjour __.

Used by Hipparchus to position heavenly bodies.

Washed hair with soap.

Long-running Japanese Solid Snake game franchise.

Constellation between Cassiopeia and Pegasus.

Michigan celebration with the Burning of the Boogg.

Puzzle 14

__: Murder; mystery series starring Dick Van Dyke.

Military assistants.

Disease study of plagues and epidemics.

Calm; security.

"King" cornetist, leader of the Creole jazz band.

A cocktail mix of vodka and dry vermouth.

Uproar, pursuit of a criminal by bystanders.

Area with restricted view in a vehicle.

Leading Revolutionary who sought Louis XVI's death.

Flowing liquid from a glacier at its margins.

Usual, traditional.

North German town with Pilsener brewery.

Switched on, ready to go.

Jewellery pieces worn on the wrist.

Colourful art stick.

X-Men, Fantastic Four and Superman artist.

Sweet-sounding baseball team in New Orleans.

Puzzle 15

Karen __; penned Out of Africa memoirs.

Giant French-bread sandwiches with spicy sauces.

Monty __, British comedy troupe with dead parrot.

Redbreasts (birds).

Quenched a thirst.

First Monday in September in Canada: __ Day.

Sheepskin processed to resemble the fur of a seal.

Designation for mountains over 3000ft in Scotland.

The Patron Saint of Madrid.

Examine something, go over it again.

Island in the Sun, Hash Pipe, Buddy Holly band.

Ban on personal movements, usually at nighttime.

Russian spacecraft took Yuri Gagarin into space.

Prince with Danish and Greek roots who wed in 1947.

Small Jewish villages in Europe before WWII.

French term for slow-moving rivers or creeks.

Puzzle 16

Shook with cold.

Worked through a problem or issue.

California site of Hewlett-Packard and Tesla HQs.

A Walk on the __, novel centred on New Orleans.

Method used to self-amputate to avoid prey.

Folded sheets of volcanic rock on Hawaii.

Caught for its eggs that act as caviar substitute.

__ and rice, authentic Monday stew in the Big Easy.

Employed to sew.

Jumping, sometimes with the aid of a pole.

Puzzle 17

Country where the candy Caramello Koala is popular.

Males of the cloth.

Never-ending, incessant.

Session for photographing celebrities.

Using both eyes.

A move in ice hockey to push a player off the puck.

Made written information available to the public.

High-jumping South African gazelle.

Linchpins, cornerstones.

Show about vampires in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

New Orleans bridge named after shot senator.

__ I, powerful monarch and last Tudor queen.

Water crossed by thousands of migrating wildebeest.

A republic surrounded entirely by Italy.

__ Day, December 1, marked by wearing red ribbons.

The __, Kate Chopin book about a love affair.

Greek word for "good afternoon".

Puzzle 18

Sagittarius is the first sign found in this month.

The set of beliefs that a culture lives by.

Cu __; mythological hero of Ulster Cycle.

__ Buildings, balconied edifices in New Orleans.

Express __, Madonna song, if you believe in love.

Greek island group comprises Skiathos and Skopelos.

New Orleans-born author of The Vampire Chronicles.

Screen on TV when there isn't active broadcast.

Rural, rustic, countrified.

Become less excited.

Dilma __; Brazil's president, 2011-2016.

Flat, oily Italian bread, texture of pizza dough.

The least loose.

Pain in the lumbar region.

Puzzle 19

Belle __, golden era of the French Third Republic.

Carnival parading groups in New Orleans.

Sheep that sailed on the First Fleet to Australia.

Lee Harvey __, JFK assassin from New Orleans.

Singer Martha __; backed by the Vandellas.

Path of space bodies, dictated by second bodies.

Sanskrit word meaning a kind of manifestation.

Nathan __, renowned English lexicographer.

Unsettled, rainy, thundery weather.

Better than a __ the backside, better than nothing.

Catholic beads.

Stop following a company's Facebook page.

Comport oneself well.

Lonely __, travel guide series of books.

Architect Buckminster __ developed geodesic dome.

Dynasty II: The __; former television soap.

Puzzle 20

Ladies and __, a compere's welcome to an audience.

Overcomes, prevails over.

"Come hell or __".

Contemporary, modern; __ saints.

Vast sporting venue in New Orleans.

__ Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

State in which New Orleans is sited.

Classic Irish mashed potatoes and cabbage combo.

Legal, constitutional.

__ Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Westley in The Princess Bride.

Name of poet Byron's famous Newfoundland dog.

Tall, long-stemmed yellow-flowered plant.

African term for a foreigner; a Brit in Boer areas.

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