CodyCross New Year's Resolutions Pack answers

New Year's Resolutions PackNew Year's Resolutions

Here are the answers to CodyCross New Year's Resolutions Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Yearly planner to put birthdays on.

Abridges, cuts down.

Greek god of the sea and Triton's father.

Large bright game bird with a long tail.

Beach lifeguards and red swimsuits on TV.

Lie __, machine that senses untruths.

Quality of mingling and being friendly.

Capital of the Republic of Serbia.

Illuminated backlit container used in photography.

Magazine articles that go in-depth on a topic.

Puzzle 2

Foreign building run by an ambassador.

Gentle running.

Grumpy, bad-tempered.

Classes to learn a new language or to play piano.

Separating lumps in flour.

Look closely at, scrutinize.

Italian word for "baby boy".

High-pitched sound from a small bird.

Hopkins and Foster in __ of the Lambs.

Regal sounding term for a payment to an author.

Abstaining from food for a set period of time.

Frugal; of someone who spends money wisely.

Turn to ash.

High-ranking army officer or commander.

Puzzle 3

Highly productive; abundant.


Maximum amount that something can contain.

Politeness, good manners.


Serenity, period of no storms, stillness.

Italian restaurant serving savory pies.

Maybe she's __ it, maybe it's Maybelline, tagline.

__ Gold; Sting's 1993 agricultural hit.

Manufacturer of automobiles.

Going for walks in the countryside.

Regular meeting to discuss literary works.

Endangered largest living primates: Eastern __.

Stroked lovingly.

Puzzle 4

Device for counting a person's steps.

These scenic notes are sent while on vacation.

Current advice is to take 10,000 a day.

Green-tinged nut.

Liquid energy source extracted from underground.

Decorating a box by gluing paper cutouts onto it.

Teenage Ninja Turtle with a purple bandana.

Tension-laden event leads to finger nibbling.

Kipling's tiger who longs to kill a human.

Talking about others behind their backs.

Choppy, furious movement, e.g. of the sea.

City where Kylie Minogue was born.

Puzzle 5

Acceptable rules of social behavior.

Cleaning dust from carpets with a machine.

Card game played alone.

Stuck out.

Calcium build-up in kettles and domestic pipes.

Lung inflammation caused by an infection.

Neckwear worn by a feline, often with name tag.

The first meal of the day.

Absolving someone of sins.

Knight's armor made of interwoven metal rings.

Flock of large birds you don't chase.

Puzzle 6

Study of objects in space.

The repetition of a process or utterance.

This avian catches the worm.

Thoughtless, illogical.

Strict and rigorous.

Effervescent, bubbly.

Ash __, when Lent begins in the Christian calendar.

Evening with a partner, going out for dinner.

The Who bass player, John __.

Rounded and concave bone construction, like a hip.

Pool tag game named after an explorer.

Donate the red stuff from one's body.

Puzzle 7


Obsesses about, focuses on.

Lift up, raise.

Soccer player whose job is to score goals.

__ horse, toy that moves back and forth.

More reflective.

Cultural institutions with objects on display.

Routine doctor's appointment to verify health.

Fall apart like a dry cake or biscuit.

A single eyeglass.

__ Familia, Gaudi's Barcelona cathedral.

Sitcom starring Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow.

Puzzle 8

A contaminant.

Long excursion in a car.

They claim to contact the dead at seances.

Fruits of a palm tree.

Using one's own effort to improve or recover.

Where chimney sweeps danced in Mary Poppins.

Unit of an air force.

Tears __; Roland Orzabal's pop rock band.

Taking forcefully with the hand.

Changing form or shape.

Puzzle 9

Cute, lovable.

Consuming liquids, such as water or alcohol.

Courtesy and goodwill to others.

The Vampire Chronicles writer.

The internal bone structure of a human.

In the night sky, not new or full.

Relating to a particular subject.

US hitting and fielding game played on a diamond.

Take over the place, position, or role of someone.

Professional mender.

Working 9 to 5, 5 days a week.

Real or solid; tangible.

Board game in which you buy streets and houses.

Fine-quality material made from goat's wool.

Salivating, slobbering.

Brandishing, holding a weapon.

Puzzle 10

State a belief confidently.

Putting away money for a rainy day.

Oldest Trump daughter's first name.


Noble title; someone who would joust.

List of things to do, especially for a meeting.

Ground chickpea spread.

Beloved, revered, cherished.

Time of day when it starts to get dark.

Three __ hens in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Storage container for playthings.

Puzzle 11

Ability to understand and share another's feelings.


Country whose capital city is Kiev.


Unmarried people.

Folds lines in cloth.

Bovine musical instrument.

Riding the waves on a board.

Space between airline seats, for the limbs.

Planet with four Galilean moons.

Pals; mates.

Washington State volcano and Monégasque monarch.

No through road.

Medical assessment of bone strength: bone __ test.

Puzzle 12

Ringo Starr's job in The Beatles.

Get back; recover.

Ground nuts in marzipan.

Army unit, anagram of abridge.

Period of dry weather with no rainfall.

Edges, generally framing something.

Minor flaw on the skin.

__ time; special time spent with close family.


Pastimes, such as painting, knitting.

Woman entertaining guests at a party.

Sugar in milk that some are intolerant to.

Puzzle 13

Cleaning between teeth with string.

Queen who popularized the Christmas tree tradition.

Power of __; person who can make decisions for you.

Bringing a child into your family as your own.

Cutting up an onion into small pieces.

Square up to someone.

Mid-game breaks in basketball for players to rest.

Making smaller or less in amount.

1974 Eurovision winner and global hit for ABBA.

Megan __ plays Karen Walker on Will & Grace.

Signed up for military service.

Naval, nautical, seafaring.

1994 film with Hugh Grant: Four __ and a Funeral.

Explaining; describing.

Worship of religious icons.

Conduct inciting people to rebel or start a mutiny.

A detailed analysis and assessment of something.

Acting playfully, behaving comically.

Blocking a leak with a rubber bung.

Puzzle 14

Notes written to friends and family.

__ arts include karate, kickboxing, judo.

Flat implement for chefs to scrape out bowls.

Money set aside for future use.

Finders keepers, losers __.

Country east of Poland, south of Lithuania.

Fabricated in advance.

North American wild dogs, smaller than wolves.

Flying high in the air.

Made furious, annoyed.

Cosmetic creams to moisturize.

Club dance move of heel-toe sliding fast on floor.

Radical, a severe change.

Pithy saying.

Even weight distribution; stability.

Puzzle 15

Goes wrong, fails, goes not as intended.

Day of __, aka Yom Kippur, in the Jewish Calendar.

Chinese fruit that when poached aids sore throats.

Bang-A-__; Australian-themed 1975 ABBA song.

Man __! Exclamation when someone falls off a boat.

Freefalling out of a plane.

Divided into four equal parts.


A billionaire engineer who became a superhero.

Falsely claimed to be an expert.

Entrance hall or lobby.

One who looks after something, e.g. a museum.

Political leaflets or informationals.

Two times forty-eight, reads the same upside down.

Ms Parton's theme park.

Tending to plants in a home's outdoor space.

Lawless revolutionary, opposer of governments.

Oblong frame with a name in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Loss of movement from nerve or muscle damage.

Cable on which acrobats walk.

Puzzle 16

Presidential end of the White House.

__ olives, blackish fruit named after a Greek city.


Home for the Duke of Marlborough: __ Palace.

Indecorous, unfitting, unsuitable.

Accumulations, growths.

To __, the BH in TBH.

Organizing ahead of time.

__ skydiving, human gliding through the air.

Book of 1086 detailing ownership of land.

Valuable item inherited from a relative.

Puzzle 17

Taking in an animal that needs a home.

Fines or penalties for breaking rules in a game.

Creating wool garments with needles.

Small, tinned fish.

Hindering growth.

Different accounts of an act, especially in court.

Quicker than one's usual route.

Smallest country in Central America: El __.

Interfering in someone else's business.

Calms someone down from rage.

Lofty lie, untruthful story.

Tossing a ball.

Birthstone for February.

Parent company of Google.


Short, stiff hairs on a brush.

Puzzle 18

Beating, like a heart.

Shiver with excitement.

Wine __, appreciating the smell, flavor of wine.

American wild horse and fast car.

Language in which the word "nyet" means "no".

Engulfed with water.

Chemical element also known as Quicksilver.

__ bliss; state of a happy husband and wife.


Sack for screwdrivers, hammers, etc..

Confuse, baffle, perplex.

Plants with petals, found in a bouquet.


What courts aim to deliver.

Adele sang the title theme for this Bond film.

Puzzle 19

Business blending between two companies.

Relatives; kin.

Sound __, sound-proofed areas on a film set.

Fable by Aesop: The Goose That Laid the __ Egg.

Musical plays such as Madama Butterfly.

Meghan Markle is Duchess of __.

Become expert at.

Ex pupil; anagram of manual.

City where the League of Nations was located.

Cuts of beef that are fried or grilled.

A soldier stationed to keep guard.

Puzzle 20

Capital city of Iceland.

Really funny.

Strip of material a canine wears around its neck.

Art made from cast metal or plaster.

__ Melody; huge hit for the Righteous Brothers.

Tidy the home by removing unnecessary items.

A Nightmare On __; Freddy Kreuger horror series.

Sixteen plus one.

Made a careless or stupid mistake.

Fill a space beyond capacity; congested.

Tech entrepreneur and founder of Amazon.

Small river leading to big river.

Illness from solar exposure.

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