CodyCross Nighttime Creatures Pack answers

Nighttime Creatures PackNighttime Creatures

Here are the answers to CodyCross Nighttime Creatures Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Indiana Jones and the Temple __; adventure prequel.

Pulls feathers from a bird.

__ Beach, Grand Street South Carolina destination.

__ English, medieval language Chaucer wrote in.

Joints between lower legs and feet.

Frozen homes, made from snow blocks.

Make a noise like dry leaves.

Fairy __; mild green dishwashing fluid.

Intoxicated nighttime revellers.

What protects a porcupine in a confrontation.

Bunsen __; makes flames in a science lab.

__ Comics, publishers of Iron Man and Thor.

"Baby" singer Justin __.

Jewish effigies brought to life with incantations.

Puzzle 2

Nail skin.

Good day, in French.

Bloodsucking insects found under the duvet.

James Kirk, TJ Hooker; William __.

__ headaches, pain associated with the eyes.

Go bang.

Sleep __, nighttime types, aka somnambulists.

Head protection for builders.

Place on a ship for tanning.

Temporary stoppage of NBA season, e.g. 1995.

Flat, heavy pan for frying food.

__ places, the number of digits after the dot.

Puzzle 3

Flattened or squashed like a bug.

Makes a gravy less watery.

Large marsupial, tends to eat at night when cooler.

Male head of a board.

Coverings, or the top layers of rainforests.

Let the children's __ remind us how we used to be.

Take it __; make something more intense.

Kitchen storage.

Nocturnal bird said to suck milk from goats.

Create a picture with words.

Puzzle 4

Place for workers to take breaks.

Variance, variety, range.

__ devil, scary marsupial that preys at night.

Legal age for learning to drive in the UK.

Movie meal enjoyed at Tiffany's.

Climbed down.

Saint whose feast day is February 14.

Blended dairy beverage.

Entrance to a house from the street side.

__ shift, laconic term for working night hours.

Lunacy, folly, stupidity.

Identification of an illness by a doctor.

Puzzle 5


Small barking deer with short antlers.

Praise and worship.

Knocking down pins with a heavy ball.

It rhymes with "millet" but refers to a frying pan.

Flying insect that illuminates the night.

Done at an election when it's too close to call.

Use vegetable peelings to make fertiliser.

Enclosed parking rooms for cars.

Being noisy while asleep.

Small fish, often canned.

__ rhyme, tunes recited to the very young.

Puzzle 6

Grim __, personification of death with a scythe.

Frog in the __ means to have a croaky voice.

Plant nicknamed the "stinking rose".

Darkened windows.

Gallery of artefacts.

Buzz, the Moon astronaut.

A child's __ is measured with a mark on the wall.

They make loaves and cakes while most people sleep.

Programming a computer.

Ran after.

Not level.

Colourful sky that marks the end of daylight.

Puzzle 7

Pots that use heated water vapour.

Cuisine that invented sushi.

Remote, off the beaten track.

Jumped out and attacked.

Scaly anteater whose sticky tongue picks up food.

Group of actors or musicians who perform together.

Robin __, played the genie in Aladdin.

Chief cities.

Leaning towards.

What are little girls made of? Sugar __.

They tidy and scrub offices at night.

You __ trolled, or YHBT.

There's more than one way to scalp this feline.

Job where maximum hours are worked.

Puzzle 8

I Just Can't Stop __, Jacko's eternal love song.

Clear unaged whiskey, legal in the US since 2010.

Luminous firefly larvae with fire in their bellies.

She or he shows you the sights.

Revolving shaft and blades that power a boat.

Barbara __; actress who won an Oscar in Funny Girl.

Hospital patient identification device.

Jogger, relaxed type, taking part for charity.

Bought in bulk for future use.

Meteorologist's device for measuring precipitation.

Man __, mythic lunar chap with a famous face.

Glass sphere with fake ice flakes and a scene.

Bit by bit, increment by increment.

MS Office pop-up, was always asking questions.

Talking to yourself under your breath.

__ and light, someone who is extremely pleasant.

Puzzle 9

A non-profit that takes donations.

Night __, hotel staff, work in the wee small hours.

Rest __; common gravestone inscription.

Tiny discs used in soups and curries.

Dashes used in writing.

Made a noise like a stream or brook.

Exploring randomly.


Eye protection for welders.

Shaved a sheep.

Cat __, stealthy predator who robs homes at night.

Misinterpret something in writing.

Puzzle 10

Insult for someone idiotic, stupid and slow.

Country walkers.

Once every 365 days.

In space no one can hear you __: Alien tagline.

Large shrimps.

Stage __, they tread the boards in the evening.

Unwrapped an orange.

Stretched-fabric painting surface.

Black __, German woods, also a tasty cake.

Scary spirits, phantoms who go boo.

Puzzle 11

Poorly, not well, not in good condition.

Uneventful sleep.

Road or pedestrian tunnel built beneath a road.

Greek heroes in search of the Golden Fleece.

Just for __ spells out JFTR.

Love interest of Pocahontas.

__ Girl, Van Morrison hit with Sha la la refrain.

Medical science relating to health and hygiene.

Involves a sink and needs to be done after a meal.

Internet with high access speeds.

__ twins, siblings that look similar.

A person who applies for a job.

Speckly legume, often mashed and used in chillies.

Olympic defensive martial art, based on kicks.

Big-eyed nocturnal primate, definitely not fast.

Huge silk-producing, night-flying insect.

Puzzle 12

Someone who looks after horses, a jeans brand.

Having a paid job.

Cycling stunts of lifting the front tyre.

Generic name for S American rodents, like degus.

Hair __; possible hangover cure.


Sent a rocket into space.

New Zealand's most populous city.

__ Franklin, made a French deal in the Revolution.

Desert-friendly plants.

The act of giggling.

Partying types attending late-night establishments.

All Star sportswear brand.

Puzzle 13

Lisa Simpson or Kenny G's instrument.

There was an old lady who __ a fly.

Manacles for securing a suspect.

Permitted no. of days of annual leave; holiday __.


Amanitin makes some of these vegetables poisonous.

French cartoon skunk.

Right now, straight away.

Seafood with weapon-like bill.

Character who leaves patterns on windows overnight.

Topples, carelessly rummages.

Step-by-step instructional lessons.

The S in SNAFU, when things have all gone awry.

Equatorial countries' hottest months: March and __.

Felines that prowl the streets, like O'Malley.

Liquid left in the sink after washing dirty plates.

Least popular time of year at a resort.

Puzzle 14

Bag worn with two straps over the shoulders.

German word for fruit brandy or herbal liqueur.

Flying __, nocturnal rodent is an excellent glider.

Device that plays music from shiny discs.

Handheld firework.

Enclosed area to the rear of a home.

Hellhound, generic scary canine of Britain.

US state home to Omaha and Lincoln.

Breathe a sigh __; reaction when stress eases.

Weather condition of invisible frozen surfaces.

Puzzle 15

Terrifying hairy spider of nightmares.

Carrying out a task capably, without waste.

Plant upon which chardonnay and syrah grow.

Small bird of prey with white feathery eyebrows.

Another name for spring onions.

You shouldn't throw the baby out with the __.

Center of a large urban area.

Company with yellow-leaping stag on a green ground.

Describes a hat that can be packed or bashed about.

NY borough and film by Woody Allen.

Illegal act based on prejudice of a social group.

Canadian Harvest Moon singer-songwriter.

Flapping with fright, freaking out.

First name of McQueen, the Cars star.

Leading edge of a chilled air mass.

Situated away from a city centre.

Technical workers in a theatre performance.

Puzzle 16

Wicked women with pointy hats and broomsticks.

Pipe on the back of a vehicle that emits fumes.

Arm coverings on clothes.

Bouncy, or like an eraser.

Let __ be __; leave the past in the past.

John Lennon song; anagram of "a Gemini".

Mouse noises.

__ information, FYI.

In stark contrast to brightening.

Popular Italian dish of flat pasta layers.

__ of the Opera, role played by Michael Crawford.

Puzzle 17

__ effect; starts off small and gains momentum.

__ a Time, the start of every good fairytale.

Holy approval.

Night __, male security guard at a premises.

Hanging sack for boxers.

Related to cooking or cookery.

Token take-home gift after a birthday celebration.

Injury from a honey-making insect.

Huge-eyed arboreal primates.

The reasons things are created for use.

Puzzle 18

Indicate who someone is.

Chinese firefox, a bamboo tree-forager.

Worker, member of staff.

Puts walls around, imprisons.

Main vegetable in baba ganoush.

Don't want a __ clover; Good Luck Charm lyrics.

Movie where creatures cannot be fed after midnight.

Hotel in Las Vegas hosting many title fights.

These are for lying on by the pool.

Name __; publicly pointing the finger.

Puzzle 19

European country where Brad Pitt's twins were born.

Crème de __, minty cocktail liqueur.

Jewish religious scholars.

In Greek mythology, the goddess of the Moon.

Empty a suitcase.

Five equal-sized divisions of a whole.

Work __; legal paper allowing one to work abroad.

One-footed crawler, takes its shell-home with it.

Sharp item used in embroidery or cross stitch.

Jungle orphan raised with apes, loved by Jane.

A rolling stone gathers __.

Puzzle 20

Turning a beam on and off repeatedly.

First __; global conflict from 1914-18.

Country where haggis is a popular dish.

Cat that Alice sees smiling.

Banging, rapping, e.g. on a door.

Part of a town or resort situated on the coast.

One living on land surrounded by water.

Accompanied to another place for security.

Bloodsuckers who rise from the dead.

Have a chip on the __; feel resentful/inferior.

Rays from that hot ball in the sky.

Certain; not negative.

Young male helper in the Roman Catholic church.

What the rock-a-bye baby was on.

The night monkey, American primate with huge eyes.

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