CodyCross No Refrigeration Needed Pack answers

No Refrigeration Needed PackNo Refrigeration Needed

Here are the answers to CodyCross No Refrigeration Needed Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Speaking disrespectfully about someone.

Melting or defrosting.

Illness affecting the body or mind.

Sweetened chocolate spread with Italian roots.

Puy, green or red pulses.

A dog or cat with an electronic ID tag has been __.

Dried cured meat snack from southern Africa.

Charlie __, protagonist of Jasper Jones movie.

A mythical half human, half fish creature.

__ Telephone; pull-along talking Fisher Price toy.

__ Briggs, children's author who wrote The Snowman.

Wind these around your hair to create waves.

Painter of Guernica.

Puzzle 2

A Great Dane who solves mysteries.

Sugary fried balls, sometimes ring-shaped.

He steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

A miser, tight with money.

Green condiment eaten with roast lamb.

__ Melody, huge hit for The Righteous Brothers.

They are also called aubergines.

High-ranking university academic.

Good manners; the rules of politeness in a society.

Marine animals with stinging tentacles.

Puzzle 3

__ mâché, mushed up newspaper with glue.

__ bells, jangly accompaniment to Xmas songs.

US name for what Brits call "curtains".

Yellow creature from the movie Despicable Me.

Out of the __ of babes, honesty of children.

Root vegetable that is often made into chips.

Weebles do this, but they don't fall down.

Ursula __, fantasy writer of A Wizard of Earthsea.

A baby feline.

__ Street, foster kids mystery TV show.

Breakfast food made from processed grains.

Sharp weapons used by knights, musketeers.

Puzzle 4

Performer who keeps objects in the air & in motion.

Person who neatens and washes a home.

Red ground spice that adds a kick to food.

Chopping down trees.

Sweet-smelling flower extract used in baking.

Refreshing, invigorating cold weather.

Wild dog-like animals native to Africa and Asia.

"She put the lime in the __", Harry Nilsson song.

Tale of a street urchin and magic lamp.

School __; opportunity to catch up with old friends.

Author of A Brief History of Time, Prof Stephen __.

Story of Michael and Mina and angel in the garage.

An ice-skating jump, named after Ulrich __.

__ up the wrong tree means getting the wrong idea.

The condition of being healthy; well-being.

Puzzle 5

Crush's son, a baby sea turtle, from Finding Nemo.

Space where food is stored, in or near the kitchen.

Classic arcade game of a yellow circle eating dots.

Oscar the __ lives in a garbage can on Sesame St..

__ cake; light sandwich cake with sweet filling.

Opening your eyes after you've been asleep.

__ route, road through the countryside.

Dr Foster stepped in a very deep one.

Fruits such as lemons, oranges or tangerines.

Feeling affection for someone; looking after them.

A male domestic feline.

Round bread products with a hole in the middle.

Puzzle 6

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the __ bite.

Sweet and soft summer fruits.

A line of protective metal posts and bars.

Knot-shaped baked dough.

Singer, actress behind Like a Virgin and I Rise.

Wind __, energy maker, a modern windmill.

When a surfer gets knocked down by a wave.

White horse with wings from Greek Mythology.

When something is on fire, it is __.

TV networks typically broadcast one at a time.

Puzzle 7

Photo-sharing app with a ghost logo.

Yelled when the clueless guest-of-honor arrives.

Toughness, might.

El __, historical Madrid palace of Spanish royals.

American minced beef dish, sliced for dinner.

Mary Mary, quite __, how does your garden grow?.

Small red beetle with black spots.

Dark liquid East Asian condiment.

Fictional character that stays young forever.

Slumbering in bed.

Small oily fish packed into cans.

The love interest of Clark Kent in Superman.

Puzzle 8

__ crossed, superstitious hand gesture.

Dealer in animal pelts and skins.

Teardrop-shaped seeds that can be ground or flaked.

4 __; countdown hit for Timberlake and Madonna.

Breakfast food made from rolled oats and honey.

Talcs and flours are these.

Mars __! 1996 sci-fi comedy from Tim Burton.

These small discs keep a shirt closed.

__ dog; canine trained to use the power of scent.

Snow White's shy little friend.

Knives, forks and spoons.

Boundaries between countries.

Puzzle 9

In a kids' book, Rainbow Fish had iridescent ones.

The name of a fictional, living tank engine.

To mend something so that it can be used again.

Instructions, requests for food.

Tie alternative.

Home to an Australian opera house.

Yellow dairy food that can be hard to spread.

European dog breed with curly hair often styled.

Tool used to hit nails into a wall.

Country of wine and cuisine, Paris is the capital.

Batman's city.

Boxing accessories, slipped onto the hands.

Musical about high school students in 1950s.

Crescent-shaped nut.

Puzzle 10

Beetle made a shroud for this nursery rhyme bird.

Make, construct, engineer, put together.

Flat circular snacks made from puffed grains.

Superman's human alter-ego.

Popular shoe based on Chicago Bulls' Michael.

Blond Muppet who loves Kermit the frog.

Indian style of film industry based in Mumbai.

Large reptile that lives in a swamp.

Jam made from oranges and orange peel.

Listerine's most well-known product.

Puzzle 11

Accommodation, habitation.

Stiff or rigid bracelets.

Printed on products, to be scanned by cashier.

Hard but breakable; like caramel and nut sweet.

Peter Piper picked a peck of these, pickled.

The Titanic struck one.

Marie __, ballerina founded a London ballet school.

The management of money.

Round citrus fruits with dimpled peel.

Respire, in and out.

Lyrical poems of 14 lines, such as by Shakespeare.

Safari animal known for its very long neck.

Condiment that is made from ocean water.

Puzzle 12

Fortified wine produced near Jerez, in Spain.

Since my baby __; opening line to Heartbreak Hotel.

Attempting, putting in effort.

Ancient predecessor to the calculator.

Lady Gaga movie A Star __.

Shaped lumps of bread that can be sliced.

Another name for a folder.

Walk like a duck.

Taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight.

Floor covering that's soft.

__ Trelawney, witch Professor of Divination.

Liquid condiments, e.g. ketchup, mustard.

Swap money for these to spend at the fair.

The natural light leaving at the end of a day.

Puzzle 13

Sam and Sammy are short forms of this girls' name.

Prawn __; deep-fried Asian snack food.

Purchases that a boss will pay back for.

Dried seedless white grapes.

It provides the body its structure.

Heating or grilling a piece of bread.

Fictional story about a whale by Herman Melville.

Oatmeal breakfast food.

A magic trick that fools the senses.

Large land mammal with a trunk.

Puzzle 14

Animal whose foot is lucky.

Sweet, sticky drizzles for topping ice cream.

Nail-__; incredibly tense situation.

Online __, finding a match on the internet.

In art, a chubby child with wings.

__ beef; tinned cured meat.

The coldest season of the year.

Spherical Christmas tree decoration.

Joey __; former *NSYNC baritone singer.

Japanese makers of the Sentra, LEAF, Altima cars.

What dentists remove, from poor dental hygiene.

Sealed without air; also a cleaning tool.

Seeds sprinkled on top of burger buns.

Unexpected turns of events in books, plot __.

Fashionable red-headed Scooby Doo character.

Puzzle 15

Sachets of leaves or infusions to make a brew.

Diapers in North America, __ in the UK.

To trap a living thing; perhaps an animal.

If you're special, we might say you're one in a __.

Fastest wildcat that can't climb trees very well.

Thin wafers often eaten with cheese.

The Lion Sleeps __.

Jump out of an airplane with a parachute.

Not native, also a film style with subtitles.

__ Bucket, main character with Willy Wonka.

Pretty silk squares to wear around your neck.

__ yourself; accidentally passing urine.

Renaissance painter of the Mona Lisa.

Source of power for torches or phones, for example.

Shape with six sides.

A waterfall; a downpour or flow.

Abrasive pad used to clean cookware.

Puzzle 16

A list of items to discuss; an appointment diary.

Hand tool to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts.

Honeydew and cantaloupe.

Sour yellow citrus fruits.

Happy __, climax to a feelgood story.

Bobbed at parties, picked on an orchard.

__ the leader, children's copycat game.

1991 Disney film, __ and the Beast.

__ health, relating to the wellness of the mind.

__ Road Jack, Ray Charles sang this tune.

Vast South American nation.

Yellow face seen in happy emojis.

The opposite of concave.

The type of residence Dracula lived in.

Puzzle 17

Han Solo's furry sidekick in Star Wars.

Frogs and salamanders are this kind of animal.

Marking text for errors in book production.

An acoustic version of a rock song.

Pyrotechnics often used on New Year's Eve.

Cooking fat made from seeds, used in Asian dishes.

American writer of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Seeds from tall garden plant with yellow blooms.

Professional trained for space travel.

Apple computer introduced in 1984.

The wealthy scientist behind Iron Man.

Puzzle 18

Your biological brothers and sisters.

Brushing the fur of an animal with your hand.

Dark red stone fruits that often grow in pairs.

Clover-based symbol of Ireland.

Towering Japanese sea monster from 1954 film.

Enclosed space used to display fish.

Female child of a king or queen.

__ milk; dairy product that has been dried.

A blue gemstone.

Introductory, scene-setting chapter.

Pesto ingredient that grows on conifers.

Cooking fat made from Mediterranean tree fruit.

Hitting the books.

Puzzle 19

Snoopy's yellow bird sidekick in Peanuts comics.

School leavers' evening with glamorous attire.

Temporary wall to separate an office.

Casino card game also called Twenty-One.

Energy given off by nuclear material.

Tropical fruit sometimes served on pizza.

Dried beans that are used to make hummus.

Started his career on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Type of plant that keeps its leaves year round.

Capital of Romania.

Puzzle 20

Hitting someone with the palm of your hand.

Riding without a saddle.

Narrow pasta tubes often served with cheese sauce.

Supersonic transatlantic airliner.

US state with name matching a great lake.

Canine used by farmers to herd flocks.

Ranch __; salad sauce made from buttermilk.

Prime Minister David dates Natalie in Love __.

Venice arts exhibition held every other year.

Bing on Friends.

Bestselling album for Snow Patrol in 2006.

Mexican corn or wheat flatbread.

Use a board with a sail to do this.

A rapidly-spreading disease.

Food or drink of the Greek gods.

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