CodyCross Nobel Prize Winners Pack answers

Nobel Prize Winners PackNobel Prize Winners

Here are the answers to CodyCross Nobel Prize Winners Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Facial hair style, not the mustache.

One asking for a favor or mercy shamelessly.

International Financial Institution, Washington DC.

Sweet red soft conical edible fruit.

The body's outer layer of skin.

Indian Ocean island with abundance of sugar cane.

First US president to win the Nobel Peace prize.

Vaughan Williams's pastoral piece, Lark __.

Strong, sturdy table designed for manual work.

Declaration of principles.

Miguel de __ wrote Don Quixote.

One who obtains or extorts money illegally.

Bright blue color of tropical seas.

Emergency vehicle for the injured.

Puzzle 2

Bay of the Adriatic Sea, near Istrian peninsula.

Complete and utter disorder.

A symbol of fertility and resurrection.

Revolutionary "Che" Guevara's first name.

Area of land with natural features.

It is ill __ for dead men's shoes.

Dorothy __, Chemistry laureate, studied crystals.

Italian dramatist, won Literature prize in 1997.

Cognac cocktail with orange liqueur, lemon juice.

Extrovert of the musketeers.

Puzzle 3

Giant deer from Jewish mythology.

Site of 1994 genocide between Hutsis and Tutsis.

Thin, wispy clouds produce no precipitation.

Gaming enterprise, not allowed everywhere.

Heart or liver are examples of this.

Old World Monkey, brutish person.

Chinese martial art.

__ Grass, German Literature prize winner of 1999.

Symbol, form or shape, frame, body.

Italian cured meat used in sandwiches.

Controversial Peace prize nominee in 1945 and 1948.

Puzzle 4

Norwegian sculptor designed the Peace prize medal.

Price to __, common ratio to find company's value.

People who are suggested as potential laureates.

Gulf of __, Central American inlet.

Someone called the same as you.

Feather adapted and used for writing.

Red sauce served with cold shrimp.

Most famous dynastic house of Central Europe.

Nemo is the Captain of this submarine.

Happening every two years.

A bird, a plant, a color and a church official.

Three-sided musical instrument made from metal.

Puzzle 5

Under a mare's hoof.

Denmark's top-level football league.

Bridesmaid conducting the bride to the bridegroom.

You would expect to find examples in an orchard.

Physics laureate of 1922, whose son won in 1975.

Device for facilitating after-dinner drinking in the 1400s.

Napoleon's wife.

Using wood veneers decoratively.

Black Japanese edifice known as Crow Castle.

Irish band fronted by Phil Lynott.

Emerald cousin, peach-pink beryl.

Someone who studies life scientifically.

The __ tuna is found in tropical oceans worldwide.

German who won Physics prize for quantum theory.

__ converter, antipollution device in a vehicle.

Puzzle 6

__ Curie, won a Nobel prize with his wife in 1903.

The capital of Tanzania.

__ Rate, calculates web visitors who leave.

Counted among the coelenterates.

Coarse, plain woven fabric of hemp or jute.

Iranian stadium, home to Foolad side.

Pytr __ Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker's composer.

Winner of 1935 Chemistry prize, Irene __-Curie.

A House for Mr __, novel by V S Naipaul.

Square art movement inspired by Picasso.

To bring things, people or thoughts together.

Puzzle 7

Country entirely surrounded by another.

Downward, opposite of convex.

Transylvania's most famous resident.

__ shrimp are bright colored, from Indo-Pacific.

Nobel motto: "for the Greatest Benefit to __".

Stabbing, piercing.

House of __, famed for its Imperial Easter eggs.

Someone who writes for or owns a blog.

Paul __ won a Nobel prize for work in immunology.

__ Osler, the Father of Modern Medicine.

Topped with ice-cream.

Volkswagen model sounds like a Berber nomad.


Puzzle 8

Raspberry-flavored liqueur in a spherical bottle.

The common __ lizard is very bright.

You always respect this person.

Russian nuclear physicist and peace activist.

The __ Bride, a US fairy tale for kids and adults.

Lenovo range of tablets designed for business use.

That one who recites epic poems.

Red cinnamon color used as rouge and pigmentation.

German nuclear scientist won Nobel Chemistry prize.

Who doesn't want to be him.

Estadio Jose __, Sporting FC in Portugal.

Puzzle 9

Large reptile, skin used for shoes.

Movie made about winner John Nash, A __ Mind.


Makes music sound louder.

French stew pot ? and the dish cooked in it.

"A History of the English Speaking Peoples" author.

Sum of forty one and forty one.

Mohamed __, DG of the Atomic Energy Agency.

Substance, life-threatening to humans.

Tool for tidying area between grass and borders.

Type of reference book associated with Roget.

Maurice __, boater-wearer, singer in Gigi.

Puzzle 10

Acupressure is traditional __ medicine bodywork.

Strengths, weaknesses, __ and opportunities.

Canada is very fond of this sport.

Doris __ became the oldest Lit laureate aged 88.

Intolerance towards others.

Natural disaster caused by the Krakatoa's eruption.

Daughter of Zeus and Leto, Apollo's twin sister.

Place that sounds like mountain in Spanish.

Yorkshire artist of A Bigger Splash.

Quito is the capital of this country.

Swedish __, body decides Nobel Lit prizewinners.

The kind of seed that goes nine times to the Devil.

Routes planes regularly fly through.

Puzzle 11

Founder of the Red Cross, multiple Nobel winner.

You couldn't wink without it.

A low step-in shoe.

Howard __, Aussie shared Nobel prize with Fleming.

Conventions set international law post WWII.

__dale, Scottish draft horse breed.

Volcanic Greek island in the Saronic Gulf.

__ yellow, name of soda.

Stop off for a moment.

To feed greedily, to live at the expense of others.

__ transferable vote, Puerto Rico's voting system.

Puzzle 12

US National Park, Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera.

Italian pasta and olive oils.

Most common research field of Medicine laureates.

Bitter crystalline substance, in soluble salt form.

Military that led Beatles' Lonely Hearts Band.

Figures, ordinals, integers, cardinals.

Phyllo Greek breakfast pastry.

A remarkable trace of Garfield's personality.

It conceals something unexpected.

__ Union, prize for continental peacekeeping.

Takes one side in a dispute.

English Reformed Protestants went to America.

Puzzle 13

Tornado that occurs during a thunderstorm.

Famed Kiwi sports team.

Creating gardens at different ascending levels.


Palimpsests used to be written on this.

Imagination is more important than __.

It describes, characterizes or modifies a noun.

Italian triangle-shaped bread or pasta, "mad tea".

To cycle without turning the pedals.

Hiding place for spies or protected witnesses.

Japanese white-collar business man.

John __, 1962 Nobel laureate wrote East of Eden.

Lead arsenate mineral means "bent" in Greek.

Not an action art.

Niko __ won Nobel prize and taught Prof Dawkins.

Worn by a canine around the neck.

Puzzle 14

Organized scam.

Wednesday, among the Quakers.

North Africa state, next to Libya and Morocco.

Scottish Nobel winner for work in penicillin.

A small stream of water or liquid.

Some people never stop living there.

Father of Czech music, The Bartered Bride opera.

Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio __.

Pink mineral from Norway.

French for kitchen garden.

Short __, stock trick, buy back when its cheaper.

Mary __, Frankenstein's mother.

Nordic origins; enraged, frenzied.

Hard yellow cheese from Switzerland.

Diana counterpart in Greek mythology.

Fish known for its sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

Official talk required of Nobel winners.

Ingmar Bergman's movie about a nurse and an actress.

Puzzle 15

Bluegrass, circular stringed instruments.

Honors presented to Nobel prizewinners.

North German city and state, with animal musicians.

Spanish dance and a short sleeveless jacket.

French Human Rights advocate, won 1968 Peace prize.

Joints in the anterior limb of a lower vertebrate.

__ fund, investment run by others.

Important wine region, Venice is its capital.

Slavic language with over 50 million speakers.

English poet and polemicist, Paradise Lost author.

Gaia, Greek goddess of Earth, mother of __.

Puzzle 16

Emphatically assertive.

The grey color of a German army uniform.

The Sveriges __ Prize in Economic Sciences.

Red wine from Spain and the South of France.

Hellenistic state from Macedonian empire.

__ Cavalier, a merely smiling work by Frans Hals.

One of the main deities in Greek mythology.

Rabbi who transcribes the teachings Rebbes.

Joan __, Oscar winner for Mildred Pierce.

__ and tails, men's dress code for Nobel banquet.

Yellowing of skin caused by high bilirubin levels.

__ Olympic Stadium, hosted 1952 games.

Puzzle 17

Joint capital of the Canaries, with Santa Cruz.

Five-__, Chinese economic strategy cycles.

Compost derived from tree foliage.

Pelle the __, 1987 Danish film by Bille August.

Latest Nobel prize with first winners in 1969.

Italian writer of The Decameron.

Business supplier of boat and marine items.

It's the final __.

A recurrent theme in a musical or literary work.

Salami like meat from pork jowl.

Boxer known as Dr. Steelhammer.

The peace sign is an insult.

JJ Thomson won Physics prize for research on __.

Sign language.

Puzzle 18

Who doesn't love to rock one.

Indian cavalary sword in Arabic.

Capsicum annuum born in central Mexico.

Nigeria's only Nobel prizewinner, Wole __.

The opposite of potential energy.

Sovereign country in Maghreb region, North Africa.

Unexpected uncontrollable movement.

Akira Kurosawa made a film about them.

First English writer to win the Literature prize.


Puzzle 19

Sometimes you need it out of your system.

Edge of a garment.

"Undercooked" Portuguese doughnut.

Standard document, matter of formality.

An alloy of gold and silver.

Dosage is important in this science.

The young artistic sister in Little Women.

Extinct western Baltic language.

He always find the answers.

Gina __, chair of Hancock Prospecting.

1929 film, British plan to buy Suez Canal.

Musical __, first seen in 2000 BC Sumer.

Greek god of deepest part of underworld.

Nobody laughs more than them.

A musical, a card game and an expensive crystal.

Northernmost main island of Japan.

US retired heavyweight boxing champion.

Mozart really wanted Figaro to go with this.

Old expression for the left-hand side of a ship.

Hand-made chawan tea bowls.

Process of adding organic material to top of soil.

Jerusalem neighborhood, "Spring of the Vineyard".

Puzzle 20

Chinese smartphone brand with Ascend series.

This person writes without a pen.

Irving created a sluggish one.

In June 1904 Leonard Bloom strolled in this town.

Traditionally, the glass in which sherry is served.

Not adventuresome at all.

Spiritual diviner in Arctic and Eastern religions.

Founded in March 1997 by T.J. Kim.

Indoor soccer played on flat surface, no turf.

Discoverd by Curies.

Won 1933 Peace prize for book "The Grand Illusion".

Mark __, abstract US painter of block colors.

Immortal story or personality we all believe in.

The flowering plant the awards are named after.

Goat's pupils are all out of shape.

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