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Noisy Things PackNoisy Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Noisy Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Begins, launches.

Gatherings of people, e.g. at a sports game.

The dip between two hills or mountains.

Capital city of Portugal.

Connected to the internet.

Man who herds cattle on horseback.

Discharge air from the lungs.

Savory pastry tart with eggs and cheese.

Used a cloth to wipe away dirt.

The noise of rain on a glass roof.

Elegant form of dance from France on pointe shoes.

The person who isn't hiding in a children's game.

Puzzle 2

Paranormal cartoon about the Pines twins, __ Falls.


Stringed instruments with chinrests, aka fiddles.

Video game where you build your own town.

Strange illusions seen in the desert.

Noise that accompanies lightning.

Skin that grows up over a fingernail or toenail.

A favourite cinema snack.

Divide up with a scalpel.

African country; Abuja is its capital.

Ceremonial meal with many guests and courses.

Someone who buys for others, personal __.

A candle that has a smell.

Making a noise like a bee.

Person with unpolished raw talent: __ in the rough.

One of the four printing colours, a purple-red.

Women's shirts.

Puzzle 3

Booked in advance.

Puts money into the bank.

__ Williams, singer of Happy and Get Lucky.

Measurement units of sound.

Cussing, cursing.

The sound ocean waves are making.

Maui's magical tool that allows him to shapeshift.

Once every twelve months.

Removes lumps and bumps.

Food is divided into __ so everyone gets a piece.

Tennis stars Venus and Serena.

Lower in rank or standing to another.

Opened a large map.

To practise for a show.

Electronic device used to get on the internet.

Guards of Azkaban, found in Harry Potter.

Sewed, attached with needle and thread.

Wall hanger for outer garment when returning home.

Puzzle 4

Person or company that prepares books for sale.

Measure this to see how hard your body is working.

Moving water about to make others wet.

The word "Happy" has two __, "important" has three.

Male with sabre, epee or foil, a D'Artagnan type.

When people fling edible items at each other.

A tiny country in SE Asia, next to Malaysia.

Justin Bieber's Spanish language hit of 2017.

Tools that are used for drawing circles.

Two-wheeled noisy, fast vehicle – wear a helmet.

Large mammals with tusks and trunks.

Serial drama on television.

Angrily; extremely crossly.

This gathers in the sky just before a storm.

Not good at remembering things.

Puzzle 5

Space shuttle with boosters.

Film series where chimps rule: __ of the Apes.

Object to aim for in shooting practice.

__ Kreme, doughnut makers.

Zoey __, star of Before I Fall.

Wonderful, excellent, outstanding.

Classical music plays, e.g. Carmen, La Traviata.


The amount of money you earn.

Greedy brother of Gretel, nearly a witch's victim.

Puzzle 6

Making a sound like a dog.

Leader who rules an empire.

Clear and easily understood.

Of great excellence or quality.

Beer or spirits or wine.

Breaking into a computer network.

Night-time sleeping sound from the nose.

Female performer.

Smooth round stones found on a beach.

Abstaining from food and drink.

Second daughter of Kanye and Kim, born in 2018.

Drive your dirty auto in and drive a clean one out.

Saturday and Sunday.

Using your voice to make music.

Puzzle 7

The buzzing home of stripy honey-makers.

Truthfulness and integrity.

Offer someone cover from the rain.

Largest planet, named after Juno.

Mended with a piece of cloth.

Count this unit of energy in your food.

Making the sound of a champagne cork.

Sending SMS.

Rio de __, city in Brazil.

Wartime attack carried out by planes.

Famous ballet company based in Moscow.

Puzzle 8

People from African country closest to Spain.

American-brand car fondly called the Chevy.

To add up.

Strong windy storm that causes disaster.

In a theatre, behind the scenes.

Joined or merged together.

A bomb or grenade detonation.

Men's Olympic event featuring ten different sports.

Most difficult or fiddly.

Catching prawns.

Damaged by a cat claw.

Large northern waterfowl, a book by Paul Gallico.

Social media app based on photos, with camera logo.

Reduced in weight.

Puzzle 9

Showing singing, dancing or acting to win a part.

Rapping knuckles on the door.

French stick of bread.

Someone who has been shipwrecked alone.

Sore skin damages from days at the beach.

Systems of stars; ours is the Milky Way.

Spinning round and round.

Game you play with a baby, covering your eyes.

__ to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

Boundary or border between countries.

Noisy white/grey birds found near the beach.

Puzzle 10

A room used for work purposes, a home __.

Becomes sweet and juicy.

Feeling sad, with tears pouring down the face.

Mrs. or madam in Spanish.

Public transports that run along railway tracks.

Baby elephants.

Set these before going to bed, to wake up on time.

Someone who cultivates food for a living.

Collided with something, __ into something.

Home to precious historic objects.

Puzzle 11

Usual, standard, ordinary, customary.

Horses' feet, where their shoes are attached.

Peter Piper __ a peck of pickled peppers.

Retailers who sell bread, cakes and pastries.

These timepieces go tick-tock.

Arm joints left off the table in polite circles.

Another name for ice cream cone; brass instrument.

American name for the British game of football.

A piece of rock fallen from space.

Close to here.

Hernan __, conquistador who ended the Aztec Empire.

A deadly, toxic liquid.

Puzzle 12

Affixed a paper sheet to another.

Baby __, gentle, for washing baby's hair.

Singing with the mouth closed.

San __, earthquake movie.

__ Riecke, or Nora Thunderman.

"Finders __, losers weepers" goes the old rhyme.

Put on an outfit for a costume party.

Of no help or purpose.

When you slightly lose your balance and trip.

Shoe maker.

Brass instrument favoured by Miles Davis.

One of Queen Victoria's titles, __ of India.

Lands surrounded by water.

Puzzle 13

Pieces of work that you plan and research.

Shouting in appreciation for a performance.

A window or door shaking in the wind.

Gifts given on birthdays.

Dessert made of whipped egg whites and sugar.

Female on-court retriever in tennis.

Breakfast food eaten by three bears and Goldilocks.

Something showing the days, weeks and months.

A woman with brown hair.

To abruptly quit or change allegiances.

Puzzle 14

A person or a couple with no offspring.

A single jewel in a ring; a card game played alone.

Wear this around the head or wrist during sport.

Farming process of turning over soil in a field.

Fizzes and bangs of colour in the night sky.

Opposite of guilt.

Lack of knowledge.

Alternative name for Chinese gooseberry.

Pursing your lips and blowing to make a tune.

Five-sided, flat shapes.

Contract for an apprentice to serve a master.

Relaxed, laid back.

Puzzle 15

Eight-legged, web-weaving arachnid.

A __ of stairs takes you from a floor to the next.

Broadcasting devices with music/shows to listen to.

Remove goods or cargo from a vehicle.

A thought of something you did in the past.

Plumper or chubbier.

__ black sheep, have you any wool?.

Rambling through the woods or countryside.

Baby angel.

Events with thunder and lightning.

Hot drink made from roasted beans.

__ pin, metal fastener for fixing clothes together.

Puzzle 16

Young infants.

A high-pitched scream.

Pointed tool used in sewing and knitting.

Bloody scrapes on your knees.

Bringing something into your possession.

Kitchen appliance that keeps fresh food chilled.

Capital of England.

An object that attracts iron and some other metals.

The feeling of wanting to eat.

Pedals a bike.

Capes worn by wizards.

Health professionals who work with doctors.

Outer parts of the bread.

Puzzle 17

Field or estate of fruit trees.

How to get juice out of a lemon or orange.

Another word for status posts online.


A small enclosure where babies can have fun safely.

Noise a tray makes if dropped onto a hard floor.

Another name for the North Star.

This Middle Eastern character battles 40 thieves.

Ocean to the west of the United States.

Portable face-cooler with spinning blades.

Tap __, jiving on shoes with metal soles.

Animals that are a bit like llamas.

Puzzle 18

Remedy to a poison.

The sound of cooking sausages.

Chicks protection before hatching.

Board game, also known as "draughts".

Heavily putting feet on the ground over and over.

Choosing between options.

Fleur __, French witch who married Bill Weasley.

__ Cross, stars on Brazilian and Australian flags.

Walking with a limp or with difficulty.

__ cards are exchanged at commercial meetings.

Puzzle 19

Spanish dancers' wooden, handheld percussion.

A smooth and hairless peach.

Hearth, the area in front of a __.

__ on the bus go round and round, all day long.

Someone who is skilled and trained to do a job.

In a place, but you're not sure where.

A spoken message left on a mobile phone.

Borough of New York with the Empire State Building.

Someone who looks after other people's pet canines.

London square where Nelson's Column is sited.

Describes a six-sided figure.

The sound of walking in snow or on autumn leaves.

Tighten, the method by which boas kill.

Puzzle 20

Gets possession of something.

Shoving someone.

An electrical __ is where electrons form a voltage.

Against the law.

They took a dog from an animal shelter.

Moisturizer for your mouth.

To carve onto a metal surface.

When you are not in favor of someone or something.

Downloadable audio file, often part of a series.

Spanish rice dishes.

Bed strung between trees.

Oompa __, orange-skinned, green-haired types.

A mountain that erupts with lava.

When frozen balls of rain are falling from the sky.

Drops rubbish in the street.

Moaning noisily and painfully.

Bought stuff in store.

Famous Portuguese soccer player Cristiano __.

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