CodyCross Nordic Connections Pack answers

Nordic Connections PackNordic Connections

Here are the answers to CodyCross Nordic Connections Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Bahrain's flag carrier airline.

Male striped horse cross with stubborn female.

Short passage from a book.

Runic alphabet of Scandinavia.

The heat of animals.

Herb with purple flowers, a bit like marjoram.

Wooden xylophone.

Any which way.

Metal-casting workshop.

Electric transit car attached to wiring by a pole.

Beloved of Samson, she arranges his hair-cut.

James __; Hollywood director of Girl, Interrupted.

Ladies' bedroom in olden, (Parisian?) times.

Language of the place with Tórshavn as its capital.

Puzzle 2

Protestant denomination, major belief of N Europe.

American term for a military leave of absence.

One who extracts raw Sn from the ground.

Pertaining to riverbanks, and rights to fish there.

Dried meat and fat mixture eaten by explorers.

Packaging company that made pyramidal milk cartons.

Arc of flight.

Lively sailors' dance.

Thin medical device to illuminate pupils, etc..

Virginia Woolf's character Clarissa __.

Large-eyed nocturnal primate.

Misfit, nonconformist.

Apply a protective plastic coating to paper.

Puzzle 3

Upper-middle, high arched part of the foot.

Wooden strips used to build Norwegian churches.

Grand __; largest island of Comoros.

French word for 15.

28th Street in NYC = __ Alley.

__ failure, an out-and-out hopeless case.

Room at the Top Oscar winning actress: __ Signoret.

Hand-created wool ball added for decoration.

Old Norse fiends averse to sunlight.

__ rebellion, Aussie goldfield incident of 1854.

English county where Sherlock Holmes retires to.

Puzzle 4

Mexican beer drink or Costa Rican singer __ Vargas.

Encouraged, provoked.

Easy-to-tear sticky tape invented by Richard Drew.

Second-in-command on a flight.

__ College; Ireland's oldest university.

Sofía __, Gloria on Modern Family.

Iceland's parliament, the world's oldest.

Fantasy film about a man trapped in a board game.

Russian tea-server, a tourist's preferred souvenir.

Swindle, obtain money by deception.

South Korean car maker of the Elantra and Tucson.

Waterproof coverings for the lower legs of hikers.

__ Cathedral, Trondheim place of royal coronations.

Abhors, feels intense dislike towards.

Puzzle 5

Cod that has to be rehydrated to eat.

Show with confidants Mrs. Ricardo and Ethel Mertz.

Waterway that links Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Number and price of hot cross buns in the rhyme.

Stretchy elastic loops, woven into bracelets.

Country that contains Purnululu National Park.

Those from a US state or an East European country.

Small plastic particle in toothpaste, face scrubs.

Scheme that makes a lot of money; profitable.

Juvenile fishes, dusted with flour and deep-fried.

Most-famous expressive painting by Edvard Munch.

Barbra __, film director of The Prince of Tides.

Puzzle 6

10th C tax levied to buy off Viking invaders.

Spanish football side, local rivals of Barcelona.

Process or key turn responsible for starting a car.

Thai ginger-like root.

Writer of the spooky The Stepford Wives.

Educational, informative, illuminating.

Public archive or record office.

Italian boarding house.

Male grooming product brand with sailing ship logo.

Volcanic island linked to Svalbard politically.

Swiss producer of keyboards, mice, etc.

Raspy-voiced singer of Blowin' in the Wind.

A heaping of manure.

Entertainment performances in nightclubs.

Norway's parliament, based in Oslo.

Intestinal section immediately after the stomach.

Puzzle 7

Annika __, Swedish golfer, winning ten Majors.

Twice previously owned.

Elaborate Viking adornments also called torcs.

Sitting cross-legged, for yoga meditation.

US scientist devised treatments for leprosy.

Edible marine animal also called figue de mer.

Capital of Somalia.

Gradually diminishing in strength.

Italian isle off Africa, focus of a migrant crisis.

Painful inflammation of fluid around joints.

Patriotic tone poem by Jean Sibelius.

Introductions, forewords, prefaces.

Puzzle 8

Name given to the hammer of Thor.

A deliberately misleading clue is a "red __".

Cindy __, photographer of Centerfolds.

Event spoiled by heavy rain.

Juvenile sea urchin.

Henning __, writer of the Wallander book series.

First female Polish monarch, also known as Hedwig.

Payment request for household energy used.

Dumbo and The Lobster actor Colin __.

Insurers, they sponsor Bayern Munich's stadium.

Thick bacon bits with a fatty sounding name.

Next country after the US alphabetically.

Shiny white fronts added to teeth.

Puzzle 9

Maria-__, last monarch of the House of Habsburg.

Husky dog's Asian origin.

__ stones, Harald Bluetooth's monument to Gorm.

Greek name that means grace.

__ bowl, an allusion to Oliver Twist.

Type of salt intended to prevent goiter.

Small Asian fritters, usually vegetarian.

Temp scale has freezing at 0°C and boiling at 80°C.

__ soda; common name of sodium hydroxide.

Joni Mitchell biblically named song.

Green expanses with wild flowers and rolling hills.

Fastening also called a thumbnut.

Archaic law allowing tenants to cut down trees.

Bizarre Foods host Andrew __.

Gran __, Spanish Island with Las Palmas as capital.

Tove __, Finnish writer who evoked Moominland.

Childishly or exaggeratedly emotional.

Comme des __, makers of scent Odeur 53.

Nicole Kidman Aquaman character, Queen __.

Puzzle 10

Formed a 60s singing duo with wife Tina.

Anticipated milestone for young teens.

Cannot be maintained, e.g. an __ position.

Mythological Greek figure, father of Electra.

__ bitters, drink addition made from tree bark.

Menswear fashion designer.

Boxing fights before the main event.

Aerial warfare branch of the WWII German military.

With Patience, a famous stone lion in New York.

Grinding teeth immediately behind the canines.

June 24, a celebration in many Nordic lands.

Portuguese name for country with Praia as capital.

Early US president who made Monticello his home.

Your youth, according to Shakespeare.

Aromatic dried foliage used in cooking stews.

Latin Bible version printed in the 1450s.

Harlequin's mistress in Commedia dell'Arte.

Name used at hotel check-ins by Marilyn Monroe.

Animal celebrated at Hammerfest's Ancient Society.

Cute and awkward (slang).

Puzzle 11

Female suffix for Icelandic family names.

Big __; Tarantino's fictional fast-food chain.

Sharm el-__; Egyptian Red Sea tourist resort.

Ungulates are this.

Sister of Ariel, with a blue tail.

Prince of Denmark according to Shakespeare.

One who pouts.

Hot and sour Thai soup.

Large __ Collider, CERN particle accelerator.

Road from ancient Rome to southern Italy: __ Way.

Sings in an Alpine style.

A king's __ is a very large sum of money.

Puzzle 12

Swift-moving African antelope.

__ Paradise, resort on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Explosive made of gunpowder and nitroglycerine.

Mythical emblem of the listening bank.

Bang & __, Danish makers of audio products.

Indonesian volcano eruption led to a snowy summer.

Scandinavian spirit with caraway.

Short pointy beard named after a painter.

__ Gamgee, Frodo's trusty partner.

Sneaky, guilty-looking.

French painter who died of pneumonia: Paul __.

Puzzle 13

Dean __, main character of On the Road.

Made less irate.

Disinfectant bath for ovines.

French port, once linked to Dover and Folkestone.

Plastic used in picnic plates, cutlery and cups.

Final destructive battle of the Norse gods.

German rye "bread of the land".

Daughter of Oedipus; play by Sophocles.

Bowl-shaped fold in rock formation.

__ driver; someone who instructs over-the-shoulder.

Linus __, father of the Linux open-source OS.

Demote to a lower division.

Hair bleaching trend, popular with Japanese teens.

__ therapy; treatment that involves discomfort.

Puzzle 14

Walking aimlessly and slowly.

Epic poem about a Scandinavian prince and a dragon.

Reporter who located the missing Dr. Livingstone.

Home city of the annual Dragon Con.

Banana skins can help cure these foot warts.

Teen popster of I Think We're Alone Now.

Term for those in serfdom to Viking masters.

Description of horses with black-and-white patches.

__ Vita, gossipy goings-on in Rome.

Instrument of writing using riverside vegetation.

Theft, robbery.

Japanese __, midori and citrus cocktail.

Annoying, irritating, tedious.

Social climber, wannabe.

Swedish golfer Henrik __.

__ Bhutto, female prime minister of Pakistan.

Puzzle 15

Round protruding stomach.

Famous former Swedish glassworks.

Scissor jump in ballet.

Lepus timidus (mountain hare) isn't actually sad.

French sauce with tarragon and vinegar.

Site of annual, world-famous Danish music festival.

Patron saint of Jersey.

Maximum number of clubs carried in a golf bag.

National Lampoon's Clark and Ellen's last name.

French writer born François-Marie Arouet.

Queen Victoria's last Prime Minister: Archibald __.

Teach, explain, train.

The type of love that is reciprocated.

Antiseptic introduced by Joseph Lister: __ acid.

Adulthood, coming of age.

Separates grain mechanically.

Puzzle 16

Splash onto a surface, like fat from a frying pan.

Oldest royal residence in Great Britain: __ Castle.

Small American wildcats resembling leopards.

__ verse, syllabic poetry of Iceland and Norway.

Lowest-ranking celebrity.

King __, line-crossing ceremony on cruise ships.

Resolute, unshakeable.

First Chief Justice of the US in 1789.

Drum manufacturer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking __, 1998 comedy film.

Sailors can drink rum when the sun is over this.

Creator of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia.

Narrow strip forms a top or bikini top.

Stray from the correct path.

Puzzle 17

As happy as a __, a joyous, filthy porcine.

Grassy tops for housing in Nordic countries.

Property investor who builds buildings.

Madness trumpet and harmonica player.

Military weapons.

Relating to the capital of Massachusetts.

Nordic monument with ancient scripts.

Repugnant, repulsive.

A poisonous substance that breaks down tissue.

School Of Rock actor, comedian and musician.

Pirates walked it as punishment.

Translucent form of gypsum, usually snow white.

Puzzle 18

Archaic term for a highwayman without a horse.

Waxing __ moon; between first quarter, full moon.

Icelandic Nobel prize-winning writer of 1955.

Sailing event of many races.

Joining, anagram of mingled.

The largest of the three ABC islands.

Viking __ clap, crescendo chants from Icelanders.

An enclosed area at ground level.

__ Ardern; became NZ prime minister in 2017.

Tailless feline from the Isle of Man.

Puzzle 19

Money given as a gift to a school or hospital.

1988 American Western retelling of Billy the Kid.

Skeletal, unhealthy in appearance.

Region extending across N Scandinavia.

Highland grouse that changes its plumage.

The Good King in the carol.

Pedestrian tunnel running beneath a road.

Chemical element with the symbol Mn.

Artist who painted Las Meninas: Diego __.

__ League, trading unit of the Middle Ages.

__ tail, a design for shortbread biscuits from UK.

French exclamation or oath of annoyance.

Wallace __, inventor of nylon.

Draped with flowers.

Pomposity, egotism.

Group dance where people hold the waist in front.

Waterway between Russia and the US.

Dutch __, bill increases the more it is queried.

Puzzle 20

A single-reed woodwind.

Cuban religion, a mix of Yoruba and RC deities.

Small, round, close-fitting hat.

Shrub-lined road boundary.

Thin, boneless slice of meat, coated and fried.

Land of the __ Sun, Norway's epithet.

Nonstop talking so you "can't get a word in __".

Real name of tomboy character from The Famous Five.

Ancient Roman building used for public assemblies.

Keep someone at arm's length, turn them away.

Norwegian conqueror of the South Pole in 1911.

Second-largest city in Afghanistan.

"__ cheese Gromit!", Wallace catchphrase.

Body of an aircraft, excluding the wings.

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