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Nostalgic Things PackNostalgic Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Nostalgic Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Fruit used to make spaghetti sauce.


Glitter threads or strips from metal or paper.


Harsh, arduous; of great importance.

Sweet, angelic figure in paintings.

Competing at a very fast pace.

Passage under the ground or water.

Funny panda excels at this Chinese martial art.

Loud noises or flashing lights that warn or alert.

First typewriters before electrical versions.

The way S.H.I.E.L.D stories were first told.

Mounted cattleman of the South American pampas.

Polar region, the northernmost part of Earth.

Al __, Michael Corleone in The Godfather.

Murderer, assassin.

Puzzle 2

The 11th month of the year.

Hairs of the beard.

Overlord was a WWII __ for Normandy Campaign.

Broad range of conditions or behaviors.

Martin __, legendary US film director.

Severe headache condition.

The place where you are from.

A medical procedure with no physical discomfort.

Metal __, refuse container before wheelie bin days.

Disintegrating, fracturing, separating.

Altitude where water meets land.

Top tube of a bicycle frame.


Tree with striking, large white or pink flowers.

Where photographers develop film.

Popular French bread with hard exterior.

A-Z word list with brief explanations.

Puzzle 3

Music concert.

Answer not found.

Metal model construction kits.

Directed, run, administrated.


This clock doesn't work on cloudy days.

Minibeasts with six legs.

Minced, smashed; destroyed.

Fast as if it is going out of style.

Antonym of wealth.

Nation, estate.

Commendable qualities or traits.

__ Wood, widely known US actress from 1970s.

Riding waves while standing on a board.

Supposed to be true; suspected.

They are used to paint or scrub.

Artisan, artist, maker of original objects.

A living thing that's only visible microscopically.

Exercise routine.

To anthologize, group together.

Fleshy body part where jewelry can hang.


Puzzle 4

Control, advantage, mastery.

Plastic piece used in pay phones instead of money.

High schoolers want to dance in this US 80s movie.

Actions that do not respect your privacy.

King prone to having his wives beheaded.

Prince of thieves, Nottingham robber for the poor.

Animal logo of the French clothing company Lacoste.

Another name for mouth pain.

To end an argument or disagreement with someone.

Public transport employee on the road.

Puzzle 5

It only comes with age.

Creator of the TV show The X Factor.

Sea voyager, ocean wanderer.

Very small amount or size.

Pouch on clothing for holding items.

Academic place where you go to learn.

Material of thin band used to hold papers together.

Option to decide what you want.

Sweet citrus bigger than a tangerine.

Brass instrument very similar to the trumpet.

Concealed, covered.

Detailed description, statement or account.

It always accompanies the demand.

Comedians, pranksters.

A large, tusked Arctic mammal.

Celebratory procession.

Small round edible pulse, red, green or yellow.

Passage in the neck for breathing and swallowing.

Large container for wine, beer or grains.

Puzzle 6

Entrance, admittance; ticket, passport.

Lizard islands.

Annual US film awards show with 24 prizes.

Thai, Taiwanese, Tibetan, Chinese.

City with famous wall, became capital again in 1991.

Channel joining two bodies of water.

A building where horses are kept.

Music genre originates in Jamaica in late 1960s.

Vegetable that many prefer fried.

A reflected image; partial darkness.

Soft, malleable, and ductile metal, symbol Cu.

What you usually say when making a toast.

Container made of interwoven material.

Puzzle 7

Participant or team that finishes in second place.

Not wearing any shoes or socks.

Casino game of guessing numbers.

A plane, a helicopter or a balloon.

Antonio __, Spanish actor.

A purple gemstone.

To pervade, pass through.

Serious criminal offenses.

Building where French revolution took place.

To evoke memories.

Latin phrase acknowledging guilt or blame.

When Cinderella lost her shoe.

First name of Mr. Crusoe.

Slipping, falling, rolling.

Preserver of dead bodies with chemicals.

Meerkat, native to southern Eurasia and Africa.

Puzzle 8

It describes, characterizes or modifies a noun.

Known as the Red Dot.

Consensus, accord, unanimity.

Cue-featuring game.

Yom Kippur is this type of day in Judaism.

Last name of child actress in E.T..

Queen of Egypt, Julius Cesar's lover.

Not a hardcover book.

His Ninth Symphony features Ode to Joy.

No longer current.

Act of abandoning the military.

Puzzle 9

Twenty plus fifteen minus twenty four.

Anything related to cows.

Worldwide known singer, Tina __.

Act of pleading to a deity in a word or thought.

Plain terrain between hills or mountains.

To put an object inside another.

Fixed; state in which food is preserved.

Non-stop; without interruptions.

Bugs Bunny's preferred food.

In need of food.

Stretch of a river with fast-flowing currents.

The line that all athletes want to cross first.

Puzzle 10

Placatory, appeasing, conciliatory.


Where Juliet stood as Romeo romanced her.

Mount where Ancient Greek gods lived.

Leg protection for skateboarders.

A flight that does not arrive on time.

These people are certainly not brave.

Of or related to the stomach.

__ Gump, movie with Tom Hanks.

Red spice, can be smoked or sweet.

Not the real world.

Puzzle 11

Relationship by marriage; kinship.

Nation's armed forces.

Not allowing passage.

Lotion, cream.

Green or yellow squash, long and skinny.

Excessive or insincere praise to gain something.

Person who makes people laugh for a living.

Something that happens or exists before birth.

To voice intention to inflict injury or damage.

Acquiring knowledge.

Puzzle 12


British writer of the Harry Potter series.

They can tune-up vehicles.

Position or place with lots of public attention.

What magicians do with a deck.

Device to play 45s and 78s.

Can be military or surgical.

Fortune telling through zodiac signs.

Product to hold loose strands in place.

Reverse images on transparent film strip or sheet.

Protective structure, usually built in war times.


Someone who has trouble sleeping.

First meal of the day, in the morning.

Puzzle 13

Commences, begins.

Female spirits found in the woods.

Short fast races, sometimes competitive.

Personal written communication.

Forty minus thirty plus ten.

Steam __, locomotives from a gone era.

British serial killer, Jack the __.


It's only the inner one that matters.

Nationality of baguettes and croissants.

Line showing atmospheric pressure on a map.

Puzzle 14

Common, normal; typical level of a group or class.

The kind of house that against itself cannot stand.

Glued to something.

One of the five human senses.

It favors the bold.

To live together without being legally married.

Soup famous for its clam version.

Business, enterprise.

Backcombed and bouffed female hairstyle.

Tornado, waterspout, dust devil.

One who imitates or behaves like another.


Ranking below a major.

Driving backwards.

Fortified complex, Russian White House equivalent.

Puzzle 15

J. M. Barrie's boy who never grew up.

These fruits can be green, red or yellow.

Antiseptic soap with coal tar smell.

To lessen the gravity; to reduce the risk.

Pointy-nosed supersonic aircraft.

Enemy of the vampire.

Light, warmth or direct rays of the yellow dwarf.

__ pads, exaggerated addition to 80s jackets.

Forged designer merchandise.

He developed the theory of relativity.

Stage of life before adult; childish behavior.

Self-governing, moral independence.

Puzzle 16

Giant continent of deserts and jungles.

Type of snake; loud noise.

What cells need to survive.

To bet when playing card games or slot machines.

Trader, seller, business person.

To do with the mouth.

Greek monster with a woman's head and a lion's body.

Liquid or powder of lethal proportions.

Small pieces of food cooked in a hot liquid.

Idea that needs proof, usually scientific.

Service that delivers letters and parcels.

Puzzle 17


Piece of jewelry that hangs from a necklace.

Raleigh __, stylized 70s bike with long seat.

Italian city buried under ash in AD79.

__ of the Lost Ark, an Indiana Jones movie.

Thin, crisp wafer made of flour.

These discs read from inside to outside edge.

A dark underground prison in a castle.


The chosen family.

Small, pulpy edible fruits.

Birds of prey.

Puzzle 18

Internal organs.

Prolonged, elongated.

Aniseed-flavor herb, distant cousin of rosemary.

Singer in a band.

Outside, in a open area.

Third Roman emperor; his name means "little boot".

Leader in an orchestra or film.

Those who take possession by force.

Side silhouettes.

Defunct pages of text on your TV.

The starting point for measuring elevation.

This person will take the devil out of you.

Male offspring of your child.

Baked food, crackers, cookies.

Train system.

A military unit trained for surprise attacks.

Puzzle 19

Real state event for prospective buyers or tenants.

Terrible destruction involving massive loss of life.


People you shouldn't talk to.

Intricate set of passages or tunnels, maze.

Copius amount.

Calculating stick for old school mathematics.

Citric cream on a pastry shell.

Childhood pouches with sweets and small toys.


Skeletal muscle separating chest and stomach.

Female dancer of classical music.

Natural sleep aid.

Part of the Catholic trinity.

Using ropes to descend from a high rock face.

Armed sea creature.

Puzzle 20

Home of the hot dog.

Medical science related to hearing disorders.

Substances from which things are made.

Tight trouser style for rockers.

An invertebrate animal with an external skeleton.

Computer program used to alter or airbrush pictures.

Noteworthy life event.

Without constraints; unleashed.


University teacher.

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